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Petro-Economics: War & Invasion

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Petro-Economics: War & Invasion

PostSun May 06, 2018 6:08 pm

NTS posted....

What then is the real reason for this rush to have Iran destroyed? Well,
the reality is that since about a month ago, the Iranian government has
stopped trading their massive Petroleum reserves to client nations around
the planet in US dollars.... The Iranian move to remove US dollars as their
reserve currency for oil trading is in fact the biggest threat to the US
in years since it threatens the hegemony of the US dollar as the world's
reserve currency under the fraud "Petro-dollar" scheme... The Petro-dollar
fraud has basically kept the US dollar alive in international trade for the
last 4 decades simply because it forces other nations to keep US dollars as
their reserve for oil trading.. Iran is now trading in Euros and basically
has stopped all trading in US dollars... If more nations now follow suit
and stop holding onto US dollars in their reserves, it is a disaster for
the US as it will cause US dollars to be massively devalued and basically
worthless in no time flat... That could spark hyperinflation and economic
collapse in the US itself!.... This is why the US is hell bent now in
getting a war going against Iran; basically they want to force Iran back
on the US dollar to keep the Petro-dollar fraud alive! If anyone questions
this as valid, then all they need to do is look at real history and how in
2003, Saddam Hussein in Iraq stopped his oil trading in US dollars and
switched that trading to Euros. The result was the American "invasion"
of Iraq in April 2003... The first order of business when the Americans
occupied Iraq was to switch Iraq's oil trading back to the US dollar!
I hope that everyone finally gets the clearer picture here as to why the
US is now hell bent on a war against Iran...
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