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The old fashioned •••

PostSat Apr 07, 2018 4:05 pm

••• honest to goodness southern speed trap.
US-25 north of SC state road 11 (ASKA the foothills parkway) the Greenville County Sheriff's officers were out to "protect and serve" - protect their pension plan and serve citations on tax paying citizens who happened to be travelers at that point in time.

(1) seventy miles an hour on the interstate highway system and other freeways where official signs giving notice of this speed are posted;

(2) sixty miles an hour on multilane divided primary highways where official signs giving notice of this speed limit are posted;

So we have a four lane divided highway, I noticed a totally black car going southbound with blacked out windows and a very, very thin light bar and mention to my wife, "Wow, the South Carolina troopers' unmarked cars are sneaky".
Within less than a minute we see "Construction Zone Ahead" "Reduce Speed Ahead" (or something close to that) and "Speed Limit 35 MPH".
Now on all the interstates work zone reduced speed is 55 MPH.
As soon as we're passing that 35 MPH sign on the other side of the divided roadway is another totally blacked a vehicle with a radar unit pointed at the northbound traffic.
At the work zone, the workers were in between the divided roads, sat yet another blacked out car just past the workmen in the median who's pretty blue lights lit up and immediately signally my wife to pull over and the car behind her.
So we ended up joining a line of pulled over vehicles all waiting for their Greenville Sheriff's Department "welcome citizen" greeting cards.
As we're sitting waiting I notice that the chase cars keep swapping out who sits in the median.
By the way my wife had slowed down to 52 MPH when she saw the reduced speed sign.
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