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The Leadership Principle

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The Leadership Principle

PostMon Sep 16, 2013 8:25 am

Ben Klassen wrote the following in his 1972 book, Nature's Eternal Religion, with the intention that the organizational strategy for Creativity be based on this time tested principle:

Chapter Seven
The Leadership Principle

There should be no great mystery as to the meaning of the
Leadership Principle. It is as simple as it sounds. Yet thanks to all
the brain pollution we have been deluged with about “democracy,”
our great “republic” and other deceptive clichés, the average
American is completely confused about this term.

The Leadership Principle is older than civilization itself and goes
back to the very beginning of mankind’s organized tribal society.

It is as modern as General Motors, The Bell Telephone Company
and IBM. The first tribal organization used the Leadership
Principle and the above- mentioned industrial giants use it today.

It means simply organized society having a leader at its head to
lead, direct and plan the best interests of the whole group. Such
leader has authority to command, and on the other hand, must also
be totally responsible to the group.

A perfect example of the Leadership Principle is the Kehilla, the
Jewish master organization described in a previous chapter. At the
head is the “Prince” or the “Sponsor.” He has seven powerful
Jews under him who take orders from him and pass them down the
chain of command to the seven subordinates each has under him.
This is repeated in seven echelons, until there are 824,543
subordinates at the lowest level, each supervised and carrying out
orders from their immediate superior.

In very short order the idea and the command from the highest
leader is transmitted throughout the organization to its lowest level.
The army is organized the same way. Starting with the
Commander-in-Chief, there is a chain of command through the
generals, to the colonels, etc., down to lowest private. Through
such chain of command there is unity of purpose, there is a rapid
execution of orders, and therein is exemplified the most efficient
and effective organization devised by man.

Let us speculate, for a moment, about the relative merits of two
armies, one organized under the above efficient Leadership
Principle and the other under “democratic” principles. Let us
suppose the sergeants of the latter put it to a vote to each of their
companies as to what action they should take. “Boys,” he might
say, “should we go over the top and engage the enemy, or should
we go on a picnic?”

Can you imagine what a useless mob such an army would become?

Doubtlessly they would be slaughtered by the enemy who
employed the Leadership Principle. It is the same way with the
ship of state, or any other organization that departs from this
time proven principle. The Jew espouses “democracy” in glowing
terms and deceives us that we are governing ourselves. All the
while he knows what a treacherous game he is playing. Skillfully
he uses this fraud to divide, confuse and conquer the White Man
for his own gain and our detriment. When it comes to his own
organizations, he full well knows better and resorts to the
Leadership Principle as in the Kehilla.

We have been so terribly confused by Jewish propaganda that the
Leadership Principle is synonymous with tyranny and all
dictatorships are tyrannies. They point to Adolf Hitler, begin
frothing at the mouth about what a terrible man he was.

As we have seen in a previous chapter, this was one of the biggest
hoaxes perpetrated upon the White Man since Christianity
confounded and confused the Romans nearly 2,000 years ago.

Actually Adolf Hitler, ruling under the Leadership Principle,
provided the German people with the most constructive, most
benevolent, most beloved and most popular government the
German people ever had. They had a higher standard of living,
had more freedom, and were happier than they ever were under
any democracy.

History shows that leaders who are of their own people (in contrast
to some traitor fronting for an alien race) are most often dedicated
to their people. When Rome changed from the Republican form of
government to the Emperor system, they enjoyed the longest span
of peace and prosperity the world has ever known. From Emperor
Augustus reign through the next two centuries was known as “Pax
Romana,” Roman peace, a period of continuous peace and
prosperity never again equaled.

Unfortunately, not all the Roman Emperors were good men. The
trouble was, as it is today, the Jew was there, in the background,
manipulating the intrigues of the court. Nero had a Jewish wife
named Poppeai, and so it went.

Nevertheless with all the weaknesses of some of the Roman
Emperors (most of them were good men), Rome faired better
under the Empire than she did under the Republic, until
Christianity took over and destroyed Rome.

What Rome needed and did not have was twofold; (a) she needed a
racial religion that would have completely immunized her from the
Jew, and (b) she needed an orderly program of succession.
The latter is not really too difficult to come by and the Jews
themselves suggest the format for their “King of the Jews” in
Protocol No. 24. He will be well trained, carefully selected by the
Elders who decide the line of succession. Such a format, or a
similar one, makes sense. Determining the line of succession is by
no means an insurmountable problem, as we have so often been
told by the Jews themselves.

As the Protocols show, they are masters at employing the effective
Leadership Principle for themselves, but work feverishly at
preventing the White Race from having any leadership of its own.

It is my conclusion that history has shown from time immemorial
that the Leadership Principle is by far the best and most effective
organization, not only for government, but also every other type of
organization. This whole business of democratic government was
invented by the Jews. It results in mob rule, with the mobs being
steered by Jewish propaganda and trickery. It results in bickering,
in stalemate, in waste, in cowardice and paralysis. People need
leaders at their head, not followers who try to appease those that
elected them. We can learn something further from the Jews when
they say in Protocol No. 10 that programs must be directed from
one central mind. If a plan is split into fractional parts from the
minds of many, it leaves a confused conglomeration. In this they
are right, as experience has proven.

In summary, what the White Race desperately needs today (as it
will in the future) are real leaders. Imbued with the Creativity
religion, which holds that the good of the White Race as the
highest virtue, both leaders and followers will want to combine in
pursuing the same constructive path. Organized, united and with a
constructive creed and program in its possession, nothing can stop
the White Race from reaching the highest pinnacle of success.
Organized and united, the White Race is ten times more powerful
than the rest of the world combined.

It is the objective of this book to supply the White Race with the
necessary programs and the fighting creed to accomplish what we
must— to populate all the good land on the face of this earth. Let
all the good leaders of our great Race now come forth and organize
their areas. From such beginnings will come the great leaders of
our race— leaders who will free us from the Jewish yoke, and then
lead us ever onward to ever-higher plateaus of accomplishment
and excellence.
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Re: The Leadership Principle

PostWed Jan 29, 2014 10:32 pm

Chapter Seven: The Leadership Principle. :) ... ciple-.mp3
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Re: The Leadership Principle

PostFri Jul 14, 2017 1:29 am

what the White Race desperately needs today (as it
will in the future) are real leaders. Imbued with the Creativity
religion, which holds that the good of the White Race as the
highest virtue, both leaders and followers will want to combine in
pursuing the same constructive path.
This quote made me reflect upon Cosmotheism and the path towards the Creator's Purpose, the self-fulfillment of the Creator as our highest virtue and how each of us displays our leadership abilities through service towards this ultimate goal. In a sense, Ben Klassen's words were a small step towards Cosmotheism though expressing it in a way nearer to us Whites individually in holding as virtue what is good for the White race.

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