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Gliebe Associate Dr. Ian Gale Is Dead

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Gliebe Associate Dr. Ian Gale Is Dead

PostFri Mar 09, 2018 11:04 pm

Ian Gale was called a master criminal during a years-long burglary
spree four decades ago that flummoxed police and even fooled a chief
prosecutor into helping Gale get into law school. By day, Gale was
a psychiatrist. Bright, articulate, well-read and cocky, Ian (he
pronounced it EYE-an) Sanford Gale was a man of substance and solid
reputation. He had medical and law degrees. When night fell, Gale’s
extremist views converted him into what authorities would later call
a sociopath. They nicknamed the then-unidentified criminal “cat burglar”
or the “telephone bandit.” Gale would slip into dark clothing and
gloves. He would become infamous as what authorities then described
as the state’s worst home invader.

Genius vs Insanity
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“He was a person without a conscience, or with an extremely flawed,
damaged conscience,” said Gatling, now head of S.C. Citizens for Life,
which advocates for the unborn. “He had extremely high abilities and
talent. He was a person who decided to use his abilities and talent
for evil.” ... 11756.html

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