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If OJ "Did It"

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If OJ "Did It"

PostThu Mar 08, 2018 9:22 pm

Stephen Howe · Researcher at BBC News, posted...

It's NOT OJ's "horrific crimes" that matter. He's a negro and negros love
violence, robbery, rape & murder. No surprise there, in and of itself. It's
the fact that this guilty man walked free after killing his white wife and
her, er...friend. When one negro on OJ's jury announced (on TV, mind you)
that he would not have found OJ guilty, even if the evidence had been
overwhelmingly convincing...and he was NOT immediately arrested, this was
the beginning of the coming Race War in the USA. When Obama was running for
Prez and some old negress bragged (on TV, mind you) that she had voted for
Obama SEVERAL TIMES...and she was not immediately arrested (along with the
poll workers), I realized that this nation might require a shooting civil
war to eliminate the mentally-ill libtards trying to overthrow our elected
government. After years of listening to the absolute RAVINGS of the millions
suffering from TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome), I realize that there will
never be ANY WAY to reason or compromise with them. I say, declare martial
law & send in the troops, Mr. President. Let's get this over with.

Wade says, "It's too late for voting, Stephen." :evil:

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