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Hans Schmidt's "SS Panzergrenadier"

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Hans Schmidt's "SS Panzergrenadier"

PostWed Mar 07, 2018 7:20 pm

I received my copy today from the National Office, and I am VERY impressed. Hans was truly a valiant man who went through hell and back. Here is an excerpt from the prologue.

My situation could not possibly have been worse. It seemed that I had but two choices: Quick death by an American bullet right between the eyes, or there was the somewhat slimmer chance of dying a slow death by freezing. Even while the incessant shooting by the enemy riflemen was still going on, I could not help noticing the horribly cold water from the melting snow creeping up on me from the ground, seeping through all the clothes I was wearing, eventually encasing,
with all its wetness, that part of my body which I was forced to press into the ditch so that none of the Americans would notice me.

This volume is available at the following web address for the (reasonable) sum of $16. ... s-schmidt/

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Re: Hans Schmidt's "SS Panzergrenadier"

PostThu Mar 08, 2018 2:18 am

The story was well written, a real page turner. Schmidt's eyewitness account certainly destroys the "noble and gallant allies" narrative but did note that some Americans did comport themselves with honor.

The lesson I took from the book is that, as always, Jews are inciting us Whites to hate each other and it's avoidable---if we put the Jew in his place and out of our society.

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