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Black news anchors

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Black news anchors

PostSat Jan 06, 2018 5:43 pm

They're there on the television news.
Even on our local stations, they just have to have their token blacks.
I probably shouldn't put this out there 'cause it could put them under the PC spotlight but I have noticed one major, conservative leaning network that I haven't seen a Negro on - yet.
That's One America News which is 347 on DirecTV.
It's not diversity, it's displacement.
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Re: Black news anchors

PostSun Jan 07, 2018 1:14 pm

Yes, and the mystery-meat anchors are quite the rage. Lester Holt is a high-profile example. He is paid 4 or 5 million dollars per year just to be a fairly personable and well-spoken example of junkyard genetics. Holt is truly a man without a race, used by the Jews as a battering ram to slam against what is left of White racial pride and purity.

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