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Hollywood Normalizes Sexual Infatuation with Children

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Jim Mathias

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Hollywood Normalizes Sexual Infatuation with Children

PostMon Nov 06, 2017 1:23 am

Declares 13yo Girl ‘Sexiest Actress’ ... -children/

By Rachel Blevins
While she is only 13 years old, actress Millie Bobby Brown has become famous for her role in the Netflix hit Stranger Things, and she has also become Hollywood’s latest attempt at normalizing sexual infatuation with children.

Brown was the only child featured in a lineup of 13 actors and actresses who “prove that Television has never been hotter” and “sexier” according to a story from W Magazine. The online excerpt features a quote from Brown in which she discusses how she was asked to change her appearance in order to play the role of “Eleven” on Stranger Things.

“During the screen test for Stranger Things, one of the directors came up to me and said, ‘Bzzz,’ over my head,” Brown said. “He then asked, ‘Are you ready?’ I was like, ‘For what?’ And he said, ‘To cut all your hair off!’ The next day I got the job and I cut it. My hair was down to here, but it’s only hair. After that, I was called ‘boy’ a lot.”

The Spanish version of the magazine translated the title to “Why is television sexier than ever?” according to a story from Play Radio FM, raising serious questions about why a 13-year-old is being referred to as “sexy,” or even “hot.”

One Twitter user responded to the magazine, writing, “She is 13. I repeat. 13. She is not a sexy woman, is a kid. Shame on all those publications sexualizing her.”

Brown was also featured on the cover of the Spanish magazine Mujer Hoy, or Woman Today, with the headline “Why We Love Millie.” The magazine featured a series of photos of Brown in “sexy” or suggestive poses.

A Twitter user posted the photos online, writing in Spanish, “Millie Bobby Brown is NOT a woman, she is a girl.”

Another Twitter user commented, “People are calling Millie Bobby Brown ‘sexy’ and uh Y’ALL ARE AWARE SHE IS 13 YEARS OLD RIGHT.”

Millie Bobby Brown is talented, composed and precocious, but at the end of the day, she is just a 13-year-old girl. When the entertainment industry begins to give her the label of “Sexy,” it teaches both Hollywood insiders and the public that it is acceptable to sexualize a child.

While the current Hollywood sex scandal became public with the allegations that producer Harvey Weinstein had an extensive history of sexually harassing and assaulting women who were typically in their early 20s, it has since expanded to include the revelations that actor Kevin Spacey has had sexual relationships with and attempted to sexually assault teenage boys.

When child actor Corey Feldman attempted to speak out about the ongoing problem of pedophilia in Hollywood on an episode of The View in 2013, Barbara Walters interrupted him, saying, “You’re damaging an entire industry!” Now, the increasing number of sexual assault allegations against some of the most prominent directors, producers and actors in Hollywood is serving as a reminder that Feldman was not attempting to damage the industry—the industry had already damaged itself.

For years, the ongoing problem of sexual predators in Hollywood has been ignored, kept behind closed doors, and even justified. Because there are countless actors and actresses who have had their lives scarred because they were viewed as sexual objects when they were children, it should be seen as incredibly troubling when 13-year-olds are publicly referred to as some of Hollywood’s “sexiest” actresses.
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Re: Hollywood Normalizes Sexual Infatuation with Children

PostMon Nov 06, 2017 10:01 am ... ial-scale/

Lysette Anthony told British police that Weinstein raped her in the late 1980s at her home in London.
Asia Argento told The New Yorker that in 1997, Weinstein invited her into a hotel room, “pulled her skirt up, forced her legs apart, and performed oral sex on her as she repeatedly told him to stop”.
Paz de la Huerta said that Weinstein had raped her on two separate occasions in November and December 2010.
Lucia Evans said that after a business meeting in 2004, Weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him.
Hope Exiner d’Amore, a former employee of Weinstein, said that he raped her during a business trip to New York in the late 1970s.
According to Mimi Haleyi, Weinstein forcibly performed oral sex on her in his New York City apartment in 2006 when she was in her twenties.
Dominique Huett also said that Weinstein forcibly performed oral sex on her and then carried out another sexual act in front of her.
Natassia Malthe said that in 2008, Weinstein barged into her London hotel room at night and raped her.
Rose McGowan wrote on Twitter that she told the Amazon Studios head Roy Price that Weinstein had raped her, but that Price ignored this and continued collaborating with Weinstein. Price later resigned from his post following sexual harassment allegations against him.
Annabella Sciorra said that in the early 1990s, Weinstein forced himself into her apartment, shoved her onto her bed and raped her.
An unnamed woman told The New Yorker that Weinstein invited her into a hotel room on a pretext, and “forced himself on [her] sexually” despite her protests.
Another unnamed actress told the Los Angeles Times that in 2013, Weinstein “bullied his way” into her hotel room, grabbed her by the hair, dragged her into the bathroom and raped her.
So far, no arrests, no indictments, and Harvey Weinstein continues to enjoy the millions he made producing disgustingly anti-White films like The Crying Game and dozens of others.
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Will Williams

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Re: Hollywood Normalizes Sexual Infatuation with Children

PostMon Nov 06, 2017 2:06 pm

White Man 1 wrote:

... Harvey Weinstein continues to enjoy the millions he made producing disgustingly anti-White films like The Crying Game and dozens of others.

Dr. Pierce reviewed Weinstein's The Crying Game, honestly, as a man of his race 24 years ago:

In case you haven’t seen the film, let me run briefly through the plot. It opens in present-day Northern Ireland. A British soldier is enticed by an Irish girl he meets at a carnival to head off into the bushes for a little sex, where he is immediately kidnapped by members of the Irish Republican Army, to be held as a hostage in retaliation for the arrest of an IRA man by the British Army. Nothing the matter with that as a movie plot, of course — except that the “British” soldier just happens to be Black. No one pays the least attention to that rather startling fact, even as the Black soldier kisses and fondles the blonde Irish girl in the midst of the carnival crowds. The message the filmmakers are sending us here is that the soldier’s race makes no difference, either as a soldier or as a lover. We are being told that we should see nothing amiss in a typical British soldier being Black, or in a Black man romancing a White girl.

While he is being held hostage, a friendship develops between the Black soldier and one of his Irish captors, a man named Fergus. Eventually the time comes to kill the captive, but before that the Black has shown Fergus a photograph of the girl back in London he really loves, a mulatto, and he makes Fergus promise to visit the mulatto girl and tell her that his last thoughts were of her.

Fergus keeps his promise — more or less. But he also falls in love with the mulatto girl. Then, in the course of trying to make love to her he discovers that she’s really a man: a homosexual female impersonator. At first that disconcerts Fergus rather badly, but by the film’s end he’s shed his prejudices, his bigotry, and he’s realized that it really doesn’t make any difference, that he loves the homosexual mulatto after all, just as the Black soldier had done before him.

Now, I’ve skipped a lot of the lurid details, which would get this program thrown off the air if I described them to you, but you get the picture: race doesn’t matter, sex doesn’t matter, sexual orientation doesn’t matter. All that matters is love. Every effort to discriminate — to distinguish — between Blacks and Whites, between men and women, between homosexuals and heterosexuals is bigotry, is prejudice, is hatred. We’re all human beings, the film tells us, and that’s the only thing that’s important. We should ignore everything else and love others, without regard for these superficial differences.

The people who made The Crying Game don’t believe that, of course. That’s just what they want us to believe. They understand that any race which absorbs their message, any nation which absorbs their message, any society which absorbs their message — has been morally disarmed and has been made helpless against its enemies. The race which absorbs and takes their message to heart has lost its ability to discriminate and therefore its ability to survive. It’s a race ripe for exploitation, ready to be plucked and slaughtered, a race unable to defend itself against the predatory tribe to which Bob and Harvey Weinstein belong.

As I said, the media bosses prepare their message for us with malice aforethought.

Now, if you think I overstate my case, if you think I exaggerate, if you think I’m being unfair to the media bosses, I invite you to view The Crying Game yourself. It’s available in video stores everywhere. View it for yourself. See if you don’t agree with me about what the Weinstein brothers are trying to tell us.

Their message, of course, is the same message we get from all of the controlled media these days. The only thing unique about The Crying Game is that it rubs our faces in their filth so much more forcefully than most other films do. Usually they don’t slap us right in the face with the whole message at once. Usually they sugarcoat it and slip in just a bit of it here and there. Usually they don’t let us see so clearly what they’re aiming at. Usually they just teach us to parrot a few of their Politically Correct cliches about the evils of “discrimination” and about how wonderful “multiculturalism” and “diversity” are...

Read the rest of Dr. Pierce's review, here: ... rethought/
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Will Williams

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Hollywood Jews Normalize Rape of Shiksa Starlets

PostTue Nov 07, 2017 10:39 am

Harvey Weinstein used Israeli spies
in effort to silence victims

Ali Abunimah
7 November 2017

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein used former Mossad agents as part of his effort to silence actress Rose McGowan and other women who have accused him of sexual assault. Chirag Wakaskar Pacific Press/SIPA USA

Disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein employed former Israeli agents as part of an elaborate and aggressive effort to spy on and suppress the allegations by women who have accused him of sexual assault and rape.

In an exposé for The New Yorker Ronan Farrow reveals that among the web of private investigators and firms Weinstein enlisted was Black Cube, “an enterprise run largely by former officers of Mossad and other Israeli intelligence agencies.”

According to its company literature, Black Cube says its operatives are “highly experienced and trained in Israel’s elite military and governmental intelligence units.”

Its advisory board is packed with present and former Israeli military and intelligence figures, including “the late Meir Dagan,” the former head of Mossad, and Giora Eiland, an Israeli general who habitually uses media to threaten death and destruction to Palestinians and Lebanese.

Tweeting her reaction to the story, Asia Argento asked rhetorically why she and other prominent actresses did not speak up earlier. She answered her own question: “We were followed by ex-Mossad agents. Isn’t that terrifying? Very.”
---- ... ce-victims?
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Will Williams

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Re: Hollywood Jews Normalize Rape of Shiksa Starlets

PostTue Nov 07, 2017 5:54 pm

These Jews are highly organized for their own interests. Aryans will be organized again, too, but not to defend one another from unAryan behavior. We have a rich history of policing our own and of expelling the Jew. It is cyclic.

Must be nice for these kike sleazebags, having the Mossad and Black Cube, etc., at their disposal to quash investigative exposure of their anti-White depredations and quash prosecutions of it for decades...on American soil. Enough!

What a country!

Will Williams wrote:Harvey Weinstein used Israeli spies
in effort to silence victims

Ali Abunimah
7 November 2017
Disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein employed former Israeli agents as part of an elaborate and aggressive effort to spy on and suppress the allegations by women who have accused him of sexual assault and rape...

Report Details Weinstein’s Covert Attempt to Halt Publication of Accusations

Harvey Slimestein at the Zurich Film Festival last year. Credit Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

The disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein used a web of private detectives, lawyers and even undercover former Mossad agents in a failed effort to stop The New York Times and The New Yorker from publishing their investigations in October into allegations of sexual harassment and assault against him.

The cloak-and-dagger undertaking, detailed in a new report on The New Yorker’s website Monday, included the use of an agent who posed as a women’s rights advocate to befriend and spy on one accuser, the actress Rose McGowan. The same agent posed as a woman with a possible allegation against Mr. Weinstein in an attempt to lure journalists into sharing information about other possible accusers, according to the magazine’s report, which relied heavily on internal Weinstein documents and emails.

A contract with one of at least three private investigation firms that Mr. Weinstein employed, Black Cube, listed its “primary objectives” as providing “intelligence which will help the client’s efforts to completely stop the publication of a new negative article in a leading NY Newspaper” and obtaining content from a book that was to include “harmful, negative information on and about the client.” The magazine identified the newspaper as The New York Times and the book author as Rose McGowan, who has stepped forward to allege that Mr. Weinstein raped her. (He has denied forcing women into “nonconsensual sex.”)

The contract, which the magazine published on its website, had as its signatory a Weinstein lawyer, David Boies, a Democratic Party stalwart who argued for marriage equality at the Supreme Court and represented Al Gore in the disputed 2000 presidential election...

Black Cube promotes itself as “a select group of veterans from the Israeli elite intelligence units.”...

More here: ... pe=article
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Will Williams

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Re: Hollywood Normalizes Sexual Infatuation with Children

PostSat Dec 09, 2017 12:13 pm

Sex, Drugs, Glamour, Emptiness:
Bryan Singer’s Teen Ex-Lover Bares
All About Life In Director’s Orbit

by Dawn C. Chmielewski and Dominic Patten
December 8, 2017

EXCLUSIVE: When Bret Tyler Skopek first met director Bryan Singer at a Halloween party in 2013 shortly after the aspiring songwriter arrived from Arizona, the 18-year-old had no idea who the guy wearing the Catholic priest costume was — though he realized it obviously was someone famous, since a friend urged him to pose for a photograph.

Skopek soon became intimately involved with Singer — one of Hollywood’s top film and TV directors whose credits include The Usual Suspects and four movies in the X-Men franchise — and shares, for the first time, how he found himself pulled into the director’s orbit of on-set visits, expensive private dinners, ready access to drugs and alcohol and sexual encounters with an ever-revolving cast of multiple participants.

“It was a never-ending supply of cute young men,” Skopek recalled.

Skopek left Los Angeles two years ago. But the story he tells — documented with text message exchanges and photographs with Singer, and verified in phone and email interviews with seven others — is reminiscent of the accounts of boy-toy-fueled excess depicted in Amy Berg’s 2014 documentary film An Open Secret. As the industry grapples with an ever-widening sexual abuse scandal, Skopek’s story is a painfully familiar one in which an eager newcomer arrives in Hollywood, dazzled by the klieg lights and celebrity, only to be exploited by powerful men.

Here is the tale of a youthful-looking, barely legal-aged man who came to Hollywood with big dreams and left feeling chewed up, spat out and exploited by an older, wealthy man.

“I’ve seen wannabe YouTubers come. I’ve seen actors. I’ve seen singers. I’ve seen people like me that don’t know what they want to do,” Skopek told Deadline over several interviews. “You come (to LA) with dreams of being whatever. You’re still going to be caught up into this mess.”

In Skopek’s telling, Singer dangled the lure of a minor role in an X-Men movie, but the promised audition never happened. Disillusioned and exhausted by Singer’s sexual demands over the course of their year-long relationship, the young man eventually moved to Fort Worth, Texas, to live with his father.

“I just, I wasn’t happy with myself,” said Skopek, who’s now 22, and is going public for the first time in telling his story to Deadline, with the help of an introduction from Gabe Hoffman, one of the documentary’s producers. “I couldn’t go on anymore.”

“If Mr. Skopek had a problem with Bryan, he never mentioned it before today,” a spokesperson for the director told Deadline on Friday. “He is someone who has repeatedly asked Bryan for money over the years, and did so as recently as last month,” they added. “He also is the one who asked Bryan for a role in Apocalypse, which Bryan declined to offer to him. The timing of Mr. Skopek coming forward now with these allegations is questionable.”

With that in mind, Skopek’s tale is consistent with rumors that have long dogged the mutant franchise, Superman Returns and Valkyrie director. Singer was just fired by Fox as director of the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody after a series of unexplained absences and clashes with the film’s star, Rami Malek, who plays Freddie Mercury. The director’s name began trending on social media in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein disclosures, as men, swept up by the #MeToo movement, recycled old allegations of sexual misconduct. New but unverified claims that circulated on Twitter and Facebook quickly disappeared.

Right after Singer’s removal from Bohemian Rhapsody — the director claimed he hadn’t returned to the London set after the Thanksgiving holiday because of a life-threatening health crisis involving a family member — a lawsuit was filed this week in which Singer was accused of raping and sodomizing Cesar Sanchez-Guzman in 2003. The man claimed Singer assaulted him on a yacht when he was 17 years old.

Representatives for Singer responded to the lawsuit by saying that the director “categorically denies these allegations and will vehemently defend this lawsuit to the very end.”

In the wake of the new allegations, USC’s School of Cinematic Arts said today it will remove Singer’s name from its Division of Cinema & Media Studies program, fueled in part by a petition from a student. It said the name would be removed at Singer’s request “until the allegations against him are resolved.”

Meanwhile, others associated with Singer are in trouble all their own. Longtime Singer friend Gary Goddard took a leave of absence from his own entertainment design company after actor Anthony Edwards claimed the former Broadway producer molested him when he was a child. Another associate, former APA talent agent Tyler Grasham, who once credited Singer with helping launch his carer, was fired amid allegations of sexual assault.

London-based director Duncan Roy, who said he has known Singer for more than 20 years, described the director’s “boy obsessions and sex tourism,” his use of prescription drugs, and his drinking in a 2014 blog post. Some twentysomethings viewed a trip to Singer’s hot tub as a short-cut to the red carpet, he said.

“In Hollywood, the question you get asked a million times is, ‘What wouldn’t you do to succeed?’ And your hunger is part of the deal with the devil,” said Roy in an interview with Deadline. “The horrible thing is that there’s an unwritten rule, an unspoken agreement, between anybody who arrives. Every single high school king and queen that arrives in L.A. knows what to expect. You do anything to get on because the riches, when they’re delivered to you, are profound.”

Skopek didn’t necessarily have stars in his eyes when he arrived in Southern California in September 2013. He was looking to escape small-town America, and Los Angeles seemed an inviting destination for a young bisexual man experimenting with his first taste of freedom.

After the Halloween party, Skopek began receiving text messages from a middle-aged computer technician inviting the newcomer to lunch in downtown L.A. The man seemed friendly enough, and interested in Skopek. At the time, Skopek was unaware the man had been arrested in 2000 on charges of sexual exploitation of a child in Georgia, though never prosecuted.

The man invited Skopek back to his Flower Street apartment — a place with an arcade-like setting, with a pool table, Xbox game console and boxes of unopened iPhone accessories, Skopek said. Other young men begin arriving, music started playing, a neighbor dropped by, and the man began furnishing Skopek with the party drug Molly.

At some point, Skopek says, he found himself passed out on a bed and awakened to the man raping him. “I felt so dirty,” Skopek recalled. “I just wanted to go home and take a shower.”

Skopek never went to the police, he said, because he feels investigators don’t take male-on-male sex crimes seriously. But his alleged assailant provided entree to prominent entertainment figures. Within weeks, Skopek said he found himself chatting via FaceTime with one prominent comedic actor, and soaking in a hot tub in the Hollywood Hills home of an award-winning director. Eventually, he would find himself at a birthday party for the computer technician that Singer hosted on Dec. 7, 2013, at the Nobu Restaurant on La Cienega Boulevard.

In a recording shared with Deadline, the man seeks to coach Skopek in how to curry favor with these powerful men, saying, “There are things that you could do to make them nuts.”

Skopek recalls Singer boasting about the amount of the dinner tab — it approached $1,000 — and inviting him and two other young men to his house above the Sunset Strip. The director offered a grand tour of the theater room, the garage filled with sports cars and the basement with its leather couches, Skopek said. Then, the party started.

“We’re in the basement, me and the other two kids, we’re kind of chilling. Bryan takes us up, one by one, and gives us all a Molly,” Skopek said. “He’s splitting it with us. ‘I’ll do half if you do half.’ In the meantime, [the computer specialist] has another [young man] come over. He’s very dirty. He’s off the streets.”

Skopek says he and two others wound up in the bedroom, having sex with Singer. A 23-year-old who requested anonymity because he is still pursuing an acting career corroborated Skopek’s account of the evening of dinner, drug use and group sex — and the computer technician’s role in introducing him and Skopek to Singer.

The following morning, everyone was gone except Skopek.

“Bryan offers to take me to breakfast and the X-Men special effects floor where they’re doing all the editing,” Skopek recalls of his December 2013 visit to the Bad Hat Harry Productions studio then on the Fox lot in Century City. “We maybe spend almost the whole day together at the studio until I take a Snapchat … Bryan gets mad at me and says he’ll have his assistant drive me home.”

Skopek said he’d go on dinner dates with Singer, and get invited to participate in libidinous encounters, sometimes involving as many as 10 people having sex in a night.

“Watching the amount of people come in through the night,” Skopek said of the orchestrated sexual encounters. “The sad fact is this is how they think they have to live their lives. This is the only way to make it out there.”

Skopek said the director had the power to lure almost anyone into his bedroom. Singer would watch a television show, see a hot guy, and ask his friends to contact the actor — as if casting the lead for his next big-budget film production.

“It was like, ‘Let’s get on a roll. I want this guy in my room,'” Skopek said. “It’s shocking to me how easy it was.”...
More here about these Hollywood Jews and queers for those with the stomach: ... 202216936/
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Re: Hollywood Normalizes Sexual Infatuation with Children

PostSat Dec 09, 2017 7:42 pm

Looks like the post I entered here....


..has indeed opened the proverbial can of worms.

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