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Charlottesville, Stormfront & craziness

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Jim Mathias

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Re: Charlottesville, Stormfront & craziness

PostSat Aug 11, 2018 12:38 am

PhuBai68 wrote:
Who is out there actually speaking for US?

Do we need "celebrities" with "big" names to speak for us? Earlier, I assisted in putting out 200 business cards with what I consider to have a rather brief and pithy statement about the National Alliance. I think it speaks well enough for us, and gives the Whites for whom the card was intended the opportunity to check out our words and thoughts for themselves.

Would it be nice to have our message broadcasted in the same way Ann Coulter's is? Sure, of course it would. But we have yet to build that kind of media power, and when we do, better speakers than some very flawed "big" names will be found. We just have to get to the sort of media power we need from here first.
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Re: Charlottesville, Stormfront & craziness

PostSun Aug 12, 2018 6:59 pm

It's truly amazing how the news media put last year's violence onto "The Unite the Right" and not the anarchists scum and Negroes, even in today's news broadcasts.
I was following a few threads on Stormfront, keeping an eye so nothing got too far out of hand and here was part of a post with an excellent repy –––

When he stated that things are becoming more polarized, that was an understatement, but we needed assurance, because there are only two sides left now - the LEFT and the RIGHT.

No . The two remaining sides are Pro-White and Anti-White ! That’s it . There is no longer a fence to sit on . You are for or against the destruction of the White race .

Looking at some of these ANTIFA shitbags with their black outfits and bandanas covering their faces makes me think of things better not said.
It's not diversity, it's displacement.

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