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2 officers injured in Knoxville after attempted riot

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2 officers injured in Knoxville after attempted riot

PostSun Jul 09, 2017 6:17 pm ... knoxville/ ... knoxville/ ... 451326001/

You won’t find this anywhere but local news.
The negros were out in force this year for the annual celebration of their freedom and democracy. Around 10:30 on July 4th, the police responded to several calls at the Lonsdale Homes neighborhood. A number of “youths” were playing with fireworks, and a few just so happened to bounce off of houses… cars… other people… clearly cases of accidental discharge. The police, who were pulling extra shifts to deal with the large volume of calls from the area, arrived on foot to deal with the gathering mass of people... estimates of which were as high as 300. When they arrived, they were immediately pelted with fireworks, which were described as “large mortars” and not “a firecracker or a sparkler”. An officer who saw a man carrying fireworks began pursuit, and when the man was apprehended, the officer was attacked by anywhere from 20 to 25 others, including the suspect’s sister. An interview with the sister indicated that she had no remorse over the incident, and that she’d do it again. The pair was arrested for Inciting a Riot and Evading arrest, however the sister was released to the custody of her parents, but not before allegedly breaking the window out of the police cruiser she was held in with her feet. Later that evening, the police arrested another minor, but the suspect was released and his fireworks confiscated.

Let’s have a look at the community
The Lonsdale community came about in the early 1900’s as a new neighborhood for steel factory and flour mill workers. It was intended to fill the need for affordable housing for hard working, White, blue collar workers. After World War II, when the White folks in the area were pushed out by ever-encroaching blacks, the houses in Lonsdale deteriorated. By the 1970’s and 1980’s, the area had become a bombed out hellhole. In the early 2000’s, the Knoxville County Planning Commission came up with a plan to subsidize the area, effectively bailing out the blacks in order to start the cycle all over again. As you can see, the community has been grateful of the opportunities, not to mention money, invested in their homes and neighbors, and have shown it by attacking the officers sent to protect them. In the words of Police Chief Rausch, “It’s deeper than just fireworks… we’ve been doing a lot of work in this community to keep tensions down, and to work with each other”.
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Re: 2 officers injured in Knoxville after attempted riot

PostTue Aug 29, 2017 11:01 am

Yeah, when blacks move into a neighborhood it starts going down the toilet rather quickly.

True story: a guy I worked with (we'll call him Rick) lived in this little sub-division off of Lakeside Road at Greenwood Lake which is in West Milford Township, NJ.
A couple homes went up for sale so HUD bought them and moved in some "low income" families from I guess either Paterson or Passaic (since West Milford is in Passaic County) and overnight Rick's property value lost $40K in value.
He had had his home on the market at the time.
I can remember driving through that little sub-division and having to stop as "youths" stripped to the waist were lounging around in the middle of the road dribbling a basketball or just being arrogant.
A damned shame - perfect little white community ruined by it's own government.

Side note: I don't think I've ever heard of HUD buying a house in a predominately Jewish neighborhood - hell! I never have heard of any non-Jew moving in.
Thinking they don't put their homes on the market but sell through word of mouth.
It's not diversity, it's replacement.

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