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An Epoch To Behold!

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An Epoch To Behold!

PostTue Jun 13, 2017 2:51 am

Grand Unification Epoch 10-35 to 10-36 seconds!

Once gravity had separated out, it is thought that a single
field remained, a field which is described by the Grand Unified
Theory (sometimes abbreviated to GUT) and hence this period is
known as the Grand Unification Epoch. The field is sometimes
called the Grand Unification Field or GUT field. We do not find
this field in the world today because, as we will see, it has
since broken down into three other fields. These each appeared
in turn as the Universe expanded. The Grand Unification Epoch
probably ended at about 10-36 seconds after the creation of
the Universe.

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Wade Says...

"To those who may wander onto this site in search of the eternal
quest for knowledge: This post is for you. "Epochs" in my mind's
eye are those periods of time lasting hundreds of millions of
years while the continents moved... and strange and terrible life
forms arose and vanished ... but in a mind's eye..who among us
can conceive of an epoch lasting between 10<35 to 10<36 seconds?"

"I leave it to you dear wonder...and to contemplate!" ... nEpoch.htm

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