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What Happens When You Try to Film a Police Officer?

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What Happens When You Try to Film a Police Officer?

PostWed Apr 19, 2017 12:54 am

What Happens When You Try to Film a Police Officer?

If you start watching this 42 minute video, you will probably do so until the end. It is about how brutally innocent male and female citizens have been treated by some of the savage criminals, bullies and liars who have been hired by our governments to be "officers of the law", and what may happen to anyone who tries to use a cell-phone to record such incidents.

Some police officers operate like a criminal gang and commit crimes as though they were a pack of wild animals, and without fear of being testified against or reported by their fellow officers.

Some police officers threaten, intimidate, bully and wantonly attack and injure innocent civilians, falsely accuse them of crimes for which they may be convicted, and for which they may spend the rest of the lives in prison even if there is no evidence that they committed them.

Some officers have physically injured and falsely arrested innocent civilians without provocation, no matter how respectfully their victims have behaved, simply because they failed to comply with an officer's unlawful demands.

This video also shows that such "officers of the law" realize that:
1) They are not likely to be prosecuted or punished no matter what crimes they commit against the innocent citizens whose civil rights they violate.
2) Their fellow officers will serve as their false witnesses.

Corrupt police officers and other employees work for corrupt governments.

The more non-White, Jew worshiping and infested a society is, the worse this problem will be, and the less likely its civilization will survive.

Jim Mathias

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Re: What Happens When You Try to Film a Police Officer?

PostThu Apr 20, 2017 2:15 am

It does seem as though every profession, including that of law enforcement as is the topic here, has been afflicted with some form of corruption of the spirit that results in careerism, gang-like behavior, simple individualism, and so on as opposed to the faithful adherence to a higher purpose for life that results in honest service to our noble cause.

Our job, in my opinion, is to survive these times no matter the hardships to pass along our genes and our purpose to future generations and we should do all that's possible when in contact with those who haven't our purpose in life.

Each situation will be different and require different methods of handling them, and some worst case scenarios should be thought about in advance of them actually happening. If surrendering to a cop means survival and eventual freedom as opposed to dying at that point of encounter, well so be it, surrender. If the situation becomes life-threatening, do what is necessary to preserve your life. There is no one sure formula or "magic bullet" for all situations except as I like to think of it as "be aware and take care." I'm sure that I'm preaching to the choir here....

If you want to video your encounters, perhaps a well-concealed camera would be appropriate to avoid situations developing around having the electric eye making someone not of our ethos feel threatened by those things.

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