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Kansas City Star features the National Alliance

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Kansas City Star features the National Alliance

PostSun Apr 26, 2015 3:15 pm

I have talked to KCS reporter Judy Thomas longer than I've talked to Frazier Glenn Miller when he would call me from jail. I arranged for a telephone interview with Miller by her which she reported on a few months ago.

Judy has been working on a feature series for her newspaper for a year and it was finally published in two parts, the first last Sunday: ... ithin.html and the second, today. ... y/19361271

I am quoted half-way accurately, if very selectively, by Judy Thomas for the most part -- though I certainly never said “The National Alliance attracted a good cross section that was better than your normal Americans.” We are the normal Americans. I have never said I "do not associate with Patriots," either. What a ridiculous quote to attribute to me.

I am somewhat surprised after explaining our organization to her to see our Alliance lumped in with the KKK, Aryan Nations, the National Socialist Movement, and racist prison gangs, etc., reinforced by requisite commentary from the Jew "hate watchdog" Lenny Zeskind who says we are "dangerous." I should not be surprised when a mainstream reporter ingratiates herself to me then misrepresents the National Alliance. That's her job. That's what mainstream media reporters do. We don't need them; they need us. So I'll be more guarded with them in the future.

Judy's reporting here is very sloppy, as seen in the second paragraph which is highlighted. She knows that the so-called "two factions" didn't form soon after the death of Alliance Founder, Dr. Pierce. In fact she knows full well that the NARRG faction went along with Erich Gliebe's seemingly deliberate destruction of the Alliance for a decade, defending him from the harsh criticism of former members -- including myself -- until they sued Gliebe for $2 million 11 years later in a transparent attempt to use the courts to grab Alliance assets for themselves. Which of these two "factions" is Judy reporting I was in during those 11 years?

Slopy, sloppy, sloppy. Her "scare" report is more about the prophetic novel Dr. Pierce wrote 40 years ago, The Turner Diaries, than it is about the state of our National Alliance today.

Landscape of white nationalist groups is changing

The shootings a year ago at Jewish centers in Overland Park brought attention to the white nationalist movement, which authorities say has been responsible for an increase in violence in recent years.

The shootings a year ago at Jewish centers in Overland Park brought attention to the white nationalist movement, which authorities say has been responsible for an increase in violence in recent years. [What authorities? The ADL? The SPLC?]

Here is the landscape of the movement, whose members include white supremacists, neo-Nazis and Klansmen. The most prominent groups have all seen change — some growing, others evolving.


National Alliance

The National Alliance is probably best known for a book that founder William Pierce wrote decades ago.

“The Turner Diaries” is about a race war in which white insurgents kill blacks and Jews and bomb a federal building. Federal prosecutors said Timothy McVeigh used the book as a blueprint for the Oklahoma City bombing. The book was found in McVeigh’s car when McVeigh was arrested after the blast, and it has inspired others to commit violence as well, including Miller. [BS! Miller wasn't inspired by The Turner Diaries at all, and McVeigh was "inspired" by the murder of innocents at Waco by the feds two years to the day before OKC.]

The National Alliance went through turmoil after onetime physics professor Pierce died in 2002, splitting into two factions, with one taking over the headquarters in Hillsboro, W.Va. Accusations of financial mismanagement soon were lodged against the leader, Erich Gliebe, and the other faction — the National Alliance Reform and Restoration Group — eventually filed a lawsuit against him and the organization. [This is a ridiculously false statement.]

In October, at a court hearing in Virginia, Gliebe said he was relinquishing his position and turning control of the organization over to another longtime white nationalist. Will Williams, a U.S. Army Green Beret and Vietnam veteran who worked with Pierce for years, became the new chairman.

In a series of interviews, Williams told The Star that he and Kevin Strom, who served for many years as Pierce’s right-hand man at the National Alliance, are reviving the organization. Strom, who is the National Alliance’s new media director, was repudiated by many in the white nationalist movement after being convicted of possessing child pornography in 2008 and sentenced to 23 months. [The National Alliance is already revived.]

Williams doesn’t believe Strom was guilty, saying he was set up. [Kevin Strom was targeted for prosecution and imprisonment by the Joint Terrorism Task Force. Fact!]

Williams joined the National Alliance in 1991, selling his farm to move to West Virginia and become the group’s membership coordinator. He quit in 2002 shortly before Pierce died.

“I didn’t like the direction things were going with all the skinheads,” he said. “It was getting away from us.”

Williams and Strom announced last December that they were bringing back the National Alliance. [Wrong again. We announced in December of 2013, ten months before Gliebe turned the organization Dr. Pierce founded over to me.]

“Kevin and I want to get back to a real-world organization,” Williams told The Star. “The National Alliance attracted a good cross section that was better than your normal Americans.” [I never said this.]

Strom resurrected his online radio show, “American Dissident Voices,” in December. They also have a blog and an online forum and promoted a “special book offer” in their March newsletter in which members could purchase new editions of Pierce’s book “Hunter,” a sequel to “The Turner Diaries,” for $20. [Thomas received a copy of that last BULLETIN, yet that is all she got out of it. :roll: ]

Williams scoffs at the Christian Identity theology that many white nationalists adhere to.

“It’s just not grounded in reality,” he said. “It’s craziness. I questioned it all the time. We’re rational. We don’t go into that ‘we’re the true Jews’ nonsense.”

And like many white nationalists, he bristles at the term “white supremacist.”

“I would never use ‘white supremacist’ to describe myself,” he said. “And ‘racist’ has such a bad connotation, and ‘racialist’ seems kind of phony.

“I talk in terms of being a race thinker. A racial loyalist.”

Leonard Zeskind, the president of the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights, who has followed the organization for decades, said the group has the same ideas that motivated the German Nazi Party in the Hitler era.

Williams, he said, “is looking to instrumentalize those ideas through the National Alliance, but the National Alliance will never return to the size and power that it had during the William Pierce era because it is split into warring factions.” [False! The National Alliance is not split at all; our membership is cohesive. Lenny should worry about his tribe's instrumentalization of the Protocols of their Learned Elders of Zion and less about tracking the White American majority.]

Judeofascist "hate" watchdog Lenny Zeskind

Still, the group should be considered dangerous, Zeskind said.

The Turner Diaries was written by National Alliance leader William Pierce under a pseudonym. Officials say the book has inspired many people to commit acts of violence, including the bombing of Oklahoma City by Timothy McVeigh. The book was found in McVeigh’s car when he was arrested.

“Pierce wrote ‘The Turner Diaries,’ and the book has been used to inspire everybody from Tim McVeigh to Robert Mathews,” he said, referring to the Oklahoma City bomber and the leader of The Order, whose members committed murder, bombings and robberies in the 1980s.

As for what he sees as the current state of the movement, Williams said: “The movement sucks, as far as I’m concerned. It’s in disarray. It’s all over the board. It’s all on the Internet, and you’re dealing with a bunch of anonymous people and you don’t know who they are.”

Williams said he isn’t fond of militias or Patriots and doesn’t associate with them. [No I didn't. The people I'm fondest of are patriots. The word patriot is derived from the Latin word 'pater," or father. Patriotism is about loyalty to our blood, our racial kin. Militias are not patriots except to the extent they are against tyrannical government. They are into conspiracy theories and are race-neutral for the most part -- many are anti-racist.]

“They’re cranks,” he said, adding that they tend to be Christian-oriented. “I send them to Aryan Nations, the Council of Conservative Citizens. We really try to reach out beyond the movement to normal people.”

Williams said he has known Miller since 1985, when he joined Miller’s White Patriot Party. He started marching with Miller’s group in North Carolina, including a 1986 rally at the state capitol in Raleigh, to protest the Martin Luther King holiday.

“I had no idea they were Ku Klux Klan previously,” Williams said of Miller’s group. “It was the White Patriot Party. I didn’t see anything wrong with that name.”

When he heard Miller had been arrested shortly after the shootings at the two Jewish facilities in Overland Park, Williams said he was stunned.

“It was shocking when somebody you know does something like that,” he said.

Williams has spoken to Miller regularly on the phone from jail. [Judy Thomas has spoken to Miller regularly on the phone also. So what?]

“I just want to let him know that people were thinking about him and to keep his head up,” he said. “He’s done a terrible act, but he’s just a flesh-and-bones man.”

[I remember remarking to JudyT: "You're a White girl, Judy, and come from a White family. Who is representing your people's interests? The National Alliance is, that's who." Maybe she thinks the ADL or Zeskind's Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights is looking out for her people's interests?]
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Will Williams

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Re: Kansas City Star features the National Alliance

PostWed Aug 09, 2017 9:24 am

A lot has happened with the National Alliance in the two years since this posting about the KCS article. Not much has changed with anti-White establishment media, however.

This is a good place to put up my response yesterday to an inquisitive reporter, wanting the Alliance's opinion of the takeover of a Georgia community by racial aliens. It is not likely that Mr. Sherman will use the response he requested. He's more likely to quote the Anti-Defamation League of Bad Breath, or the Southern Poverty Law Center, or another Jew "hate watchdog" like Lenny Zeskind who told the Star reporter two years ago: "[T]he National Alliance will never return to the size and power that it had during the William Pierce era because it is split into warring factions.”

Really? And what are those "warring factions" that have "split" Alliance members, Lenny? What are they "split" about?

--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Justin Sherman <>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2017 14:02:47 +0000
Subject: National Alliance Contact: Media Request

Name: Justin Sherman
Subject: Media Request

Hello - I am looking to get in contact with one of your members in the
Atlanta area to talk about how the influx of refugees is impacting the
town of Clarkston, GA. Any help you could provide would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you

Thanks for the inquiry, Mr. Sherman. The National Alliance does not have a spokesman in the Clarkston, GA, area.

I Googled 'clarkston ga immigration' to learn about this influx of immigrants and found this interesting article from The Guardian a couple of months ago: ... nt-program

"...[O]lder [White] opponents of refugees have moved on or passed away, and have been replaced by younger liberals." a Syrian immigrant says:} "[A]ll these white Americans knocking at our door.” In fact, they were members of Clarkston’s All Saints Episcopal Church: “They didn’t look at all like us. But they changed our lives.”

There's your story, Mr. Sherman. The older White Clarkstonians have either died or left, replaced by young, self-hating, liberal whites, helped by the white members of the local Episcopal church. Follow the money in this deliberate dispossession of Whites, starting with the churches.

Here's the Alliance's view of the influx. You may quote me if you will agree to mention our Web address <> :

Clarkston, Georgia, is lost territory, thanks to young white liberals and white church-goers who remain to displace the White population with those who cannot make White babies. Older Whites have already left or died. The last White leaving Clarkston, please turn off the lights. -Will Williams, National Alliance Chairman <>


Will Williams

Omar Shekhey (right), executive director for the Somali American Community Center in Clarkston, with Uregi Hagimunye at Campus Plaza in Clarkston on Thursday, April 13, 2017. Shekhey said federal immigration authorities have arrested as many as 10 Somalis in Clarkston, Stone Mountain and in Gwinnett this week alone. HYOSUB SHIN / HSHIN@AJC.COM

Imagine the unimaginable: Stone Mountain, Georgia, being invaded by Somalis: ... qUEAx3wFI/

800' high Confederate monument. To where will the African-Americans demand it be moved?

Jim Mathias

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Re: Kansas City Star features the National Alliance

PostFri Aug 11, 2017 12:10 am

It appears Clarkston will be just another place for Whites to re-conquer it when we feel the need for living space and have the strength and the will to do so.

The lights there in Clarkston, metaphorically speaking for "Whites", are out now.

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