Heinous Black and Other Non-White on White Crimes

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Jim Mathias
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Re: Heinous Black and Other Non-White on White Crimes

Post by Jim Mathias » Mon Jun 20, 2022 6:14 am

Pinning racism on one race is not only wrong, but it is also dishonest.

If Biden really wanted to unite the country, as he claimed in his inaugural address, he would stop lying about the issue of racial violence.

White people are not inherently racist, nor are they the biggest source of hate crime or interracial violence in the United States.

https://www.westernjournal.com/real-sta ... every-one/
Whites and every other race are racist-- that is, putting group interests put first and acting on it. It's a natural part of all humans. What's criminal is trying to force races together. The western journal has its priorities upside down by embracing the unnatural.

Otherwise, the article did provide great statistical information. Kudos, Benjamin Bice!
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Re: Heinous Black and Other Non-White on White Crimes

Post by White_Vengeance » Mon Jun 20, 2022 11:30 am

If one had spent half as much time as I around barbaric, subhuman negroes--working with them, living in proximity to them, dealing with them, and battling them--then one would gain a lifetime's worth of experience and understanding that the enfeebled negro mindset is one that is hardened with demented, psychotic hatred of the White race.

For far too many negroes--a huge percentage of the species, if you will--the uppermost thought in their small, low IQ brains and vapid, vacuous minds is the total destruction of the White race, by whatever means possible, to the exclusion of all other thoughts.

There is no reforming the feral, simian negro species. For well over seventy years the politicians in America's centralized government monstrosity--known better as the despotic, totalitarian federal leviathan--have held a false, misguided hope that if we worshiped the negro species upon "the altar of tolerance, gifting, handouts, and sacrifice" these savage cannibals would eventually assimilate into American society and culture.

Not only has that NOT happened, it has made a terrible situation an even worse situation. Short of an all-out race war / Civil War, the only solution to the "negro problem" in America for racially-conscious White people--meaning the men and women in the National Alliance--is total and complete separation of the races. Ignoring this obvious solution is sheer folly; it would only hasten the possible downfall of the White race.
Any White person who can see the threat to the future of the White race today and who refuses, whether from cowardice or selfishness, to stand up for his/her people does not deserve to be counted among them.

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Re: Heinous Black and Other Non-White on White Crimes

Post by White_Vengeance » Mon Jun 20, 2022 1:28 pm

Justice for Jupiter Paulsen:
Protest In Fargo, North Dakota Over Murder Of White Child By a subhuman negro African Immigrant. Media Ignores
Dakota Witness

(Note: The link to the full story is at the very bottom of this post.)

Earlier (July 2021) Her Name Is Jupiter Paulsen: 14-Year-Old White Girl Murdered—Stabbed More Than 20 Times—By A black (Liberian) Male In Fargo, North Dakota: Was He A Refugee?

The name of Daisy "Jupiter" Paulsen has never appeared in the New York Times or the Washington Post, and over a year after her brutal murder in Fargo, North Dakota at the hands of the ultra-violent negro African immigrant Arthur Prince Kollie it's now less likely to appear than ever. That's because her father, Robert Paulsen, desperate over the institutional failures that led to her death and over what seems to be the increasing likelihood that Kollie will escape punishment, has allied with the radical National Justice Party, described by critics like the virulently anti-white Anti-Defamation League as "a virulently anti-semitic White supremacist group," to protest the scandal. Of course the short-term result is an even more intense media blackout. But Paulsen obviously felt he had no choice.

On Saturday June 4th, the anniversary of Kollie’s crime, some 40-50 people led by local grassroots organizer Peter Tefft and NJP chairman Michael Peinovich marched through Fargo’s downtown. The peaceful protest (Video) started at the victim's home and ended with a picket in front of the Fargo courthouse. It was shadowed by a small group of self-identified "Antifa" members (Video), who mocked and jeered the White activists and the family they had come to support. Neither national nor local media covered the march, despite it causing a lot of discussion in Fargo.

Jupiter Paulsen’s tragedy began on June 4th, 2021, when she left her home to visit her mother's house. As she passed through a strip mall, Kollie allegedly began following her. Then, without provocation, Kollie allegedly stabbed and strangled the cornered White child in a savage attack that lasted 25 minutes--25 horrific, gruesome, unspeakable minutes!

The cannibalistic negro, Kollie, attempted to escape when a witness confronted him, and he was filmed in a store trying to change out of his bloody clothing. (There's no suggestion of any sexual assault, although the prosecutor suggests robbery was a motive.) Jupiter was taken to hospital, where she died of her catastrophic injuries. She was 14 years old. (Side Note: the photos of this innocent young White child lying in a hospital bed, on life-support, are horrific beyond words. She was so horrifically stabbed, beaten, and destroyed that she is unrecognizable.)

Among the institutional failures contributing to Jupiter’s death: America's Refugee Racket. The barbaric negro, Kollie, who is originally from the Ivory Coast, immigrated from Liberia, probably under North Dakota's refugee resettlement program. (Typically, the corporate media hasn’t bothered to ask.) In the U.S. he was a habitual offender who was in and out of prison. So much for screening.

Shortly after Kollie was released from a one-year sentence for a previous violent felony in 2020, he was arrested again for the unlawful possession of a firearm, discharging the firearm, and drug possession. Court records show that on May 7, 2021, less than a month before the girl's murder, Kollie was sentenced to two years in prison.

The grieving Paulsen family, who have been targeted by thugs at their home for speaking out about what happened to their daughter, were understandably enraged when they learned that the man who killed their daughter was on paper supposed to be in prison at the time of the murder. Kollie was apparently released back to the street on with “the bulk of that time stayed on the condition he successfully complete 18 months of probation and serve 27 days in jail.

Because he had already served 27 days, Kollie was released from jail following the sentencing hearing.

[Accused murderer's sentence for prior felony conviction not unusual, court expert says, by David Olson, Inforum.com, June 19, 2021]

The news that Kollie has withdrawn his Alford Plea and that presiding Judge John Irby (appointed, let the record show, by a Republican governor) is allowing Kollie's attorney to attempt an insanity defense has only exacerbated fears that Jupiter will never receive justice.

Tefft and Peinovich have both placed the blame for this ordeal on the "Great Awokening." Especially after the George Floyd riots of 2020, this informally and formally discouraged judges and prosecutors from doing what is necessary to keep dangerous negro men incarcerated, due to the political and career risk of being accused of racism.

Tefft has publicly stated that the national discourse in the media, academia and from politicians demonizing white people as the cause of all of black people’s misery is tantamount to racial incitement and what's called stochastic terrorism [Stochastic Terrorism: A Linguistic and Psychological Analysis, by Molly Amman and J. Reid Meloy, Perspectives On Terrorism, October 2021].

Academics such as Heather Mac Donald have additionally demonstrated a strong causal effect between a lack of will to aggressively police and prosecute violent crimes committed disproportionately by savage negroes and the ongoing surge in homicides [Heather Mac Donald: 'Savage' Crimes No Longer Have Consequences — Civilization 'Breaking Down' in 'Slow-Motion,' by Joshua Klein, Breitbart, December 8, 2021] that began when the Black Lives Matter movement's demands were mainstreamed and accommodated.

North Dakota’s refugee resettlement problem, which uses federal tax dollars to transplant negro Liberian aliens like Kollie to the state, is also a highly controversial issue. North Dakotans have in the recent past organized several petitions and referendums [Michelle Malkin: Citizen Revolt—Resist Refugee Resettlement Dumps, April 12, 2019] to prevent private-public partnerships such as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services (LIRS) from bringing any more unassimilable immigrants to their towns and cities. But Republican Governor Doug Burgum continues to ignore them [North Dakota approved to take in more Afghan refugees, by Jeremy Turley, Inforum.com, April 27, 2022].

The lack of press coverage of this demonstration, even in the current "racist"-hunting media ecosystem, shows impressive ideological discipline among left-wing and even some conservative commentators in Fargo. They have no scruples about hounding and harassing Robert Paulsen for taking action over his daughter’s murder [Port: We are seeing the roots of hate take hold in North Dakota murder case, by Rob Port, Inforum.com, April 27, 2022] but they take painstaking efforts to ensure no one can hear Jupiter’s story.

The idea of White people protesting for their rights is a shocking and heavily stigmatized concept in America. But as institutions once assumed to be free of politicization, such as courts and police, begin to show black criminals rank favoritism at the expense of public safety, some will seek to change this.

The link to the full story:
https://vdare.com/articles/protest-in-f ... ia-ignores
Any White person who can see the threat to the future of the White race today and who refuses, whether from cowardice or selfishness, to stand up for his/her people does not deserve to be counted among them.

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