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20 July, 1969..."Today Aryan man reached the moon."

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Re: 20 July, 1969..."Today Aryan man reached the moon."

PostSat May 25, 2019 2:31 pm

A Dead Giveaway?

NTS posted...

"I have found through my own research that NASA was left with an
insurmountable problem when they were approached by the then
Kennedy administration and later the Johnson administration
with trying to achieve then President Kennedy's speech where he
wanted to see a man on the moon before the end of the 1960's
decade.....What was quickly discovered by the criminals behind
NASA is that sending men some 240000 miles to the lunar surface
through interstellar space was absolutely impossible using the
technology of the 1960's.....And that there was no foreseeable
inventions for the time being (still have no such inventions
today...) to solve these problems..." ... pollo.html

I admire NTS for his great work in exposing the International
Jew for this entire branch of humanity gone bad. I also rely
on his work down to this day for knowledge of what Jewry is
going to do next on the international stage, and how it will
affect my own life.

However, we separate on the Lunar landings of a half-century
ago. There is no need to go into details of how it was just
easier to actually travel to Luna, rather than "fake it," as
these resources are freely available on Usenet.

I want to make a point here. NTS states that he is a "man
of science." Perhaps so. Would not a "man of science" realize
that the space between the planet Earth and the mini-planet
Luna is "interplanetary" space and NOT "interstellar" space?

There is an unimaginable and vast difference between the two.
Interplanetary space at light speed is at best just a few
hours away. Interstellar space is measured in YEARS and
NOT hours!

A minor error or a dead giveaway? You decide.
Lunar Landing - 1899
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