“Anti-Cosmotheistic Canards”

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Helmut Stuka

“Anti-Cosmotheistic Canards”

Post by Helmut Stuka » Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:22 pm

While perusing my shabby old Internet copy of The Turner Diaries to refresh my memory thereof for a forthcoming article, my eye turned to something the PDF’s creator for some reason pasted at the back. It is an ADL press release under the byline of Myrna Shinbaum dated May 16, 1996 (found on the Web: ADL website link, Internet Archive), which alleges, inter alia, that:
Jewess Myrna Shinbaum, ADL wrote:Pierce is also a founder and trustee of the “Cosmotheist Church,” a “Christian Identity” group... (The pseudo-religious Identity Church movement holds that whites are the “chosen people” of the Bible, and that Jews and blacks are “mud people” and the children of Satan)
I almost choked when I saw that — from laughter at the wrong moment. Really, anyone who knows the least bit about Cosmotheism just suffered coffee shooting from his nose. (Which shows how bizarre and ridiculous it is, because this is not even the first time I have seen those words.)

Did you hear that, Cosmotheists? According to Yahweh’s Chosen Pets, you believe that you are Yahweh’s Chosen Pets. Feel dirty yet? The Jew is rabid with rage at the thought that anybody, anywhere might reject belief in his rancid, unwashed cutthroat desert devil-god. (Sarcasm aside, that last is a very serious topic I have more to write about. It should interest people opposed to Christianity and its long-term destruction of European culture. For the record by the way, I myself am not a Cosmotheist; but I respect Cosmotheism — and I am not an ignorant bigot who conflates it with Christian Identity.)

Now, the question: Is there an existing handy list of these nuggets somewhere? It would be helpful for any number of practical uses. The Jews pass around rather twisted lists of “Anti-Semitic Canards” (and preach about them to your schoolchildren). Somebody is probably cataloguing real Jewish canards somewhere; if so, please link. Otherwise, please use this thread on an ongoing basis to collect “Anti-Cosmotheistic Canards” and more generally, “Anti-White Canards”.

My review of Dr. Pierce’s novels was urged for practical reasons by this. Seemingly trivial rubbish like the above is ammunition in a propaganda war.

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Will Williams
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Re: “Anti-Cosmotheistic Canards”

Post by Will Williams » Fri Jul 15, 2016 2:59 pm

Ms Shinbaum is not the only Jew to claim that The Turner Diaries, or the National Alliance or CCC, for that matter, are based on Christian Identity beliefs.

She should read Hunter to try and find the "true Israelites" Dr. Pierce wrote about in that novel. :lol:


Re: “Anti-Cosmotheistic Canards”

Post by adolf512 » Fri Jul 15, 2016 6:33 pm

It is funny for the lying kikes claims cosmotheism isn't a religion. The truth is usually the opposite of their claims. If NA was a stricly atheistic organisation the jews would claim it to be a cult :D

Of course there is nothing "christian identity" about cosmotheism, cosmotheism is a form of pantheism. Creativity and cosmotheism is both natural religions, based on observation of nature and not infallable scripts.

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