Let's Do What's Right 05/20/23

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Let's Do What's Right 05/20/23

Post by White Man 1 » Sat May 20, 2023 12:47 pm

A FEW WEEKS AGO, I noted the rather extreme fawning toward Jews exemplified by the Florida governor to whom more and more people are starting to refer as Ron DeShabbos:

DeSantis signs bills in foreign countries, written by foreigners, to make criticism of those foreigners into a felony in Florida. Not acceptable. It is a symbolic bowing to his masters, in a place sacred to his masters, signaling he wants their approval for a “move up,” something that only they really decide.

The purpose of signing that bill was to please Jews — and, in case that wasn’t obvious enough to the Jewish media and donor classes that are his real audience, DeSantis signed the bill while in Israel. Basically, fliering with a message that Jews don’t like is now a felony if the flier gets onto the private property of one of God’s darlings. Fliering with any message whatsoever has never been a crime, much less a felony, heretofore in this country. In the bill, the definitions of “littering” and “harassment” are being wildly stretched so that the Divine Beings can be maximally protected.

A DeSantis apologist wrote to me, arguing that it is still perfectly legal to criticize Jews in Florida.

Yes, and if things keep going in the direction being pioneered by DeSantis, it will continue to be legal long into the future to criticize Jews in Florida — so long as it you do it in a low whisper to no more than one other person behind the closed doors of your private residence. If you fail to observe these very reasonable restrictions, you may or may not have direct legal consequences (depending on the next few bills that water-boy Ron decides to sign in the vipers’ nest), but thanks to Jewish money and media power, if you do such a thing today and it becomes publicly known, unless you have a totally independent source of income, you already will suffer catastrophic career consequences, and not just in Florida. The Jewish-controlled media and the ADL and other Jewish groups will see to that. And it is these life-destroyers that Ron-boy pretends to believe are weak, persecuted, and in need of special protection!

The essayist and researcher Hadding Scott wrote recently:

It is eye-opening to observe that no matter how obsequiously @RonDeSantisFL kisses Jewish rump, most Jews still view him as an enemy and interpret his actions accordingly. I don’t believe that there is anything that DeSantis can do that will ever make most Jews not dislike him.

Another insightful writer, John Young, suggested:

This sort of law — similar to the papers of Israeli fealty people had to sign to get hurricane relief funds in Texas — calls considerable attention to the Jewish Problem among people who otherwise would have been unaware of its existence.

Although this is obviously an immense evil, it also gives people an interesting opportunity.

“Obviously, I support Israeli airstrikes that kill Palestinian children. I would go to jail if I opposed it.”

“No, of course, I would never criticize Senator Schumer. That could easily be construed as illegal because he is Jewish.”

“I can’t criticize CNN because it is run by a Jew.”

It could also be used to force the existing situation more into the light through a form of acceleration.

For example, propose a law that all Florida legislation must be approved by the Israeli Knesset to become law. And, of course, file criminal complaints of antisemitism against any legislator who opposes it.

Set up a civil rights disaster by proposing that only Jews should be allowed to vote in Florida, and, again, maintain that any opposition to this is antisemitism. This could bring down the entire civil rights infrastructure.

Now, is it possible that Ron DeSantis truly believes the things he says in his Twitter feed and campaign Web sites, that he is an enemy of “woke” leftism and the more extreme forms of anti-White ideology? — that he wants to punish Jewish-run Disney for its horrific crimes against our children? — that he wants to put the brakes on the pervert-propaganda and genital mutilation of our children? Yes, it is possible, though politicians have a terrible record for truth-telling. But, if that is true, he apparently also believes that to get into a position where he can effect such ideas, he needs to pander to the Jews harder than anyone else in the running. (Something that all American politicians learn early in their careers.) And by so pandering, he will be put in the same position as Donald Trump — required to appoint Jews, pass laws suggested and written by Jews, and to always hold back from the full truth when it comes to issues that are important to Jews. And race is all-important to Jews. Not just the protection of their own race, but hobbling, weakening, and getting as close as possible to actually killing the European race without having to openly admit they are doing so. DeSantis would be “approved” to talk a good game to please White conservatives and populists, but he wouldn’t be allowed to get within a mile of the issue of the impending death of the White race in North America, and not within ten thousand miles of the Jewish responsibility for that death.

After I wrote about this Florida bill, I got another response from a pro-White fellow who thought it was “wrong” of me to point out DeSantis’s bowing to Jewish power, and also “wrong” for me to call out the Jewish power structure generally as our race’s primary enemy. He claimed that we should simply be “White positive” and criticize all anti-Whites without noticing or mentioning Jews or Jewishness. This, he suggested, would be an easier “sell” to fair-minded and even-handed Whites.

I can’t agree with that. I think naming the group that is the prime mover behind the War on Whites is absolutely of the essence. No one who doesn’t know who his enemy even is can possibly defeat that enemy.

Perhaps some of these never-mention-Jewish-power “White positive” folks think they will get a pass from the Enemies of Life if they can be seen vigorously screaming at us that Jim at the barber shop who watches CNN is just as much of an adversary as Soros and Greenblatt. Not only is this absurd — not one of us who impedes the anti-White aggression of the Jewish power structure in even the smallest way is going to “get a pass,” not even DeShabbos — but it is also misleading, shunting good White folks who might otherwise become a part of the real White resistance into a blind alley in which allegedly “pro-White” social media “influencers” and “stars” of the moment mislead them into obeying the same self-censorship that Jonathan Greenblatt wants them to observe. That’s the kind of own goal that would make the CIA and the Mossad proud.

Another writer from the “White-positive” crowd, then claimed that Sweden and other countries where Jews are a lot less prominent than in the US, were just as anti-White as the US. It’s a mistake to view the West in that fractured way: The American Empire, which has been turned into a semi-covert Jewish empire, sets the standards to a large extent for the entire West: International media corporations and their productions, and the domination of the universities worldwide by the multiracialists’ anti-morality, extend their tentacles deeply into all countries, especially Western countries, and all are Jewish projects. Furthermore, the Jewish-controlled US, whose favor all are forced to seek in the West, would exact punishment on any nation which openly opposed the Jewish agendas of “diversity” and sexual degeneracy/sterility. And the leadership class — those on the fake left and the fake right who are allowed to even approach high office in the so-called ‘democracies’ — is curated in the West by a Jewish-dominated clique; outsiders and dissenters are not allowed. And one could argue that Christianity itself is an ancient Jewish project (that has on a few occasions gone “out of control” from its inventors’ point of view). I admit that the prevailing anti-White anti-morality has taken on a life of its own, true — but its creators and early leading figures were all Jews, and I doubt it could survive very long without them.

The Jewish/fake-leftist media/academic establishment created a new moral paradigm under which America “had to” become multiracial — or be evil. Then the former majority lost its belief in itself.

Not all of us, though, have lost our belief in ourselves. We are, after all, the descendants of the race that built the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen, who discovered the scientific principle, and who first walked upon the face of another world. We can defeat this slimy Tribe of liars and usurers.

The extreme actions of the Jewish power structure — taking away our First Amendment and Second Amendment rights, perverting and sterilizing our young people, forcing our children into schools that are more and more becoming violent cauldrons of anti-White hate — are, despite media cover-ups, having one positive effect: There are now millions of heretofore quiet and law-abiding folks who have soberly noted the corporate left’s, the media’s, the government’s, and the Jewish advocacy groups’ targeting of their children for a future of degeneracy and sterility, and who also grimly realize that the political system offers them no redress. They are taking names. They need to know they are not alone. They need the message of hope of the National Alliance.

Using ad agencies, platitudes, and focus-group-tested talking points to convince a majority of the poorly informed to like you is a terrible way to choose a leader. It is time for a new system under which decision-makers are chosen based on the highest character, great abilities, excellence, and, above all, loyalty to and service of the race. Getting the approval of a majority of the rubes should have nothing to do with it.

Millions of our people need the message of hope that there are others who agree with them, and who are right now forging a majority of will and determination that has determined to do the right thing — establish a White nation once again — without asking permission, either from the dull majority, or from those who are determined to exterminate us. Please help us spread that message far and wide today.

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