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Ray W
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Post by Ray W » Sat Jul 25, 2020 2:39 pm

There are many tasks for bolshevik bastards to complete
such as renaming every American school, park and street
to honor nigger retards, jew perverts and butt-truffling queers
that grace White United States with rape, robbery, murder and fear.

Like illustrious history, we must revise the Statue of Liberty;
some witless rabbi can chisel on hook-nose and yamucky
to better reflect the ruling insect class grossly creeping
and crawling sea to shining sea, host Aryans deep-sleeping

seemingly unaware of the segmented semite and its evil quest
to make the creators of America feel like unwanted guests.
Next, Mount Rushmore improves with ADL-approved dynamite
so four fresh faces can shine bright--none of them White.

Last but not least, the term "America" has to go-go-go
as it refers to a person of non-color and rightly so
all fifty racist states will separate, then diversely reunite
as Jewtopia--new Chosen homeland of the homeless parasite.

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Re: Jewtopia

Post by Richart » Fri Dec 25, 2020 4:57 pm

This is exactly what is happening in America and what has happened in many other past nations where Jews were residing. History has shown this to be true and yet we still do not learn from the past. We as a race are so intelligent by various means and yet so gullible and stupid to allow the destruction of our own kind. Your poem says it all and in time all aspects of a white civilization will be removed from sight as the white man continues to hold a beer in one hand and his remote in the other.

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