Shades Of Tom Chittum?

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Wade Hampton III
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Shades Of Tom Chittum?

Post by Wade Hampton III » Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:41 pm

From celebrities calling on citizens to take to the streets, to members
of Congress calling for the public harassment of White House officials,
to mob justice at restaurants — is the US heading toward a new kind of
'Civil War?'
Chittum Called It
Chittum Called It
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Jim Mathias
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Re: Shades Of Tom Chittum?

Post by Jim Mathias » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:11 am

It seems we're in a "civil war" of sorts now. Even the Jewed media reports on how divided America is at present, and with violent eruptions between ideologically-opposed groups already occurring (think antifa showing up where Whites gather for their own events and instigating violence among other incidents too numerous to recount here) I'd say things are at a low-level of warfare now. Holders of opposing views, philosophies, and/or ideas are finding that no one worldview is universally accepted and that more and more are hardening themselves for future violence although avoiding it generally. Huge increases in the sales of guns (especially rifles with detachable magazines that have capacities of 20+ cartridges) over the past few decades seem to be a good indicator of this.

The "authorities" are barely keeping a lid on it, sometimes they even cause it (Charlottesville comes to mind here), and the potential for open warfare increases. More people who "can't take it anymore" are going to come out of the woodwork in this (deliberately, I believe) Balkanized country. I believe that violence at political events will increase as well, perhaps politicians themselves will be targeted for violence. It's getting uglier as time goes by, and with the millions of non-Whites being pumped in it's as though the "authorities" are looking to pour gasoline on the fire. Crazy.
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