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Will Williams
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Joe views the news

Post by Will Williams » Wed Aug 21, 2013 7:44 pm

The following from an old National Alliance comrade is now three days old, but still topical. Hopefully, Joe will offer up more of his unique view of things, which will be featured here.

Dear Will:

I spent the morning washing the house and mowing the lawn. It was just like the beginning of the great David Lynch's "Blue Velvet"--the director is, I have been told, one of us--white picket fences clean streets, graciousness, etc.

When I was finished with my chores, I turned on various news programs, and just when you think things are becoming beyond strange, I caught a couple of items that truly astonished me:

1) the government is introducing (for the nonce) a new system of test-grading, one which allows a student to get a partial credit for wrong answers on (say) a math test, if he is willing to show the steps whereby he proved his faulty results. I am not kidding. This is the egalitarians' greatest victory.

Can you imagine what Blaise Pascal would have said? I don't know if this development is a single-state phenomenon, of if the fun is to be shared by all.

2) I hear that al-jazeera is going to be broadcast to 48, 000, 000 homes on cable--and yes your tax dollars are going to pay the piper.

3) The next story comes out of--wenn ich nicht irren--Texas, where students will henceforth be permitted to decide on what side of the gender gap, male or female, they want to be seen as belonging to, and that means, for one, that students can go to the toilet of their choice, and that everything is to become gender-neutral. In other words, the second phenomenon that an alien astronaut would notice about us, our our ethnoi, is the one thing that is now being blown to the semantic winds. As a regular straight guy, I'd would like to know if the hunan being to whom I am speaking has just pulled his tongue out of his Juliet's asshole....

4) As to the first phenomenon our astral traveler would percieve, I've seen an article by Alain de Benoist the other day in which he tells us that France is going the whole hog to eliminate the word "race" from the lexicon (and everywhere else). If you're familiar with Alain de Benoist, the French philosopher who made a favorable impression on Dr. Pierce many years ago at a racialist conference [in D. C. if I'm not in error], you will not be surprised that the biggest of all Bonzes on today's European Right somehow manages to discuss this horrific development without the mention of the word of 3 letters that is the etiological phenomenon behind all these manifestations of insanity.

I used to admire William F Buckley as a teen, but the process that is zionizing de Benoist is now providing us with a rehearsal of the "terror" that "Right Wingers" in the States went through during the late sixties and early seventies. Did you know that Bill Buckley allowed Norman Pohoretz to pass judgment, and to use his blue pencil on any article in the National Review? Bill turned his mellifluous tenor against any such recreant behavior (let's us remember the great Sobran) on every such occasion, and by the time of Buckley's death he even began being told by Podhoretz when Bill needed to sack any of his journalists--in his own journal!

Then--I've saved the best for the last: Pennnsylvania teachers are to be given a form to fill out; educators who fail to sign will be a facing a heavy fine. I don't know many of the queries that are being addressed to the academics, but here's a few: Do you like your boss? How much alcohol did you consume at the latest social engagement in which you participated? And there are a Gozillian more such intrusive questions on the form.

Best wishes,

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Kevin Alfred Strom
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Re: Joe views the news

Post by Kevin Alfred Strom » Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:13 am

Always witty, and almost always right. Hope Joe will join us in person soon!

Al-Jazeera at least tells a little bit of the truth about Israel and the Jewish oligarchs, and the regime in Washington that the oligarchs control. As much as I want them out of Magna Europa, it's impossible for me not to sympathize with the Muslims as victims of the same System that is killing us. But it is to our shame that we have no network and they do.

All the best,


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