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Coloured hijacker shoots only child in full view of her elderly mother


An elderly white woman could do nothing but watch as a coloured hijacker, dressed in a school uniform, drove off in her daughter’s car after she was shot in the back and left face down in the middle of the street.

Hours later, two coloured teenagers – the alleged shooter, who is a 16-year-old boy, and a 15-year-old girl – were arrested with the stolen car in Bluewater Bay, while a third teenager fled into nearby bushes.

Magda van Vuuren (pictured right), 53, died on arrival in hospital after her mother, Sally Potgieter, 83, saw the horrific scene play out right in front of her Adcockvale home, at around 3pm.

“I heard the shots go off – I think two,” Potgieter said, her hands shaking as she pointed to the spot in the street where her daughter was shot.

“I got such a fright. The second one hit Magda and I saw her collapse in the street. He [a coloured teenager] drove off and she was just lying there in the street, flat on her stomach, not moving. She was my only child.”

The shooter and four other coloured youths, who were sitting close to where the shooting occurred in Diaz Road, were believed to be wearing Westview School uniforms.

The school could not be reached for comment.

Van Vuuren had just left her mother’s house and was getting into her BMW as one of the young coloured men walked up.

Source: The Herald
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Five South Africans paying the price for 'racist rants'
Deneesha Pillay | 14 September, 2016 14:47


A "racist rant" that finds its way into the public eye will not only expose you to a lifetime of criticism and scrutiny‚ it can also land you in trouble with the law and hurt your bank balance.


Woman charged over racist rant at cops wants a plea deal Woman charged over racist rant at cops wants a plea deal
Laying down the law on racism Laying down the law on racism
Address racial injustice to solve racism problem Address racial injustice to solve racism problem

This week an Eastern Cape man‚ Wayne Swanepoel‚ was ordered to pay R100‚000 for hurling the k-word at Bulelani Thembani during an argument that later turned physical. Swanepoel will be paying R16‚ 666 for each letter of the word starting with “k” and ending with “r”.

Swanepoel‚ however‚ is not alone.

In recent years‚ "racist rants" have gained significant media attention‚ particularly when those rants are in written format and posted to various social media platforms.

The latest of these was real estate agent Penny Sparrow who was fined R5‚000 by the Scottburgh Magistrate’s Court on Monday after pleading guilty to a charge of crimen injuria. She was also fined R150‚000 by the Equality Court earlier this year.

But who are some of the other South Africans that have landed themselves in trouble?

In 2015‚ Afrikaans singer Sunette Bridges was found guilty by the Human Rights Commission of “violent hate speech and racist” comments posted on her Facebook wall. The singer was ordered to regularly monitor her Facebook pages and remove any content that amounts to hate speech‚ harassment‚ or the inciting of violence.

Bridges’ case was billed as a test of what constitutes hate speech on social media. Lawyer William Booth said the agreement was a step towards effective regulation of social media.

"This has an impact on what people say on social media and means people must be cautious and not do the same thing because they could also be taken to court‚" said Booth.

In June 2016‚ government employee Velaphi Khumalo was issued with a final written warning after being suspended‚ with full pay‚ from the Gauteng Sports‚ Arts‚ Culture and Recreation Department in January. In a Facebook post‚ the Sports Promotion Officer called for black South Africans to do to white people what "Hitler did to the Jews" and cleanse the country of white people.

Meanwhile‚ the Durban woman whose k-word tirade directed at black law enforcement officers was caught on a cell phone recording wants to plead guilty to the charges she is facing. Vicki Momberg's case will continue on October 18‚ 2016. ... cist-rants
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British historian dies after savage beating in South Africa by armed robbers at his home

Robert Gerrard has died from his injuries after an attack in his South Africa home

Aislinn Laing
20 SEPTEMBER 2016 • 7:31PM

A British historian who spent almost 20 years working as a tour guide in South Africa specialising in the Anglo-Zulu war has died after a savage beating by armed robbers at his home.

Robert Gerrard trained under David Rattray, the most celebrated historical storyteller in the region and a close friend of the Prince of Wales.

Mr Gerrard later became the resident tour guide at Isandlwana Lodge in KawZulu-Natal, with his home overlooking the hillside where one of the region's most famous battles took place.

Both men met the same fate: Mr Rattray was gunned down in his home by armed intruders in 2007, while Mr Gerrard was tortured and left unable to walk after armed men burst into his cottage in February this year.

David Rattray was killed in 2007

The Royal Geographical Society Fellow and former British army officer died last week following complications from the multiple injuries he sustained, including brain damage, a shattered pelvis and severe burns, his family said on Tuesday.

“He was an incredibly fit and determined man until this,” his sister, Sally Gerrard Fox, said.

“He would be out striding the mountainside on tours every day. But he just wasn’t getting better, he was forcing himself to walk again but it was clear that the attack sounded the end of his career.”

Mr Gerrard, 74, a divorced father of two sons who live in the UK, laid claim to a lengthy family history both in South Africa and the military.

His great grandfather, Sir John Robinson, was the first prime minister of the British South African colony of Natal, he said in a recent blog post, and his father had been the commanding officer of The Gordon Highlanders, the British army infantry regiment that fought in the Anglo-Boer war along with both world wars.

Ampleforth College-educated Mr Gerrard served in Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Borneo before moving to South Africa, where he first worked as a commodity broker before becoming a tour guide in KwaZulu Natal.

He said working with David Rattray at nearby Rorke’s Drift was “where I started to live my passion”.

As the resident tour guide at Isandlwana Lodge, he became legendary among visitors who included former US president Jimmy Carter and his family.

He had, one visitor wrote, “one of those voices that you never got tired of hearing”.

Mr Gerrard had, one visitor wrote, “one of those voices that you never got tired of hearing”

“Rob was a huge drawcard,” said Joanne Hayes, a spokesman for the lodge. “But the damage and the injuries he suffered as a result of the break-in, he never really recovered.”

Mr Gerrard was attacked on the evening of February 25 after returning to his cottage after dinner with guests at the lodge.

“As he unlocked the door he saw one guy and punched him on the nose but didn’t realise that there was another one behind him with a gun,” Mrs Fox said.

“They beat the living hell out of him, smashed his head into the floor, tied him up, poured boiling water over him, fractured his pelvis in seven places.

“Afterwards, he was shattered not only that this had happened but the brutality behind what happened, the lack of clear reason for it.”

The thieves made off with two handguns and two rifles, one of which had been his father’s, along with credit cards and a signet ring they broke his finger to wrench off.

Mrs Fox said her brother had been left profoundly depressed by the attack.

“For the first time in my life, I could see that he was almost scared," she said. "I have never seen him scared of anything in my life but he was.”

A memorial service will be held overlooking the battlefield on October 29 and his ashes will be scattered there.

“A case of business robbery is being investigated by Nquthu SAPS,” said Captain Ngobile Gwala, a spokesman for the South African Police Service. “No arrests have been made, investigations are continuing.” ... rica-by-a/
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#TBT: Farm attack: ‘Please Jesus, help us!’
#TBT: Farm attack: ‘Please Jesus, help us!’
Norman and Anne Brown were grateful to escape with their lives after being accosted by three men on their farm.
Tersia Gopi | 2 days ago
- See more at: http://whitegenocideandotherinsouthafri ... V0VD9.dpuf

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Only whites will be welcome in this Eden

WESTERN CAPE / 1 October 2016, 12:56pm
Jan Cronje

Cape Town - A new whites-only settlement, modelled on the Afrikaners-only town of Orania, is being established on a farm near the small town of Willowmore, just over the Western Cape border.

Die Eden Projek, a non-profit company registered in July, aims to settle thousands of white families on a 2 300ha farm, where they can live “safely and independently”, far from urban areas.

An iImage of the Eastern Cape farm, where Die Eden Projek wants to create a whites-only settlement. Credit: FACEBOOK

Project leader Jaqui Gradwell is also one of the administrators of Die Eden Projek’s private Facebook page, which accepts only people without black friends and which has amassed more than 1 500 members.

His most recent address is listed as being in the Strand.

Ten days ago he posted on social media that he and colleagues had started laying out 371 plots on the Karoo farm in the Saartjie Baartman District of the Eastern Cape for the “people of the covenant”.

He has also held a number of farm viewings for “pioneers”.

The farm has a “great amount of water” but little infrastructure, he wrote. While Gradwell is appealing for people to join the project, which he estimated can house between 20 000 and 40 000 people (20-plus times the more than 1 200 residents of Orania), he has also been asking for contributions.

He wants donations of everything from solar panels, roof tiles and bedding, to water tanks, first aid kits and chickens.

The 55-year-old, who sports a long Voortrekker-style beard, said on Friday that he was fielding 30 to 40 calls a day from interested “pioneers” wanting to settle on the land.

Approached for comment, he told Weekend Argus on Friday that he had no further comment about any aspects of the development. Asked whether he wanted to give “his side of the story”, he replied: “And who is giving the other side?”.

Gradwell, who on social media refers to the farm as “verily, the garden of Eden”, also did not reply to 11 questions sent to him earlier in the week.

He said he would communicate with the media when he saw fit.

Frans Cronje, chief executive of the SA Institute for Race Relations, said whites-only communities such as Orania and Eden had “no effect” on wider race relations.

“Exciting as it all sounds, I just don’t think there is much of a story here. Certainly any suggestion that the whites are all trekking to a volkstaat has zero merit,” he said.

Cronje added that it was uncommon for white South Africans to go to the lengths of physically separating themselves from other South Africans. “Polling results show, for example, that eight out of 10 whites would be happy for their kids to be taught by someone of another race,” he said.

Asked whether Eden fell foul of any laws, Cronje said this was the same problem that organisations such as black business associations were struggling with.

“Denying access to any institution on the basis of race falls foul of the constitution. But the IRR thinks if people want to do their own thing and no one else is being harmed, then let them get on with it.”

In a social media post earlier this year, Gradwell said he had left South Africa after the country’s 1992 referendum on ending apartheid to live in the US. On his return in 2002, he wrote that he no longer recognised the country.

Often couching his statements with reference to the Bible and the destiny of Afrikaners, Gradwell has been keeping the 1 500 members of the Facebook page up to date with hundreds of posts about the project’s development. “It is everyone’s duty to contribute to the safety and protection of our nation, our values, our culture, our religion and our freedom,” he wrote (translated from the original Afrikaans).

The project seems to be in its early stages, and Weekend Argus could not confirm how many people have bought the plots Gradwell has been advertising. But images posted on Facebook show Gradwell and colleagues driving around the farm in a white bakkie, measuring out land.

Weekend Argus has also seen an aerial plan that shows 60 plots nearly laid out, as well space for rows of houses, two schools, a rugby field and an administration block.

“I don’t really understand the plan, but the layout looks very nice,” posted one user.

Many of the Facebook group’s members have asked Gradwell to send them information packs, or to reserve plots. “I am looking for five adjacent plots,” posted one user this week. “Won’t you reserve ‘* mooi klompie (a nice bunch) for me?”

Despite Gradwell occasionally appealing to members to refrain from racist language, his statements include repeated offensive posts: “I again ask humbly that members with friends who are volksvreemd (racially different) - including blacks, coloureds, Indians and Muslims, remove these (from your Facebook page),” he wrote. “(These people) causes confidentially risks to our project.”

He said they were busy checking out members, “and will have to remove you”.

In a YouTube video uploaded in August, which is not set to private, Gradwell speaks in the slow measured tone of a Sunday school preacher. He says Die Eden Projek will preserve Afrikaner and Boer culture.

“Project Eden is based on a principle that comes from the days of the old Boers, (and) I am going to call it the new colonialism’. You take your family, your possessions and you move to a new place.”

The Eastern Cape Rural Development Department had not replied to an inquiry about whether they were aware of the project by the time of going to press. ... en-2074988
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Black student’s message to whites: if there is going to be blood, it won’t be ours ... t-be-ours/
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Racists could spend up to 10 years behind bars

CRIME & COURTS / 25 October 2016, 07:22am
Siyabonga Mkhwanazi
Parliament - The government is taking a tough stance against racists following an increase in racism incidents this year, with proposed punitive sanctions against perpetrators.

In a bill that will be tabled in Parliament soon, the government has proposed a fine or three-year prison sentence for first-time offenders. Repeat offenders could spend up to 10 years behind bars.

Justice Minister Michael Masutha said on Monday that the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill will be out for public comment until December 1. Picture: Masi Losi. Credit: INDEPENDENT NEDIA

Justice Minister Michael Masutha said on Monday that the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill will be out for public comment until December 1.

He said they would no longer tolerate hate crimes of any form, including crimes against the LGTBI community. The bill was approved by the cabinet on Wednesday.

Cases of hate speech and hate crimes are to be heard in the regional courts.

“The very fact we are referring matters of this nature to the regional courts elevates the seriousness of the offences,” said Masutha.

“It is a way to send a strong signal to society that South Africa has reached a point to say it will not tolerate racism.”

He said the final version of the bill must reflect the collective wisdom of the country.

Several incidents of racism have been reported to the courts, involving a number of people including DA MP Dianne Kohler Barnard.

Penny Sparrow of KwaZulu-Natal and another estate agent, Vicki Momberg, have appeared in court for allegedly making racist comments. Sparrow, a retired estate agent, is facing charges of crimen injuria in the Umzinto Magistrate’s Court.

Masutha said this bill was not unique to South Africa as other countries had similar measures to deal with racism.

The government studied Kenya, Canada and Australia, among others, to look at how they were handling these matters.

Masutha said they hoped the bill would reduce incidents of racism or any form of hate speech and hate crimes.

The legislative mechanism was a necessary instrument to deal with the scourge. Masutha said the government had consulted widely on the bill, and they wanted the country to have its say as well. After the public comment phase, the bill will be tabled before Parliament.

Despite the fact there were penalties in the existing laws, these were not broad enough to cover all the areas and the sentences were not sufficiently punitive, he said. ... rs-2083308
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Stop White South African Genocide added 2 new photos.
November 23 at 8:00am ·
Lynton Mclean, a farmer was violently beaten with a knobkerrie during a land invasion crisis. The invasion of commercial farm grazing is an ongoing problem in the Loteni area.

The horrific farm attack happened on Monday, November 21, in the uMgunggungdlovu/ Sisonke Districts, Impendle/ Kwa Sani Municipalities, between Lotheni and Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal.

Farmer Lynton Mclean was removing the suspect’s cattle off his farm. The suspect Duma, armed with a knobkerrie confronted him and without any warning began to beat him. Fortunately, one of Mclean’s horsemen heard the commotion and speedily intervened.

Had the farm worker not intervened, Mclean could have lost his life during the raging aggressive attack.
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'Today, you white bastards die', hijacker tells victims


2016-11-25 12:21
Nico Gous, Netwerk24

2016-11-23 11:49
A quick-thinking driver detected something suspicious upon entering a driveway in Shallcross, Durban on Tuesday night and managed to avoid a potential hijacking.

Rustenburg - It was an attack "filled with hatred and racist comments".

"Today, you white bastards die," one of the attackers told Marlene Hurford, 42, and a friend as they were being assaulted while their bakkie was hijacked in Rustenburg on Wednesday afternoon, Netwerk24 reported.

The friend, Grant Short, was stabbed with a sharp object about 20 times.

Hurford is a Grade 3 teacher in a local school. She goes to work in her husband James's bakkie every day, takes her granddaughter to a nursery school, and fetches her from there in the afternoon.

However, the bakkie played up on Wednesday afternoon and she called Short to fetch her.

Before they got to the nursery school, three men jumped onto the back of the bakkie, near the cemetery on the so-called Kloof road, shortly after 15:00.

One of the men held a sharp object against Short’s throat and told him to keep going. The attackers assaulted Hurford and demanded her possessions and money.

"When I didn’t have enough money on me, I was kicked in the face. My rings were ripped off and my fingers broken," she said.

The attackers left Hurford there, drove off with Short and stabbed him. They threw him out of the bakkie shortly afterwards.

'There was so much hatred'

Hurford waited next to the road for about 30 minutes before a passing motorist helped her.

"The people don’t help. The whites look at you and then drive on."

The attackers stole the bakkie, cellphones, jewellery, and a tablet.

"They wanted to harm us more than rob us. There was so much hatred when they took it."

Hurford and Short were taken to the Life Peglerae Hospital in Rustenburg. Both have since been discharged.

Hurford’s cheekbones and eye socket were fractured. Her nose and two of her fingers were broken.

"I’m finding it difficult to sleep, because I see that face," she said.

After she blocked her stolen tablet, the attackers contacted the last number she called and threatened: "You white bitch, we are coming for you."

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Amanda Funani said they were investigating charges of hijacking and assault. No arrests had been made. ... s-20161125
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they simply afraid that there'll be no such benefits as it was under liberals. And fewer possibilities to intimidate Americans on their land

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