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Censorbugbear Reports added 2 new photos — at Pietersburg Limpopo.
July 27 at 1:32am · Polokwane, South Africa ·
Venda University law-student Edward Raatji, arrested for selling human body parts, appeared for his bail-hearing in Polokwane court yesterday. He was caught at a taxi-rank moving a woman’s skull and genitals to a "client" two weeks ago. Earlier co-accused Stanley Mohlake told the court "he only transported the human parts, unaware of what was inside the bag". Mohlake 's case was moved to Mokerong court where he abandoned his bail-application. Raatji, the first accused in the case, continues with his bail application today. Raatji, a second-year law student at the University of Venda, told the court that he had three informal meetings with Mohlake prior to their arrest. He said he cancelled two meetings and plans to have a meeting with Mohlake, but could not explain why. They were arrested on 10 July 2016 after they were found “marketing unusual products” at a taxi rank in Pietersburg/Polokwane. The State accused the two men of killing an unknown woman and chopping off her head and genitals.
Picture: Edward Raatji and his co-accused Stanley Mohlake appeared at their bail application which was postponed by the Pietersburg/Polokwane Magistrates' Court on Tuesday
26 July 2016
– African News Agency…/limpopo-alleged- ... s-merchant…/ -
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Image Image

Censorbugbear Reports added 2 new photos — at Brakpan Central.
August 3 at 7:36am · Brakpan, South Africa ·
‪#‎Afrikaner‬ old-age-pensioner Johannes Kotze, 77 has to sleep ‪#‎outdoors‬ just like many other ‪#‎PoorWhites‬ in Brakpan: "The pension is scarcely enough for food and clothes" ‪#‎BrakpanHerald‬ reports - Mona Loubser, social worker at Rata Community Services in Brakpan, says 'there definitely is an increase in the number of people sleeping rough. And what is even more worrying is that there also are many more homeless women. On Tuesday-night, homeless people were even sleeping on the doorstep of their building in Park Street in Brakpan.
The need outside is very great,' she added.
DONATION INFORMATION: Menorah Tabernakel in Rynfield Benoni; & New Beginnings Care Centre in Boksburg distribute hot food once a week, on Sundays, to these homeless people in the alley in Brakpan. Reportedly up to a 100 people a night sleep there.
Donations to:
1. Menorah ministries: 124 President Steyn Street, Rynfield, Benoni PastorFrik Weideman telephone 083 459 5158 -
2. New Beginnings Care Centre, Boksburg: 5 Jeffrey Avenue, Morehill, Benoni 1501, South Africa - Stephen Du Plessis tel 073 111 6864; Paul Myers tel 073 288 6152 Jean-Paul Goris: 071 883 7142;
-- Banking Details: Account Name "New Beginnings Foundation", Account Number:4080349707 ABSA Boksburg Branch Code: 632005 Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ Bank address: ABSA building, Boksburg, Gauteng, South Africa --…/oud-en-jon ... khand-vir-… -
-…/geen-ander ... -om-snags-…/ - --…/oud-en-jon ... khand-vir-… -
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South African Leftists Abandon Farm


The two South African leftists who opened their farm to hundreds of Central African invaders who had fled “xenophobic violence” in that country, have now completely abandoned their farm after an Indian-origin High Court judge refused to rule in their favor.

Andrew and Rae Wartnaby had offered the Africans shelter on their farm in July 2015, but, as reported earlier, their guests then just seized the land and refused to move.

After suffering violent threats from the “refugees,” the Wartnaby couple moved off the farm while they tried to resort to legal means to evict the Africans.

South African leftist Andrew Wartnaby explains to media in 2015 why he had let the Africans stay on his farm.

Now, however, Wartnaby said this week that he had completely abandoned his farm after his application to evict the 31 “refugees” was adjourned indefinitely by Judge Kate Pillay in the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

“I regret having extended a humanly hand to help these people, not knowing that was endangering the lives of my family.

“These people, despite having been offered a place to stay while they were supposed to be sorting out their refugee status, have caused only drama on my farm,” Wartnaby said.

In July last year, Wartnaby took in about 140 blacks from central Africa on his 20-hectare farm. At the time, the “refugees” had been arrested for refusing to leave another state-run refugee camp to which they had fled after local Africans had attacked them in an outbreak of violence against “foreign” blacks.

Wartnaby had said he had offered to accommodate the refugees so they could be reunited with their children, until they could get back on their feet. However, a group of the refugees had turned against the farmer.

“No one seems to sympathize with us. All I did was out of the goodness of my heart, with my wife supporting me,” Wartnaby said.

Sheena Jonker, head mediator of Access to Justice, a not-for-profit organization which had been providing the refugees with legal and other support, said an agreement had been reached with most of the group but a few had “irrationally believed” they should be resettled in a third country.

As reported in the News24 news outlet, Wartnaby said he and his family are now living in fear for their lives due to threats made by the refugees still remaining on the farm who during violent protest action had prevented the family from leaving the property.

Wartnaby said he and his family—his wife Rae and eight children (including his biological and adopted children)—managed to “sneak” off the farm after the situation became “volatile” on April 14 and 15 last year when police had to be called in.

They escaped to a location which he refused to disclose as their lives were in danger, he said.

Wartnaby said since attempts to mediate the situation had failed, he was forced to approach the high court for help. “Currently the situation on the farm is not conducive to enable me to enjoy the fruits of my farm or provide for my family,” said Wartnaby.

Wartnaby said he and his family continued to be threatened and he was scared that the refugees would burn his farm and kill him and his family. Their actions constitute a serious threat to his constitutional rights to ownership of property and were unlawful, he said.

He submitted that it was likely that the illegal occupiers would invade his house. “They have become extremely violent and the police even had a tough time controlling their anger,” he said.

Judge Pillay gave no reason for her refusal to make a decision on the application, and Wartnaby has now been left high and dry because of his altruism.

In many ways, the Wartnaby experience expresses in microcosm white liberal attitudes and their inevitable consequences when dealing with illegal nonwhite invaders.

It also demonstrates once again that the current “refugee” invasion of Europe can only end in violence: either when Europeans force them to leave, or when the settled invaders turn on the liberals who have let them in. ... ndon-farm/
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Elderly woman dies while nurses chat and laugh

Visitors tell unaware nurses that patient is dead

August 17, 2016


Mrs Joey Badenhorst sadly passed away on Tuesday, August 9, at Ladysmith Provincial Hospital due to what is believed to have been a heart attack.

According to the Democratic Alliance (DA), who brought the story to the attention of the Ladysmith Gazette, family and friends believe that negligence by staff at the hospital contributed to Mrs Badenhorst’s death.

The 80-year-old was rushed to the Provincial Hospital by ambulance after complaining of chest pain and nausea. In casualty, the elderly woman waited for a doctor to attend to her. Her family and friends were evidently told that the doctor was busy and would see to her as soon as possible. Several hours later, a doctor arrived and her loved ones were asked to wait outside.

Mrs Badenhorst was attended to and placed in a ward, at which point her loved ones went home to fetch a few personal belongings for her. Later that day, when they returned, one of her friends gave her a hug and realised that Joey’s body was cold. The devastated friends turned to the nurses who were in the ward and asked whether they were aware that Joey had in fact passed away. According to them, the nurses were chatting and laughing among themselves and had not realised that a patient had died in their care.

Shocked Ward 12 DA councillor- elect Sharon Buys stressed her outrage at what she calls the shoddy treatment of the patient.

“It is indeed horrific that a critically ill senior citizen can be left to die, shivering with cold and alone, while waiting for attention. The ambulance responded immediately and got the dying patient to hospital quickly, which is to be applauded.

“However, the fact that this elderly person was left for four hours, cold and unattended, to pass away without the laughing, chattering and eating nurses all around her even noticing, until her caring friend returned with blankets, is despicable.

“How many other people have gone to this hospital, seeking healing and comfort in their last hours on earth, just to be left to die unattended, cold and lonely, because the people who have chosen the caring profession are too cynical, selfish, inattentive and downright hard-hearted to do the job they are paid handsomely by the taxpayer to perform? Shameful,” said Buys.

Ladysmith Provincial Hospital PRO Thabo Sithole confirmed that the matter is being investigated and official comment will only be made once they have finalised an internal investigation.

A comprehensive report will be compiled from all relevant departments. ... and-laugh/
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August 30, 2016


A 70-year-old farmer shot and killed an attacker aged 31 on his farm in Palmietfontein, in the Brandfort area on Monday, August 29, 2016.

The farmer was driving out of his property, when a suspect pointed a firearm through the window. The farmer managed to get out of his vehicle through the passenger side. The farmer acting in self defense shot at the suspects and wounded one of the attackers. The injured suspect died on the way to a hospital.

Charges: The suspects have been charged with attempted murder and robbery and will appear in court today.

the farmer has also been charged with murder for the death of the suspect he shot and killed. ... -attacker/
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South Africa’s murder rate soars


Violent crime in South Africa over the course of the last year increased, according to 2015/16 annual crime survey released by the South African Police (SAPS).

The survey was presented to parliament during a presentation today. The figures were from April 2015 to March this year.

Murder has increased by 4.9%, the stats showed, bringing the national murder rate to 34 per 100,000, up from 33 last year.

Attempted murder increased in six of the nine provinces, with Gauteng showing an increase of 8.9%.

The crime stats show that more than 51,000 sexual offence cases, which include rape and sexual assault, were reported in the 2015/16 financial year. Last year, the figure was 53,600.

Carjacking has increased by 14.3% in all provinces, It is also the fourth consecutive year that it has risen, mostly in Gauteng.

Statistics on farm murders and farm attacks were also released. There had been 49 farm murders and 446 farm attacks.

Whites, therefore, are justified in saying they feel unsafe, and that crime is increasing in South Africa.

The survey listed ‘Trio crimes’ which includes “carjacking and robberies at residential and non-residential premises which, amongst others, are perceived by households as the most common and feared crimes in South Africa”.

Limpopo led the provinces with the highest number of incidents involving arson and malicious damage to property, which were as a result of violent protests.

The main thrust of the ethnic violence in the province was in the troubled area of Vuwani, where nearly 30 schools were either torched or damaged.

SAPS Major-General Sekhukhune confirmed that murder, sexual assault, assault and attempted murder, increased.

A total of 2.1 million charges were recorded by the police, with 1.7 million being community reported, he said. “Of the 1.7 million recorded, 69.7% crimes emanated solely from contact- and property-related crimes.
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Farm attacks and murders: New Record


THE year 2015 saw the highest number of farm attacks in 15 years‚ with 318 attacks recorded and 64 farmers and workers murdered‚ a civil rights organisation and agricultural union TAU SA announced on Wednesday.

Although 64 murders were also committed in 2010‚ there has been a gradual increase in farm murders since 2011‚ in which 48 murders on farms were committed‚ the organisations said.

“In the 318 farm attacks in 2015‚ 570 farmers‚ their families‚ workers and guests fell victim. In 40 cases 65 farm workers were direct victims. Although various families with small children and babies were attacked‚ it seems that older people are targeted more often‚” the union said.

Henk van de Graaf‚ Assistant Head Manager at TAU SA‚ said that along with the drought‚ farm murders was another major problem that farmers had to contend with. He said the safety of farmers need to be looked at from an holistic perspective for the sake of food security.

On average, a farm murder was carried out every five and a half days during the first 104 days of 2015. TAU SA has kept detailed up-to-date annual statistics of farm murders in the country going back to 1990.

These statistics reveal that, since 1990, 1 737 farmers, family members, farm workers, farm worker family members and visitors to farms had been murdered. This equates to a farm murder being carried out every 5,3 days over the 9 234 days from 1 January 1990 to 14 April 2015.

While the farm murder figures were accurate, it had been difficult to obtain accurate details for SA’s farm attacks since 1 January 1990, said TAU SA’s assistant general manager for policy liaison, Chris van Zyl.

Farm attacks “are not always reported in the media and therefore the figures are to be regarded as extremely conservative”, he said.

TAU SA said the figures it had been able to collate showed that at least 3 494 farm attacks had taken place in SA from 1 January 1990 to 14 April 2015.

Last year TAU SA made a verbal presentation about farm murders in South Africa at the UN Human Rights Commission’s Forum on Minority Issues in Geneva. [See below]

Van de Graaf, Assistant General Manager submitted a more detailed report to the Secretariat.

This is the third occasion during Mr. Van de Graaf’s European tour that he mentioned the farm murder problem. The first was at a conference in Paris a day after the terrorist attacks, and also at a memorial event for the victims of Paris in Antwerp.

“Farm murders in South African are another form of terrorism that the world does not pay attention to,” was Mr Van de Graaf’s message.

As the South African Permanent Representative launched a scathing attack against TAU SA at last year’s meeting in Geneva, TAU SA’s proposal was not given to them, but they were asked rather to use their influence to get the situation in South Africa normalized.
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Stop White South African Genocide
September 1 at 10:00am ·
Another "senseless" murder. Pieter Grobler writes:

"This young lady is Vanessa Dreyer. She is the wife of my nephew Quinton.

They were visiting Vanessa's sister last night, and as they were pulling out of the driveway on their way home, 4 black men stormed the car. One started shooting into the car, hitting Vanessa in the heart. Quinton managed to pull out his gun and shoot back, causing the criminals to flee the scene.

He rushed her to hospital, but the medical staff were unable to save her life. Their 2 boys were in the car with them, but nobody else got physically hurt. I am sure the emotional scars will stay for a lifetime, however.

Our thoughts are with Quinton, my sister Janette, their 2 boys, and Vanessa's family. We have no words to describe our shock and horror, and our deep sadness for your loss.

Vanessa, you were a wonderful wife to Quinton, and an amazing mother to your 2 boys. Rest in peace.

Pieter & Valentina"
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White squatter camp in Gauteng runs out of water and food

censorbugbear reports

September 10, 2016


White squatter camp in Gauteng with 180 poor-whites including 51 children, have run out of water and food.

Amidst the ongoing drought, these poor-white communities in South Africa struggle more each day to find clean water and food.

Although only a minority of 3 million white, mostly ethnic-Afrikaner people, the majority-black government has illegally barred these ‘whites’ from the labor market with 115 anti-white hiring laws.

These laws are illegal: In August 2016 the United Nations ordered South Africa to end these laws as these are solely based on racist considerations.

The non-profit organization which provides help to some 60 camps in the greater Gauteng region, the Boer Community Transvaal, urgently needs money to buy large water-storage tanks for these camps so that they can have a ready supply of water for everyone even whenever the municipality turns off its taps. The two major dams supplying water to three South African provinces are at dangerously low levels and many communities are left without water for days on end.

And while the poor-black communities get help, food-aid and benefits from their government, the poor-whites have to fend for themselves: often they are even forcibly removed and their household belongings which they rely on for their survival, scattered and destroyed by local municipal officials.

Your help is urgently needed to help these impoverished, homeless white people in South Africa survive.

Contact and Donation information:
nonprofit organisation 162-012
Coordinator for 60+ camps: Leon Cronjé: cellphone (South Africa: 27) (0) 736317914

Donations (financial):
First National Bank of South Africa (FNB),
Account Nr 62577687381, Branch Code 250141
Address of bank:
Florida, Gauteng, South Africa

Name of account:
Boeregemeenskap Transvaal
15 Church street,
1725 Florida Johannesburg

South Africa Today – South Africa News
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The 'WHITE squatter camps' of South Africa: Shanty towns built after the fall of Apartheid are now home to hundreds of families

Read more: ... z4K7MSYpw6
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