Jews Monetize Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Through Porn

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Jews Monetize Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Through Porn

Post by Patricia » Thu Feb 06, 2020 8:09 pm

IN THE WAKE of the tsunami of Third World refugees that hit Germany beginning in 2015, pornographic production companies have created ‘refugee porn’ to capitalize on migrant obsession with inter-racial sex and rape.

"New Germans" and Germans alike have become consumers of interracial porn, which has been strongly pushed by pornography producers after the country took in more than one million migrants.

Interest in the fetish has rocketed since Angela Merkel opened the country’s doors in 2015 sparking a European migrant crisis.

Specialist film companies have even been set up in Germany which only deal in interracial and and "hijab porn."

Google searches for both categories have also rocketed over the past four years while popular x-rated sites including YouPorn and Pornhub list hundreds of related clips.

According to data from the popular adult content platform “xhamster” a tiny fraction of its searches were for refugee or interracial porn in 2015.

However, since then interest has rocketed and this year the number of views is expected to hit a million – every month. And that is on just one porn platform.

Mainstream media reports claim "right wing fanatics" are particularly obsessed because they want to see migrants "further humiliated," but this seems unlikely and in any event does not explain the migrant's own "obsession," nor the motives of those who produce -- and heavily promote -- the pornography.

While entire production studios have been set up, old videos are also being edited and updated to cash in one the craze, reports the German news site Zeit Online.

“(Pornography) is the public face of a larger network of sexual exploitation which deliberately recruits from foster homes, shelters serving various desperate populations and otherwise seeks out poor people from across the world to feed a supply chain with a constant need for fresh bodies,” said Jennifer Johnson, Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Jewish insiders have long bragged that they control the pornography industry worldwide, and that Jewish pornographers would try to cynically capitalize on this crisis -- and use it to push interracial sex -- should shock no one.

Muslim migrants rape German women at levels not seen since the Soviet soldiers, under Jewish direction and encouragement, gang raped their way across Germany and eastern Europe at the end of WWII.

One observer remarked: "It is highly unlikely that many ethnic German men have interest in 'migrant porn,' but migrant men themselves sure do. And no doubt this porn will incite them to commit even more rape against German women, just as it is supposed to."

In related news, in Switzerland it was reported that bestiality porn has become so popular among migrant Middle Easterners and Africans that authorities have distributed video clips to warn youths that such pornography is illegal and will be punished.

Source: Sputnik News, The Sun


Re: Jews Monetize Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Through Porn

Post by Colin » Thu Feb 06, 2020 11:23 pm

It is also getting bad in the US with them pushing such sites as and blackedraw. They push this on social media trying to convince young White men that all White girls are sleeping with black or Muslim men. It also creates tension between the black and White communities, which also serves the Jewish agenda.

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