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Deputy Shoots Homeowner

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 12:41 pm
by PhuBai68
This has been on our local news lately.
Someone in the home has one of those "panic alarm" items
(I'm not sure but thinking a First Alert type thing for the elderly)
so alarm company calls sheriff's office who then send a deputy.
It's almost midnight, the deputy rings the doorbell, the homeowner
(who knows nothing about the alarm having been activated)
responds carrying a revolver since it's the middle of the night.
The deputy sees the handgun and opens fire through the window hitting the homeowner twice.
Watch the video attached to the news link - I don't believe the deputy identified himself until AFTER he shot the homeowner. ... 11131.html

Re: Deputy Shoots Homeowner

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 11:34 pm
by Jim Mathias
The more "multicultural" America gets, the more on edge everyone seems to be. We need separation.

Re: Deputy Shoots Homeowner

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 11:33 pm
by PhuBai68
I see a bunch of stuff wrong.
Right from dispatch not explaining the type of panic alarm.
The officer not identifying himself - but back to alarm - if not told why the alarm advertise to "the bad guys" you're there as a sheriff's officer?
Hell, if I'm woken up about midnight I will surer than hell grab my short barreled pump gun or at least a handgun on the way to answer the door.
This was just a bad scene with some frig ups all around.