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Whispers From The 'Net

PostPosted: Fri Jun 14, 2019 6:04 am
by Wade Hampton III
It looks like Bolton and Pompeo may have convinced Trump that Iran is a
threat to US security - if not world peace. They appear to be looking
for any excuse to attack Iran which would be utterly foolish.

Iran may be supporting Hamas and Hezbollah and the Houthis in Yemen but,
in doing so, is presumably protecting its position in the Middle East.
The US Navy is patrolling Iran’s Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf
(and also colliding with Iranian tankers) in an aggressive act to
presumably force Iran into some sort of retaliation. And, of course,
Israel's Jews would be thrilled if the USA attacked Iran.

How would the USA react if the Iranian Navy was patrolling the Gulf of

It’s worth bearing in the mind the following:-

*The US CIA and the British MI6 toppled the democratically elected
leader of Iran in 1953 - Mossadegh - and installed the Shah - one of the
most dictatorial despots of all time. This resulted in the 1979 revolution.

*The USA supported Iraq when it attacked Iran in 1980 and supplied Iraq
with ordnance, including chemical weapons, during the resulting 8 year war.

*In addition to supporting Iraq, the USA also sold weapons to Iran
during the Iran Contra scandal with the proceeds going to support the
Contras in Nicaragua.

*The US Navy shot down an Iran Air airliner in cold blood in 1988
killing nearly 300 innocents and the Captain of the US warship, the USS
Vincennes, was subsequently awarded the Medal of Freedom.

*A number of Iranian nuclear scientists have been murdered - possibly by
Israel with US encouragement.

The more the investigation into Trump’s actions at home expands, the
more likely he is do what other “dictators” have done when in trouble
domestically - attack another country. Iran - and possibly Venezuela -
are in his sights.

Iran is a very different, larger and far better equipped country
militarily than Iraq and it would be an utter disaster if the USA were
to attack Iran - a war which would cause even more death and destruction
in the Middle East than that which the USA is now complicit in.