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Jews Doing Their Thing

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Wade Hampton III

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Jews Doing Their Thing

PostSun Sep 09, 2018 7:37 pm

Well... In two days, we will be commemorating the 17th anniversary of that
fateful day when the Israeli Mossad and their Sayanim agents operating in
America attacked and killed some 3000 innocent civilians in New York City,
Washington DC, and in Pennsylvania..... That attack was absolutely 100%
created and launched against the US by their "greatest ally" the psychotic
state of Israel to get the US public in line for the fraud 'war on terror'....
The attack was also to eliminate the WTC complex that was rife with
asbestos that would have taken billions of dollars to clean up, and
to make a clear shot for Flight 93 to take out WTC7 that contained files
on the criminal ENRON scandal that would have probably destroyed the presidency
of the criminal George W Bush. And we cannot forget about the Pentagon that
was hit by a missile (I still get a laugh at the plane at the Pentagon gag...)
and of course the ill fated Flight 93 that was very possibly taken off of
robotic control by the passengers and had to be taken out by a US A-10 Warthog
over Pennsylvania to make sure no one on that flight survived and/or talked....
AND of course we have the WTC7 demolition in the afternoon of September 11th
through pre-placed explosives as a "back up plan" since the criminals had to
down Flight 93 in Pennsylvania...... It was indeed a "multiphase" attack that
was preplanned and carried out with the help of "Israel first" traitors in the
American government and Israeli operatives operating on the ground and setting
up the explosive charges to take down the WTC1 and WTC2 complex..... We all
now know within a small percentage of the total facts what exactly happened on
that fateful day... BUT surprisingly now almost 17 YEARS after that mass murder
of over 3000 innocent Americans, there has still been NO justice for both the
victims of that Israeli mass murder to this day, and we must all live with the
reality that Israel and the damn Jews absolutely control America, for every
single one of their operatives involved in that event got off Scott free!....

Wade says, "...along with the rat-faced Jew Larry Silverstein!"
The Stench Of Jew
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Jim Mathias

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Re: Jews Doing Their Thing

PostThu Nov 01, 2018 12:11 am ... be6a19118b

Jewish Groups Escalate Call For Assault Rifle Ban After Shooting ‘Proved Our Worst Fears’

Jewish students and leaders are urging Congress to ban the sale and purchase of weapons like the AR-15 assault rifle after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

By Carol Kuruvilla

American Jewish denominations are renewing calls for a total ban on assault weapon sales, days after a shooter used an AR-15 assault rifle to commit what’s believed to be the deadliest attack against a Jewish community in U.S. history.

The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, which serves as the advocacy arm for the largest branch of American Judaism, is calling on Congress to pass “commonsense” gun control legislation ― including a ban on the purchase and sale of assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner, who leads the center, told HuffPost that his denomination has been advocating for an assault weapons ban for years. He recalled how alarmed Reform Jews felt last August, after hearing that neo-Nazis armed with semiautomatic rifles had marched past a Charlottesville synagogue in Virginia chanting Nazi slogans ― hours before one woman was fatally mowed down by a driver with alleged ties to the neo-Nazi movement.

The killing of 11 people at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue on Saturday has “proved our worst fears,” Pesner said.

“We know now the availability of guns, specifically automatic weapons, give white supremacists who are emboldened a tool to commit mass carnage,” he said.

In the wake of the Pittsburgh shooting, the Religious Action Center is encouraging Reform Jews to urge Congress to adopt a total of eight gun control measures ― including banning the sale of assault weapons, establishing universal background checks, and restoring funding for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s research on gun violence.

The Reconstructionist branch of Judaism has also spoken out against the sale of assault weapons. One of the movement’s affiliated congregations, Dor Hadash, regularly met at the Tree of Life synagogue. Dr. Jerry Rabinowitz, a Dor Hadash member, was killed in the shooting, and another member was seriously wounded.

Rabbi Maurice Harris, who helps support the denomination’s congregations across the country, told HuffPost the Pittsburgh shooting is likely to “strengthen and validate” Reconstucting Judaism’s longheld positions on gun control.

“It’s simply too easy for people to purchase weapons whose clear purpose is to provide the shooter with the ability to kill a lot of people in a short period of time,” Harris told HuffPost. “The rise of white nationalist fervor is much more frightening than it would be if weapons like the AR-15 were illegal.”

Officials say the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect, Robert Bowers, legally purchased the four guns he allegedly used in shooting spree ― an AR-15 assault rifle and three Glock .357 handguns. The New York Times reports that Bowers didn’t fit into any category that would have barred him from owning a gun under federal law, such as a having a felony or domestic abuse conviction.

AR-15-style assault rifles, civilian versions of combat weapons used by soldiers, can fire dozens of rounds in seconds. These rifles were used in a number of America’s worst recent mass shootings, including the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, this February that left 17 people dead, and the Las Vegas shooting last October that killed 58 people.

Congress outlawed the production of assault weapons in 1994, but that ban expired in 2004, the New York Times reports.

Kathryn Fleisher, a Jewish student at the University of Pittsburgh, told HuffPost she was terrified when she heard that the shooter had used an AR-15 assault rifle, knowing the damage that this weapon can inflict on many people in a short amount of time.

“As we saw in Parkland, that weapon can rip through human flesh in a matter of seconds,” Fleisher said.

Five of the people killed in the Parkland school shooting this February were Jewish. Fleisher pointed out that one victim, Alyssa Alhadeff, was a Reform Jewish student. She added that the Florida attack “really re-energized everybody to enter into this fight against this plague of gun violence.”

Fleisher said that ever since Parkland, young people have been leading the Reform Jewish denomination’s efforts on gun control. Fleisher and hundreds of other Reform Jewish college students traveled to Washington, D.C., this spring for the March for Our Lives, participating in strategy meetings and lobbying congressional offices.

On Wednesday night, Fleisher said Jewish students at the University of Pittsburgh are planning to team up with the school’s chapter of Students Demand Action to host acampus rally against anti-Semitism and gun violence.

Fleisher said her faith informs her belief that weapons created as “instruments of war” should not be available to average citizens.

“In the Jewish faith, we believe that to save a life is to save the world, and to take a life is to destroy the world,” she said. “There’s no need for a weapon like that to be in the hands of civilians unless it’s for the purpose of killing other people, which we believe is never permissible.”

Pesner said that the Bible also commands Jewish people not to “stand idly by while your neighbor’s blood is shed.”

“Our friends, our family, our neighbors are bleeding,” Pesner said. “It’s time to stop the bleeding.”
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Wade Hampton III

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Re: Jews Doing Their Thing

PostSun Nov 18, 2018 5:25 am

Jews Doing Their Thing...

French and Israeli media report that a group largely made up of Israelis
scammed 3,000 French citizens out of approximately $20 million. Most of
the stolen money is in Israel, but Israeli authorities are reportedly
failing to cooperate with France in prosecuting the scammers and retrieving
the money.
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C.E. Whiteoak

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Re: Jews Doing Their Thing

PostSun Nov 18, 2018 1:11 pm

Yes, the rich, rat-faced (and apparently senile) jewboy, Silverstein, lets the cat come screeching and howling out of the bag on coast-to-coast TV and yet for seventeen years the brainwashed goy slaves dutifully claim there was no cat.
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Wade Hampton III

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Re: Jews Doing Their Thing

PostSun Nov 18, 2018 11:38 pm

C.E. Whiteoak wrote:Yes, the rich, rat-faced (and apparently senile) jewboy, Silverstein, lets the cat come screeching and howling out of the bag on coast-to-coast TV and yet for seventeen years the brainwashed goy slaves dutifully claim there was no cat.

Right. Swine Silverstein admits in 2002 to go ahead and "pull" Building 7. "Lucky Larry" says don't sweat
it. "Wolf Blitzer" will make them buy anything....and they did. There are still morons running round
down to this very day that believe a caveman in Afghanistan brought down three NYC skyscrapers with
two airplanes!

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Wade Hampton III

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Re: Jews Doing Their Thing

PostSat Dec 15, 2018 3:24 am

Jews Doing What Jews Do...

A member of Brooklyn's Satmar Hasidim fundamentalist branch of
Orthodox Judaism, Nuchem designs and repairs mikvahs in compliance
with Torah Law. The mikvah is a ritual Jewish bathhouse used for
purification. Devout Jews are required to cleanse themselves in
the mikvah on a variety of occasions: Women must visit following
menstruation, and men have to make an appearance before the High
Holidays, such as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Many of the devout
also purify themselves before and after the act of sex and before
the Sabbath.
Violated Jew Anai
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