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Post by Wolf Stoner » Mon May 17, 2021 4:24 am

The extended reply to the commentaries under the article “The War on Whites” on The Occidental Observer site. ... st-novels/
After reading last commentaries by Troy Vilhelmson, the whole question ceased to be something abstract, because some personal chord was struck. Too often I had encountered such skunks like mister Vilhelmson; therefore, I feel obliged to write an extended reply.
Yes, this whole situation with this article about Covington is absolutely disgraceful, particularly the commentaries by Troy Vilhelmson. And what is most outrageous is that after throwing this piece of dirt, they closed comments; this tactic is more appropriate to the kosher journalists than to nationalists. At least, it is far from European knights’ standards of behavior.
The fact that anyone brings writings from SPLC as a proof of anything is in itself a disgrace, whatever the motives and circumstances. This person with the name Troy Vilhelmson, by using the dirt dossier from SPLC, automatically denies himself any right to be counted among nationalists; therefore, his opinion should be valued not more than the opinions of any schumers, pelosis or greenblatts.
Here I want to deliberate about the meaning of reputation. What it is and what it means and why people attach too much value to this immaterial and indefinable notion. Sometimes they are even committing suicides when their “honest name” was sullied. Schopenhauer wrote well about the related topic of personal honor and its social perception.
To sully someone’s reputation is the favorite method of struggle in “peaceful” society; it allows to annihilate an enemy without committing actual violence. And if used skillfully, this method is more effective than anything else. It is the most preferable method in “democratic” societies, where the outright killing and imprisoning is problematic. But totalitarian states use it too; there the targeted person is sullied publicly and afterward annihilated physically (Moscow show trials are the text-book examples of the method).
Because as yet the western countries continue to preserve an appearance of “democracies”, they are compelled to adhere mostly to the destruction of reputations of the systems’ opponents.
This method is too effective and too powerful to desire something else. It allows to hold the whole society in obedience. Absolute majority of people are too scared to have their “honest name” to be smeared, that they are ready to remain silent and to bow before anyone. They don’t dare to speak against even after their own children are raped and killed, because they fear to be accused of being hateful or racist. Some years ago, a father of the brutally killed white girl had expressed his strong condemnation against all those who “use this tragedy for inflaming interracial hatred”. This contemptible creature feared for his “good name” too; he feared so much that was ready to exchange the life of his own daughter for the ethereal benefit of being considered “morally right”. Sometimes people are ready to fall to the abysmal depths of moral depravity for the sake of preserving their upright public image. Most people in Congress belong to this category.
Yes, public image, reputation, always played very important role in a life of any person. People are social beings and the opinions of others about them are too important to ignore. The mutual interdependence in society compels people to reckon with what other people think. If any particular person is universally despised by everyone around him, his life opportunities automatically diminish to the lowest value. Such a person is bound to be at the social bottom. The fear of such outcome compels people to care about their public reputations. But sometimes this care goes too far and transforms into mania of being “morally right” and always on the right side of any dispute. Here lays the main root of everything that is going on in USA now. The mainstream public is held hostage to their own fear of loosing good reputation. The enemy knows this mechanism all too well; and the enemy is ready to use this tool to the utmost.
But there are some people on the other side of this screen. Those whose reputations were destroyed beyond repair and whose social prospects in life are non-existent. These people have nothing to fear about in terms of “good name” and reputation.
I can speak on behalf of this social layer because I belong there. And all my ancestors in the last hundred years too were among this social stratum of outcasts. They had nothing, neither in terms of material possessions nor in terms of public respect. They survived at the social bottom of Soviet society and everyone above them felt free to spit on them. Most of my male relatives were in prisons and labor camps; my grandfather was a “repeat offender” with three terms in prison. He kept his personal honor, but didn’t care about what the cattle around him thought about him; he was quick to punch anyone who dared to insult him. Actually, all three sentences were related to his thrashing some scoundrels. Actually, he wasn’t a criminal; the Soviet society punished him for being too courageous and too honorable in the true sense of these words. The systemic worms hate such people, because they produce too stark a contrast with the worms themselves. Some other of my relatives were put in jail for “illegal possession of guns”, for “resisting authorities”, for “hoarding agricultural products” and other “awful crimes”.
The net result was that at the time I was born, the whole family reputation was sullied beyond repair. I was perceived by everybody around me as “yet another hereditary criminal”. My inherited reputation followed me from kindergarten. Actually, I had no need to do anything to be called a “bandits’ litter”. I have heard this label for so many times, that it stopped to produce any impression on me. The insults and unwarranted humiliation had become a part of my life in Soviet/Russian society. Initially it hurts, but after some time you become accustomed and perceive it as given operational environment. After having acquired the understanding that there are no social prospects for you and that the whole system is stacked against you, the new psychological freedom starts to dawn in your mind. When you have no reputation to lose, you are free to think and to do everything that you deem right and appropriate. The usual social sanctions stop to impress you. You don’t perceive the system as a source of moral authority but only as a predator that you should avoid. After this mental transformation, the whole life changes. You acquire the unprecedented mental freedom and clear vision of the actual world around you. You don’t seek examples to follow by looking at the mainstream buffoons around you, but go your own way. When combined with extensive reading of serious literature, this lifestyle is bound to produce results far exceeding anything around you. Therefore, starting from the point of absolute disadvantage and social humiliation, eventually, you arrive at something much greater than any of your enemies could imagine.
Almost all worthy people, in some way or another, came through this path of social ostracism, either voluntary or compulsory. You cannot transcend the mainstream stupidity without first being alienated from this mainstream crowd. In essence, it is some kind of entrance exam that Nature itself is arranges for those who have the inborn abilities of being above the mainstream cattle. Therefore, having such abilities, you are bound to be alienated from society. The social intuitive conformism (herd mentality) doesn’t tolerate any dissent. Any independent mind is sure to have problems with bipedal animals around him. Therefore, social alienation is the necessary part of an evolution of any worthy individual. This alienation and “bad reputation” are the badge of honor, not a disgrace. It is not something we should be ashamed about but to be proud of. Yes, we are different, because we are above. It isn’t our wishful thinking, but the natural stratification. This stratification has nothing to do with the social positions inside the system. Any social system produces the very imperfect stratification based on an arbitrary set of qualities. But the natural stratification has absolute value. Those who were endowed by Nature with superior qualities, don’t need to confirm it by any superficial means; they don’t need for others to acknowledge this superiority. Even if everyone else denies it, it exists all the same. Even if all people on the Earth would curse Hitler as the Devil incarnate, he, all the same, will remain the most honest and courageous politician of the millennium. Any smear is effective only among some group of bipedal creatures; it has no absolute value. The reality remains as it is. If some people want to be delusional, let them be.
I have already said that from the fairly early age I was put into circumstances that inoculated me from ascribing too much value to the public opinions. I was always “bad” according to the people around me. And this helped greatly in my discovering of the truth about WW2. I was fairly openminded and in the same time lacked fear of being considered “bad”, because I already was “bad”; therefore, I had nothing to lose. Even more, I was always suspicious about people with too clean reputations. From multiple examples I could see that these are either nonentities or outright scoundrels. To be the laudable one in the eyes of the vile system, you need to be either too harmless (which is equal to useless) or too vile, that the system could use you in its nefarious business. There are, certainly, few exceptions of the really good people who are endowed with great natural talents and in the same time have good social reputations. But this is possible only if the area of activity of these persons lays far outside of social sciences. But in most cases in the modern world the impeccable reputation is the surest mark of a scoundrel. And vice versa, the more dirt was piled on someone the more probability that it is a worthy man. The dead dog is not kicked, as proverb goes. If the system tries to stomp out you, it means that you really matter. The useless and cowardly ones are favored by the system.
I don’t trust people who have no problems with law; how is it possible in the present circumstances? You need to be either too carefool or too insignificant to remain outside of the radar scanner of the predator-state. In most cases the second is true. If you are honest, upright and moral in the true sense of these words, you are bound to have troubles with the system.
The most widespread trick, when someone’s personality is targeted for smearing, is to pile as much dirt as possible and for this dirt to be as stinking as possible. Therefore, the enemies try to employ accusations of the most lowly kind. Their task is to produce a repulsive effect for everyone around. People tend to instinctively distance themselves from someone “so depraved” and “immoral”. It works perfectly with mainstream society. But we, the seasoned NS, should be fully inoculated against these dirty tricks. We know too well how the system works and how public perceptions are manipulated.
But the enemies don’t know the difference. Their methods were established to be effective against the majority; they don’t have the ability to differentiate. Therefore, when dear mister Troy Wilhelmson tries to smear Kevin Alfred Strom with the whole dirty set of accusations (which he considers as being a bombshell), he thinks that it is sure to annihilate the target. But dear mister Wilhelmson, maybe your calculations were right, but you forgot to factor the nature of the audience of the site. Yes, there are some recently awakened mainstream stray dogs who, maybe, would be impressed by the whole set of SPLC accusations, but it is sure to produce opposite effect on the true nationalists. Even more, the fact that someone tries to smear a nationalist leader, using enemy propaganda, is sure to have consequences for this person, even if not immediately. It is the same as to use official USSR writings to pile up dirt on the Germany’s WW2-era leaders. Those who do it, should be put beyond the pale of the nationalist movement. I think, that the best place to apply his abilities for mister Troy Wilhelmson is to enroll into SPLC or ADL as an expert; they need Shabbos goyim to do unsavory work; he would be much more appropriate there than among nationalists.
We should take these issues more seriously. If anyone directly or indirectly by his actions or words plays into enemies’ hands, he should receive his due. Imagine, if some Palestinian now would vilify some Hamas leaders using the dossiers originating from Israel, how would he be dealt with? Yes, he would be dealt with according to the unwritten laws of honor. Our struggle is not less fierce than the one going on in Palestine; therefore, the consequences for the scoundrels playing into enemy hands should be equally potent. People should start to understand that words are not something that could be spitted around like sunflower seeds’ shells.
There are men who dedicated their life for the interests of our race; they are the symbols of our movement. Any attack on them is the attack on all nationalists and the attack on nationalists is the attack on the whole race. You can disagree with them about something but you can’t vilify them. I don’t accept some ideas expressed by David Duke but it never occurred to me to rummage through his basket with dirty clothes, seeking something incriminating. I don’t even care whether there is something on him or not; it doesn’t matter; he spreads the racial message throughout the world and he keeps movement going for many years. And if anyone dares to say something disrespectful about him, it automatically puts this person among our enemies. You can’t vilify David Duke and to be a nationalist in the same time; one excludes another. Even Duke’s Christianity doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t hamper his accentuation of the racial message.
William Luther Pierce was able to work out the best formula for the long-term success. The combination of politics, philosophy and religion allows to elevate the racial message to the qualitatively new level, even in comparison with NS movement of 1930-40es. The work of Dr Pierce and his followers has paramount importance to the survival of our race. They bring forward the seeds of our future greatness. They are far ahead of all other parties and groups of nationalist orientation. The National Alliance focuses on the distant future, whereas all others live by election cycles and await changes from some new conservative buffoons aspiring to the White House. National Alliance is the real spiritual force of our race and the enemy fears it more than any vociferous nationalist group, like NJP. It is why the piling up of any available dirt is of paramount importance to the enemy. And anyone who helps enemy in this regard, consciously or not, should be held accountable.
But the dirty vilification techniques against nationalists have limited effect. Our auditory are the people whose biography is far from the golden standard of the State Department applicants. Almost all nationalists have had some troubles with the system and really belong to the socially disadvantaged stratum (You are disadvantaged if you are denied substantial part of your civil rights only because of your worldview). In essence, our position is not better than this of Palestinians; we too live on the occupied territories and are deprived of any real possibility of organizing our own state. We are persecuted in the same way and with the same brutality. In such a system to have a good public reputation is synonymous to be a traitor. Is it possible to be a good Palestinian and in the same time to have positive dossier in Israeli law-enforcement database? Certainly not. Only snitches have positive dossiers there. This example helps to put everything in its proper place. We need to realign our own perception of reality. We are at war, like Palestinians. Therefore, any troubles about our public image automatically evaporate. Certainly, we are the enemies of the system; it cannot be otherwise, because the system is the enemy of the White Race. And we should not care what mainstream sheep thinks about us. They are not able for proper thinking process in the first place, therefore, why to be troubled what is going on in their pumpkin-heads stuffed with Hollywood trash? They would follow anyone who is stronger than them; anyone who is able to impose his will and who would provide fodder and dwelling for them. To reckon with their opinions is similar to asking a goat what he thinks about Keppler’s Laws. The cattle should be ordered, not asked.
I want to share my personal experience about smearing attacks against me. The most common method of vilification is to take some real fact and to present it in the most unfavorable light. By doing this the attacker easily avoids the accusation of being slanderous.
After being exposed as a “fascist” (because of criminal prosecution against me for “extremist activities” and “illegal possession of guns”), I was in a state of permanent cold war with some part of local community. The town where I lived had substantial Jewish diaspora (few hundreds from population of 45 thousand); and many of those Jews occupied prominent positions. Beside this factor, there are plenty of communists who are even more ardent to vilify someone with nationalist views. Because all my “extremist activity” consisted only of sticking leaflets and occasional painting of NS symbols and my arsenal consisted only of two old double-barrel shotguns, the court meted me a suspended sentence. I was forbidden to change the place of residence and obliged to visit periodically the district police station. This incident gave pretext to some malicious people to open a smear campaign with the ultimate goal being my total social ostracism. All their endeavors were mostly in vain, because I was already alienated to such an extent that additional slander couldn’t inflict much damage.
The malicious flock in the town spread slanders against me for years. Couple of years later an especially brutal murder happened in the city; two young girls were raped and killed by someone. The whole community was shocked; police roamed along the streets seeking any clues; TV, radio and newspaper appeals were made to the public to assist in the manhunt. Couple of days later a police car drove to my house and three detectives in plain clothes with grim facial expressions ordered me to drive with them to police station. After arriving there, I was given the usual round of interrogations by different detectives – where I was at such and such time, whether I knew such and such people, place of work, acquaintances and so on. One detective played a hackneyed trick of surprising me with a phrase: “we know that you were at the house where the murders happened; we have a witness; it is better for you to say everything”. They say it and look at the impression produced on the suspect. Seems that my unconcerned and questioning look didn’t correspond to the expected reaction. After a few hours of this grilling and after taking a blood sample, I was released. In a few days’ time the real culprits were found. Later I was able to find out why I happened to be among suspects. Four phone calls were received by police identifying me as the most probable perpetrator. Russian police heavily relies on informants from among population. Even one such call is usually enough to make a trouble for you, but when multiple sources point out in the same direction, police is sure to react, even if there is no hard evidence. One of the detectives later said to me the following: “we asked the informant – ‘why do you think that it was him?’. ‘Only fascists could do such an atrocity and he is a fascist’” – was the answer of the informant. Undeniable reasoning; you can’t dispute with such specimens.
The interesting thing about this story is that even years later some scoundrels continued to spread rumors that “he was somehow involved in those murders but evaded justice”. The malicious people somehow omit the distinction between being involved and being falsely accused. They always use all such incidents to smear you further for many years to come.
Later I was able to find out that there were few especially active malefactors who for years tried to incite everyone to make some harm to me – to break windows; to burn my house, to beat up me or even kill. The funniest thing about those scoundrels is that they themselves never attempted to do anything of this but only tried to incite others. Having failed to enroll volunteers to this “noble” cause, they were compelled to limit their efforts to spreading the usual set of slander, including the rumors of sexual perversions. Yes, it is their mainstay, be it in Russia or USA. They don’t care if the reality totally contradicts their slander; their tactic is to pile up everything in hope that something would stick. I suppose, we all had to endure it in some way or another. After years of such silent war, you become indifferent to such stuff but in the same time you acquire the unbending determination to resist and to repay with interest.

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Re: Russian News

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I used portions of Wolf's 17 May comment here plus part of a comment he'd made at NV in the May NA BULLETIN that was mailed yesterday. On the topic of Russian News Wolf gave this summary of life in Russia for the past 30 or so years - not news so much but history: ... trategies/

Wolf Stoner
Reply to
Will W Williams * National Alliance Chairman Under Pierce's "White Zion" part one)
1 June, 2021 2:44 pm
Yes, the situation in 1990es in Russia was very difficult. It was on the verge of total breakdown. To say more correctly, it was the artificial destruction of the economic system with the purpose of buying up all assets at token prices by the tiny group of the most adroit thieves.

It was some kind of silent genocide; many millions of people died prematurely due to unbearable conditions of life (utter poverty, collapse of established social relations, loss of work, alcoholism, drug addiction). In the same time the Jewish criminals enjoyed unwarranted prosperity and yet again danced on Russian bones.

Since 2000 the situation has improved in terms of standards of living. At least there are fewer people who go hungry. But the overall downfall of ethnic Russians didn’t stop. The population share of ethnic Russians constantly decreases; the income level of ethnic Russians is lower than among people from other ethnic groups with similar educational level. Russians are denied the right for self-identification. All other national groups can have explicitly ethnic organizations, but Russians cannot. Actually, there was a court decision confirming the ban on establishing Russian political organizations. The Putin’s system tries to reestablish some kind of late Soviet empire and continues the same anti-Russian internal policy. It tries to obliterate natural ethnic differences and to deny Russians any rights for self-identification. It brings crowds of migrants under pretext of providing industry with work force. The narrative is promoted that migrants are doing the work that Russians don’t want to do. It is an outright lie. Actually, migrants are earning more or at least equal with Russian workers in the same industries. Being united in diasporas, migrants have great advantage and are able to catch the most lucrative shares of Russian job-market. The same is in the area of small business.

Actually, the acute shortage of goods was in the last years of USSR (1989-91). Almost all essential goods were rationed; huge queues were the constant feature of all grocery stores. After the collapse of USSR at the end of 1991, the government stopped to regulate prices. All restrictions on imports were rescinded. The internal market was flooded with all kinds of goods but for exorbitant prices. The new class of profiteers had emerged that prospered on the overall social misery. Salaries were not paid for months, plants and factories were closed in everywhere, people were sacked in droves; hyperinflation destroyed all savings. The sense of desperation dominated society. The years of 1992-1993 were the most difficult. In the years 1994-2000 the crisis went into more stable stage and people started to adapt gradually to the new social conditions.

In 1999 Putin was placed on the throne; first as prime-minster, and in 2000 elected as president. The new government somewhat changed the overall economic disbalance; greater part of the economic revenue started to go for salaries than for private profit of the owners. The income level started to grow rapidly. The standards of living increased substantially in the years 2002-2008. This process was undermined somewhat by the 2008 global crisis; the growth of income had somewhat decreased, but continued all the same up to 2014. After this, the neo-imperial ambitions of the Kremlin had driven it into the Ukrainian adventure with the detrimental consequences to the economy.

Since then, the income growth has stopped; salaries froze almost in all sectors of the economy; and in later years the actual income started to decrease, because of the creeping inflation. The level of dissatisfaction among population started to grow. But the system decided to compensate the lowering standards of living by aggressive neo-Soviet propaganda about “our great victory against fascism” and “neo-Nazis killing babies in Ukraine”. The populace is constantly stuffed with this trash from all media sources. The system tries to divert people’s attention from the real internal problems caused by this system itself.

Altai mountains are very beautiful. I was there once. I lived in the opposite corner of the region, on the flatland, 400 kilometers from the mountains. Here is the typical landscape of this place.

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Re: Russian News

Post by Wolf Stoner » Fri Jun 04, 2021 6:23 pm

My commentary under the article "Explaining Some of What Arman Teaches". ... n-teaches/

Excellent set of ideas. Everything of what is written in this article can be corroborated with facts. This is the main method of proving or disproving any theory. The absolute mental and spiritual superiority of White People is an undeniable fact. And this is the main reason why we are hated so much. You can be forgiven anything, except your superiority.

The only idea that I am not sure about is this “to live and let live”. It sounds well and it is very attractive and seemingly moral. But the hard reality of life in most cases denies this noble idea to be realized. Hitler too wanted to live and let live others, he didn’t want to conquer anyone, or to impose his will on other nations. But the circumstances denied him this noble course; instead, he was compelled to go along the war path. I suppose that the Nature itself compels people to engage into harsh competition. We can crave peace but Nature all the same would compel us to fight. It is the mechanism of evolution and eternal renewal.

The idea “to live and let live” is good when applied to relations between different species, whose interests either don’t overlap or even mutually beneficial. It is the existential principle of an ecosystem with all its real diversity and interdependence. But the relations between the competing subspecies is subject to the completely different set of rules. Here, on the contrary, each group is programmed by Nature to try to deny the opponent his very possibility to exist. Such competitors are put onto common turf for the only reason to fight for it and to reach the ultimate judgement of Nature. It is utterly irrelevant whether we like this reality or not. The only question that Nature is interested in is whether we are fit to remain or not.

I doubt that any peaceful equilibrium could be reached with non-white masses. Maybe, in the past, when they were yet only savages and lived semi-animal life, it was possible to leave them as part of fauna. But now, when they were spoiled by civilization and were inculcated with the false idea of equality, there is no peaceful way out. The non-whites not only lost their respect of White People, but think themselves as equal or even better than White People. There is simply no common ground for any peaceful coexistence. Either they annihilate us or we defeat them. And in case of their defeat, it would be too foolish to allow the remaining seeds of this threat.

I have no malice against non-whites, but having some understanding of the supreme logic of Nature, compels me to suppose that the ultimate outcome would lead to the monoracial Planet. There is no other way. This planet is too small and too precious to continue it to be the battleground of too incompatible groups of people. It is impossible to know the time-frame of these changes, but the essence is immutable, whether it happens in a hundred years or in ten thousand years’ time. But this outcome can’t be reached by mixing all groups together; it is the most stupid and unnatural idea ever conceived by men. The Planet will be the ultimate prize for the winners. And victories are gained not by negotiations, unifications and miscegenation but by fighting. There is no way around. This harsh fact should not be widely spoken about, but it should be clearly understood inside our community. Because futile hopes for peace are the most dangerous sentiments that can destroy any society. Not peace but fight is preparing Nature for us and we should readily accept this destiny with respect and gratitude for this honor of being the most favored children of Nature.

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Re: Russian News

Post by Wade Hampton III » Fri Jun 04, 2021 6:39 pm

Just because I don't post here does not mean I do not
read here. Please do carry on, Mr. Stoner!

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Re: Russian News

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My extended answer to the caustic remark by Lucy in response to my commentary under the article "Purity and Sin".
Lucy wrote: "Thank you, Wolf! I wish we, the White cattle, had more men like you among us. Kind regards, Lucy."

First of all, the bipedal cattle is least likely to read materials on NV; they are too busy to watch sport channels and MTV.
Your irony has some justification. If someone says about majority as a herd of cattle, he by implication puts himself above them and this fact can be attributed to some kind of greatness mania. Therefore, I need to elaborate in more detail what I mean by this seemingly unsavory term “cattle”.

First of all, there is nothing derogatory or insulting in this definition. Humans are very complicated creatures. You can’t define any particular human being by a simple term. No one is absolute noble or absolute brute. All people are somewhere in between. But some of them gravitate to one pole, some to another. People who are more inclined to animal-like existence, who don’t want to burden their minds with difficult social questions and whose only concerns in life are centered around their personal material wellbeing, these people could be appropriately described as “cattle”. It doesn’t mean that they are “bad” or “useless”. On the contrary, good cattle is the foundation of any society. Their main function is to work and to breed. More complicated matters are outside of their mental scope; and it is normal. You can’t have a society consisting entirely of nobles. Nobles by definition are a tiny minority.

As I said, there is no pure mental types. Each person has something of both types. Even the most backward yokel has deep inside him some noble dormant seed, which could give sprout under favorable circumstances (even if only in his posterity).
And the most mentally elevated man, for sure, must have some unsavory traits and inclinations. But as long as he is able to negate them and to hold them under control, his noble part dominates and determines his life.

The main battleground is inside each man. The noble seed competes with more lowly impulses for control above the mind. If it succeeds in imposing its dictate, then, all other materialistic tendencies are subjugated and put to work for the overall noble agenda. If the lowly impulses succeed, the noble sprout withers away and the person degenerates into cattle. This second outcome is the most common, because this path doesn’t require any effort, therefore it is most popular. To grow the noble plant inside yourself requires much effort and long time; to become cattle you can simply drift with the prevalent current.

Therefore, there is no insult in my use of this word. It is the nature of things. Majority of people prefer to live without efforts. In good times, when true noble people govern society, this amorphous populace is compelled to do what the ruling class orders them to do. For their own good. German society was the best example of this scheme. For hundreds of years German population was governed by its nobility, which imposed its noble will on lowly people. The result was that the general population had become ever better; they were prodded toward the right direction. There was no other way for them. You couldn’t be unproductive element inside such an efficient and orderly society. The noble current had forced the whole people to move along right path.

But now, when the levers of power are firmly in the hands of scoundrels, when the most contemptible creatures determine the dominant cultural tendencies, the mainstream mass has been gradually transformed into the image of its rulers. It has been going on for 76 years. The true values were replaced by anti-values; the true heroes by cowards playing superheroes; the honest statesmen by crooks playing superhonest “servants of public interests”; the national armies by mercenary bands, whose only purpose is to suppress own nations. The whole White World was turned upside down. In such situation we can’t expect from simple people to remain as they were. Under the tremendous psychological pressure from all sides, absolute majority of people go along the path that their crooked rulers have charted for them.

Should we pity them? Or should we despise them? Neither of these. But we should correctly assess the overall situation and people around us. The populace was successfully duped. They believe the crooked narrative of the system. Therefore, they perceive us like “ultimate evil”. And more than a half of them would agree with the idea that we should be eliminated. Actually, precisely such white cattle serve in police; and they happily execute orders about suppression of our rights for free speech and free assembly. They are sure that their actions are right, even if in violation of their own laws. Should we consider these white creatures as our people? Certainly not. Yes, they are white, but they are the white cattle, not the White People. I don’t care if 90% of these white cattle would die out. No big loss. They deserve this outcome. For too long they preferred spiritual lethargy to spiritual action. For too long they worshipped the vile tribe and willingly executed their orders. Now, the time of reckoning is coming. We can’t do anything about this. We can’t stop their demise, and we shouldn’t even try. We should consider as White People only those who share our vision. All others should be of no concern to us.

The phenomenon of life would be too simple if everyone could be attributed to a precisely defined group with predetermined characteristics. The real life is much more complicated; it is like differential equation with multiple variables. You can’t solve it as such, but can only evaluate it with different inputs. Any ideology or religion that proposes an easy solution of social questions is surely false. Christianity and Marxism are the typical examples. Their schematic approach to human beings caused immeasurable sufferings and degradation of society. We should avoid of being too schematic to prevent ourselves falling into the same pitfall. The Third Reich had some of such problems, which would grow into very dangerous tendencies in the future, if it had won. For example, madam Merkel would be considered a pure Arian, but many of the dedicated Russian nationalists of today, would be seen as being of lower stature, than madam Merkel. And be assured, if the Third Reich had won, all these Merkels, Macrons, Clintons would be the loudest enthusiasts of the “Our Arian glory” and would extoll Adolf Hitler as the savior of the world from red plague. Yes, make no mistakes about it. These scoundrels are very apt to always jump on the winning bandwagon. The greatest problem for us is to create mechanism that would exclude this trash from infiltrating into the future system. We should acknowledge the sad fact that Third Reich made poor job in this regard. There were too many vile sycophants who were able to comfortably ensconce themselves into the new system, or at least to survive the day and to jump on the following winning bandwagon. Hitler understood this fact. At least on one occasion he said that he should have done the same cleansing as Stalin did. And truly so; too many scoundrels from the past were allowed to survive and were even incorporated into the new system. Let’s suppose that Third Reich had won. Eventually, all these scoundrels would subvert the system, would remake it into their image and in the long run there would be similar mess that we have now. All these Merkels would be at the top.

But saying this, I have no intention to diminish the overall German legacy. The phenomenon of the Third Reich from the very start was intended by Nature as a lightning event, that would illuminate the path for future generations. Third Reich was doomed from its first day; it wasn’t supposed (by Nature) to win. It has accomplished its task well. It has created the perfect division line between us and them, between honest men and scoundrels. And the more time is passing, the more precise becomes this demarcation. It is absolutely unique situation when the distant historic event is perceived by society like something ever present. Even more so; the more time has passed, the more hostile become modern rulers toward this legacy. They fear it, because it is ever relevant and ever alive.

But what is the main problem? Why it always happens that any noble idea expressed in a new state with time degenerates into something very unsavory and even opposite of the initial concept? USA is a very good example. From the start it was an interesting project. And up to 1861 America evolved well along the overall European path of destiny, with a set of additional new useful qualities. But at some point (mostly due to the Christian virus) American society started to deviate ever more toward the dead end of universal equality.

The main problem of all state-building projects is that after the founding stock passes out and the successors take power, it gradually loses the initial revolutionary spirit. The cattle instincts start to assert their voice and the noble ones pushed out to the back row. The cycle starts anew. Again, the new noble men are needed to overthrow the corrupt system and to clear the landscape from the accumulated dung.

But how to break this vicious circle, or at least to slow this process of social decay? How to prevent cattle from creeping into the highest stratum of society? It is the fundamental question for any serious state-building project.
There is no definite and precise answer for this question. Any answer is bound to be complicated and multifaceted.
I will not try to answer it here. But I want to assert the idea that any society needs to be strictly stratified and barriers should be established to guard the new system from being diluted by those, whose only concern is their personal well-being. Actually, these creatures are the main problem. Not even the bunch of alien maniacs, who adroitly use this situation. Merkels, Clintons, British royal family and hereditary “nobility” are the problem of the White World. Because they are the ultimate cattle, devoid of slightest speck of spiritual nobility. They are ready to sell their own nations, if it gives them yet more wealth and tickles their vanity. It is an example of ultimate triumph of cattle mentality above noble aspirations. Any nobility of spirit is derided, trampled down and outlawed; any degeneracy is elevated to the status of absolute values. And all other cattle, munching pop-corn and watching football, is readily supports this state of affairs, because they are of the same mental structure. The mainstream cattle support this system and they are happily participating in trampling down the best men of their own nation and in the same time they worship the most despicable scoundrels and perverts occupying the top stratum of society. And I have no desire to call this cattle “my people”; because they are not. They are white cattle. Here is the principal difference in attitude.

There are some nationalist leaders who continue to entertain the idea that despite of overall social decadence, we should perceive the white mainstream populace as “our people”. I think it is a grave mistake. These white deranged masses have little value, except of their ancestry. It is nothing more than gene pool. They are not a tribe or nation or an organized society. They are the atomized and spiritually corrupt crowd. Here we come to the initial assertion that they are nothing more than cattle. At present, they don’t deserve any different designation. We have nothing that we could call “our nation” or “our tribe”. We could have it in the future, but at present we have none. And this understanding is the key to choosing right path. Because we would be bound to failure, if we proceed with the wrong set of assumptions.

I am sure that such endeavors like NJP and any other old-fashioned attempts to find a political solution, are condemned to fail from the very beginning. I approve of their ideological message, but they try to fight a set piece battle on the enemy turf. And what prompts them to this wrong decision is the believe into “our people”. This grand delusion pushes them to seek support from the degenerate half-insane crowd of CNN-watchers and Hollywood-worshippers. Blinded by this misconception, they continue to believe that “something could be saved yet”. Not, it can’t. The Rubicon was crossed long ago; nothing can be changed. America and Europe are doomed, together with all outlying white countries. The White Civilization as it is will be destroyed by the multitude of its enemies. The deranged white masses will die ignominious death, humiliated and tortured beyond anything that the world history had known. Only tiny part of Whites will be able to fight back and to retain some pieces of land. It will be the existential struggle where all primary factors of natural selection would return. Famines, lack of basic necessities of life and constant fighting with invading alien hordes, would decimate population. Only the most spiritually and physically strong will be able to survive. The new White World will be born amidst ashes of this civilization.

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Re: Russian News

Post by Will Williams » Tue Jun 08, 2021 7:40 pm

Wolf Stoner wrote:
Tue Jun 08, 2021 2:42 am
... These white deranged masses have little value, except of their ancestry. It is nothing more than gene pool. They are not a tribe or nation or an organized society. They are the atomized and spiritually corrupt crowd. Here we come to the initial assertion that they are nothing more than cattle. At present, they don’t deserve any different designation. We have nothing that we could call “our nation” or “our tribe”. We could have it in the future, but at present we have none. And this understanding is the key to choosing right path. Because we would be bound to failure, if we proceed with the wrong set of assumptions...

Your criticism of our race and its leaders is much needed, Wolf. I pointed readers at NV to what you wrote here today: ... ment-45653

We will build with our few aristocratic thinkers like Wolf Stoner who just joined the Alliance. Those who find what Wolf wrote here today, 8 June, rings true for them should forget nigglers like Alex and consider joining the National Alliance: (94) Russian News – Page 14 – White Biocentrism

We must nurture a sense of urgency among the best of our people as Wolf defines them in his piece today.

Let us hope some racially responsible folks find inspiration in your words.

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Re: Russian News

Post by Wolf Stoner » Thu Jun 10, 2021 4:34 am

Thank you very much, Mr Williams, for your appreciation. I would like if someone would read my commentaries and gain something useful from them. The NV readership is the most intellectually and spiritually advanced in USA, therefore, to have appreciation from such people really matters. I regularly watch Foxnews and some other mainstream sources (and read commentaries), and can definitely say that the average intellectual level of the American mainstream public is not high (even among conservatives, let alone leftist dumbheads). They either don’t know many things or know but fear to acknowledge their existence. For example, the case with USS “Liberty”. The mass media had done good job in the last decades in dumbing down its audience. To some extent the same process happens in all other countries, because of Hollywood global influence (especially in Metropolitan areas, like Moscow). Therefore, such rare intellectual oases, like NV and WB, are of especial value.

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Re: Russian News

Post by Wolf Stoner » Fri Jun 11, 2021 8:15 am

An extended reply to the NV article "America 2021: You’re Not Even Safe in North Dakota" ... th-dakota/

The only way is to establish an unofficial collective security scheme. Our people should buy property close one to another, which would allow to establish effective defense against any outsiders. Certainly, the cheapest and least attractive lands should be targeted, because it would discourage outsiders to try to settle there. In this regard the example of Mormons could be used, who settled in Uta to be as far as possible from people who disliked them. We should abandon big cities; there is no salvation in there. Surely, the time has come to make real moves, because to be simply opposed to what happens is not enough. Our people should be territorially close one to another; there is no other way. In the same time, this fact should be concealed from authorities and mainstream crowd. It is easy to do. Even if our enemies would trace some of such moves, it would be too difficult for them to represent it as a “public threat”, if our people themselves do nothing to acknowledge their political affiliations and views. Certainly, nothing of the kind of “Branch Davidians” should be undertaken. When someone tries to oppose the mainstream society too openly and challenges the established mainstream way of life too brazenly, the system can use brutal force with veritable impunity, because such measures are easily explainable to the mainstream crowd. On the contrary, it is much more difficult to move tanks and helicopter gunships in a district that looks like any other and where people ostensibly behave in a very regular way. Even if the system, ADL and SPLC would try to trace some connections, it would not look persuasively enough to build up public support for police or military actions.

Yet one very important point. I love guns very much and I always admired American gun laws of the past. Therefore, I am not the kind of person who would like to ban guns. But considering the political reality, we should understand that there is very little help from having too many guns in current circumstances. On the contrary, too many guns are the most attractive red rag for the system. Remember Waco; it was on pretext of excessive number of guns possessed by the community that the police operation was ordered. It is hardly possible to obtain a warrant to make a massive search in a neighborhood where the number of registered guns doesn’t exceed (or even less) this criterion in other surrounding places.

There are some misconceptions in relation to guns. People tend to overestimate their effectiveness. Much more important is not the fact of possession but the ability to use guns. It is the key. All our people should be skillful users of all kinds of small weapons, but not possess ones. At least not the most irritant types, like M16, AK and military type pistols.
I will try to briefly explain my idea. You can’t make war with small arms and other light weapons, be it M16, AK or even machinegun Browning M2HB. You can’t create an effective private army (or militia) in the present social and legal circumstances. Even if it was possible, it would be of little use, but require too much money to maintain. The system is ready for any such move. They dream about it. It would allow them to employ the whole weight of their punitive apparatus. Therefore, any attempt to repeat the militia movement of 1990es is bound to fail. Either it fizzles out without any useful consequences, or the members of such unit would be put in jail for life. The public opinion was for decades prepared for such measures; no one would oppose it, even if the arrested people did nothing. It would be enough that they had “too many guns” and that they are “Nazis”. We should deny the enemy this pleasure.

If the guns are considered from their pure home-defense perspective, you need much less firepower, than Hollywood movies had accustomed people to think about. Actually, in any real circumstances you need couple of good shots from a 12-gauge shotgun to neutralize a wild negro that crept onto your land plot to steal your car. You don’t even need to kill him, but to paralyze his movements, which task the 12-gauge with buckshot is best to accomplish. Therefore, you don’t even need to have rifled-bore guns. The most common distances of home-defense firefight engagements rarely exceed 50 yards; in most cases it is 10-30 yards. For these distances you don’t need rifled barrel.

For self-defense in public places, it is preferable to use non-lethal handguns with rubber bullets. Even in Russia such quazi-guns are available. If used skillfully, such handgun can neutralize a big bipedal creature. In most cases that we could see in various videos about assaults on people, the use of such non-lethal gun could change the situation. You can’t defend yourself with such toys against a mad islamist with assault rifle on the murdering spree, but it is better to guard yourself from such eventualities by avoiding the most attractive places for such actions.

To sum up, we can conclude that to provide an effective home-defense you need a shotgun or two. One gun is of usual hunting type (two-barrel non-automatic shotgun), which could be very useful in an event of actual social collapse (because provision of food would become much more pressing need than anything else); and the other being semi-automatic shotgun with magazine capacity of 5-10 rounds. The Russian “Saiga” or SPAS-12/15 are the best of this kind. Its real firepower on short distances is comparable with automatic rifles or submachineguns. If you fire with buckshot, it is like bursts from UZI or Ingram MAC-10/11. But possession of such shotguns doesn’t entail the troubles associated with rifled options.
By the way, if someone wants a rifled gun, it should be the purely hunting rifle; anything of Mauser-98k descendants. And the less military it looks the better. Here the psychological factor has very important role. The regular people, including bulk of policemen, are not experts in guns and their mainstream perceptions should be manipulated. You are much less likely to be suspected in being “gun-crazy maniac” if you acquire an innocently looking rifle with wooden stock and long barrel. Preferably without optic sight; because it is too strongly associated with all kinds of assassinations. You can acquire it lately, if needed, and to hold it separately. You should conform to the simple image of a rustic backwoods’ huntsman. Certainly, no big batches of cartridges should be bought, especially with bank-cards and through internet. The main task is to not to be noticeable among the mass of millions of other gun-owners.

If you have opportunity to buy a handgun, the best option is a medium-size revolver (for .38 SW Special cartridge;) with short barrel. Like the one used by Michael Corleone in “Godfather” movie. The determining factor here are the qualities that in the best way conform to the task of self-defense. You don’t need to have a handgun with too powerful cartridges, because such guns are more difficult to handle and they are heavier, which means less possibility to conceal them and constantly carry in your pocket.

Why revolver instead of a pistol? Pistol is the semi-automatic gun, where automatics works by a moving slide. In war or in police practice pistols are more preferable than revolvers, because of their big magazine capacity and rapid reloading. But in self-defense these factors are not the most important ones. What matters most is the reliability and possibility of firing from the most difficult positions. For example, you can fire a revolver from your pocket or inside very limited confines. In such circumstances, pistol most probably would malfunction. If you try to fire a pistol from your pocket, its slide would be impeded to freely move backward and automatic cycle would fail. You would not be able to fire next round. At best you would need to manually reload the gun, but if the spent cartridge case was not thrown out but had remained inside the gun in deformed shape, it would require partial disassembly of the gun. Simply speaking, after first shot the gun would be inoperable.

Yet one aspect is that to fire a pistol you need to hold it firmly. If for some reason (for example being wounded) you hold it too loosely, its automatics would malfunction too. And if you are wounded, the simple task of pulling the slide back could be impossible.
Revolvers have no such problems. Being purely mechanical devices, they can be fired even from a pocket, from under cloak, with loose grip and using only one hand in all circumstances. The only cause of malfunction is the deficient cartridge, but such a malfunction is not an impediment for further firing; you simply pull the trigger yet once; the possibility that two consecutive cartridges would malfunction is too small and can be discounted. Therefore, you can be sure that you have an opportunity to fire 5-6 rounds in any circumstances. This amount is enough to neutralize one or two assailants.

All these facts are well known for almost all gun users. Therefore, my repeating them could seem superfluous. But sometimes the repetition of well-known truths is needed to make right accents. Because, despite of those facts being an almost universal knowledge, many people continue to buy mostly unnecessary monsters like long-barrel revolvers, .50 caliber rifles and large magazine-capacity army-type pistols. And those people think that by doing this, they are increasing their ability to defend themselves; but in reality, the only thing they increase is the possibility of being raided sometimes by law-enforcement.

When the real events start, it would be irrelevant who possess what. Much more important is where you are located and whether you were able to assemble beforehand the trusted group of people around yourself. The Balkan experience should be studied. The more countryland you possess, the better your prospects in any combined-arms engagements. And in real war you need howitzers, mortars, MLRS and other heavy stuff. You wouldn’t be able to acquire such things in peacetime, therefore, why to bother about rights for M-16 or AK? I suggest to cease to be too edgy about gun-rights. Even if the system prohibits all military-style weapons, nothing would change of essence. What use were those rights in all previous decades, when people possessed millions of guns but the enemy all the same was able to destroy America from inside? And be aware, the enemy most probably would use this topic to provoke white violent backlash, which would allow them to employ brutal force, like in Waco.

Yet one key factor in discussion of the “right to bear arms” is its universal application. To be honest, I don’t like this right to be universal. The right to bear arms should belong exclusively to White People. The wild apes should not be allowed to do it. Therefore, I am somewhat ambiguous about this whole struggle for the “second amendment”. I think that it would not become worse if the total ban for any non-hunting guns was imposed. Because it would limit access to such guns to apes too. The limit on legal gun circulation would inevitably diminish opportunities to buy guns on black market. And it is better to deal with negroes wielding only sticks than with negroes wielding AK and M16. I think that in either case we have nothing to lose and nothing to gain; there are both good and bad sides in both options. Therefore, I don’t see any practical meaning in making this whole question about gun rights into some kind of sacred cow. We should be indifferent to this question. But in the future only the true White Men will have the right to possess arms. We should not consider anything less than this. Therefore, I don’t think that NRA and other conservative “second amendment” vociferous advocates should be considered as our allies. Their idea that all negroes should have “right to keep and bear arms” doesn’t resonate with me. We should be totally neutral regarding this whole topic.

There is a dangerous misconception among many conservative Americans that in case of state gun-grab the gun-owners would rise up and resist police. I doubt it greatly. Certainly, there are sure to be a few incidents, which would only buttress the sense of “righteousness” among anti-gun crowd. They would use such incidents as an ultimate proof of their position (“what else could we do with those crazies, except as too gun down them?”). No large-scale uprising is plausible about this issue. Therefore, no such sentiments should be entertained among our people. Even more so, we should distance ourselves from all those vociferous arm-chair heroes, who constantly cry about how they would resist the state (the empty folk like Alex Jones). Who really believes that the people who fear to name the real enemies of America, in the time of real events would engage in shootouts with police? Almost impossible to imagine. Most probably they would find some convenient explanation of their inaction (like Christian doomsday preachers, who always find a convenient explanation why on this particular occasion the last day didn’t come). Therefore, all those sentiments of resisting police with guns should be discouraged. It isn’t a viable option and would give advantage only to our enemies. It doesn’t mean that there will be no fierce clashes with police; with society coming down, the number of such events would surely increase. The most probable scenario is when the entirely non-white police crews would openly harass and even kill white people; in this case the backlash is very possible. But the consideration of any hostile actions against the state agencies should be put outside of consideration of any viable legal pro-white organization. Some things should be left unspoken. Americans yet need to learn how to not to speak, but to mean. For too long America had the seemingly unassailable “freedom of speech” provisions; and people had become too accustomed to this and too complacent. Up to this day they yet entertain the idea that all current events are only temporary aberrations and that in a few years’ time everything would be rectified (by midterm elections or return of Trump in 2024); these people are yet to learn the harsh reality of life. The Aesopian language is to enter on the stage and to replace the now dead “first amendment”.

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Romanov Sisters

Post by Grimork » Thu Jun 17, 2021 3:09 am

I know this is not really news at least it isn't new anyways.. but, it's referring to Russia. I wanted to share this documentary I was watching about the Romanovs, especially the young daughters in particular. I never knew that much about them so it really interested me and I learned a lot. They seemed to be such lovely girls and a very tight knit family. A shame they were all brutally murdered. Anyways thought I would share. Thoughts?

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Re: Romanov Sisters

Post by Wolf Stoner » Thu Jun 17, 2021 7:14 am

Yes, this topic is always relevant, because the seemingly senseless murder of the Tsar’s family was the key part in the ethnic war fought by Jews against Russians. It is impossible to understand the events of the Russian Civil War without understanding the ethnic character of this war. Dr Pierce spoke about it on multiple occasions. Dr Duke has written a book on this question “The secret behind communism”. But the mainstream media and official historiography, certainly, continue to remain silent on this most crucial factor of the war. The whole event is represented as if a group of Russian crazies, headed by Lenin, using opportunity presented by social turmoil, took power and imposed their brutal rule above the whole country. Many historians agree with the fact that Bolsheviks’ mode of operation resembled mafia style. This very fact is suggestive of the nature of this seemingly “internationalist” movement. The very nature of the organized crime requires tribal component, because you need to rely on something more relevant than formal social roles. Only very small gangs can operate without underlying tribal foundation. The coherency in them is held by interpersonal connections; but the strength of this cohesion is much lesser and of transient nature. Such gangs always loose in competition with tribal gangs. But the Bolshevik gang was neither small nor weak. Indeed, it was very strong and had very wide support network. All of it would be impossible without underlying tribal foundation. They were “internationalists” only in the sense that united Jewish diasporas from all over the world and attracted various “oppressed” minorities inside targeted countries. This unholy alliance of haters and professional criminals was successful in imposing their insane rule above Russia. Everything they did is explainable only if seen from the purely tribal perspective. They dealt with Russians as with conquered nation; therefore, the ritual murder of the ruler of the conquered land was the key part of the overall procedure. All official “explanations” are incoherent and muddled. Actually, not one mainstream historian had succeeded in explaining the underlying logic of this murder. Because you cannot explain a ritual murder in the framework of the middle-class American logic. In this regard the Bolsheviks’ motives were all too similar with the motives of Voodoo worshippers. But no one from among an established historic community can admit this fact, because it would smack of “anti-semitism” too much. Instead, the silly theories are concocted, whose only purpose is to conceal the real factors. The western media succeeded into turning this egregious hate crime into popular soap-opera, thereby absolving the tribe of perpetrators from any responsibility.

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