Good News From United Russia

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Re: Good News From United Russia

Post by Will Williams » Sat Sep 05, 2020 4:14 pm

White Man 1 wrote:
Fri Sep 04, 2020 10:13 am
Our "community standards" (I don't like the negative connotation with Facebook you are implying here) are that we don't want anything posted here that we don't want our grandchildren to see. That includes racy photos. It's up to Mod discretion to enforce that, and pilpuling the guidelines is not a productive use of your time.

Let's get back to the topic at hand, which is Russia.
Very good, White Man 1, Grimork and Jim. Let's get back to some good news from our White cousins in Russia. Ignore the idiots like Joe "Hidin'" Biden and his Bolshevik friends in the Democrat Party and Jew-controlled news and entertainment industry.

Here's some good news: Russia Insider has been around for five or six years now by a group of American expats. I don't know much about them, but they must be all right. Look at this article that RI picked up from our own site:

We Must Dismantle Jewish Supremacy - Silence Is Not
an Option

Thomas Dalton PhD
Jun 10 2020
Of course this article by Dr. Dalton was written exclusively for us, here: ... an-option/ The good news is that it is picked up here and spread further. Wade Hampton will appreciate a lot of the comments under this article at RI, like the ones by Mr. Mayson:
Augur Mayson [says]
Christian influence is a worldview thing because it's not native to White people. It is a Jewish religion. One they rejected and one Paul/Saul repackaged for export to us through converting the bloated corpse of the Roman Empire, but its roots are Of The Jew in every sense. Was it heretical to Jews? Yes, of course. But it's a poor flag for Whites to rally under because it has us still bowing to Jerusalem as our Christian Crusader forefathers did a thousand years ago. We should not worship another race's god. We call him God; Jews spell it with a dash for the O, or YHVH, or other ways, but it's the same god. Same with the Muslims; same god, a Jewish god.

Christian moral universalism has harmed White people, made us be literally taught it is good and right to love the stranger, and falsehoods like that the meek shall inherit the earth. We must look to other places to escape from under this Jewish thumb, other sources of inspiration and pride, to race.

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Re: Good News From United Russia

Post by goyim123 » Tue Sep 29, 2020 8:45 pm

I would interject by also adding that Russia is one of the only nations in Europe who is actively trying to preserve our kinfolk in Europe. David Duke has made this point that Russia has been breaking free of jewish power and influence ever since the fall of the Soviet Union.

That is why the jewish owned media who used to love Russia back when the jews ran it, now despise it because they are trying to protect family, the demographics, and being the bulwark against zionism with Syria.

Democrats often mentioned "Russia hacked our elections" because jewish puppet Hillary Clinton wanted to start a new Cold War to defend her jewish donors.

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Re: Good News From United Russia

Post by Old Aardvark » Wed Jan 27, 2021 3:58 am

Based upon the limited information I have, I greatly admire Vladimir Putin. I wish the United States had a president with half his ability and character. American Jews and liberals hate Putin. That says a lot.

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Re: Good News From United Russia

Post by Wolf Stoner » Mon Feb 08, 2021 3:32 pm

I want to comment briefly on the situation in Russia. My main purpose is to share my local perspective and to diffuse some illusions existing among American traditionalist circles in regard to modern Russia.
The situation is not a simple one and cannot be characterized by precise outlines with clear definitions of the participating actors. It is impossible to ascribe labels “good” and “bad” to the opposing sides, as it is usually done by mainstream media. In the West Navalny is presented as “good” and in Russia as “bad”. I will evaluate the internal political situation in Russia from the standpoint of our White interests.
First of all, I want to dispel this widely spread delusion in among western traditionalists that Putin’s Russia is some kind of a bulwark of European values. Far from it. The fall of spiritual values and public morality maybe not so deep here as in the West but it is due mostly to the overall Russian backwardness. The majority of Russians are too poor to engage in various western vices (gender change, for example), so the most widespread vice in Russia continues to be drunkenness. But all other vices continue to spread quietly, under façade of ostentatious public decency. Even LGBT movement spreads its influence, despite the official ban on open gay propaganda. Hollywood mass culture destroys the minds of young people in the same way as it is happening in USA. So, the myth about Russian spiritual paradise should be dispelled.
Yet one mistaken opinion is that modern Russia is absolutely different from USSR and that it has embraced its former tsarist legacy. Far from it. Yes, for publicity purposes the system has taken some attributes of the old imperial Russia but at its core this state continues to be the same USSR. It is very important to remember the fact that in 1991 there was no real regime change. Only the highest tier of power was replaced by a new set of rulers, but the whole thick layer of public administration, law-enforcement, military, chief executives in the key industrial sectors, have remained as they were. The system didn’t change, but had changed its make-up. I don’t agree with Anatoly Golitsyn on all points, but his assessment of the Soviet-Russian fake transition of power is mostly true. Therefore, looking into Russian affairs, you should always remember that you are dealing with the same Soviet system. The totalitarian tendencies of Putin’s state since the invasion in Ukraine in 2014-15 have confirmed this fact all too clearly. Putin is not a Russian nationalist, as some people like to think, but a KGB thug. This fact is one of the few about which western mainstream media doesn’t lie.
Putin is the bitter enemy of Russian ethnic nationalism. Since his accession to power, he did everything to annihilate all major nationalist political groups. People were unlawfully detained, jailed or even killed under pretense of “resisting arrest”, “trying to escape” or “suicide”. By using these nefarious methods, Putin was able to fully clear Russian political field from all nationalist legal forces. The only way in which Russian nationalists can operate now is through small clandestine informal cells. And even these attempts of national self-organization are closely monitored by the political police (FSB) with brutal force used each time when such cell is detected. But this crackdown goes on quietly, without public attention and, certainly, without any outcries from various western “human rights” defenders. Russian nationalism is de-facto outlawed in Russia and even open verbal or written expression of nationalist views by a law-abiding individual can result in his criminal prosecution. Hundreds of people were jailed for the only crime of writing on internet some critical articles or commentaries on national question. Particularly harshly are prosecuted those who raise jewish question. Jews are untouchable in Russia in the same way as in USA. Jews don’t control Russian government in full (as it is now in USA) but have very strong influence on policymakers.
The Putin’s regime can be categorized as a continuation of Brezhnev’s USSR. It is not as harsh as the Stalinist system, but it has absolutely nothing in common with tsarist Russia or Russian ethnic legacy as such. Putin’s state is anti-Russian and anti-racial to the same extent as USSR was.
But does it mean that all those who oppose Putin are good for our side? Far from it. The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend. The political forces currently instigating protests are the so-called “liberals”. They are the obedient puppets of western intelligence, in the same way like similar people in Belarus. Their aims are far from being pro-national, let alone racial. They are the obedient conductors of the globalist agenda. It was well demonstrated how they reacted to the internal American disturbances. Almost all liberal opposition leaders in Russia have spoken out against Trump and his supporters and fully parroted the CNN talking points. The ideological synchronization is amazing and would be impossible without shadow coordination. The liberal opposition in Russia is used by the western globalist forces to ram their agenda. For some reason Putin and his circle had fell off with globalists, like gangsters are apt to do. The whole Putin versus West quarrel is something akin to the conflict between powerful mafia families. It means that we have nothing to do with it. It is absolutely irrelevant who gains upper hand in such a conflict. Both sides are absolutely alien and hostile to our interests.
But in the same time, it should be noted that the irritation of Russians with Putin’s state is growing. Protests have genuine cause but the people’s ire was hijacked by the usual political scoundrels who seek their nefarious ends.
Yet one important point that should be noted. For some obscure reason many Russian jewish prominent figures (artists, journalists, writers) started to vilify Putin, despite the fact that his rule was very beneficial to the jewish community. Maybe it is because of the deeply seated jewish hatred against any Russian statehood and greatness, even in such perverted form as Putin’s state. Jews now started to play the same role as they played in Brezhnev’s USSR. They are the spiritual leaders of unrest and the originators of the most venomous propaganda against state officials and the system. The criticism is mostly correct but jews turn it into poisonous slander against Russian nation as such. They present the whole situation as if the Putin states’ corruption and inefficiency is the result of Russian inherent ethnic qualities. Therefore, they were able to turn the whole matter upside down by presenting the main victim to be the main culprit and as usual absolving themselves from all guilt. They are almost saints and “truth-seekers”, the “voice of freedom” and “conscience of the nation”. These scoundrels are very apt to privatize high moral position and to present themselves in the best light.
The whole situation in Russia is bizarre; jews undermine the system that was most beneficial to them. There are, certainly, some high-position jews who strongly support Putin; jews always place stakes on all players to provide their collective gain in all outcomes. If “non-conformist”, “revolutionary” jews come into trouble, the systemic jews bail them out. If Revolution succeeds, the revolutionary jews “pardon” their systemic brethren and save them from firing squad. It was so in 1917 and, I suppose, the same game is played now.
Now I want to analyze briefly the ordinary mass of protestors. They are the motley crowd. Putin’s system is disliked by many, particularly since 2014, when living standards started to fall sharply, as a result of overwhelming military spending and economic sanctions. The situation worsens every year. Population becomes ever more poor; the system becomes ever more violent and greedy. Now the point is reached when the majority of ordinary people start to see that there is no hope of better life for them. Ethnic Russians have all reasons to dislike Putin’s system. It robed the country, it suppresses Russian national consciousness, it brings millions of Asian migrants to bring down the labor costs. In short, Putin’s government does everything wrong. I can’t name any area where its actions were positive; the result of 20 years of Putin’s quasi-monarchical rule is the devastation of Russia. And this national tragedy is covered by the insulting ostentatious propaganda showing how everything is good and glorious in Russia. But the whole “greatness” is nothing more than yet another “Potemkin village”.
In this situation the only seeming solution is to fight this regime. But here lays the main difficulty. The people that adroitly placed themselves at the helm of popular protest are even worse than Putin and his gang of professional thugs. The “liberals” are nothing more than globalist puppets. They want to capitalize on the natural popular resistance force. They want to channel it into the path beneficial for their tribal interests. They want to repeat the redistribution of property like it was done in 1990es; in short, they want to rob Russians yet once and to sell out what remains of this country to their globalist brethren. It is all too clear.
So, we can see that both sides are evil and repulsive. “Liberals” promote western anti-national agenda under the attractive guise of “human rights” and “freedom”; the Putin’s system brainwashes society with insane “patriotic” propaganda”, glorifying Stalin and imposing on public mind the most ridiculous version of the “victory against fascism”. It is hard to say who is worse. It is like making choice between plague and cholera. It is why most Russian nationalists stay afar from these events. Some of the nationalist youth support protest, because they hate system so much that want to ally with anyone on this basis. But the Ukrainian example clearly shows that this path is a bad one. Maidan 2014 is the best example of how “liberals” used nationalists to gain power and how afterward nationalists were put out of all levers of power. The task number one for Russian nationalists is to not allow this scenario to take place. Therefore, the best decision now is to stay away from the current political squabbling.
Regardless of whether Putin holds for power for yet another decade or the “liberal” gang would jump in the Kremlin, Russian Federation is a doomed geopolitical entity. There are many reasons for this. First of all, the ethnic Russian population is in the deepest psychological and demographic crisis. After a century of persecutions and unbearable tribulations, Russians are too weak to hold to the huge territories that are still nominally under RF control. The national republics more and more voice their interests and show disrespect to ethnic Russians. They want ever more; they demand ever greater share from the federal budget and in the same time try to hold on the taxes gathered on their territories. The result of this situation is that Russian territories have become the donors of the national republics. Russian regions are pressured by the Kremlin to squeeze all available financial assets from them to fill the federal budget. But when the time comes to redistribute federal investments into regions, only the national republics are at the head of the list. In essence, Russians had become the tribute payers to the alien tribes. Russians understand this insulting situation but can’t say anything against it, because the political police closely watch any signs of “extremist propaganda”. Russians are forbidden to stand up for their ethnic interests. They are obliged to express exuberant happiness of being the part of the “multinational population of Russia”. None of these restrictions are applied against Asian tribes living on Russian territory; all of them can have their national organizations and live according to their tribal customs.
But this utterly unproductive and humiliating situation can’t last indefinitely. At some point everything would break down. And this point is not far away. Russia yet stands only because of its ethnic Russian core; but this core is ever diminishing and replaced by alien elements. The Kremlin rulers obstinately don’t want to understand the simple fact that there will be no Russia without ethnic Russians. They imagine that they can simply substitute ethnic Russians by Asian savages as workers, soldiers and even scientists. The hard reality will teach a harsh lesson of what comes from it. Russian Federation is a walking dead; it is not even a country but a social corpse; it is yet seems to exist but on the mental level it is already dead and nothing could revive it. The sooner it comes down the better. But it doesn’t mean that Russian nationalists should support any “liberal” protests. Both sides of this political conflict are equally hostile and harmful to the Russian ethnic interests. Both sides plan to continue the anti-national and anti-racial policy of Russian replacement. Both sides hate and fear the real Russians. These criminal clans are fighting for the possession of this half-dead country. Putin’s gang wants to continue to milk Russian cow to its death; the “liberal” gang wants to tear a hefty piece to itself. Yet once I want to emphasize: both sides are the mortal enemies of the ethnic Russians; it is unwise to take part with any of these criminal entities. But the problem is that the amount of hatred among Russian nationalists against the system is so high that if real thing starts, many of them would join anti-Putin forces, whoever they are. And here is the same problem that we had in Ukraine. I think that the main task for the foreseeable future is to dissuade nationalists from participating in any of these processes. We should not allow to drag ourselves into the conflict that at the end would benefit our enemies. But to prevent this fatal outcome, we should create a viable alternative. Russian nationalists should concentrate all their efforts on creating Russian ethnic state, instead of supporting various professional scoundrels advocating abstract fight for “freedom”.
I firmly believe that the only solution is to eventually establish a Russian ethnic state on the territories that were always Russian. Russians don’t need to hold on all those alien lands populated by savages, let alone to participate in foreign wars. Instead, they should look inside their own home and to undertake thorough cleansing of the garbage accumulated here for the last century. In this regard Russian situation is very similar with the American one. White people in everywhere should cease to participate in various vague imperialist adventures and to turn their attention to the real ethnic issues. When it happens, not one enemy would be able to hold us. The main problem for whites is their own delusions, their own inability to see the main thing behind false issues. But the change is coming. Everywhere whites start to see the core racial component of the historical events. Despite of all vicious propaganda, the racial awareness constantly grows; it is why jews are becoming ever more hysterical about “fascism”. In Russia, both Putin’s propagandists and “liberals” compete with each other in vilifying nationalism and regurgitating WW2 myths about “gas-chambers”, “soap from humans” and other stale stories for mentally retarded auditory. Since 2014 Putin’s propaganda machine had gone absolutely insane with its drive to sanctify “great victory against fascism”. This topic requires an article of its own. The incongruity, stupidity and insanity of the propagandist efforts becomes obvious even to the general public. More and more people become skeptical about the whole “victorious” narration. Even those who had no interests whatsoever in history, start to scoff at the whole “victory” propagandist industry of the Putin’s regime. This insane propaganda presenting Soviet side with Stalin as saviors of the world from the Devil incarnate Hitler is insulting to the historical science and to the very common sense. The Putin’s system lives in its own artificial world of grand delusion of its own greatness. It is ready to annihilate anyone doubting this insane narrative. The insanity level only increases from year to year; it reached such an extent that there is no peaceful outcome for them. They had driven themselves into the dead corner of their own “greatness” from which the only way out is to the mass-graves. The only question remains: of whose graves? They think of their enemies, but the reality could decide otherwise. The one thing is sure: Russian Federation is doomed and its downfall will be bloody; I suppose it would surpass Yugoslav experience manifold. The whole house of lies and bluffs starts to fall apart. The process started in 1991 should come to its logical completion. Let the system and “liberals” be the main characters in the first acts of this play; our entrance is in the last one.

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Re: Good News From United Russia

Post by Will Williams » Mon Feb 08, 2021 10:44 pm

Very good analysis, Wolf. You're right. American Whites need to understand what you're saying.

Russian situation is very similar with the American one. White people everywhere should cease to participate in various vague imperialist adventures and to turn their attention to the real ethnic issues. When it happens, not one enemy would be able to hold us. The main problem for Whites is their own delusions, their own inability to see the main thing behind false issues. But the change is coming. Everywhere Whites start to see the core racial component of the historical events. Despite of all vicious propaganda, the racial awareness constantly grows; it is why jews are becoming ever more hysterical about “fascism”...


When we talk about a bridge (a most) between America and Russia, it is a bridge (a most) between White Americans and our White Russian cousins, connecting us for our mutual benefit -- not a physical structure to span a body of water or something else.

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Re: Good News From United Russia

Post by Wolf Stoner » Fri Feb 12, 2021 8:21 am

To allow vice in any form is to undermine community. It is why jews always promoted vices and degeneracy inside all societies they infiltrated into. It is almost subconscious jewish mechanism to undermine host society by spreading moral degeneracy. The more decadent society becomes the easier to subjugate it, the less its ability to resist. Therefore, promotion of homosexualism, “sexual freedom”, “sexual education” are the main hallmarks of the jewish presence. You can easily detect it by seeing these effects. It is like mice and their excrements. You know about presence of the mice mainly by their excrements everywhere and occasional scratching under the floor. The same with jews; you don’t even need to identify every one of them to know that they are present. It is enough to look on the cultural scene of society, on the dominant “fashion”, to know exactly to what extent this society is infested with these particular vermin. Their essence doesn’t change with time; their behavior only adapts to the changing environment.
They put the main stake on influencing the most susceptible part of society; the ones who are morally weak and are inclined to accept moral decadence. Any society has such people. When everything is well and sound, the weak people simply are copying the dominant healthy social patterns and live as all others. But when the social vermin spread its influence, these weaklings readily accept it and gladly help the vermin. After enrolling the help of those volunteers, vermin can start the overall assault on the public morality. In USA this stage was passed at the end of 1950es. Before it, only the worst elements of the white community supported jewish filth. But since then, this filth started to become ever more fashionable and socially acceptable. After 50 years of this moral free fall, the society has reached such a stage when normality has become almost a crime. If you are a normal white person without vices, you are automatically suspected to be white supremacist/extremist/terrorist. The vermin have fully transformed the social perceptions. But we all know it. No need to repeat it. What is needed to be addressed is the infiltration of this filthy influence inside the white nationalist community. Yes, it happens. And we should combat it by the most stringent measures. Quality should always go before quantity.
“Whatever political beliefs queers, bisexuals, transexuals, or other sexual freaks may claim, none of them are eligible for National Alliance membership”. This quote of Chairman Williams is of the key importance. Never to compromise our core believes for the sake of pleasing some mentally derailed freaks, whose minds were subverted by jewish mass culture.
Contrary to this principle, many people of conservative and even nationalist attitudes, prefer to bend their ideology according to the prevalent decadent tendencies of society. It is a disgrace. In essence, these “leaders” allow jews to set the moral guidelines to them, to define the framework of permitted opinions. It is worse than a defeat in open battle.
We should detect the alien and destructive influences and to weed out them mercilessly. There is no other way; either we weed out it, or these weeds would strangle and poison the whole movement. On the question of homosexuality there can be only one simple and obvious answer: homosexuality is a severe mental illness, mostly incurable. People afflicted with it should be isolated from society. All those who think otherwise, should not approach the white nationalist movement; their place is among “democratic socialists”.
But beside homosexuality there are some other cultural issues that should be addressed. Music, movies, fashion, jewish newspeak – these are the factors through which the enemy destroys our society.
What is now going for music, is a poisonous garbage concocted for only two purposes: to make money and to destroy minds. We don’t need even to analyze this question in detail. It is enough to use simple formula: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven (and other European classic composers) composed music. Almost everything that was created in 20th century is garbage. After WW2 European music has died altogether. Therefore, any deliberations about “contemporary music” are absolutely unproductive and pointless. (It doesn’t mean that there was no good quality music in 20th century. James Last, Paul Mauriat, Enio Morricone and few others had composed good music but even their creations were touched by the overall spirit of western decadence. Such music, although technically of high quality, cannot be considered as particularly appropriate for the spiritual sustenance of the White race)
The trash that some nationalists consider to be “white music” is the same poisonous garbage influenced by the main jewish pop-culture pattern makers. The whole concept of the so-called “rock music” is the mental weapon to destroy human minds. The effect of this weaponized anti-culture can be seen by what happened since 1960es. All offshoots of this “rock-music” have the same effects. There is no difference between “rap” or “metal” or “punk-rock” trash. These are all branches of the same poisonous pop-culture.
The question about movie industry is even simpler. Everything that is now produced is a poisonous garbage. White people should stop seeing TV and movies altogether. The last period when good movies were yet created was in 1960es. It was possible to have such pieces as “the good the bad and the ugly” where the White man was good and colored were bad and ugly. It was the last time when reality was yet present in movies. Since then, the whole entertainment industry produces only insane delirium, having nothing to do with reality. To watch it is to expose himself to the maliciously infectious source. The absolute majority of mainstream public is infected with it. People coming to white nationalism are bearing with them this garbage too. Therefore, to go further, they should purify their minds of this trash. It irritates me when people who consider themselves to be white nationalists start to use some allusions from Hollywood movies. The most popular phrase in the last years is “the red pill” from “Matrix” movie. Once I tried to watch this movie but switched it out after 5 minutes (or even less). It is such a garbage! How can seemingly intelligent people seriously discuss this trash as something that have deep meaning?! This shit-mining is the main quality of Christians, who are able to find “divine guidelines” from any jewish empty phrase. How can we reach victory if we take alien patterns and cliches as our foundational building-blocks? The whole “alt-right” movement was thoroughly infected with these mainstream cliches that were brought into the movement by the mass of the former “normies” who at one point started to see how their world begins to crumble around them. We should not allow these newcomers to set guidelines to us. Their place is at the bottom of the movement; to gather firewood, feed animals, attend kitchen garden, but not to point out to us how our ideology should be modified to be acceptable to mainstream buffoons. No way. The whole flock of mainstream newcomers should go through the lengthy period of mental quarantine to clear their thoroughly clogged minds from all this Hollywood trash. I am even glad that the whole alt-right movement was thoroughly thrashed by the system. These young upstarts had tasted the reality. Initially they imagined that everything would be easy, “cool”, “trendy”, “glamorous” but it turned out to be bloody, dirty and humiliating. We have the same problem in Russia. The newcomers to NS movement start to “teach” seasoned men how the whole movement should be reshaped to become more “trendy” and attractive to the young MTV-watching imbeciles. Such individuals should be stopped at once. They should not be allowed any influence in the movement. Either they do what they are told to do or go out. To allow this “trendy” crowd to take the reins inside the movement is to ruin it. Our basic values are immutable and unquestionable.
The question of dress-code is important too. It is impossible to be a nationalist and to wear those obnoxious rags which are “trendy” nowadays. Trousers with holes, shapeless shirts with garish stupid pictures, shoes resembling hoofs and all other attributes of a half-witted vagabond, these are all hallmarks of the decadent society. To allow it inside the movement is to allow the illness itself. Clothes should be simple, functional and unpretentious. Everything should serve its proper purpose.
Language. One of the main areas of destructive activity of the vermin is the language. They do everything in their power to undermine proper use of it and to substitute established linguistic forms by a void newspeak. They understand that language bears the ethnic mental patterns. If you want to destroy an ethnic identity the first point to start from is to subvert language. Language is strictly tied to imagination and when the language is subverted the minds are affected immediately. After the vermin took power in Russia in 1917, one of the first measures was the “language reform”. The special commission was established (consisting exclusively of vermin) to “reform” Russian language. It was the prerequisite for destroying Russian ethnic identity and substituting it by the false universalist Soviet identity. The grammar rules were “simplified”, the spelling made “easier” and the traditional lexical patterns abolished. From then onward the proper use of Russian language was determined by the half-educated, malicious vermin in the “commissariat for people’s enlightenment”. The long-term result is that nowadays the majority of Russians can’t speak or write properly; everything fell to the gutter level of semi-animal slang based more on tone of sound than on intelligent verbal forms. Language is strictly tied to the overall culture. If one falls, the other falls too. I can see the same process happening in USA. The level of language use is constantly falling. Comparing TV programs of 1950es and 60es with the modern ones, I can clearly see the sharp deterioration in this sphere. The speech patterns have deteriorated both in form and content. Even if the overall use of the language is yet preserved among educated classes (for example speakers at CSIS or Atlantic Council) the inner value, the actual content of the spoken words has deteriorated dramatically. The modern speakers can rumble for hours without expressing a single truly meaningful idea. It is the same as in Marxist literature where the Soviet “sages” were able to write a thick book using exclusively lifeless dogmatic expressions with all possible verbal variations. Now you can see first-hand what it is all about. All these “reimagining police”, “systemic racism”, “no child left behind” and countless other meaningless phrases elevated to the divine status. The people occupying the high social tier are able to aptly jungle these void phrases as long as needed and to create an impression of intelligent speech, at least to the mainstream buffoons. But the society brought up on this mental trash, loses the ability to think properly. In such a society you are not required to think, but only to correctly repeat the “holy tenets”. It is easy to predict that such a society is bound to fail in the long run.
Therefore, we should closely observe our own use of the language and to weed out the alien decadent patterns that were imposed upon society by the vermin.
Now let’s look into yet another “trendy” aspect. Use of tattoos. It was aggressively promoted by the pop-culture in the last two decades. Before, it was mainly the attribute of prison life. Soviet police looked at this favorably because it simplified identification of criminals. Each one of them had a distinct set of pictures. Back then there was neither DNA-analysis, no satellites, no drones, no face-recognition technologies. Only photos and written descriptions. The files of the criminals contained a special section entitled “particular distinctive traits” where all those tattoos were described in detail. Many repeat-offenders were identified exclusively by their tattoos. It is funny how this police accessory has become some kind of “trendy” hallmark of the young generation. Millions of youngsters, at their own expense, desecrate their own bodies with this “art”. Nothing especially bad about it, but nothing good either. My strong opinion is that this trend should be given zero tolerance among nationalists. It has become too widespread among people considering themselves to be nationalists, to transform their bodies into arts-gallery of a sort. It is absolutely unacceptable. They think that if they paint various Arian symbols on themselves, they acquire some kind of distinction from the general public. Not at all; they simply become the mainstream “trendy” buffoons as countless others. They don’t understand that the main distinction dwells inside the mind, not in clothes’ labels and body-paintings.
Joe Biden was right in one of his speeches, given before jewish audience, where he went out of his skin to praise this tribe for their “immense influence” on American life. Yes, jews were the main driving force that transformed American culture into a huge cesspool that poisons not only USA but the whole world. The poisoning reached such an extent that there is no population group in the world that was not affected. The problem is so overwhelming and seemingly insolvable that most of the mainstream people prefer to accept it as it is, instead of resisting it. This slavish mentality goes much farther than it could seem. The main problem is not the conscious acceptance of the Hollywood filth but the subconscious conformity of the absolute majority of the White population to the dictate of the jewish grand perverts. The main source of jewish power is not in their direct influence on the governments but their dominance of the intellectual life of society and their controlling stake in pop-culture. Through these channels they exercise the most immediate access to the people’s mental processes, subverting their natural thought patterns and imposing the false ones. It is much more effective than the traditional channels of state power. It is why jews are able to gain more influence than any state.
The problem is that many newcomers to the nationalist movement are infected by this jewish influence. They don’t even understand it, which makes the problem even worse. Any attempt to point out them on this fact is sure to be met with hostility. But it should be done. Because the only way to be successful for the nationalist movement is to free itself from all vestiges of pop-culture.
The alt-right movement was the example how the newcomers had transformed the mostly nationalist movement into some kind of party soaked with pop culture. All those stupid “memes”, videos depicting Trump as a Greek hero and other childish trash. The older participants of the movement thought that it would help to attract the young generation; yes, maybe it helped a bit, but it is the path that leads to the eventual acceptance of the whole jewish filth package. There are many political parties in the West that had chosen this path. Let them do what they like, but they should have no place inside the nationalist movement.
The compromise of the foundational principles always leads to destruction of the whole movement. It is precisely why the enemy always suggests such compromises to their political opponents. It is enough to look at the “conservative” parties of the West to understand the whole scheme. Jews well know how to push out their enemies step by step; it always ends with the final push from the edge of the cliff. BNP’s journey into “parliamentary politics” is the best example of the work of this scheme. The same with South African apartheid government. It was gradually pushed to the brink.
Having understanding of this scheme, we can prevent its use against us. And the first task is to mercilessly cut off all inclinations of the newcomers to drag their filthy load of mainstream vices inside the movement. From the very start people should understand that either they raise up to the high standards of the movement or go out. There is no way around; the harsh decisions is the necessary part of the effective management. It is impossible to be kind to everyone. It is better to cut off the unhealthy chunk than to allow it to contaminate the whole community.
Many people with heavy load of pop-culture filth in their minds start now to crowd around nationalist movement; this flow is bound to grow because society starts to disintegrate and people instinctively seek an alternative. We could see it with the whole alt-right movement. But the worst thing is to allow this crowd to remake the movement into their dirty image. All these ragged jeans, “trendy” haircuts, piercings, tattoos, rock-n-roll, disgusting newspeak, all these and many other attributes of decadent society, should be excluded from the movement once and for all. It is absolutely unacceptable to allow such a trash to dominate the movement. Either they put a genuine effort into restoring their human image and mentality or return into the fold of their jewish masters, where they can comfortably die-out.
In USA only National Alliance firmly holds the ground. All other groups on the nationalist field chose the road of compromise in some way or another. Yes, compromise makes life easier in the short run but eventually destroys the whole undertaking.
To demonstrate the destructiveness of the whole concept of “finding compromises” we can look into recent history. When USSR had broken down? Yes, when its leadership started to compromise. When Serbia lost the war in 1990es? - When its leaders started to give in for NATO's demands. When apartheid fell? – When its leaders started to make unwarranted concessions. It was so always and everywhere. The bible demonstrates well how jews use the compromise mechanism to destroy their enemies. Genesis 34, for example, where Jacob’s sons by a ruse goad the members of an alien tribe into making circumcision and when they are temporarily incapacitated by this procedure – kill them off and take all their property. There are some other tales of the same nature in this jewish cook-book. So, it seems that everyone should know about the scheme; but despite of this, each time the enemy is able yet again to goad goyim into yet another self-destructive compromise. The lesson should be learnt at last.

"Why so hard?" the kitchen coal once said to the diamond. "After all, are we not close kin?"
Why so soft? O my brothers, thus I ask you: are you not after all my brothers?
Why so soft, so pliant and yielding? Why is there so much denial, self-denial, in your hearts? So little destiny in your eyes?
And if you do not want to be destinies and inexorable ones, how can you one day triumph with me?
And if your hardness does not wish to flash and cut through, how can you one day create with me?
For all creators are hard. And it must seem blessedness to you to impress your hand on millennia as on wax.
Blessedness to write on the will of millennia as on bronze--harder than bronze, nobler than bronze. Only the noblest is altogether hard.
This new tablet, O my brothers, I place over you: Become hard!
Friedrich Nietzsche. “Twilight of idols”

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Will Williams
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Re: Good News From United Russia

Post by Will Williams » Sat Feb 13, 2021 1:25 pm

Old Aardvark wrote:
Wed Jan 27, 2021 3:58 am
Based upon the limited information I have, I greatly admire Vladimir Putin. I wish the United States had a president with half his ability and character. American Jews and liberals hate Putin. That says a lot.
Maybe they hate him; maybe they don't. Since they influence the mass mind in America to such a high degree through their ownership and control of mass media, who's to know?

Putin certainly is a strong man compared to the pathetic current anti-nationalist U.S. president who is definitely loved by American Jews and liberals. That is pravda (truth).

The operative statement of yours, O.A., highlighted above, represents the understanding of Russian politics of nearly all Americans, including myself, even after having travelled as a racial nationalist to Russia three times and married two Aryan Russian beauties. So much that has been posted in this WB topic, "Good News From United Russia," started in July of 2013, has been either wrong or wishful thinking.

That is why I am so pleased that a politically savvy Russian, who agrees for the most part with the radical ideology and long term program of the National Alliance, has chosen to grace us here and at National Vanguard to enlighten us with his first hand knowledge of and experience with the White nationalist scene in his homeland. We need to listen closely to Mr. Stoner and take heed:

...I don’t agree with Anatoly Golitsyn on all points, but his assessment of the Soviet-Russian fake transition of power is mostly true. Therefore, looking into Russian affairs, you should always remember that you are dealing with the same Soviet system. The totalitarian tendencies of Putin’s state since the invasion in Ukraine in 2014-15 have confirmed this fact all too clearly. Putin is not a Russian nationalist, as some people like to think, but a KGB thug. This fact is one of the few about which western mainstream media doesn’t lie.
Putin is the bitter enemy of Russian ethnic nationalism. Since his accession to power, he did everything to annihilate all major nationalist political groups. People were unlawfully detained, jailed or even killed under pretense of “resisting arrest”, “trying to escape” or “suicide”. By using these nefarious methods, Putin was able to fully clear Russian political field from all nationalist legal forces...

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Re: Good News From United Russia

Post by Wolf Stoner » Tue Feb 16, 2021 8:37 am

Thank you very much for highlighting this key point of my text. I wanted to share this truth with English-speaking nationalists, because many of them are still in the dark about Russian reality. I try to be as objective as possible. I don’t attempt to simply vilify Putin; it isn’t my task. I don’t care if he would only kill his high-level political opponents, built palaces, fought foreign wars; these are actions practiced by all rulers of all times. But what I can’t accept is the Putin’s policy of inundating Russia with Asian migrants and the crackdown on Russian nationalist organizations.
Two years ago, I have translated and uploaded David Duke’s major speech that he delivered at the League of the South’s conference ( He brilliantly exposed the profoundly grave situation in USA and in essence predicted what would happen next. But there was a passage where he praised Putin. Many Russian nationalists who watched this speech had expressed irritation and even indignation about this passage; some did it in mild form, some in more acute phrases. All of them asked the question: is David Duke doesn’t know what really happens in Russia? No one of the few thousand people who watched this video said anything approving of this pro-Putin statement. Therefore, by saying that Russian nationalists are strongly against Putin and his quasi-Soviet system, I didn’t rely solely on my subjective opinion; this David Duke’s video served like some kind of social litmus test.
In the same time, we, Russian nationalists, clearly understand that the so-called “liberal opposition” is even worse than the current regime. They want to install in Russia the puppet “liberal” regime which would allow the western Jewish bankers to rob Russia yet once. Therefore, the best position at present is to stay aside from this political skirmish between Putin and “liberals”. Both sides are the enemies of ethnic Russians. It is like a war between two criminal clans. Let them thrash each other; it has nothing to do with us. Thank you, yet once, for providing the genuine free speech platform.

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