Groveling Toffs

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Douglas Mercer
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Groveling Toffs

Post by Douglas Mercer » Thu May 25, 2023 1:05 am

Douglas Mercer
May 24 2023

Little on earth is more sickening than to see bunch of harebrained toffs, born to money, never having to work a day in their life, living on landed estates, surrounded by servants, get on their knees and grovel in the mud for negros. And what is worse (much worse) malign and slander their ancestors in a tawdry and untoward way. Those giants of the past deserve much better than this. They worked hard to create the White world, they invested everything they had in this noble project. And now, lo these many years later, their descendants who have never done a day’s work (being a BBC presenter does not count as work) say that everything they worked for was worthless and worse: was evil. Of course they should have no standing in the matter, but their treacly apologies catches the eye of the authorities and make them authorities, so called. There is nothing the regime enjoys more than to see the great whatever grandchildren of great White men obsequiously say there were never any great White men.

“Descendants of some of Britain's wealthiest slaveowners are calling on the U.K. government to publicly apologize and atone for the country's historical links to slavery. Several British families are leading the campaign as part of a group called The Heirs of Slavery, which is working to shine a light on this country's deep involvement in the slave trade.”

Heirs to slavery? That’s the small change of life by now; what they are heirs to (but don’t know it) is the great race: the White race. According to Hans Gunther it was the Aryans’ beautiful White and at times nearly translucent skin which made the blood be seen as nearly blue: hence the name blue blood. These self proclaimed heirs to slavery are (nominally at least) blue blood, heirs to the great White men of England going back a millennia at least, these not being fly by night families. These are the recipients of the blood of the Angles and the Saxons, and the Normans, the ones who forged Manga Carta and turned a small island nation into the juggernaut of the world. Now these dopes (who have a giant megaphone and platform due to to what their forebears did) mope around the world and scream mea culpa. But not just “I am guilty” but “We are guilty” all of us, but most particularly them: the heirs to slavery.

“Laura Trevelyan (descendant of the Treveylans named in the Domesday Book of 1086) and her family have been wrestling with the links between the past and the present, recently apologizing and paying reparations to the people of Grenada. And in April 2023, Trevelyan co-founded Heirs of Slavery, a group of people whose ancestors once profited from British transatlantic slavery and are now hoping to make amends.”

Anyone who watches their telly and the BBC and is brain dead stupid would think that back then the British aristocratic class was at least half black, and the White women of the time simply couldn’t wait to avail themselves of some of that simmering jungle love by bedding down those negros in their finery and jodhpurs. If you believe Laura Treveylan (former BBC presenters, stupid toff) those British aristocrats were pock marked faced ogres with blood dripping from their fangs wandering around their estates sadistically whipping and tormenting negros. But you can be sure that Trevelayn is fully satisfied with the depiction of the negros back then raping the White women, she thinks the image is is one small down payment on the reparations scheme she is concocting. And from the look of her it would come as a shock to exactly no one if she herself has a sexual hankering for some of the big black low IQ bucks she meets on her apology tour. Come and get it boys. Come and get the apologies, which she would proceed to provide them in spades.

“I knew my family in the 19th century was prominent in colonialism and in the empire. But a few years ago, one of her relatives typed the Trevelyan name into an academic database on the legacies of British slavery. We had owned enslaved Africans on at least five plantations—sugarcane plantations—in Greanda. This was a huge shock.”

What the hell did she think they were doing? Where did she think all the money she swims in came from? Is she that naïve? Did she think way back when they were in the Caribbean giving charity to negros like her? That they were way over in Grenada in order to make sure the black man got a fair shake? To have her White liberal illusions shattered must have been a real heartbreaker for her. You hate to break it to this soapsuds for brains but the White man was over there forging and forming a world. And that meant being immune to the sob sister stories of the kind you hear from her likes. Trust me that those men didn’t think twice about what they were doing and, if ever called on, would do it again in a heartbeat. At the time there might have been some weak sisters wearing surplice or some weak minded literati in the metropole, but back then those people could be safely ignored. And ignored they were, as all they were doing is sighing and muttering in a corner as they clutched the pearls that other men acquired for them.

“After learning her family's history, Trevelyan (a former BBC presenter) has made several visits to Grenada, starting with a trip for a documentary project. We went around the island and we saw the estates that my ancestors had part-owned. We saw the instruments of torture, the neck braces, the whips and the manacles that were used on the enslaved. We looked at the slave registers and we saw that more people died than were born on the estates that the Trevelyans had owned – and it was really sobering and appalling. Trevelyan says an apology is really important, to stand up and be counted, to say, It was us, it was our ancestors that owned yours.”

Another of her ancestors was the famed historian G.E. Trevelyan. She has publicly bitched about him too. Apparently he wrote all of his opuses and never once mentioned that he had “hereditary sin” from his slave owning ancestors. And what is worse from her sordid perspective is that he never once shed a tear on the page for the plight of the coloreds. Why would he? He himself started out as a liberal believing in the triumphant march of rights and the rest of that horse feathers. But then the First World War shook him to his core. Apparently the beginning of the end of the White world dispelled any notion of human goodness and kumbaya futures, and he began to grow more ideologically dark. But, hell, even the liberals back then never questioned what it took to build our civilization. They took the hard-heartedness that was required as a matter of course. In the long arc of time it’s these bleeding heart toffs who are the great exceptions. And it’s good to remember that when they try to buffalo you by the rending of garments into coughing up your money and your country on behalf of subhumanity.

“One of the group's founders is a second cousin of King Charles III, but the royal family itself — the monarch's own siblings and offspring — are not directly involved in the effort. The Earl of Harewood, the British aristocrat who is the king's second cousin and part of the group lives at his ancestral home, Harewood House. The palatial estate, now open to the public for tours, was built entirely on the profits of the transatlantic slave trade.”

This guy is such a simp he never stood a chance; really he should move out of that ancestral home and give it to some White people with some pride who would treat it the way it should be, replete with lawn jockeys and golliwogs visible to the public. But instead he will open up the family home to all and sundry and he’ll give everyone a tour and make sure to slip in the part most important to him, namely that by all right he does not deserve to be there. He’s right about that but for the wrong reason. Not that it was ill gotten goods—it was got and gained honestly. But that he is a degenerate coward who is not living up at all to the great examples set by the forebears who built it. What a spectacle really, a man living in the lap of luxury who abjures the means by which that luxury was won; and you can be sure the guided tour does not assuage the many pricks of his conscience, not at all. He’s now going whole hog to get his entire class to give it all back.

“I'm ashamed that, you know, people behaved in that way, that my ancestors behaved in that way, Harewood said. We're accountable for that legacy today. Harewood House is full of art that depicts the earl's aristocratic forebears who grew rich by owning sugar plantations in Jamaica and Barbados that exploited the labor of trafficked Africa.”

Trust me, when those ancestors (who are supposed to be remembered and revered) look down on this sniveling mess of a nob they are the ones who are ashamed and mortified. But when he says that he is accountable for their legacy he speaks more truth than he knows, but in reverse. He will definitely be held to account by a high judge, and deemed to have failed miserably. Everything about him reeks of surrender; he’s caught on to society’s fashion, seen that his heritage is out of step with it, and buckled and truckled like nobody’s’ business. This might get him a few loud thanks in elite quarters but for those of us paying attention we know that when the bloody harvest comes the likes of this guy will be envying the dead.

“Harewood has helped to launch the campaign calling for families like his own, that benefited from slavery, to come clean and use their wealth to benefit the descendants of those who were trafficked. He calls it reparative justice. It’s something that people have been very much in denial about — swept it under the carpet, pretended it hadn't happened, he said. He said he couldn't fully understand the denial by other families, but assumed it likely stems from a sense of guilt or shame.”

Or, perhaps, they are not sycophantic yes me like you, a man who floats downstream and goes with the flow; perhaps they are not willing to defend their families publicly but on the other hand are not going to make a big show of the guilt and shame they don’t feel; who knows. But at the very least they are not making spectacles of themselves and are keeping their heads down, and keeping their dignity intact.

“Buckingham Palace announced only this month that it was cooperating with an independent investigation into the monarchy's connections to slavery. King Charles and his son and heir Prince William have both expressed sadness about those links, including William telling people on a visit to Jamaica last year that, the appalling atrocity of slavery forever stains our history. I want to express my profound sorrow, said the prince. But he, and all other senior members of the family have always stopped short of an actual apology."

Oh no for all intents and purposes they’ve apologized; that trip to Jamaica was one long tour of regret and obsequious shame, and anyone who thinks that Team Willliam and Kate are any different than Cuck Harry and his ghetto trash wife has another thing coming. As for Charles he is sheepishness personified, kowtows to Jews, made sure his coronation was diverse, and very likely let his ugly wife wear the trousers in the family. You can bet when that black woman on the BBC said the balcony of the royals was “terribly White” he’d have liked to have publicly concurred. As for his mother she might as well be public enemy number one, she oversaw the death knell of White England and said nary a peep about it. And she also supervised the selling out of White Africa at a time when a word or two from England’s Queen would have meant something. She had no intention of doing helping the Whites there is their time of need; she got along to go along and was glad to see the liquidation of an Empire flowing towards the coloreds.

“The Earl of Harewood have already worked together on projects to educate the British public about the country's historical involvement in slavery. And in the ornate halls of Harewood House, the earl has started adding to his impressive art collection, commissioning new portraits of black British comunity leaders to hang beside his ancestors.”

If they could speak (and they speak though us) you know what they would say: who are these jigaboos? And why aren’t they washing the clothes, tending the gardens, or cooking the meals? What are they doing up here with us? These uppity slaves are not out kind, we prefer a toothy grin, a bit of patter, some shucking and jiving, and a simple yassir massa. Anything other than that does not befit men of our station. No it doesn’t, but this cretin is trying to rid himself of what he thinks is a moral taint and moral pollution. It’s a ritual cleansing for him to put the pictures of those spooks next to the (great) men of his family. Sadly, it’s the only way he can live with himself, if you call that living. As for the ancestors they will bear it stoically like they always did, waiting for a better time. As for now such men are in short supply; for judging from these heinous heirs the ruling class of England has obviously hit the skids, fallen on hard time, and is sinking fast.

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Re: Groveling Toffs

Post by Astrid » Tue May 30, 2023 5:34 pm

What a spectacle really, a man living in the lap of luxury who abjures the means by which that luxury was won...
BRILLIANTLY stated; the above sums up so much of this phenomenon of White self-hatred we see all around. Similarly, it has always struck me that were it no for so-called "White Supremacy", this supposedly greatest country in the world, the former United States of America, would not even exist for all these poor oppressed non-Whites to flock to, so that they can have access to everything the White man created with his supremacy.

Thank you, thank you, Mr. Mercer; there are days when your work is the only sustenance that keeps me inspired.

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