Unprotected Class

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Douglas Mercer
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Unprotected Class

Post by Douglas Mercer » Mon May 22, 2023 10:06 pm

Douglas Mercer
May 22 2023

Everyone is equal and is equal under the law; so says the banner headline but of course in the not so fine print there is special sub-clause section 42 F-End Whitey which reads: Dark skin good, White skin bad. This is the real law, the law that Courts and Judges go by. Anti-discrimination law is not applied indiscriminately, not even close. Whites is all the former White Homelands are now second class citizens, legally speaking we are forced to go forth with a begging bowl, and rarely even get the scraps. Civil Rights, Human Rights, rights of each and every kind mean one thing and one thing only: no rights for the White man. And whenever and wherever equality reigns you know that the White man is getting hosed.

“According to a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, white people cannot claim discrimination with the Tribunal recently writing that an allegation of racial discrimination or discrimination on the grounds of color is not one that can be or has been successfully claimed by persons who are white and non-racialized.”

You talk about your academic voodoo but officially the critical pedagogues in the critical race industry don’t believe in race. They say race does not exist but is a social construct created by White people to oppress the non-Whites. But so powerful is this social construct that they (the critical race theorists) consider themselves “functional race essentialists,” meaning like all people the coloreds have no race but have been racialized (by White people who did this to oppress them). And this fictional race concept is so pervasive that it is all that matters. Whites on the other hand have no race and are not racialized and are thus fair game for genocide. And White Genocide will be the only genocide that will be approved by the Jewish Power structure on humanitarian grounds. In this way Whites are marked out for special opprobrium and do not merit being considered equal under the law.

“The comments were made in relation to a human rights complaint filed by a father, on behalf of his son, who was excluded from participating in a government funded summer program because he was White. In June 2021 the Ontario teenager attempted to sign up for the Summer Up program, sponsored by the Ontario provincial government, only to find out that the opportunity was only for black students. This prompted his father to make the complaint to the Tribunal.”

All are equal but some are more equal than others, which is why White people never should have given rights and equality to the coloreds in the first place. The idea that they would be content with that and let “bygones be bygones” was always the most shaky theory available. The point is when you have your boot on another race’s neck you have to keep it there or subjugate them so thoroughly that you can safely remove it. There is no other alternative. And this father is surely well meaning but is beholden to an outmoded idea, the idea that White people can be ever be equal in the nations that they formerly owned and ruled. You can hear the people at the officer where they registered the complaint snickering: who does he think he is trying to get his head out of the noose? When did he think as a White man he could leave the chopping block? Instead of teaching his White child to appeal to a never realistic equality, he should teach him to cherish being White and instill in him White Pride. In the short and the long run it is the only thing which will provide dividends.

“Canadian law appears to stand in contrast to the Tribunal’s comments. The Ontario Human Rights Code explicitly states that every person has a right to equal treatment with respect to services, goods and facilities, without discrimination because of race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, family status or disability.”

High sounding words, those. But obviously they don’t mean it. That’s just for the ever flighty public consumption, so they can stand up straight in the tradition of content of your characterism. But when the nitty meets the gritty they have no plans to extend equality to White people. Don’t they remember when they found those brown tots in those unmarked graves in Canada? Don’t they remember when the Pope came to Canada and licked Indian boots? Don’t they remember when Justin Trudeau said he wanted to have no truck with White people? No, in Canada as everywhere in the lost White world, they speechify about equality, but everything is geared and graded for the benefit of our colored enemies.

“However, the Code has a loophole for Special Programs as spelled out under Part II of the Code entitled Interpretation and Application, which say a right under Part I is not infringed by the implementation of a special program designed to relieve hardship or economic disadvantage or to assist disadvantaged persons or groups to achieve or attempt to achieve equal opportunity or that is likely to contribute to the elimination of the infringement of rights under Part I.”

That’s it: Whites are an unprotected class. Loopholes? No, these aren’t loopholes. These are the specifications of the law. Code S5 under clause BS Knock Off The White man says it right there. They emphasize that this is “special” that this is exceptional but it’s not. It’s not the exception that proves the rules, it is the rule itself: Dark Skin good, White skin bad. Whites are at the bottom of the heap and the law gives special protections to every other race, not to ensure that they are equal but that they have legal superiority. Of course any more White Supremacy like this and we’re done for.

“Any government, company or organization, like a school board, can apply to designate a program that is clearly discriminatory, as a special program. The Summer Up program however, was not designated as such but the Tribunal ruled that it met the designation anyway. If a program discriminates against the correct groups, it will fit within the exemption as a matter of course. The statute that purports to prohibit discrimination authorizes it instead.”

This is the backwards logic that is no logic at all. But then we live in a mealy mouthed lying world where they think they have to appeal to the “better angels” of Whites and promote equality, even as they legislate White legal inferiority, to make us a subjugated class. But this inverse reason should come as no surprise, the ruling class in our countries have been running a program of surreal chop logic ever since a United States Supreme Court Justice opined that we must never let the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment become a tool of White Supremacy. An entire edifice of anti-White hate and legislation has been built upon that pillar of sand. And will forevermore until we wash it away.

“The Supreme Court of Canada, for over four decades, has eviscerated legal equality. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (The Charter) states that every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination. But the Court has given it the opposite meaning.”

Why wouldn’t they? They are not quite yet daylight robbers, though I’m sure it frustrates them that they can’t be. So they put the thinnest of veneers, the scantiest of fig leafs (equality!) and then proceed under cover of dark to do what they want to and what they think just: hose White people without remorse.

“The Charter, like the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Tribunal, has exceptions to the rule that aim to seek comparable outcomes between identity groups, not equal treatment between individuals. In fact Canadian courts have argued that The Charter does not only allow discrimination against certain groups, but in some cases requires it.”

Mandatory it is to give the coloreds a leg up, it’s not something they do on occasion to “level things out” it’s the entire program. What this is of course is the infamous “equity” not the (really equally infamous) equality which entailed equity. Indeed, so lopsided is it that when they say Civil Rights or Human rights what it really means is that people of color have a right to our money and our lives. That’s certainly what all the “right thinking” people think in their hearts.

“For example, in December 2022, an Ontario Divisional Court ruled that a standardized math test for individuals seeking to be teachers was unconstitutional because white, East and Southeast Asian candidates performed better on the test compared to black or Indigenous people. The Court without inquiring into why certain groups performed better concluded that the test was discriminatory which occurs when neutral laws have a disproportionate impact on members of enumerated or analogous groups.”

Disparate impact (when the coloreds do worse) requires an explanation. You have two choices and only two: 1) They are racially inferior 2) racism. Safe to say they have no interest whatsoever in the first explanation. It is embarrassing and humiliating and there is really no remedy for it. The second one is, however, infinitely appealing to them, it gets them off the hook and gets them spigots full of money. Because disparate impact (they say) stems from implicit bias, it’s a Rube Goldberg kind of logic, that is no logic at all, not even chop logic. Because if Whitey done them wrong then Whitey owes them cash. As we can see from the number of negros standing in front of microphones lately demanding that Whites give them millions and billions (the sun, the moon, and the stars) we see that this demand for gibs is their final and most essential message.

“Preferential measures, distinguishing between people by their color, lineage, gender and sexuality, are becoming the order of the day. It is time to say the other quiet part out loud: Canadians have not agreed to be treated unequally.”

No one asked for our consent—they just want us to stick our heads back in the noose and do so without too much fuss. Now that our leaders have mortgaged our future for a mess of racial aliens they certainly have no interest in conferring any kind of equality on us. For equality always meant what is now referred to as equity, first in the fine print, and then in the blaring headlines, but it’s not the footnotes—it’s the lede. Which is why the sane and the sober from the beginning saw what equality was, not a kumabya moment of reconciliation and harmony and love (ha!) but a weapon aimed right at our heads. For we are now that strangest of things, legal outcasts in the country which is our home, exiles in the homeland, an unprotected class which is forbidden resistance. Which is why we should not be petitioning for equality with people who are not our equal, but rather giving each other aid in mutual self defense, in the cause of eternal separation.

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