Anti-Racist Medicine

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Anti-Racist Medicine

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri May 12, 2023 1:26 am

Douglas Mercer
May 11 2023

Careful when you step in that doctors office, for all intents and purposes you are likely to get a witch doctor or a medicine man. They won’t have been educated and steeped in the latest of the cutting edge medical arts, but if asked they can recite on cue the latest bromides from the academy: all about critical consciousness, and anti-black racism. He might be wearing a white coat but you can be sure underneath is a black heart dedicated to the needs of the blacks. And hey, you’re just a White guy, so he won’t be too concerned about the test results, he’ll be more focused on your privilege than your medical needs. And surgery? Forget about it, once you go under you don’t stand a chance, and if no one is looking he’ll do some of that voodoo restorative justice on your kidney. And don’t think about a law suit, the entire medical establishment will back him up, for they have drunk deep of the cup of equity, and a dead White guy doesn’t mean any one did any harm. Do no harm? To hell with that they say. More like do no White Supremacy.

“Columbia University received backlash online after a video showed medical students reciting a revised version of the Hippocratic Oath that included tenets of critical race theory. Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons Class of 2025 during a White Coat Ceremony reciting an oath: We recognize the acts and systems of oppression effected in the name of medicine. We take this Oath of service to begin building a future grounded in truth, restoration, and equity to fulfill medicine's capacity to liberate.”

Why the white coats? Isn’t that hegemonic something or other? Isn’t that colonizer medical wear? The pristine apparel symbolizes something, but I’m not sure it’s really what they are going for, what with the references to cleanliness and purity. But either way you can hear the monotone in their manta as they chant and recite in unison. Really they might as well be saying: We are dedicated to the destruction of the White race and all forms of Whiteness. The White race has performed untold evil and the medical profession has been complicit. We pledge to eradicate Whiteness from our work, and be good servants and stewards of the coloreds. It’s an oath mind you and one they take dead serious.

“The oath also instructs students to contribute to the field of medicine through ethical study and equitable, evidence-based care as well as address systemic issues in the institutions upheld by the medical profession: I promise to self-reflect diligently, to confront unconscious prejudices, and to develop the skills, knowledge, and character necessary to engender an inclusive, equitable field of medicine, the students chant in another portion of the oath.”

Here is more of the chanting and the reciting; here are the buzz words and the code words. They have of course thrown in some “nice” sounding words like ethical and evidence based but they counterpoint them with what they really mean: equity, inclusion, “unconscious prejudices.” Someone who has not been clued in to the critical theory’s manner of speaking and the symbolic (shambolic, really) import of the words might read that and think it more or less straightforward and innocent. Of course it could not be less so, is nothing of the kind. Once you know their verbal tics you see that this is riddled with their lexicon, and is ripped straight from some book called White Awareness. This movement is nothing less that the incorporation of anti-White zealotry into medicine and when they tell you to “trust the science” on this you know the White man is about to get taken for a ride.

“58 of the nation’s top 100 medical schools have some form of mandatory coursework related to the idea that racism is systemic in America's institutions. The University Of Minnesota includes a land acknowledgment and pledging to honor all Indigenous ways of healing that have been historically marginalized by Western medicine.”

This is witch doctor meets medicine man tripe—can voodoo dolls and head shrinking be far behind? Yes, the outside of the buildings are still gleaming (the legacy of White people) but inside they have tee pees, and they honor the mother earth and father sky, and there is a shaman doing what looks like a jig in order to appease the god of physical malefactions. There may be totems and some sweat lodges but pale face need not worry: the dreamcatcher has a fetish in the shape of a buffalo bone and he ward off infection. Take some sweetgrass and some sage on the way out and spin the medicine wheel for good luck, and when your leg turns green just hope the spirit in the sky is feeling kindly that day.

“The Class Oath includes a commitment to acknowledge and embrace the diversity that exists within all communities. We also recognize the acts and systems of oppression effected in the name of medicine. We take this oath of service to begin building a future grounded in truth, restoration, and equity to fulfill medicine’s capacity to liberate.”

The big move now is for cities and states to declare that racism is a public health care crisis. They base this ludicrous proposition on the fact that health outcomes differ widely between us and them, but is that really so surprising? They are poorer, have worse health care, choose to access it less, eat worse; it has nothing to do with supposed but actually non-existent racism but that doesn’t stop them from tossing massive amounts of money at them in the name of (you guessed it) equity. But the real public health crisis will be in ten years when the s*** hits the fan on all of this anti-racist medicine; for instead of educating these future doctors on the fundamentals they are filling their heads with meaningless blather about racism and White evil. So the doctor won’t know how to read your chart or when to draw blood or when surgery might be required, but he can lecture you on your White privilege and give you the song and dance that his profession has never given the coloreds an even break. And the last thing you want to see before the they give you the gas is a black man who you know has been schooled deeply in the ins and out of medical equity.

“A review of the admissions process at 50 of the top-ranked medical schools found that 36 asked applicants their views on, or experience in, DEI efforts. Many were overt in asking applicants if they agreed with certain statements about racial politics and the causes of disparate health outcome. Medical schools are asking these questions in order to turn ideological support for health equity and social justice initiatives into a credential that increases an applicant’s chance of acceptance, screen out dissenters, and signal to all applicants that they are expected to support this new cause.”

Do no harm? Ha! That’s a joke, and that’s old school thinking. They’ll do plenty of harm, especially if you are White. Do no White Supremacy is their credo now, and nothing says White Supremacy like accomplishment and excellence. This is why it’s so dangerous that they are going to pre-purge anyone who might have problems with their balderdash, who might have the quaint and old fashioned belief that above all a doctor must have competence and skills, that nothing is so un-ideological as caring for someone’s health. And you can bet that the “dissenters” in this regard will be exclusively White, so not that there isn’t already a glut of Indian and Asian doctors in our land, but going forward a nice, White doctor, the kind that used to make home calls, will be a rare thing indeed.

“The questions identified in the report vary in their implicit assumptions and the extent to which they probe applicants. Some ask about the unique experiences and challenges that applicants may have faced, or name-check diversity and ask in very general terms about its importance. The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine, for example, professes to be interested in combating all forms of systemic barriers and entreats applicants to share their thoughts on opposing systemic racism, anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, and misogyny.”

From the looks of it you’d think that these applicants were applying for a TA gig at the Berkeley school of the White Man Evil Studies. What any of this has to do with medicine is anyone’s guess, and the only reasonable guess is nothing at all. What it has to do with is the embedding and entrenchment of a foul, sinister, and alien ideology into every nook and every cranny of all American institutional life; it should come as no surprise as the medical profession against all reason is in the forefront and vanguard of the trans transition and chop shop movement meant to physically and chemically castrate our boys and unsex our girls. You might have thought that a profession with as lofty and noble a history might have kept their collective head down on this one, and let it pass, or try to, but if you thought that you thought wrong. They are the chief ghouls inside the gates when it comes to the race and gender revolutions, and if they don’t have a sound mind how can any patients expect to have a sound body under their care?

“At the University of Minnesota, applicants are first told that our country is reckoning with its history, racism, racial injustice, and especially anti-black racism. Then they’re asked to share their reflections on, experiences with, and greatest lessons learned about systemic racism. The university of Minnesota Medical School students took an oath to promote a culture of anti-racism during a white coat ceremony. White coats, the students said, are themselves a symbol of power, prestige, and dominance.”

Nobody wants a doctor in a black coat but then no one really (not really) wants a black doctor either. Other than seeing that a black is piloting the plane you are on a black in medical scrubs approaching you prone on your back for surgery is about as low as it gets. But the sub-Saharans (and the Indo-Pakis and the gooks to boot) are the darlings of the medical schools and you can see that the anti-racist fervor permeates them. They really do hate White people. And now the brass in these places has given them the green light and they strut about like they own the place. Certainly in the schools they are the strong horse now, and good medicine is equated with being a good anti-racist. Nothing good will come from this witches brew of anti-racist medicine, but then that’s the plan is it not? That nothing good will come from it.

“We commit to uprooting the legacy and perpetuation of structural violence deeply embedded within the health care system, the students said. We recognize inequities built by past and present traumas rooted in white supremacy, colonialism, the gender binary, ableism, and all forms of oppression, the students said in their oath pledging to be anti-racist.”

This is the anti-racist oath. This is the new god to which they pledge their undying allegiance.

“The American Medical Association, the American Association of Medical Colleges and the American Association of Pediatrics have all agreed that medicine is racist. The New England Journal of Medicine presents a non stop stream of articles on topic such as The Pathology of Racism, Towards Anti-Racist Allyship in Medicine, How Structural Racism Works, and Racist Policies As The Root of Racial Health Disparities.”

Of course White medicine has until now always been the wonder of the world. It was we who discovered germs, and the causes of outbreaks, and who eradicated diseases. It was we who caused life expectancy to jump to unheard of levels. But it was also us who exported out medicine in the name of a humanitarianism gone mad. There is a meme going round in which Albert Schweitzer says that the black man is an implacable enemy of the White man; true, but he was a man who spent his life medically caring for blacks in the darkest jungle, instead of helping his own people; and it was fools like him who brought modern White miracles to Africa and took a continent of three hundred million and turned it into one of two billion. A lot of his progeny and legacy is on our border right now. They call what we did to Africa genocide but what it really was was establishing black breeding colonies. And now the black tide is everywhere, and the genocide is on us now. And as a result the American Medical establishment is mired in a kind of new Lysenkoism, the creed to anti-racism, so your children should not expect any more miracles from the doctor they are assigned to see, but little more than a thumb in their eye.

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