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Diversity Pays

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2023 6:12 pm
by Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
February 11 2023

How do you dismantle a juggernaut? Florida showed the way the other day though of course the question is if it's too late. Rick DeSantis fired the President of New College Of Florida and by sacking this communist he sent her crying in to the arms of a green haired freak for solace and comfort if the pictures of the event are any indications. The governor cleared out the Board Of Trustees and is set to retool the college as, of all things, a place of learning, rather than what it currently is which is a place where hack diversity specialists foist anti-White hatred on students. If this is the first stirrings of the backlash it is welcome but they are taking on a monster and you would be excused if you thought the time was long past for such, all things considered, tepid measures.

They say that every cause begins as a movement, turns in to a business and ends up as a racket. The Diversity Industry was all three from the beginning. Diversity got big boost when the Supreme Court said it was a compelling interest; now they could justify it on the grounds that it was good for society, that it was in itself a strength. But what is really a compelling interest for the ones promoting it is the oldest one in the book: cold hard cash.

"The University Of Michigan will spend more than $18 million this academic year on salary and benefits for its diversity, equity, and inclusion staff. That figure, which amounts to the cost of in-state tuition for 1,075 students, will be paid out to more than 142 staff during the 2022 to 2023 school year."

This diversity industrial complex is an infinitely tentacled and finely layered hyena that is entrenched deep down in the interstitial spaces of academia; no modern university run by insects would be complete without its diversity officers, it's inclusion czars, it's equity arbitrators, it's anti-White mavens. They eschew the dissemination of learning unless it's learning about those small pox blankets, the so-called tragedy of Wounded Knee, redlining, and the immense suffering of the Jews. Indeed Jarquavius and Maria will need remedial help in English but the doyennes of diversity are much more concerned with telling them that they are the rightful inheritors of the earth, so no need to bother reading those dusty and musty Dead White Males. This diversity on college campuses has become a juggernaut and is snowballing and picking up stream, and a more lucrative business is not likely to be found. Diversity does not teach anything of value--but it does pay.

"The university’s vice provost for equity and inclusion, Tabbye Chavous Sellers, is the highest-paid DEI staffer. Sellers, the wife of former DEI provost Robert Sellers, makes $380,000. Seventeen DEI staffers make more than $200,000 in total compensation, according to the data. Ninety-five staffers make more than $100,000 in total compensation."

This is some good scratch if you can get it. And this Sellers family is like the royal dynasty of destruction, it's now a family gig and they'll probably pass the mantle of anti-white hatred to their royal scions. The husband is a none too bright looking full blooded negro, the wife is a mulatto, so the children will be a dog's breakfast meets witch brew of miscegenation. Safe to say that when it comes to this coondoggle no White people need apply. Indeed, my advice for White people is to head to the hills as quickly as you can.

"The university’s DEI staff has seen rapid growth in recent years; in the 2018 and 2019 academic year the school employed just 82 DEI staffers, for a total cost of $10.6 million. The staff grew to 126 during the 2021 to 2022 school year at a total cost of $15.6 million."

Rapid growth is an understatement; until about five minutes ago this stuff had gone totally unchecked, and so far the check consists of one communist lady fired and one board of trustees let go. This has been ballooning and proliferating and growing like wild fungus for decades ever since the first negro dropped the pretense that what they are after was equality. These DEI bureaucrats are the HR departments of universities, the head honchos, who oversee admissions and hirings and the "tone" on campus, and the curriculum, and who have the ideological run of the place. What they say goes and kowtowing to them amounts to a loyalty oath. The communists hated loyalty oaths when it was loyalty to America but when it's loyalty to their revolutionary activities in undermining the basis of White America they are more than good with it.

"Staff positions with diversity, equity, or inclusion in the job title did not begin popping up at the university until the 2004 to 2005 school year."

It took them a while to get their act together. Obviously there was the explosion of the 1960s and the beginning of Affirmative Action (a phrase that was obscurely tucked in a 1961 memo from the
Kennedy administration), and then the beginning of the special advantages; then the advantages outright in admissions began in earnest in the 1980s as the anti-White monolith took shape and Political Correctness and the animus towards Dead White Males emerged. But the real onslaught was when the word "diversity" went from becoming something "desirable" to something akin to an object of religious devotion, an umbrella term to designate everything that is radiant and holy: less White people. It was at this time that they realized that this new gospel not only needed to be shouted in the public square ad infinitum, it needed to be consolidated and institutionalized in the groves of academe. By around 2013 they were in the full upswing; Trayvon, then Michael Brown, and then George Floyd. Now diversity isn't a mantra--it's a way of life.

“In my opinion, most colleges like UM are spending way too much money on DIE efforts, and it’s incredibly wasteful because those efforts are part of advancing the new DIE religion in higher education and directly contradict the core mission of a university — to educate students, teach critical thinking and expose them to intellectual diversity — in favor of pursuing misguided goals of social justice, racial justice, and gender justice,”

Diversity is now more than an ideal or a mantra, it's a way of life and sacred cow--a new sacred object of devotion, a religion to which they burn their strange incense, offer their devotions, which has it's dogmas (all men are equal) its articles of faith (diversity is a strength), its self flagellating monks, its burnings at the stake, its heresies, its witch hunts, its oblations and sacrifices, its stations of the cross, its houses of worship with lay pastors, and cardinals, bishops, and Popes, its prosperity gospellers, and its sale of indulgences with which the moral transgressor against the new faith can climb his way of our moral limbo.


It’s a thriving practice. No one went ever went broke peddling this blather. Just look at the salaries.

At the University of Iowa in 2018, the interim vice president for diversity pulled in $284,350.

At Cal State-Los Angeles, the head of the office of diversity drew $201,595.

The chief diversity officer at the University of Florida makes $198,038 base plus $80,889 in “auxiliaries.”

The vice provost for equity and inclusion at the University of Michigan has a gross income of $407,653.

Gross pay in 2017 for UCLA’s vice chancellor of equity and diversity: $383,778.

Salary for vice-chancellor of equity and diversity at Berkeley: $221,453.

Linda Green, a diversity bureaucrat and law professor from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will pull in $250,000 a year in regular salary, but that’s just the beginning: she’ll receive both a relocation allowance of $60,000 and 100 percent reimbursement of all moving expenses, a temporary housing allowance of $13,500, two fully paid house-hunting trips for two to the San Diego area, and reimbursement for all business visits to the campus before her start date.

This is good scratch if you can get it--as specified.


Michigan of course leans a little left, they got that crazy-eyed lady Governor, the one that got kidnapped by the FBI. And they have that Civil Rights Division in Lansing, the one run by a black guy who threatened a small town that he would sic Jew Merrick Garland on them like a crazed and rabid dog if they were racist and voted to keep out a proposed home for sixteen year old Mexican invaders. But Idaho? Yes, sir, Idaho. After all they are the state that houses the only museum in the country dedicated exclusively to Anne Frank. No, really, it's in Idaho.

"In 2021, Idaho’s Legislature told state universities to eschew the harmful critical social justice (CSJ) ideology and return to their core educational mission – the advancement of truth. But Idaho’s flagship universities have maintained spending on diversity administrators, or diversicrats, and taken their promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) underground by requiring political litmus tests in job applications.

Truth? Ha! Not very likely. They flee the truth, especially racial truth, in the same way the Jews flee the good and the right. And do you notice how whenever they want to give a high sounding name to something they add the word "critical" to it? The Jews are incapable of creating a single worthwhile thing (they create only chaos) but they are past masters of sitting on the sidelines of the true creators and kvetching and bitching, pointing out everything which they say is "wrong" but which is really only everything that is not good for Jews. That is, everything that is good and right.

"CSJ is an indictment of American society as irredeemably racist or sexist or homophobic. DEI is the solution that universities adopt to remedy the problems CSJ identifies. CSJ promises to promote DEI wherever possible at the university. Most universities begin building a CSJ university by hiring upper-level administrators dedicated to DEI."

Yes, this is no grass roots organic movement of the proles. This is no effort of the people, no way. The long march through the institutions to be rid of all the olds is long over. These murderous cretins are now sitting in the corner officer on the top floor (the one with the best view of the carnage they are wreaking) and they have an anti-racist interlocking directorate, they have the names and numbers, and they have the backing of the Jew media, and the Jew government, and the Jew corporations, and like sick demented criminals they utter the mind numbingly saccharine and seemingly anodyne phrases of inclusion and equity, the verbal equivalents of a pre-frontal lobotomy to get people thinking that an act of unspeakable genocide is a gentle and mild act of love.

"Total DEI administrative salaries across the Idaho system exceed $1.4 million, with at least three administrators making more than $100,000. The CSJ-DEI industrial complex expanded this year at Boise State University, which started the anti-racism Center and at University of Idaho, which started the Black Cultural Center to provide a safe space for black students with a new dedicated director."

Didn't Eisenhower warn us about this? Actually, no, he did not, he was the guy who sent those troops to Little Rock to put one of the final nails in the coffin of White America. And just for the record blacks in Idaho comprise less than one percent of the population (excellent, but still less than one percent too many). And the blacks that are there have to leave after sundown and during the day they have to walk around with their hands up. And yet despite this schools in this state have a cultural center for the blacks proving once and for all time that Negro Worship is pitiful but virulent disease, the only safe space for blacks being in jail or in Africa, thus they being unable to harm the rest of us.

"Boise State University’s Student Equity Center is dedicated to raising awareness about oppression and systemic racism and their relationship to group identity — bedrock concepts of CSJ. The center offers faculty and students various diversity and inclusion trainings that include materials such as a racial inventory quiz that aims to measure participants’ level of privilege based on their race or color."

Are you discriminated against in school admission? Are you discriminated against in government largesse? Are you discriminated against in government contracts? Are you discriminated against in being hired for jobs? Are you vilified by the government? Are you pilloried by the media? Is your history being erased? Are you targeted for genocide? For Whites in this racial inventory quiz the answer to all these questions are emphatic yeses. Proving that White people in this country have the opposite of privilege.

"Boise State' Gender Equity Center is an environment for people of all gender identities to explore, celebrate and educate the campus community about gender equity. The center’s web page features critical race theorist Kimberle Crenshaw, known for her work on intersectionality and provides trans friendly and LGBTQIA+ resources, and encourages students to engage in advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ cause. The website explains that becoming an LGBTQIA+ advocate requires ongoing reflection of one’s privilege and recommends resources on white privilege for students."

They have books, articles, pamphlets and other paraphernalia of propaganda all at the ready. And here they show that they are not only catering to the coloreds but the fags, the queer, and the deviant as well. If you are a colored queer you hit the lottery on your first try. This Crenshaw (she's had a prime speaking slot at TED) is a black lady who is listed in her public relations as being an "authority" in two fields whose names she coined: critical race theory and intersectionality. If you question whether critical race theory and intersectionality constitute fields let alone whether there are any authorities in these fields you miss the "magic" of these squalid and sordid scams: they pull some supposedly high sounding words out their backsides and then set up departments, shower it with graduate students and churn out papers and then books, and then organize symposiums and retreats, and then the fire spreads to other campuses, and then the Jews media plays it up. And then finally to add injury to insult the founder of the alleged field shows up in Aspen speaking right after that bald Jew guy who wants to put a chip in your head right before he kills you.

"Both universities have responded to the Idaho's legislature’s $2.5 million budget reduction in 2021 not by eliminating any existing DEI bureaucracies but by requiring almost all job candidates to include DEI statements in faculty job applications. These ideological loyalty oaths require faculty job candidates to pledge commitment to the university’s DEI agenda as the university continues to undermine meritocracy and colorblindness."

It's as if there is a state within a state, no, let me correct that, there is a state within a state. This is more than the administrative state thumbing its nose at constitutional procedures and norms, this is a nest of rats sucking on the money pipe of the people while at the same time creating castles and oases and fiefdoms of ideological deviance with which to inculcate our children and the politicians watch and are passive and seem to be able to do nothing. Some firings are in order or in lieu of that fire and a blowtorch.

"According to the advertisement, one of the preferred qualifications for the position is a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion among library staff, faculty and users as it relates to workplace, resources, programs, and accessibility with an understanding of the issues affecting diverse populations. This is akin to a DEI statement. No candidates are hired unless they pledge fealty to the official regime ideology. Much the same is happening at the lowest levels of the administration. Salaried and hourly jobs contain what amounts to a DEI loyalty oath."

They want to blood these people in and make sure they are "our guy" or "our gal." It's like those rabbis who teach intellectual trash to a hundred rabbis and like in that old shampoo commercial they teach a hundred rabbis and they teach a hundred rabbis and pretty soon they got a rabbi dynasty, steeped in lore, as sorry as it is. The Jews have always done this, created intellectual traditions and pedigrees with their lame tripe, setting up that wicked juggernaut that spans the generations.

"These diversicrats offer students and faculty endless lectures, training, and programs on microaggressions, implicit bias, intersectionality and racial privilege while disrupting the university’s central purpose – to pursue truth – and the universities essential function – teaching.

Truth is not on the cards for these folks--that blacks are the bottom of nature's barrel, that Whites create all culture, that race is the hinge of history---truth they would not touch with a ten foot pole. Rather they create their own specious and spurious "learning sets" which amounts to creating grievances in the minds of the coloreds and pillorying the White race, in order to set the table for victory in the race war.

"It was asserted that The Dead White Males on the syllabus were stale and unchanging. Old white males on the faculty were deadwood and dinosaurs. Women and minorities would bring fresh ideas and overlooked human experience to the scene. Moreover, they would charm non-white male students, those historically disadvantaged youths seeing someone like them at the podium and surmising that higher education was, indeed, for them, too."

This is one encapsulation of the motive behind diversity from the beginning; of course that latter part about the hope of the future was only for public consumption. The real motive is contained in the opening--that bit about the Dead White Males. Everything about the diversity agenda is geared toward making more White males dead. Everything else is footnotes.

"Sometimes, the diversiphiles spoke downright epistemologically, claiming that non-white males in the teaching ranks would deliver entirely new ways of knowing to academic practice. The High Theory ventures of the 1970s—Derridean deconstruction, Lacanian psychoanalysis, reader-response theory—would find their completion in these rising apostles of difference.

At the upper reaches of Critical Theory (of which Critical Race Theory is a bastard offspring) difference is the key term (usually rendered in French to make it sound more very important). As always with these university gas bags they couch the mind numbingly obvious in recondite language to puff up their reputations. So-called "difference" only means you can understand something only in light of it is opposite, that to know the cold you must first know the hot, and vice versa, which led one Jew to write a book which was absurdly hailed as mega turning point in intellectual history called The Raw And The Cooked. But with their fetishization of "difference" they might as well have been secretly championing deviance, and they certainly were attacking the "same"; and of course attacking homogeneity, and homogenous societies; these "bland" communities would benefit (they said) from some difference, or in the translated parlance some diversity. And the next thing you know that Asian or black or Mexican Lady is driving a Lexus to work to tell the White students that their day is done.


The regime has a mantra and it is diversity is our strength. They repeat it at every turn like an incantation or a spell to hypnotize the masses. Diversity of course is not a strength, it is a weakness, everyone now it deep down, which is why people and communities self-segregate whenever they can. But of course the people who promote diversity are not concerned with diversity per se, they are likely to live in a upper income bracket neighborhood with very little diversity. What they mean by diversity is a hammer blow to the White race, to flood the "little people" with so much diversity and thus crime and poverty and dysfunction that we finally buckle and break. Diversity is a strength is the phrase of phrases and they will repeat it to the crack of doom--our doom. So godspeed to Florida as they begin cautiously to tackle this juggernaut. Of course as good little conservatives they will replace diversity, equity, and inclusion with merit, equality, and colorblindness which in the end will not be sufficient to do the trick to break the spell. But if they can break some rock then all is the better because although as we've seen diversity most certainly pays the the price for us will be more than exorbitant if it is not stopped in in tracks soon--it will cost us everything.

Re: Diversity Pays

Posted: Thu Oct 12, 2023 7:53 am
by Douglas Mercer