Jews In Fantasyland

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Jews In Fantasyland

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri Mar 31, 2023 4:31 am

Douglas Mercer
May 2 2022

They're about to open up a new Jew museum in Florida, it will replace a little one that was not nearly large enough to contain the lamentations. In this one you'll be able to ask an image of a Jew oldster all about the Holocaust he survived, but be careful what you ask--you don't want the long arm of the law breathing down your neck for the crime of impertinence.

The grand master Jew Steven Spielberg is a fantasy meister cum schlock meister and after his so called magnum opus Schindler's List he hooked up with USC and created some thing called the USC Shoah Foundation, as if there weren't more than enough Jew organizations already dotting this country like rancid poisonous mushrooms. The claims to fame of this "foundation" (other than being on the cutting edge of a myriad of lies) is they did interviews with over 50,000 "survivors" of the "Holocaust", and peppered them with questions and recorded them. Now the images of these liars are being used for "virtual" experiences with the Holocaust, which pretty well defines the genre anyways. The way it works is you can pay your fee and walk in to one of these Jew museums and click on a button and up on a screen like the ghosts of crematoria past one of these old coots will appear and you can ask it a question. Then some computer program in the back will scroll through the answers and you'll get a reasonable sounding response from the geezers, or as reasonable as you can expect from a great big hoax.

Just remember as you gingerly approach the microphone that you are in sacred Jew space so don't let your questions be off the wall, or off topic, or impertinent or, least of all, hateful. If you do they'll probably call security on you and drag you in the back and you'll have to be answering to FBI agents who they have camped out just for that occasion.

So no questions about pizzas and ovens.

You know the deal.


There is a a Holocaust Musuem in Florida and it's done pretty decent by Jew lights but by Jew lights it can always be bigger and better. There's always more Jew money to flow in and expand, to add wings, and annexes, and vast acreage so more and more people can come under the spell of the great myth of our time.

"Despite its small size — a mere 7,000 square feet — the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida has been a fixture in Central Florida over the last three decades. For Orlandoans who went to middle or high school during that time, there’s a high chance they interacted with the museum or its programs at some point."

Sure, it's part and parcel of a modern American education to cart the children to the Jew museum to ponder the shoes and the hair and to puzzle out where all the bodies went. The museum's outside has all the charms of a run down penal colony, but Jews (in case you hadn't heard ) are no slouches when it comes to raking in the dough so this pint sized Jew museum is going to get a world class upgrade. No longer will it be the little "find" in the out of the way corner, now it's about to hit the big time, a "world class" architecture firm is on board with renderings and it's going in to the heart of Orlando, so the fictional Holocaust can take its pride of place with the fictional Disney characters.

Way back in the day it was considered something when Disney had a standing and talking Lincoln, but that's nothing to the holographic images of fake concentration camp survivors. And Lincoln never answered a question did he? No he didn't, and Lincoln never told mawkish fibs about weighing ten pounds and not eating for two months. He only told lies about democracy.

"Nestled in between the bright orange buildings that house the Jewish community center, the Jewish Federation and the Jewish Academy of Orlando lies a tiny, hidden gem of a Holocaust museum."

That's a lot of Jews in Florida. And no Jew has ever been shy about being brazen about blaring their alleged troubles in to the ears of thk world---they think that's what Yahweh put them on earth for, to hound and harry the world with their sad tales of woe. That, along with mahjong and wearing white tennis shoes, is what Florida Jews do.

"The Florida center was founded as an institution in 1980 by Holocaust survivor and local philanthropist, Tess Wise. The current 7,000-square-foot museum opened in Maitland in 1986. Its mission is to use the history and lessons of the Holocaust to build a just and caring community free of antisemitism and all forms of prejudice and bigotry."

But now that bigotry and prejudice are spiking like a fever the little museum that could is busting at the seams and needs a giant makeover and a giant venue. It will no longer be the mouse that roars but the lion that slaps you down if you deny.

The next generation of kids aren't going to brainwash themsleves you know.

"Established by Holocaust survivor and Orlando resident Tess Wise in the 1980s, the center is now preparing for an expansion and relocation downtown, where it will become part of the city’s Cultural Corridor and a new neighbor to the area’s various art, science and history museums."

One of the things this formerly little museum did was put on an exhibit called "Uprooting Prejudice" in which they honored George Floyd as the honorary six million and first.

But now Jew heaven awaits.

Steven Spielberg will see to it.

Just don't ask any questions about the wooden doors.

You know the deal.


Hope and humanity are two things which should never go together, but that won't stop the Jews. They want to put their best foot forward as they move into the heart of the "fun zone" of Orlando, and this Jew stuff can be pretty dark and heavy so they need to liven and lighten it up with a bit of show biz razzamatazz. It will still depress the hell out of people but at least they are going all out with all the bells and all the whistles. This is Shoah business as show business after all, they have talking dead people, just don't ask them about Zyklon B or the swimming pools and the maternity wards. If you do you might likely find yourself near the business end of a law enforcement agency.

"The new museum, which will be rebranded as the Holocaust Museum for Hope and Humanity, unveiled architectural renderings of the new space last Wednesday, and announced it will become the latest of 177 locations to contain the entire digital collection of survivor testimony compiled by the USC Shoah Foundation — more than 115,000 hours from 55,000 videos."

A: Can I get 6 million pizzas?
B: We don't have enough ovens for that.
A: I know.

"This is the first time the USC Shoah Foundation has collaborated with a Holocaust museum to design and implement a permanent museum-wide exhibition, according to a statement from the museum."

So these Jew videos of Jew survivors have been here and there but in Orlando they will find a permanent spectral home. On the fuzzier frequencies you'll be able to channel Shlomo and hear him tell you about how the Angel Of Death still stalks his dreams. You can walk anywhere in this new museum and ask a geriatric ghost anything as long as it is respectful and doesn't seem to imply that you haven't fallen for their fabrications. Ask a good question like did you ever lose faith in your fellow man?, not a bad one like was it your aunt or your uncle who ended up as a knick knack on the dashboard of Heydrich's Mercedes? If you act correctly you will be rewarded with knowing that you have acceded to the unfailingly popular position on this issue and it won't cause you to experience social death or possible be charged with a hate crime.

Or find yourself on the business end of a gang of criminal Jews.

The new museum is expected to break ground at the end of 2023 so it's right around the corner. Maybe they'll get that sweet deal that DeSantis took away from Disney, where it's basically it's own fiefdom or like Vatican City it's own country. Although Jews don't really need in name what they already have in fact.

All of America is sweet deal for them, a rotten one for us.

“Our original museum, which was founded by my mother, was based in a survivor’s experience, said past board president Ellen Lang, the daughter of Tess Wise. We’re consistent with that founding, however. We feel like we’re able to tell a much larger story.”

7,000 square feet cannot contain the magnitude of the suffering of the Jewish people. They count the tears by the yard and the space needs to go on to infinity to contain the wailing.

"Museum staff expect that the new building will greatly increase the number of students who can visit in person. While the museum provided programming for more than 25,000 students during the 2018-2019 school year, both on site and in schools, Kathy Turner, vice president of development and marketing, said she hopes that number will double or triple at the new 43,000-square-foot downtown location."

Programming here is the key term as in they "provide programming" which indeed they do. It's a real assembly line of conditioning set up, 25,000 isn't going to cut it. They need hundreds of thousands all processed and packaged and fitted tight with all the misinformation of the ages so they can go forth and be meekly and unquestioningly owned by the Jewish power.

"Maitland is one of the largest Jewish communities in Central Florida. In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in southwest Orlando as new Jewish schools and synagogues have popped up. A 2020-2021 study by the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies at Brandies University said the Jewish community in Orlando and surrounding areas numbers approximately 51,400 Jews living in 25,500 Jewish households."

Popped up like noxious mushrooms, right? And the Cohen Center at Brandeis, that's about as Jewy as you can get. Jews studying Jews, Jews studying the way Jew schools and synagogues are mushrooming all over.

Has there ever been a more obnoxious people to disgrace the earth?

“Yes, this is a strong Jewish community here in Maitland and we’re right next door to the JCC and the federation, Turner said. But I just want to note that we’re not just building this for the Jewish community alone."

Hell, no there not; it's really not for Jews at all. It's for the goy to remind them of what the goy once did, what White people perpetrated on always innocent and always bystanding Jews who never did even one thing to warrant anyone touching even one hair on their heads.

"Known for its theme parks and other tourist attractions, the Orlando area saw $47 billion in visitor spending, and another $5.8 billion in local and state tax revenue in 2018, according to one report."

Is this new hope of humanity museum really all the different from a theme park? Isn't it in fact a theme park? This is Jew Land, this is Jews in fantasy land. It's where the Jews will take you for a ride. It's kitted out with figures on a screen telling tales, tall tales about a a fantasy land of horror.

"And both Orange County and the city of Orlando recognize the potential for this museum, providing $10 million from the county’s Tourist Development Tax funds for the construction of the new museum. The city is also leasing the land to the museum for $1 a year for 99 years."

What won't the city father's do for Jews? Look at how they bend over backwards (if they're lucky) in order to kowtow and to bow and scrape before Jews! When they say the "potential" they don't mean tax revenue they means brow beating the locals and the tourists with an insidious ideology. They know that this will be a marquee site, that in the hyper competitive world of the Holocaust whining and victimhood sweepstakes this new museum will be a keen entrant with its Shoah Foundation sheen and its Spielberg fairy dust---it will, they say, give dignity and gravitas to the cultural corridor, anchoring it with the most serious thing of all---the living words of a holocaust survivor. Up there on the screen--everyone bow in their presence. These are simulacrums of the sacred dead. Get your heads back in the noose White man, before it's too late.

“The city of Orlando really invited us to be part of the cultural core and corridor of downtown Orlando, Lang said. It’s really an opportunity to welcome everyone in Central Florida and all of the visitors to be part of what we do.”

It's the core of the core, it's what will give "purpose" and "dignity" to all the rest. It's like a holy place for idiots.

"The expansion and relocation has been in the works for several years, but both Lang and Turner say the timing is especially important right now."

It is important right now! Right now! Bigoty is on the rise after all. Which reminds me that in 2017 a memoir of a minor National Socialist functionary was re-published and the "scholar" who wrote the introduction averred that the publication was timely (it was 2017 after all!) now that "America is descending in to its own bizarre nightmare." Now say what you will about Trump, his faults are legion, but being a "nazi" is, alas, not one of them. Not that being a "nazi" is a fault, it is not, he should have been so lucky to be one. Had he been there would have been no negro and mestizo outreach, that's for damn sure.

“Antisemitism, hatred, racism, prejudice, bigotry — it is growing every day, Turner said. I mean, we have neo-Nazis in our backyard every few months now in Central Florida.”

It's true, we're everywhere. Why shouldn't we claim some real estate in the cultural corridor? Haven't we the right?

"In late January, a neo-Nazi rally in Orlando made national headlines when three individuals pepper-sprayed and punched a man who identified himself as Jewish. White supremacist groups have long had a foothold in Orlando: On Election Day 1920, Ku Klux Klan members lynched more than 30 Black residents to prevent them from voting in what later became known as The Ocoee Massacre."

Just 30? They should consider themselves lucky. Voting is the sign of citizen ship sine qua non; and wasn't it negro citizenship after all that set John Wilkes Booth off?

"By most estimates, a total of 30–35 black people were killed in the violence. Most African American-owned buildings and residences in northern Ocoee were burned to the ground. Other African Americans living in southern Ocoee were later killed or driven out of town by the threat of further violence being used against them. Thus, Ocoee essentially became an all-white or sundown town. The massacre has been described as the single bloodiest day in modern American political history. The attack was intended to prevent black citizens from voting. Black people had essentially been disenfranchised in Florida since the beginning of the 20th century. In Ocoee and across the state, various black organizations had been conducting voter registration drives for a year."

Sundown towns were towns where there were no negros allowed after sundown---and if they came in while the sun was up they needed to have their hands up, just to be safe.

Safe for us, not for them.

Safe to say that with the massive influx of Jews to Southern Florida things have changed considerably. Now in Orlando you have the big Jew Musuem coming after being shoehorned in a too small space, you have elite architectural firms doing the renderings, you have the USC Shoah Foundation horning in, and you have Spielberg. What could go wrong except everything?

“We have more and more calls from the community from schools and the community at large, asking what can we do, given what’s going on in our world? We need to address that. That’s our mission. We’re out of space where we are and this gives us an opportunity to do so."

Anti-racism is busting its britches, is bursting at the seams, it needs space to maneuver. Only a dark and deep abyss can contain Jew mendacity.


Yes, Disney had it's talking Lincoln but what's that "old White guy" compared to some talking Jews? It's like they have hologram up their on the screen, virtual Jews, Jews in Fantasy Land.

"In Orlando’s new Holocaust museum, each day visitors will have the ability to ask questions directly of survivors — even those who are no longer living — and see their faces as they answer.

"What about wooden doors?"

You in the back there--pipe down and show some respect for Yahweh's sake!

These are sacred ghosts.

"On Thursday, the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Maitland announced a partnership with USC Shoah Foundation, founded by moviemaker Steven Spielberg, that will bring the foundation’s 55,000 video interviews to Orlando — only the fifth place in the world to house the unprecedented digital collection in its entirety."

They've really got a plan for everything, don't these parasites. They've been pulling hearty and hale and certainly no worse for the wear survivors out of the woodwork for years, a lot of them having decamped to the southern part of the Sunshine State. Which is ironic because that famous ghost ship (the St. Louis) that got turned away actually got in sight of the Florida coast. Just imagine the chagrin of those parasites packed on deck, they were like latter day Moses, they got so close (but yet so far), it was close but no cigar as is said: they saw the holy land where one day countless yentas would schmear their bagels and countless shuffle board players would wind down their lives, and yet the hard hearted United States of America (not yet a wholly owned subsidiary of Jew Inc.--if close) turned them away, popular feeling against Jews still counting for something in the home of the (as yet) free. And so the spectral ship made it's long and lugubrious journey back to the Vaterland there to disembark and be fed into the meat grinder where they ended up as dove bars.

Oh the Jewmanity!

But of course a lot of them (most if not all really) managed to escape their time at the club concentration camps and crawled in on their bellies in to the United States of America where their corporate power soon made certain that nothing like the denial of that ship would ever happen again. And then once they got up and going they became part of that most "hallowed" if loosely defined category---a "survivor". But some time in the late 90s some Jews figured out that though they could pull more and more survivors out of their backsides or out of the hats like rabbits eventually even credulity would strain and the time would come when there would be no more left.

It was that deathly serious and holy moment you hear so much about:

When no living person would have a living memory of the holocaust.

What then, brown cow?

Would it be just be a rumor? A fable agreed on?

Hell no saith the Jew!

And so the lined up the survivors and took out their cameras and their microphones and they asked and asked and asked these genocide veterans about ever aspect of the holocaust.

Now they have a bank of these living memories. And they can summon the ghost of holocaust past from the vasty deep at will. See, they see here's an old fart Jew lying through his teeth for eternity.

Problem solved! Perpetual survivors. Why, it's almost like Shlomo or Sarah is right here with us forever. Lies without end, tall tales til the end of time. And so they are. Now you'll never hear the end of hem. It's survivors in your ear as far as the eye can see.

"That collection includes more than 20 in-depth video testimonies, as they are known, which through artificial intelligence allow people to have face-to-digital-face conversations with those who experienced the Holocaust firsthand. Called Dimensions in Testimony the technology is featured in several museums around the country and was the subject of a segment this year on CBS’s 60 Minutes.”

Dimensions in lying is more like it. A store house of fibs and tall tales to be downloaded, soon you will be able to have them on your computer or your mobile device, they will be in pop ups all the time, on commercials, on the screen in gas stations, at the grocery store, it won't be the face of big brother on the big screen in Time Square or at the ball game but Big Survivor---no part of life will escape their panopticon gaze--they'll be looking at you, beseeching you, imploring you: fell guilt for me, come here and hear my tale of woe and horror. This is the future: a Jew lying in your face forever.

"In a video presentation for museum supporters, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said the partnership would ensure a world-class facility, while Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said it would contribute to the museum’s global impact, that the Shoah Foundation is really the pinnacle of prestige. The fact they have chosen us is darn special"

Your darn tootin it's special! But really the locale is a natural, you have Jews there out the gills and it's a tourist mecca, and maybe you can convince Mr. and Mrs. America to take a break from the grooming gay and trans brainwashing at Disney World and head on over to the Hope and Humanity place and get a big helping of crematoria brainwashing. What a vacation for the Current Year!

"Scheduled to break ground in the first half of 2022, the 40,000-square-foot Holocaust Museum for Hope & Humanity, with its groundbreaking technology, will be a far cry from the organization’s current 7,000-square-foot utilitarian space at Maitland’s Jewish Community Center. It will be located on the site of an old Chamber of Commerce building and park on Ivanhoe Boulevard, just north of downtown near I-4."

A Jew museum on Ivanhoe Boulevard? Seems a bit incongruous you know, one is a far cry from another. But even so there will be nothing utilitarian about this new museum with its hope and its humanity--it will be "cutting edge" and put the viewer right on the scene with the survivors by means of groundbreaking technology, the viewer will know what it means to have withstood what by now must seem a really lousy attempt at genocide.

What kind of genocidal maniacs were they to leave so many witnesses?

Pretty lousy genocidal maniacs if you ask me.

"The dramatic expansion allows the creative team to consider new ways to explore the Holocaust while making historical lessons relevant to today’s world. Stephen Smith said he was intrigued by the chance to build a museum that is not just history books on the walls.”

I think the key word here is "creative" as in create, as in create out of whole cloth. People are so stupid today you have to give them the image, the "living" image, the moving image of a video game with all the same adherence to reality. Musty documents, "books on a wall," is not for them, they want a little show biz sparkle to make the history go down smooth, why half of them will probably think that those survivors on the screen with their twilight existence are real and nothing in their lives will give them any indication that they are not only peddling lies but world historical lies.

“What I love about this is that the museum identified that it’s about time to let the voices of the survivors be the center of the story,” said Smith, who is also the UNESCO chair on genocide education.

At the highest levels of the anti-racist anti-genocide and human rights crowd the all stars of the group flit from glitzy perch to glitzy perch, ending Whiteness here with UNESCO, moving on to dismantle Whiteness there at a Holocaust museum.

It's a good gig if you can get it.

"Stephen D. Smith is a Holocaust and genocide specialist who has designed has designed, operated and consulted for many different Holocaust memorial centers. He currently holds the UNESCO Chair on Genocide Education."

That is he's one of the biggest of the big wigs in this holocaust-slash-genocide sham and scam, and refutes the idea that crime doesn't pay. Because this lie about the putative crime of the century is in fact the crime of the ages and seems to be rather lucrative and prestigious.

“You asked a question, like Where are you from? and he started talking back, she said of her digital conversation partner."

What about Zyklon B?

Why were there so many survivors?

Why would they kill workers in wartime?

"Foundation staff spent a week having each subject answer questions in front of cameras. They then store the recorded answers and create a database that keeps track of which video clip is logical to play after a visitor asks a specific question. As seen on 60 Minutes, if visitors ask about current events, they are told that a recording wouldn’t know that. If visitors ask a question too off the wall, they are politely asked to rephrase."

Are you aware that the notion that humans were turned into lampshades or soap is a myth?


They'll be nothing polite about the ten tons of bricks that comes down on the intrepid hero who asks that query.

"For the most part, though, on-topic discussions run smoothly. 60 Minutes interviewer Lesley Stahl called them conversations that at times felt so normal that we could almost forget we were talking to the digital image of someone who was no longer living"

That's the point--to make the stooges forget that this isn't real.

Stahl was born in 1941 to a Jewish family in Massachusetts.

Enough said.

"Though the collection’s testimonies are mainly from the Holocaust, in which some 6 million Jews were murdered during World War II,
there is a sense of urgency in collecting Holocaust testimonies, Kancher said, as the number of living survivors decreases each year."

Oh yes, the "there's no one alive who remembers it" fear. But this decrease is not only inevitable but fair, seeing that they've been increasing daily for seventy years.

"The new museum’s creative team also includes Ralph Appelbaum Associates, responsible for the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C."

A Jew involved with the negro museum--it's a bit too on the nose, wouldn't you say?

"Officials estimate they will need around $60 million for the project. So far, the center has raised about $17 million privately, and Orange County has approved $10 million from the tourist-development tax. Orlando will lease the museum the property for $1 per year, similar to deals the city has with other cultural institutions."

When it comes to the Jews they'll give it way. They'll rain in scads of shekels from hell.

“The survivor testimonies will truly be the heart of the museum, and our programs will be the soul."

Will you please address the thorny issue of the very feasibility of homicidal gas chambers?

How did they remove the Zyklon B pellets?

Do you really at this late date expect us to believe in rapid mass gassing?

How much C02 can diesel engines really produce?

No AI can handle those questions.

Spielberg was inspired to found USC Shoah Foundation while filming Schindler’s List. In a video shown by the Holocaust Center, he explains the power of the video interviews:

“I’ve seen young people, young students, who have seen these testimonies. It does change them. And that always gives me hope that the more we get this out into the world, thousands — and someday millions — of young people will be in some way changed by this."

Really, this is just another movie, fictions on the screen to induce the world view of Jews in the masses.

"The museum will occupy a lakefront site and span 43,000 square feet. It has an estimated construction budget of $45 million, with its design led by Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners. The firm will collaborate with museum experts Ralph Applebaum Associates, Dr. Stephen D. Smith of Memory Workers, and Carolynne Harris Consulting, who will work on the interior design and overall guest experience."

What they want to create is a Venus fly trap of the mind. The idea go in their heads and they never leave.

"The centerpiece of the museum is a protruding cylindrical volume that houses the auditorium. This space is wrapped in glass and will be luminous at night. Surrounding it will be a dramatic ramp, which will connect and create a continuation of exhibition spaces across two levels. The largest single exhibit area will span more than 12,000 square feet. The open end of the museum features a large, glazed aperture."

Yes sir they are going whole hog on this one, leaving no stone unturned. Glass in luminous light at night, glazed apertures, they are really going to put a lot of lipstick on this pig, a lot of butter on the toast. All the White people who have not been deprogrammed will be overawed by the awe and the majesty of what's really a Potemkin village, just look behind the facade and see the rotting piles of trash they really have on offer.

"The Holocaust Museum for Hope & Humanity is envisioned as a major educational and cultural attraction that could both draw on the city’s 75 million annual visitors and provide a new attraction for the City Beautiful: a powerful, historical and contemporary, educational immersion."

Notice how they call this an "attraction" just like going in to that park and taking those rides, being "immersed" in the experience, though no matter how fast and how many ups and downs the roller coasts goes no one will ever be taken for more or a ride than they are immersed in hope and humanity, Jew style.

"The vision is to draw on the same kinds of visionary attractions that create theme parks’ most cutting-edge interactive attractions; then add the Holocaust Memorial’s 40-year efforts to preserve, present, and provide context for Holocaust survivors’ experiences; and the foundation’s commitment to research, archival preservation, and education that Spielberg has described as, my wanting to continue Schinder’s List.”

Visionary I doubt, but it is a continuation of the movie, an addition of more imagery of fiction to the already fictional account. They tell stories, it's what they do. It's a theme park with dead people talking, it's fantasy land, it's Shoah business, it's a film by other means.

"Orlando’s normal pool of 75 million visitors a year also was a factor. Planners envision offering the kind of immersive, educational experience that could become a must-take side trip for families visiting theme parks."

Did someone say there's a sucker born every minute? Well, they'll usher them all in to the microphone to ask those questions. And all the little White kids will have to remember that they once asked a dead Jew a question.

“Orlando has shown itself to be a community that cares about human rights and justice, which is why building this new museum and welcoming the USC Shoah Foundation partnership is both important and appropriate, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer stated in a news release. Our city will now play an even greater role in righting the wrongs of the past and contributing to a kinder world.”

See how they shower this shabbos goy with the praise of the ages:

"Jewish National Fund (JNF) will host its annual Tree of Life Award Dinner at the Rosen Plaza Hotel on Wednesday, Nov. 6. The event will honor Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer with the prestigious Tree of Life Award. The Tree of Life Award is a humanitarian award given in recognition of outstanding community involvement, dedication to the cause of American-Israeli friendship, and devotion to peace and security of human life."

Dyer is on record as a number one Jew booster:

“No one understands security like Israel Dyer said. No one. Dyer said that he didn’t fully understand how tiny Israel was until he traveled around it, and said that its size reinforced, for him, its need to defend itself. When you have hostile forces right at your border, you have an unequivocal need to defend yourself.”

He realized how tiny it was while wearing a tiny hat.

"Dyer understands the symbolism of freedom that Passover stands for. He himself has been to several seder meals as mayor in Orlando, and has attended a number of multicultural services that included aspects of Jewish worship. When asked what he wanted to say most to Orlando’s Jewish residents, it was that Orlando is at its best when it is embracing diversity, tolerance, fairness and equality.”

Not only will this Jew shill be picked up in the first wave of arrests, he'll be at the top of the list. But until then you can be sure in Orlando the new Jew museum is in good hands.

But if that's your mayor of Orlando you think White people will get a fair shake there? There's a better chance a Jew will drop a nickel and not begin to furiously search for it on all fours like a crazed lunatic.

"The museum is envisioned to provide education and experience that goes far beyond the Holocaust – to explore the human rights and justice issues that Dyer mentioned. Kancher spoke of meshing the experiences and lessons of the Holocaust with contemporary concerns and events, to apply lessons and create experiences that put modern-day situations into context. Our focus is on the Holocaust, and to use that as a point of reference for talking about human and civil rights, Kancher said."

Human rights, civil rights, the rights used to be life, liberty, and property, but now with the Holocaust as a bedrock the rights are all encompassing and everything that walks on two legs is fully legalized and is to be accorded everything. Refugees, asylees, inner city criminals, and random border crossers packed fifty to a truck are all one in Yahweh's eyes--time for the White world to make room for them. It's hope and humanity don't you know.

Don't believe them, why, just look at those poor old Jews up their on the screens.


So the survivors are all finally dying, after long lives, but the dead will go on living thanks to schlock master Steven Spielberg and the folks who run Jew SC---so put on a Mickey Mouse hat and travel through the new expensive digs and be ready to be ideologically groomed by some Jews.

"The window of hope is oriented eastward and opens to the remembrance fountain, a contemplative water feature reflecting on six million lives. The building design reflects the museum’s solemn responsibility to share and preserve the stories of the survivors and uses architectural form, space, and volume in concert with the collection to educate, engender empathy, and inspire. The museum will be a transformative experience for visitors of all ages and a welcoming beacon of hope and humanity."

This is brochure language at its most disgusting but you can be sure they mean every word. They have glazed apertures, cylindrical columns, luminous light, and beacons.

“This museum will serve as a literal beacon of light for all who visit — shining a spotlight on issues that can divide us so we can seek ways to create a world free of all forms of hatred, bigotry, and prejudice.”

What a pile of hogwash. A world without hatred, bigotry and prejudice is a world where White people don't stand a chance and they know it. Of course those things can easily be recast as self preservation, self defense, and common sense, and all of those are what this museum will be trying to eradicate. You go in and you press the button and the ghosts of what they say is all past Jewish suffering will appear before you to scold you, to shame you, to make you feel guilt and, most importantly of all, to give up any notion of the interests of your race. They say it's hope and humanity, but it's really the White Genocide museum, which is why the high toned architects come in, why the city falls all over itself to provide the funds, why the anti-racist all stars make their appearance, and all the Jew money comes in. There's no business like Shoah business and, in case you haven't heard, business is booming. The Jews are looking for living space, and thanks the perfidy of way too much of the White world the have it. And so ask a dead Jew a reverent question if you want but really you'd just be wasting your time for all the truth you'd get. When in fact we should be asking ourself one:

What do we plan on doing about this?

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Re: Jews In Fantasyland

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