Behind Enemy Lines

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Behind Enemy Lines

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri Mar 31, 2023 2:04 am

Douglas Mercer
January 10 2022

Well, Ralph "Coonman" Northam is at it again, this insidious bastard never lets up, he certainly is delivering for the negros, giving them everything they want. When negros found out just what Northam was prepared to do for them, how much attention he was willing to pay them, exactly how obsequious he could be, they started to think it wasn't such a bad thing that he wore a hood, as it got him reading Roots, and licking their feet and catering to all of their whims to absolve himself from the shame and opprobrium.

Now Northam is exiting the stage of Virginia with a big black bang and is bagging on his favorite whipping boy, the Confederacy, until it's blue in the face. He certainly is solidifying his chops as the number one negro lover in the state if not the nation, to go to guy when anyone wants yet one more outrage perpetrated on the memory of White heroes. He got rid of that Lee Statue and the pedestal it was on and agreed to melt it down and turn it into an undistinguished black man with unwarranted pretentions to being a kang. He also gave a lot of racial spoils to them and lavished money toward them whenever he could. Now on his way out he's going to give them the final prize, the custody of all those monuments and relics you've heard so much about that have come down on his term; he's going to hand it over to them to do with what they will. If it won't be some kind of voodoo you know it will be racial sacrilege; it always is when the inferior take control of their betters.

It was only a matter of days ago that they finally hit pay dirt and dug up that time capsule that was placed under the pedestal of the former Robert E Lee Monument way back when. Now our enemies control this tranche of memories and memorabilia. To think when they put those items in the box they saw nothing but blue skies ahead, but now it's all turned black as far as the eye can see and more foul weather is to come.

When the Romans would defeat a people they would take their leaders in chains and parade them through the streets of the City. This was meant to mortify the fallen, to exhibit the captives as if they were in a zoo for the masses to gawk at. Now a similar ritual of humiliation is being inflicted on the great men of the Confederacy.

"Virginia and Richmond officials on Thursday announced a tentative agreement to transfer ownership of the city's now mostly removed Confederate monuments to the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia."

It is tentative only in the sense that the ink is not dry on this abomination. They will hand over the living remnants of these great men's memories, give them to blacks to do with what they please. You'd say it's tossing pearls before swine but that is a slander on pigs.

These great and noble men are now hostages of misfortune, they are behind enemy lines.

And a more sickening spectacle can scarcely be imagined.


If there is a story that encapsulates what is currently happening in America, which is a parable for all that has gone wrong, this is it:

"The museum plans to melt down the statue of Lee and create a new work of art. Under the deal, the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center can do whatever it wants with the materials."

Whatever it wants---pretty ominous when you think about it. They certainly don't have our good in mind. Also ominous is when they begin to refer to the objects' "fates"

"Under the plan announced by Gov. Ralph Northam and Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney, the Black History Museum would work with The Valentine museum of Richmond and the local community to determine the memorials' fates."

The Valentine Museum is the oldest museum in Richmond and, presumably, it used to do good work. But like all "cultural centers" in this day and age they have proved true the old adage that any institution that is not specifically, vehemently, inflexibly, inexorably and uncompromisingly anti-Jewish will tend over time to begin salivating when Jews snap their fingers.

Back in 2020 this museum debased itself and us by putting on an exhibit basted on footage by a cretin named Chaz Antonie Barrack, the Chaz in this instance does not stand for Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, though the ideology and the foul odor you detect is the same. His subject? Well, it was called Don't Touch My Hair and it ruminated freely on the essential topic of diverse African American identities through "black hair experiences."

"Featuring images by DeAudrea ‘Sha’ Rich and Nicholas Taylor, this media-arts project looks at Black identity by both centering and creating spaces that embody Black cultural production—and understanding everyday Black life as fine art. Beauty salons and other Black-owned locations are included as spaces of community and uninhibited joy."

Whenever you hear the word "centering" you know you're about to get hosed.

This is the caliber of people who have our history, heroes and heritage in their hands.

The heavens help us.

So now this vile Valentine Museum and surely an even viler negro Museum will gain total control over the precious heirlooms of our past. It's like putting in your will that you bequeath all the prized objects accrued over a worthy lifetime to be flushed by the executor down the sewer. Or worse actually because at least then the objects would be obliterated, but in this case they will show up again and again in exhibits marked evil so little White kids can learn about it. Just as there are fates worse than death, there are memorials worse than oblivion.

To fall into your enemies hands is the worst there is. It's why they were handing out cyanide from a pez dispenser in Germany in April 1945. Hitler's worst fear was that his corpse would become a lurid exhibit in Russia. He gave explicit orders to burn his body so this horrible fate did not posthumously happen to him. That is, the specter of the denigration of memory loomed large in his mind

But now there is no one who can burn the relics of these great men and let them escape this ignominious fate. They are owned by our enemies. And now indignity upon indignity will be heaped upon them for eternity unless something is done.


"The draft plan applies to monuments to Lee, J.E.B. Stuart, Stonewall Jackson, Jefferson Davis, Matthew Fontaine Maury, Joseph Bryan, Fitzhugh Lee, and Confederate Soldiers and Sailors, plus a ceremonial cannon."

Remember these are people who think nothing of digging up the corpses of their enemies and desecrating memory. They will take these monuments and parade them around the world like King Tut or those captives through Rome. The public will be only all too willing to throw eggs on them and to howl their derision.

"It does not include a monument to A.P. Hill, who is buried under the monument as discussions with his descendants continue about relocation of his remains.”

His descendants should let out a blood curdling hue and cry about these ghouls. They should take no part in any "relocation" as it will give tacit or not so tacit approval of this grave robbing. They can't quite yet but if they could these monsters would decapitate the head from AP Hill's corpse, put it on a pike in the public square in order to discourage us. We should be celebrating the fame of these dead men's deeds but they will cast obloquy and aspersions on them.

They have fallen in to the adversary's' hand, they are behind enemy lines.

May the gods help them.

"The arrangement would enable the community to take a deliberate approach in its reckoning with such divisive symbols, Stoney said in a statement."

"Entrusting the future of these monuments and pedestals to two of our most respected institutions is the right thing to do," said Stoney. "They will take the time that is necessary to properly engage the public and ensure the thoughtful future uses of these artifacts, while we reimagine Monument Avenue, focus on telling our history fully and accurately in places like Shockoe Bottom and lift up residents throughout the city."

Unshockingly Shockoe Bottom was where slaves were traded in Richmond, and you can be sure that the "showpiece" that they come up with to cry about it will be the bottom of the barrel. I've noticed that the Jewish elites and the Jewish controlled elites in this country try to distract the populace in this country by dredging up the past and giving a distorted view of it, and this distraction is to keep eyes off the never-ending instances of criminality of negros. On any given weekend when blacks do their rob, rape, and murder shuffle you can be sure come Monday morning the New York Times will say: let's do another story on Emmett Till. The fact of the matter though is that kid should never have had the temerity to whistle and got what was coming to him, and he died what should have been an obscure and routine death. And now our black run cities are continually flooded with a hail of bullets, why just the other day in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia the "Don't Shoot" sign at the local NAACP office was riddled with those bullets, which was a nice touch for sure. But Shockoe Bottom? That has to be stopped now!

If so many Whites had not got all weepy over the fate of Mr. Till no black museum in the world would dare to touch the sacred symbols of Whiteness.

"Shockoe Bottom was the center of Richmond’s slave trade and played a pivotal role during the peak years of the nation’s interstate slave trade. In fact, Solomon Northup, author of 12 Years a Slave, was held here in 1841 at the notorious Goodwin’s slave jail before he was transported in chains to New Orleans."

Had so many Whites not got all weepy over all of this we'd have given them a thoughtful and deliberate racial reckoning.

That's for damn sure.

"Stoney directed the removal of the city's Confederate monuments last summer amid the protest movement that erupted after the police killing of George Floyd."

The more you read about these things the more you realize a lot of things happened after the death of George Floyd. Why this is so generally goes unexplained. It's simply assumed that when a black man dies White Civilization has to come to a grinding halt.

This Levar Stoney fellow is a real piece of work. He's a black man obviously as his name is Levar.

"Five of his colleagues were later charged with slashing the tires of a van meant to be used to drive Republican voters to the polls. Stoney initially lied to police claiming he had no knowledge about the incident. He later admitted to FBI investigators that he was present in the Democratic campaign offices after his colleagues came in to brag about slashing the tires."

These people will stop at nothing; slashing tires is minor league stuff; stuffing ballot boxes is their metier; stuffing Confederates into blatant anti-White propaganda is in their wheel house; what will they dream of next?


Believe it or not in the year of police taking the knees, and fleeing their under siege precincts, and acting out the role of the little helpless lamb, in June 2020 the police in Richmond, still not totally immobilized by fear of Jews, used tear gas to disperse some so-called peaceful protesters on famed Monument Avenue. The protestors' target was (naturally) a statue of Robert E Lee. After what should have constituted merely the preliminaries of a massive and ongoing armed response to the enemies of our people the Chief Of Police of the former capital of the Confederacy issued an apology for the "unwarranted" action and pulled the officers who did the action from the field, presumably to be re-educated in the proper deference to negros.

"Levar Stoney responded by showing up to another protest, apologizing to the crowd for violating their rights."

These rights he speaks of in the end will be the death of us all. They have no rights we need respect.

"Acquiescing to the demands of the demonstrators Stoney and Governor Northam began the process of their removal, despite Virginians overwhelmingly wanting to keep them. The only statue left on Monument Avenue is of the African American tennis player Arthur Ashe."

What a way to honor or past. A black sportsballer whose only claim to fame in this world was that he knocked a ball around a cement court. And knocked White people every chance he got.

"Following the death of George Floyd in summer 2020, Stoney ordered likenesses along Monument Avenue of Confederate Generals J.E.B. Stuart and Thomas Stonewall Jackson removed, as well as those of Confederate Naval commander Matthew Fontaine Murray. Protesters had earlier toppled a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis."

You ever notice how everything happened after the death of George Floyd? It's like a universal reference point of a perverted catalyst.
One day history books will read: after the death of George Floyd the American nation finally decided to get serious about the ritual suicide it had been committing for decades and went ahead and finally finished it off in a blaze of disgrace.

"The statues have been in storage since then, at least part of that time at the city's wastewater plant."

Even for Jews that's a little too on the nose. They were housing the memorials among the sewage? For all intents and purposes they might as well have flushed them down the toilet. Oh that's right, they did. And of course that wholly detestable Ralph Northam who never met a black man he didn't want to bow and scrape before couldn't resist crapping on the corpses and made a statement that reeked of that very waste water:

“Symbols matter, and for too long, Virginia's most prominent symbols celebrated our country’s tragic division and the side that fought to keep alive the institution of slavery by any means possible. Now it will be up to our thoughtful museums, informed by the people of Virginia, to determine the future of these artifacts, including the base of the Lee Monument which has taken on special significance as protest art."

Protest art? What did some Jewish anarchist douse it in red blood and style himself the new Rembrandt?

"Most of the city's Confederate monuments have already been removed, including the massive statue of General Robert E. Lee. The 21-foot-tall bronze effigy was lifted and lowered to the ground in September as some people chanted Hey, hey, hey, goodbye."

What juvenile gloating over the mighty fallen. Wait until we have our triumphs, the list will be long, the prosriptions draconian.

Ralph Northam was on hand to watch the epochal removal of the Lee Statue of course and claimed that it signaled a new day, a new year in Virginia which it did of course. The state once claimed it was for lovers but now it's for negro lovers."

I bet you can't wait until Youngkin is installed and reverse all of this, right? Hell no of course that meek little Jew lackey wouldn't touch these issues with a ten foot pole. And anyway he'll be too busy with his other business which will be selling White people out on other matters, every chance her gets.


Some fool at an organization ominously called Virginia Defenders of Freedom Justice and Equality said:

"It's representative of the fact that we're sort of peeling back the layers of injustice that Black people and people of color have experienced when governed by white supremacist policies for so long."

"The museum intends to partner with The Valentine and other cultural institutions in Richmond to determine the proper future use of each piece in the collection, according to a Thursday press release from the City of Richmond. The museum will also receive the empty pedestals on which the statues stood."

We used to put these people, our heroes and ancestors, on a pedestal;
now like serial killers they put them on a pedestal in a basement; or in the sewer; or, worse, parade them like criminals though the streets to the jeers of the crowd where they are pelted by garbage.

Of the time capsules that have recently come up we read:

"The Department of Historic Resources is still figuring out exactly what’s in them, how to preserve them. That process is going to take some time, so no one is ready to decide just yet what happens to those."

What happens to those--always the baleful phrases. We decide their fates they brag: we do what we please with them. Their confidence and swagger is misplaced because beneath them their ground will shift; but for now what will happen to the items from this capsule will be a massive charade of re-contextualization. These are items from a long dead past, it will say; these are items that an evil and horrible people wanted to preserve. But they are in our custody now and these items and the evil they represent will never again see the light of day, they will be preserved forever under glass with a warning sign that reads: here is the long dead past but the evil they represent still lives.

But of course for all of their pretensions they are only dreaming. Dreaming of a world where hate no longer has a place, where White people have stopped fighting back, where the long dead past they fear so much has been long since buried and forgotten. They are dreaming of a world where their victories are final and not the illusions they so surely are; they dream of a future where nothing will disturb their power and each and every White person will know his place. But these dreams will be shattered in the blink of an eye.

“They will take the time that is necessary to properly engage the public and ensure the thoughtful disposition of these artifacts.”

"Marland Buckner, interim executive director of the Black History Museum, said in a release that the institution takes very seriously the responsibility to manage these objects in ways that ensure their origins and purpose are never forgotten: that is the glorification of those who led the fight to enslave African Americans and destroy the Union."

The time will come when "thoughtful dispositions" will not be enough to save them and they shall be able to manage nothing. The time will come when this upside down world will be right side up. When the table will be turned and they will be begging for scraps from it, which request will be denied.

“This is not who we are as Virginians, and we are moving on,” Gov. Ralph Northam said in a statement. “Now, it will be up to the people of Richmond to determine the future of these artifacts.”

Up to the people it will be indeed.

And then one of these traitors asked good question:

“Do these statues and pedestals have more stories to tell?”

Oh, sir, these statues have more stories to tell--you can book it. We plan on telling them. We are telling them right now, we tell them every day. The stories will all unfold in the public gaze and in criminal courtrooms, they will be told in all the florid details of righteous condemnation when millions of fires burn in a million just hearts. Our enemies run scared from the fame of these dead men's great and right and noble deeds. But time brings its necessary justice and when we have our triumphs you can be sure the procession will be a long one, the crowds will be in a merciless mood, and the spectacle will surely be a sight for sore eyes.

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