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No Whistling Please

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri Mar 31, 2023 2:03 am

Douglas Mercer
January 18 2022

On January 12 2022 the formerly illustrious United States Senate saw fit to pass a bill which conferred the Congressional Gold Medal posthumously on the most famous whistler the world has ever known, Emmett Till. The newspaper reports in the Jewish media were sure to highlight that Till's mother had an open casket for the notorious whistler, to be sure the world saw his mutilated face. The bill was introduced by an obviously gay light skinned black man named Cory Booker and an egregious White man who poses as a conservative named Richard Burr. In case you don't know the Congressional Gold Medal, although it sounds rather impressive, is in fact the poor man's Medal Of Freedom. In hushed tones the Jewish media described the "honor" as long overdue as a measure of what Till and his family did to finally bring down White America. Bobby Rush who (believe it or not) was once the defense minister of the Black Panthers has sponsored a bill that would put young Till's pre-mutilated face on a postage stamp.

With all the hurrah and hoopla which permanently surrounds young Till the one thing we can all agree on is that he should never have whistled.


That black guy in Waukesha (what was his name again?) has slipped quietly off the Jew media radar never to be heard from again. Which only goes to show you can flood your social media with the most vile anti-White hate, you can wallpaper it with evidence that you want to and intend to kill White people, you can do everything short of proclaim a universal fatwa against White people, and you can probably even do that, and when you commit mass murder against White people, when you roll your SUV over White children, when you mow down White grandmothers, what will you get? Well, they will put you away this time, only because they have to, something which they should have done long ago, but your memory is safe. You won't vault into the pantheon with Dylan Roof and Andre Brevik, you won't be remembered like James Fields, you won't be reviled like Brandon Tarrant, no one will put you in a Holocaust Museum like they did to poor Derek Chauvin, the media won't anathematize you like they did the McMichaels. No one's going to sue you under the Ku Klux Klan Act and bring in Deborah Lipstadt to stomp on you grave like they did to those guys who assembled lawfully in Charlottesville.

Of all that you can be sure.

Safe to say had the races been reversed Darrell Brooks would be a household name. Presidents would have pondered on what he did, Congress held hearings, plaques would come down, kente cloth would have been donned, much kneeling occurred, conversation had, painful facts faced, reckonings made.

Some White Supremacist country we have. When it comes to White Supremacist countries we got gypped.

Darrell Brooks will be consigned to oblivion like yesterdays' news, his memory will sink like a stone. You see black man kills White people is not a story that works for them. It gets people asking too many pesky questions.

If they took that Confederate flag down after Dylan Roof shouldn't they have put it back up after Darrell Brooks? In all fairness?

As for those White children and those White grandmothers does anyone know their names? Will anyone say their names?

You see that's how memory works in today's America. When a White man gets fed up with all the dangers posed by the flood of aliens and erectus and all the anathema heaped on his people and goes off and kills he straightaway becomes a bloody shirt they wave forever, he becomes a household name to utter in horror. Never forget, never again they say. But when deluded black man thinks White people caused his ills, when that deluded black man is not grateful that he and his kind have it much much better than they deserve and he goes off and kills it's radio silence. Might as well not have happened. Never again means never talk about it again. Never forget means never forget to keep your your mouth shut about it.

Trust me in sixty years or so there will be no continual articles in the New York Times about the victims of Darrell Brooks. There will be no plaques or memorials to them. No politicians will plant a tree in their honor, no interpretive center, or center of memory will be created. There will be no blockbuster six part miniseries about them. No medals will be posthumously conferred on them.

None of that.


The story is that Emmett Till whistled. Whistled at White lady. Bad move, son. The response was extreme, massive, overwhelming, swift, severe and executed with extreme prejudice. That is how you decisively win your race wars, there is no other way. We know that all too well by now, we know by now all too well with whom we are dealing, and kid gloves will not get the job done.

Whites had been winning it this way for a long time. We still had the wolf by the ears. But the ones who did this one had some bad timing. Things were changing in America. The year before was Brown v. Board and the winds of racial change were blowing in the wrong direction. When they fished that body out of the river and his mutilated face was shown to upwards of 10,000 people in an open coffin it was a propaganda coup. The Jew media went wild with horror. Time was when such a garish display would have elicited thoughts that it was unseemly, or maybe a yawn. But now it elicited shrieks and howls. Or so we are told.

Whoever did shriek and wail about it what a bunch of cowards; they set or continued us on the long and brutal path to the summer of 2020. You've got to know that when you have the wolf by the ears you must never let it go.

Certainly the kid never should have whistled.

In their heart of hearts everyone knows that.

The kid shouldn't have whistled. It would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

But he whistled. And here we are.


Story is that Emmett Till was just a babe in the woods, a black kid with developmental delays and a vicious stutter who went around happy all the time and never suspected the world could be a dark place. He lived in Illinois and when his mother sent him to Mississippi she worried that he did not know the dangers there posed by White people. As his friends tell it Till flashed them a picture of the integrated class he attended in Chicago and said the White kids in the picture were his friends. Then Till told one of the friends that one of the White girls in the picture was his girlfriend, so we can chalk the guilt of this whole incident up to the integrationists' account in the ledger.

Integrated class, White friends, White girlfriend. You can see where this is heading.

Nowhere good.

One of the friends, amused at Till, dared him to talk to Carolyn Bryant who was working at Bryant's Grocery and Meat Market, owned by herself and her 24 year old husband Roy Bryant.

Bad move. Should just have kept on moving.

"I think Emmett wanted to get a laugh out of us or something. He was always joking around, and it was hard to tell when he was serious."

So it was a goof. He thought it might be a hoot. Safe to say young Till did not read the room right. This was no laughing matter.

Things are done differently here son.

"Till may have wolf-whistled at Bryant."

Indeed, he did.

"Well, it scared us half to death. You know, we were almost in shock. We couldn't get out of there fast enough, because we had never heard of anything like that before. A black boy whistling at a white woman? In Mississippi? No. The Ku Klux Klan and night riders were part of our daily lives."

That is the result of massive deterrence. That's how they used to be kept in line.

Perhaps his now sainted mother shouldn't have sent that "sweet and naïve" low IQ stutterer to a place where he had no business being. She sent him in to a history that had been going on for hundreds of years and which he could never comprehend. Hell, few in America today can understand it. Few today can grasp how White people kept the peace for themselves and their families. Few can grasp exactly what it took. They don't see careful and smart people preserving a way of life that deserved to be preserved--they only see pariahs. But they weren't pariahs, they were cleared-eyed people who labored under no illusions.

No whistling please, we're White people.


The Emmett Till industry is vast and booming and burgeoning, a week would be wasted if it went by and The New York Times didn't publish a piece on him, there's an epidemic of black crime in this country but let's do another one on Till! Call it their comfort zone.

Young Till has been vaulted into the pantheon of martyred black saints, a kind of precursor of George Floyd and all the rest, a innocent little black boy who was brutalized by a White Supremacist system. Or so we're told. Call it their comfort zone.

They've been saying his name for what seems like time out of mind.

Haven't got your fill of Emmett Till? Well, you're in luck, they're really just getting going. The next and the next project on Emmett Till is their way of putting their hands over their ears and pretending not to see all those black murders. Or putting their hands over our ears, or trying to at any rate.

"An Emmett Till Memorial Commission was established in the early 21st century. The Sumner County Courthouse was restored and includes the Emmett Till Interpretive Center. Fifty-one sites in the Mississippi Delta are memorialized as associated with Till."

51! And counting. Safe to say not one of these memorials say: Here is where Emmett Till whistled the whistle heard round the world.

There is a plaque on that "Freedom Trail" you hear way too much about, a plaque at Bryant's Grocery store that was put up in 2018.

And then there is this monstrosity:

"On a rainy day in 2014, an American sycamore tree was planted on the Capitol Grounds in memory of Emmett Till. Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers served as master of ceremonies. Those present at the tree planting included Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr., Senator Thad Cochran (R-Miss.), Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.). Also present were Eugene Robinson of the "Washington Post," Scott Pelley of CBS Evening News and Janet Langhart Cohen, author of the play Anne and Emmett."

Cohen did you say? Actually she's a black lady whose maiden name is Floyd but who married Jew William Cohen who once ran the Defense Department for the degenerate Bill Clinton. Anne and Emmett is a Jewish twofer, a one act play about Anne Frank and Emmett Till, those two child stars of the anti-White establishment.
The play got its premiere at the United States Holocaust Museum which once again demonstrates the privileges of membership.

But as for that Sycamore Tree all the sick and the slimy eminences came out for that one. A tree for Emmett. You can be sure that when it was planted no one let out a low whistle.

"During the tree planting ceremony, Senator Collins noted that, the American sycamore that we dedicate to Emmett Till would have been familiar to him in the parks and tree-lined streets of Chicago."

In some way a tree, so resonant of lynchings, was unwittingly but particularly appropriate for the solemn ceremony

Susan Collins is that anti-White White lady who speaks in a halting retarded cadence and who appears either to have Parkinson's or to have been kicked in the head by a mule, it's pick'em.

And then there's the overarching umbrella organization called "The Emmett Till Memory Project." The site for this highlights young Till's boyhood home, his gravesite, the interpretive center, and other paeans to the kid who shouldn't have whistled.

Safe to say there is and never will be any Memory Project for those White grannies of those young White girls with those white pom poms who perished in Wisconsin.

What are their names again?

As far as the Jew media are concerned their names are mud.


So up in arms is the American Establishment that sixty-five years on they had to commission a new barn burner Jew television miniseries about young Till who whistled called Women Of The Movement. The six part series takes the viewer from Till as a wee lad all the way to the afterlife where, presumably, he smiles down on a wrecked America and the remarkable apotheosis of his successor negro George Floyd, and the seemingly inevitable coming extinction of the White race.

So up in arms is the American Ruling Class that they launched this show about Till on (wait for it) January 6 2022. January 6 being no coincidence of course, January 6 is for them like an incantation that can ward off White evil. In the future at their trials their defense, though wordy, will essentially consist of January 6. Naturally the sober judges that day will pay such nonsense no mind.

They say that this show "revisits" Till, but if you never stopped visiting it it's not a revisiting it is a permanent infestation and visitation.

"Jay-Z, Will Smith, and Aaron Kaplan of Roc Nation, Overbrook Entertainment and Kapital Entertainment first tried to produce an untitled miniseries based on the life of Emmett Till at HBO in 2016."

Two negros and a Jews, well raise my rent I never. Trump was having his advent so they decided a good story about White evil was timely.

"When the project left HBO it was reconceived to focus on women during the civil rights movement. The series, now titled Women of the Movement, began development in April 2020."

What perfect timing, they were able to get into the malicious swing of things in the summer of George Floyd.

"Over the course of six episodes (airing two at a time alongside companion ABC news specials on Till), Women of the Movement” portrays the birth, death, and afterlife of Emmett Till through the eyes of Mamie (his mother), the wider Black community mourning him, and the white Mississippians who couldn’t see him as anything other than a threat."

Was he ever anything else?

You heard that right a fictional recounting (but isn't everything Jews do fictional?) is not enough, cannot stand on its own. In case them clobbering the viewer over the head with the blunt instrument of their unsubtle show, and making it painfully obvious that Whites are evil, is not sufficient, they plan to hold the viewers hands with "news specials" to hammer the point home a bit more until the watcher at home is lying woozy in pools of their own blood on the living room floor. Suffice it to say that the line between their fictional drama and their news specials will be a blurry one indeed.

"Women of the Movement first follows Mamie Till-Mobley, whose 14 year-old son Emmett became a national flashpoint upon his brutal murder in 1955. After his death, Till-Mobley became a prominent civil rights figure in her own right both by terrible accident and grim design."

Oh yes the death young Till shocked a nation, or so they say. Lots of people outside the South who had little or no experience of living cheek by jowl with blacks were outraged. They had no idea of what it took to keep and maintain a nice White city or State when these snakes slithered among you. So Civil Rights was on the agenda, though in the end it was not so much that they overcame as we were overcome.

"The image of a grieving Black mother puts a powerful face to a type of crime that had gone unremarked upon for decades — and yet, it’s impossible to watch Women of the Movement and not think of the Black mothers who continue to be in this position, over and over again to no avail, to this day and inevitably beyond."

There's your message. Even though America has bent over backwards (and forwards, alas) to placate the blacks, even though we've torn down our statues for them, even though we let them skate in the criminal justice system, even though we re-ordered out entire society for them, it not only is not enough, they will still depict America as place where Whites soak the blood of blacks even though in fact it is the exact opposite.

"Women Of The Movement does all it can to imbue Emmett Till and his mother with the kind of humanity they have long been denied. Emmett, is an eager kid whose curiosity can get the better of him, as is typical of just about any kid."

Curiosity about White women wouldn't you say? It certainly wasn't Dixie he was whistling.

"But as the series also emphasizes, the most blunt version of itself is all too true to the reality of the racism it’s highlighting."

Subtle like a two by four to the head.

"Women of the Movement is clear-eyed in their portrayals of how a past atrocity unfolded on the most personal levels, and how it continues to echo today. Even when the series hammers the morals of its story home, its refusal to pretend like this country’s made big enough strides since Till’s murder is a credit to its determination to tell the whole truth."

The whole truth is the last thing they want. The whole truth would e damning for them indeed.

Remember that debate when Obama became President which went:
has America made progress in race matters? And Obama split the difference and said we have made progress but we still have a long way to go. How quaint the debate seems a decade plus on, eh? The fact is of course is that all the "progress" we made was abject surrender and it's time to go all the way back.

"The person guiding the entire process was the creator of the show, Executive Producer Marissa Jo Cerar, who said that hearing the praise from family members is all she ever wanted after filming was over."

From their point of view, what's not to like? It portrays young Till as cherubic and saintly and solidified his place in the pantheon of black martyrs. It gives to a new generation of morons the idea that this was not what it is, a routine and necessary event in the South's longstanding attempt to save it's society and culture, but a shock event that they say woke people from their long slumber, made them realize the error of their ways. But whoever said this was right as rain: the main thing about the passage of the Civil rights bill was that it was an admission on the part of White America that they had been in the wrong. If Civil Rights were right then Jim Crow was wrong. And once you've capitulated on the main point your enemies will never let you forget it, and they certainly have not. Turn on the Jew Tube right now to get an earful of it.

"I think everybody understood that the story that we were telling is much bigger than any one of us, and, in fact, it might be bigger than all of us. I think it was really a rally because you don't know what you are going to get into when you are going down to the deep South to tell a story that some people may not want told."

Much much bigger--this is them gripping the historical narrative and White people ceding it to them. In point of fact we'd love you to tell the story, the whole story, the menace of blacks and what became of this country when the boot was lifted from their neck. That would be a story worth recounting in detail and one you rarely hear. But you don't know what you are going to get when you go to Hollywood and tell a story that they most certainly never want told.

“Literally, while I was writing the finale, it was the summer of George Floyd, so it's still happening. We just told the story, and the audience will come to their own conclusions; but unfortunately, we are still experiencing the same injustice and trauma.”

What a coincidence! Just as they were about to regale us with the tale of Young Till a maniac black man bought a banana with a bad bill, resisted arrest, and got what was coming to him. What luck.

And of course this drama plays coy with the world historical whistle, as well they might. You see here's the thing: to the modern, sensitive ear the response to that whistle seems harsh and draconian. I'll concede that provided the other side concedes no people with modern, sensitive ears has any chance of surviving, let alone dealing in an even rudimentary way with feral negros run amok. Those men of the old South in that better time knew in no uncertain terms that if you gave the negros an inch they'd take your life, or your wife, or both, and you had to constantly nip them in the bud before things got out of hand. Hence the reprisals.

"We don’t see what Emmett says to her, there is a wolf-whistle but it’s unclear who it’s from or to – while remaining crystal clear on the dynamics: Emmett, playful and kind, acting innocently; Carolyn, bound by a code of hatred and fear, reacting ominously in anger."

Crystal clear mind you: crystal clear. In fact what they say is clear like mud, and the opposite is the truth. Those proud White men were dealing with mud people after all and had no choice in the matter.

"Till's mother insisted that his mutilated body not be hidden from the public, and refused to let the injustice of the south carry the day without a fight. Let the people see what they did to my boy, she famously said upon viewing his unrecognizably beaten face, a line Warren, who at times plays Mamie with a theater actor’s overemphasis, casts with a deep reserve of resilience."

Oh yes, the open casket routine: this here is my boy with the mutilated face. Come see what they did to him.

Come see what happens to negroes who overstep their place. It should have been a salutary warning, but in a changing America it became an indictment of the South, or so they say.


We'll find those racist yet!

So said the criminals of the criminal justice system in the good old US of A. An immeasurable number of black crimes have plagued America, but they choose to focus the efforts of the FBI on a case over half a century old and one that was concluded at the time in a most satisfactory manner.

"The U.S. Justice Department said Monday it is ending its investigation into the 1955 lynching of Emmett Till, the Black teenager from Chicago who was abducted, tortured and killed after witnesses said he whistled at a white woman in Mississippi."

That is, they couldn't find shit. No evidence, nothing. Good for them.

"The announcement came after the head of the department's civil rights division and other officials met with several of Till's relatives."

Oh boy they had to go hat in hand to his relatives and break the bad news to them that those racist from a bygone era are still going to be roaming free.

"Till's family members said they were disappointed there will continue to be no accountability for the infamous killing, with no charges being filed against Carolyn Bryant Donham, the woman accused of lying about whether Till ever touched her."

She didn't lie. That's a Jew lie, conjured up out of thin air. That's a lie of the lying press.

"The killing galvanized the civil rights movement after Till’s mother insisted on an open casket, and Jet magazine published photos of his brutalized body."

Die we mention that the boy's face was mutilated and unrecognizable? Yes they did.

"The Justice Department reopened the investigation after a 2017 book quoted Donham as saying she lied when she claimed that 14-year-old Till grabbed her, whistled and made sexual advances while she was working in a store in the small community of Money. Relatives have publicly denied that Donham, who is in her 80s, recanted her allegations about Till."

I'm going with the White relatives. You know how them negros lie.

"Donham told the FBI she had never recanted her accusations and there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she lied to the FBI, the Justice Department said in a news release Monday. Officials also said that historian Timothy B. Tyson, the author of 2017's The Blood of Emmett Till, was unable to produce any recordings or transcripts in which Donham allegedly admitted to lying about her encounter with the teen.

They had squat. No tapes, no records, nothing. No proof. With no accountability anyone can write anything that alleges anything.

“In closing this matter without prosecution, the government does not take the position that the state court testimony the woman gave in 1955 was truthful or accurate, the Justice Department release said. There remains considerable doubt as to the credibility of her version of events, which is contradicted by others who were with Till at the time, including the account of a living witness."

A negro witness, time was when that would have counted for nothing, which it still does to the normal. What the Justice Department is saying here is that they think those racists did it, they think those racists lied, they think a travesty of justice occurred, they think White America should fall, but unfortunately they can't prove it. The amazing thing is those drawbacks actually stopped them.

You see they had noting, they had less than nothing. So sorry, better luck next time. And now that Till has that gold medal hung around his dead neck and we have this television show reviving him from the grave maybe there will be a next time. But they'll still have nothing. Justice has and will prevail in this case.

"Thelma Wright Edwards, one of Till's cousins, said she was heartbroken but not surprised that no new charges are being brought."

"The Justice Department in 2004 opened an investigation of Till’s killing after it received inquiries about whether charges could be brought against anyone still living. The department said the statute of limitations had run out on any potential federal crime, but the FBI worked with state investigators to determine if state charges could be brought. In February 2007, a Mississippi grand jury declined to indict anyone, and the Justice Department announced it was closing the case."

Well well, they keep opening it and closing it, opening it and closing it. You know a hundred years hence they'll open it again and this time in absentia they'll get convictions and put all the "culprits" in posthumous jail. In terms of abiding reputation they really already have.

The shocking thing is that they have yet to open his grave. Let's see what's left of the boy.

"The FBI in 2006 began a cold case initiative to investigate racially motivated killings from decades earlier. A federal law named after Till allows a review of killings that had not been solved or prosecuted to the point of a conviction."

Kid's got a federal law named after him, and now the slightest discourteousness to a negro and they'll make a federal case out of it. They'll be digging up graves, they'll be poring over the files, they'll be looking into storage, whatever it takes to make something stick.

"The Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act requires the Justice Department to make an annual report to Congress. No report was filed in 2020, but a report filed in June of this year indicated that the department was still investigating the abduction and killing of Till."

They keep going and going, it's cause celebre for them, and they keep finding a whole lot of nothing.

No proof of any wrongdoing because there was no wrongdoing. That's what the jury at the time said.

"The FBI investigation included a talk with Parker, who previously told the AP in an interview that he heard his cousin whistle at the woman in a store in Money, but that the teen did nothing to warrant being killed."

The whistle warranted it, one doesn't reason with a mad dog, one puts it down.

"The Justice Department reopened the investigation into Till's murder last month after receiving new information."

Truth to tell after reading the reports I'm not quite sure if the there's an open case right now or not. If there's not there will be soon. For them Emmett Till is the gift that keeps on giving, but all those folks they are investigating just wanted to keep on living.

And did what it took.


"Till has been called the Trayvon Martin of the 50s, a reference to another Black teen killed in 2012."

Yeah, we got the reference, but thanks.

The sixth and final episode of Women Of The Movement is called The Last Word which is a title that reeks of overconfidence. Not everyone has been re-educated, not everyone has been reconstructed, there are still some dissenters to the Till Myth. And they still have something to say and are not afraid to say it. The speak in many voices and many ways.

"A marker memorializing the tragic death of 14-year-old Emmett Till has gone missing from Money, Mississippi. The sign, which was located in front of the grocery store where Till was accused of offending a White woman, went missing days after the 66th anniversary of Till's death."

"At this point, we are still gathering more information about the missing sign, Patrick Weems, executive director of the center, said in a statement Friday. Unfortunately, memorials to the 14-year-old child have been shot, defaced with acid, thrown in the Tallahatchie River, and have had KKK sprayed on them, so we are taking this missing sign seriously."

Oh you bet they are taking it seriously. It's a sign! You can be sure hate crime charges are being drawn up and if they find the people who did it they will draw and quarter them. For them to tarnish the holy images of this holy saint and martyr might as well be a capital crime. In the future you can be sure it will be.

"The sign memorializing Emmett Till has been vandalized for the third time, according to local outlet the Clarion Ledger, shot through with bullets."

Some White folks still have a thing or two to say about it. The final word? Not on your life.

"The sign, which was put up outside of Glendale, Miss. by the Emmett Till Interpretive Center, stands at the site where his body and was discovered in the Tallahatchie river."

How to interpret that?

"35 days ago the sign was brand new. It was installed to replace the previously vandalized sign honoring the slain boy, which was also riddled with bullets. It only took a little over a month for someone to shoot it up again. The first Emmett Till sign was installed in 2007, and only lasted a year before someone stole it. The second sign had been shot with 100 bullets. The efforts of film maker Kevin Wilson Jr., raised awareness about the damaged sign in 2016, ensured that it was replaced."

But just like they keep bringing charges we keep on as well.

"To drive up and see it like that, I was sad, Patrick Weems, a co-founder of the Emmett Till Interpretive Center told the Times. When we finally replaced it, it was an amazing feeling that this sign that had been obliterated was finally restored.”

Won't be there for long; the final word is not yet spoke on this matter.

"For some, seeing the sign vandalized once again makes clear that the fight for racial equality in America has a long way to go."

They've been at it for a hundred years but the finish line is nowhere in sight.

"The bullet holes bear eloquent witness to the fact that work remains to be done, Dave Tell, author of a forthcoming book about Till, told the Clarion Ledger. That the memory of Till’s murder still cuts a rift through the heart of the modern day Delta.”

Eloquence indeed. Nothing bespeaks a silver tongue like a bullet ridden memorial.


You don't hear too much about Emmett Till's murderous rapist father, it's not a story they like, they'd rather sweep it under the rug. And of course if the father of your young black martyr is a rapist, and there is the aura of sexual aggression hanging over the young black martyr you really want to keep it on the QT. People might put the two, and two and two, together. And they can't have that.

Louis Till was executed by hanging by the United States Army in 1945 for raping two Italian women and murdering a third during an air raid. Yankee hospitality it was not, rather it calls to mind how the French flooded Germany with black soldiers in the 1920s and the infamous Marocchinate which was the mass rape of Italian women during World War 2 by Moroccans unleashed by the French.

Like father, like son.

The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Roy Bryant knew with what he was dealing.

"In 1955, African-American teenager Emmett Till of Chicago, Illinois, was visiting relatives in Money, Mississippi, when he reportedly flirted with a white woman in a small grocery store. Four days later, he was abducted, beaten and shot. His body was later discovered and retrieved from the Tallahatchie River. An all-white jury acquitted two white men of the murder. Till's death and open casket funeral galvanized the emerging Civil Rights Movement."

What are the odds that the most famous "victim" of rough justice for sexual aggression was the son of a double rapist and murderer? Actually not that long. And if Till's father had not gone out in such a spectacular flame of infamy it might just as well have been something run of mill for blacks, like robbery, or just one rape, or various kinds of street crime, and instead of a hanging by this man's army he'd have been stewing in jail. Those old guys knew a thing or two about all this, and certainly knew with whom they were dealing. They knew the serpent always gives rise to the serpent's spawn and the only way to finish it off is to kill it in the egg.

"Throughout the South, whites publicly prohibited interracial relationships as a means to maintain White Supremacy. Even the suggestion of sexual contact between black men and white women could carry severe penalties for black men."

To hear them tell it American history is blood soaked with White crime against blacks, and is irredeemable therefore; the truth is exactly the opposite. The fact is that the ever recurring tale of Emmett Till is among the prominent exhibits in the Potemkin Village meant to hide the horror that is black America. The disguise has been wearing thin for quite some while and by now only the most blinkered and benighted cannot see through it.

"Days after Till was killed, his body was pulled from the Tallahatchie River, where he had been tossed after he was shot and weighted down with a cotton gin fan."

But the memory of the kid has not sank like a stone. They cough it up over and over. They wave it in our faces like it's an indictment, which is it, but not of us. Rather it is an indictment of the blacks themselves and the Whites who have capitulated to this most dangerous nonsense.

But when the final word is spoken it will echo the men of the past, and their stalwart defense of our future:

No whistling please, we're White people.

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