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Slow Learner

Post by Douglas Mercer » Fri Mar 31, 2023 1:54 am

Douglas Mercer
January 30 2022

It seems fitting that Don Jr. took Gavin Newsom's sloppy seconds in the form of Kimberly Guilfoyle, as the American Ruling class passed that bimbo around like a cheap cigar. And Newsom himself is a bit of bimbo or a babe in the woods, why he just woke up and his eyes goggled when he discovered that the state he runs, and has run into the ground, looks like a 3rd world hell hole. That's what you get when you stand up at your inaugural with your son in your hands and say to the whole world that California welcomes the whole world.

Import the 3rd world, become the 3rd world as had been said.

And importing the 3rd World California is, the last time I checked the state has nearly 40 million people and just a hair over 1 in 3 are White. The race with the most people of course are the Mexicans clocking in at nearly 40 percent and heading to fifty percent. Which reminds me that about 100 years ago someone asked a German scholar what the future of Mexico was and he said it will be absorbed into the United States and then the United States will collapse.

Right on schedule, sir.

There's a section of Lincoln Heights where pirates and brigands prey on trains of cargo and loot and pillage them. As much as we'd like to this is the odd crime story we can't pin on the negros as Lincoln Heights is 70 percent Mexican, 23 percent Asian, six percent White, and only 1 percent negro. So this one is the beaners and the barrio all the way down.

"Cargo containers aboard trains have been targeted by thieves for months near Lincoln Heights authorities said. The stolen packages are from retailers including Amazon, REI and others."

And so alarming to normal people was the idea that we have a Haiti smack dab in the middle of Los Angeles that governor Gavin Newsom felt compelled to head South and tour the afflicted area for himself and be Johnny Good Guy and pick up some of the boatloads of trash. But given the volume of filth these border hoppers spew out Newsom's trash sack invariably constituted just a drop in the bucket.

Apparently in addition to being both incredibly callow and shallow Gavin Newsom has been living in a cocoon for years, or in a giant bubble, or perhaps unbeknownst to his constituents he has aped his predecessor and idol Jerry Brown and has been secretly living the life of hermit atop a lonely mountain somewhere.

He was shocked--shocked!---that his state was a 3rd World hell hole.

What planet has he been living on? Not the ones we all see with our own two good eyes, that's for sure.

"Governor Gavin Newsom professed shock and outrage as he visited the site of mass looting of cargo trains in L.A. on Thursday, helping clean up debris and touting his recent plan to help law enforcement fight theft."

The Romans cleared the Mediterranean of pirates but America can't clear Lincoln Heights of low life scum cholos.

"A Union Pacific freight train pass along a section of tracks littered with debris from packages stolen from cargo containers stacked on rail cars The area has seen numerous thefts of the containers aboard trains which sometimes are required to stop in the area on their way to other destinations. Union Pacific has seen a 160 percent increase in rail thefts in Los Angeles County over the past year. Many of the packages are from Amazon and other retailers."

Newsom emerged from his underground cave and disgraced us with this doozy:

"I’m asking myself, what the hell is going on? We look like a third-world country,”

We're asking ourselves how an abject idiot like this came to rule us. After such malfeasance, can there be forgiveness?

We don't look like a 3rd World country, we are a third world country you dipshit. We're a 3rd World country because of you and your ilk and your disastrous policies of welcoming in every Guatemalan dirt farmer, every Mexican ne'er-do-well, every El Salvadoran face tattooed gang member into what was not all that long ago a nice White state. We are a 3rd World country because your boy Gascon, the District Attorney of Los Angeles, wouldn't prosecute a dark-skinned savage if he killed my mother in broad daylight with twenty White witnesses. We are a 3rd World country because there has been a complete and total collapse and breakdown of authority because the likes of Newsom have made it clear that authority is fascist and racist. We are 3rd World country because only one in three Californians is White.

We are third world country because you can't say the word "gangs" without Mexicans thinking you are talking about them.

Which is funny because when I hear the world gangs I don't think for a moment they are talking about me. Because they are not, they are talking about Mexicans.

"The executives of the railroad companies also criticized Gascon, saying his diversion policies — including dismissing certain misdemeanors such as trespassing — have resulted in the spike in theft."

This has it right, it's the broken humans theory of policing---you have to lock up the miscreants the first chance you get, you have to kill the problem in the egg. If you give them an inch they'll take your lives and country.


Every so often these establishment stooges forget their script and let a fraction of the truth slip from their lying mouths. When Newsom visited the garbage heap which used to be known as Los Angeles he said that reason for all this filth and theft and crime was "gangs."

Naturally and immediately he went furiously into back pedal mode when every Mexican in the world knew for certain he was talking bout them, because he was.

"Newsom apologized for using the word “gangs” to describe the attacks on the trains, stressing that he did not mean the word in a pejorative way."

Sure, he meant gangs in a good way, not a bad way. Like look at that gang of White people living peacefully among themselves, committing no crimes, and exhibiting neighborly courtesy at every turn.

He meant gangs in that sense believes no one.

"Images and videos of torn boxes and packages were shared widely on social media last week as the country learned of the looting of cargo trains as the Union Pacific line slowed near L.A, providing a target to thieves in the absence of law enforcement."

The absence of law enforcement. The absence of everything that represents society defending itself, all that is good is abstaining, absconding, and abdicating. Nobody is home, and soon the lights won't be on.

Welcome to Brazil---if we're lucky.

"The Union Pacific rail line wrote to left-wing, George Soros-backed L.A. District Attorney George Gascón — whom Newsom endorsed — demanding better law enforcement and threatening to route trains elsewhere."

Left wing is the least of it for Soros--he's a Jew. Can't say gangs, can't say Jews.

No truth please, we're sniveling cowards.

"In a statement, Newsom touted his Real Public Safety Plan, which proposes $255 million in grants to law enforcement agencies. It does not reverse the cuts to law enforcement undertaken by many Democrat-run cities, including L.A., where Mayor Eric Garcetti cut police funding by up to $150 million in response to the Black Lives Matter riots in the summer of 2020."

But recall that only a week or so ago Newsom came out with his blockbuster budget which included a whopping 3 billion for free illegal alien health care, so 225 million is a drop in the bucket they're using to pick up the slop in Lincoln Heights. You dangle 3 billion in front of Guatemalan dirt farmer, or a Mexican ne'er-do-well and they'll gravitate to it like flies to shit. Spend that 3 billion on law enforcement and border fortification and rounding up illegals and Lincoln Heights will be spic and span, not spics. Hell, spend that much on defending your state Lincoln Heights will be so clean you could eat off it.


But instead of this Gavin Newsom wanders among the garbage on some railroad tracks and wonders that his state looks like a third world country. Earlier he had said this unholy mess was the result of "gangs" but when he got colossal blow back for using the word "gangs" with its resonance of criminal Mexicans he straightaway apologized for using such a loaded word. And of course he is so clueless that he can't for the life of him see the umbilical connection between the fact that he is unable to use the word "gangs" and that his state has become a shithole.

You can't say gangs anymore because you don't want to make the brown kids angry. You can't say gangs because the Jews won't allow it. You can't say gangs because the powers that be don't want the average White man pondering the deep connection between dark-skinned invader and the rubbish heap they call home.

You can't say gangs because this is no longer a nice White country.

But Gavin Newsom is a slow learner and can't connect the dots. Or, more properly, he such an in the bag paid up member of the American elite that he is incapable of learning anything at all. And now that we are ruled by his kind America will not only be consigned to the trash heap of history--it will become one.

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