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Whole Kendi Cloth

Post by Douglas Mercer » Thu Mar 30, 2023 10:49 pm

Douglas Mercer
December 3 2021

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.
In the case of Ibram X. Kendi none of these apply.

Whether he was born mediocre, achieved mediocrity, or has had his unquestioned mediocrity thrust upon him is an open question but mediocre he is, at least if one is in charitable mood.

There's an old joke about the bus full of blacks that runs off the road down into a ravine. A man who saw it crash goes to report it and is asked if there were any survivors. He says that a few of them said they were alive but you know how them niggers lie.

As true today as the first day it was told.

You see when it comes to lying negros like to make things up out of whole cloth. Truth for them is a White thing, and probably racist. They could never make whole cloth, that's a European thing, but making things up out of whole cloth is for them like falling off a log.

Now Ibram X. Kendi has taken to the pages of the once august, now Jewish, Atlantic magazine and has told some lies of his own. On the off chance that you've been blessed so far with never having once heard of this mental peon Ibram X. Kendi he's the establishment's submental guru of the newfangled theory of anti-racism, and he wants to sell you a bill of goods. He wants you to stop worrying and learn to love White Genocide. In fact he goes a step further and says that White Genocide isn't happening at all, it's just a figment of our imaginations. All of that anti-White hatred that fills the Jew media night and day? Why, that's just a cri de coeur of poor downtrodden black folk, folk who have stoically endured the torments of White Supremacy and now just want justice to reign, who now just want a seat at the table. Of course they didn't create the table, and never could have. Kendi does admit that thought they don't want to kill you they do want parity with some extras thrown in, they want that seat at the table plus they want to eat your food, kipe the silverware, swipe your household goods, and ransack the house. He cops to the idea that they also have a whole horde of Mexicans they want to bring in to join in the melee, to add to the pillaging and looting. But they definitely don't want to kill you. Of course not, don't be silly. Furthest thing from their minds.

They just want to make it impossible for you to live.

That's according to Ibram X. Kendi anyways, mediocrity extraordinaire, anti-racist, liar, horrible flak, vicious hack, and nigger.


Ibram X. Kendi thinks White people have dirty minds. He says that because in the past White people exterminated so called people of color that now White people think those dusky folk want to kill them. He says this evinces a guilty heart.

"White supremacists are mobilizing against an anti-white army that isn’t mobilizing, that isn’t coming, that isn’t there."

Those black and brown troop massing outside your house? Those criminals with all their smash and grabs?

Pay them no mind.

To listen to him tell it we should pay no attention whatsoever to that black serial killer who smothered to death a score of White octogenarians, and we most definitely should pay no heed to that black monster who plowed into that Christmas Parade. And just take in stride the countless rapes and murder committed by less famous but no less criminally minded negroes. None of this means they want to kill us though. No, Kendi says, they just want you to stop hating them just because of the color of their skin.

He wants you to accept these depredations with a sanguine mind.

All the better to kill you of course.


Kendi is one of those shills who made a big "splash" in the non discipline of African American studies, which is a little like making your life work the exploration of whatever happens to be at the bottom of the barrel. But these university departments have enormous prestige and if you can crawl to the top of them crying racism and redlining and Emmet Till you can make a nice buck hoodwinking the gulls. In this genre of nonentities Kendi has become a superstar's superstar, having achieved escape velocity from the academic ghetto and made it into the far wider world of popular book publishing and Jew Media. He's now one of the go to wise men preaching a gospel of White Genocide.

This Jew media created hack of modest (at best) intellectual pretensions started out his life at New York University as a professor of (wait for it) Africana and Latino Studies. He then switched to another New York University where he lectured on (hold the phone) African Studies. At this point he became a visiting professor at Brown University, a school which once had decent reputation but which has clearly suffered a diminishment in status. At Brown he taught (you gussed it) African Studies. He then sojourned south to the University Of Florida where he taught African American History which, from what I can glean, is the story of them going from picking cotton to welfare with a brief interlude of negro Jazz in the middle.

African America studies in case you are not aware is the piddling study of paltry piffle, an examination of an inferior people the intent of which is intent to gussy it up to make it seem like its subjects are actually fully human, and not an evolutionary cul-de-sac which routed them on an inferior branch of the genus homo.

Kendi first rocketed to national fame when he suggested that the constitution be amended to make life even easier for lazy and shiftless negros and to enshrine in law their status as a special and privileged caste:

"To fix the original sin of racism, Americans should pass an anti-racist amendment to the U.S. Constitution that enshrines two guiding anti-racist principals: Racial inequity is evidence of racist policy and the different racial groups are equals."

So if negros live in rat infested ghettos or get one too few awards at the Oscars that would violate the constitution. Color blind conservatives were naturally aghast at such an idea, appalled that their perfect security blanket of law should be marred by anything which does not explicitly refer to the content of one's character. Of course conservatives neglect the fact that this country already subscribes to and lives by these ideas in practice already, and an amendment would only make de jure what is already de facto. That they are alright with, they are just totally opposed to making it official.

Kendi is also the originator of that new Bantu Proverb which is so popular among a certain type of self hating liberal White:

The opposite of racist isn't "not racist" it's "anti-racist."

And the opposite of brain dead is not Ibram X. Kendi.

Kendi made his first steps up the ladder of grotesque anti-racist fame with his book called Stamped From The Beginning, which billed itself as an exploration of racist ideas in America, things which he did not come to praise but to bury. His next book is the one with which he took off with a jet pack through the Jewish firmament and scored big with every liberal maggot media host in the land. This book had the hortatory title How To Be An Anti-Racist, thus combining anti-White political theology with the How To genre which combination alone guaranteed it success in the debased America of today. And when Kendi was done with that mega-tonnage blockbuster of a book like any good grifter who grifts while the grifting is good he followed it with the knock on book called Antiracist Baby, meant to brainwash White babies who all the studies show are instinctively racist and can stand neither black dolls nor the smell of black babies. This latter book is both serious and lighthearted and makes the perfect Quanza gift for the White ally who wants to go deeper and deeper into his subservience to negros.

And now Ibram X. Kendi (the X stands for the way illiterate negros used to sign their name) has taken to the pages of the Jew Atlantic and is huffing up some lies.

You watch him; Kendi will don that kente cloth and make them up out of whole cloth.

The better to kill you with of course.


The Atlantic Magazine has one of those Bostonian pedigrees which makes you know that eventually it will be taken over by Jews. It was one of those late nineteenth century marquee publications that aimed to promote the best writing America had to offer. Showing the coterie nature of these Massachusetts intellectuals the publisher wrote the following in a letter to possible future contributor:

"I must tell you about a little dinner-party I gave about two weeks ago. It would be proper, perhaps, to state the origin of it was a desire to confer with my literary friends on a somewhat extensive literary project, the particulars of which I shall reserve till you come. But to the Party: My invitations included only R.W. Emerson, H.W. Longfellow, J.R. Lowell, Mr. Motley (the 'Dutch Republic' man), O.W. Holmes, Mr. Cabot, Mr. Underwood our literary man.

It's all very cozy and inbred and incestuous, the kind of world where a bon mot was that the Lowells only speak to the Cabots and the Cabots speak only to God.

They were genially patting themselves on the back instead of getting ready for the onslaught.

These people never stood a chance against the Jews. Henry Adams once said that so many Jews were moving into an area of Boston that even the negros were moving out, which is pretty bad.

And of course now a Jew named Jeffery Golberg is the editor of the Atlantic, and they spew forth the black garbage of the likes of Ibram X. Kendi.

Which is pretty bad.

But then you have to realize that the man who wrote that letter, the first publisher of the Atlantic, was a man named Moses Dresser Phillips. The Phillips themselves are one thing but those puritans liked to name their children after the Jews. It's wasn't quite the Glory-Be-To-God that their ancestors liked to use but it was bad enough.

Those pie-eyed innocents who pompously conferred the name Brahim on themselves really were unfit for the furure. Not when it came to the Jews who were like sharks in the water. And not when they were handing out chum.

Goldberg did you say?


On November 30 2021 Ibram X. Kendi, anti-racist, advocate of White Genocide, sorry hack, took to the electronic pages of the Jew run Atlantic Magazine. As said for all intents and purposes he might as well have donned that "holy" Kente cloth and told lies out of whole cloth. Well, he did do the latter.

What would you expect from a man named Kendi?

He starts off the feast of mendacity by going after that known Hitlerite, the wishy washy civic nationalist and always chucklingly avuncular Tucker Carlson.

"Below a democratic donkey, the Fox News graphic read anti-white mania. It flanked Tucker Carlson’s face and overtook it in size. It was unmistakable."

There is no mistaking it. There is an anti-White mania. Who but the most blinkered or benighted can fail to see it? It is everywhere. We get hosed on government programs, we get shafted getting into colleges, we get told our success is due to unearned privilege rather than intelligence and hard work, states mandate that corporation boards achieve so-called diversity, blacks are let out of jail to kill us, black juries nullify and won't convict black defendants, our very good name is slandered in the public square, our history is reviled, university professors call for our death.

If that's not anti-White mania then what would be?

Stick around and you'll see what they have in mind. Those maniacs will still say it's not a mania, their preferred nomenclature is justice. They deserve reparations but we deserve repercussions--don't you know.

You see Ibram X. Kendi wants everyone to think he's anti-racist, not anti-white. And though he denies it the one entails the other, they are one and the same thing, two peas in a Jewish pod.

Everyone know that really, but it is very important for them that the obvious view does not prevail. For 60 plus years after the Civil Rights act which promised so-called equality this equality has gone to the dogs, and the blacks and the browns have become infinitely more equal than Whites, and everyone knows this; but Kendi is still trying to push the tall tale that all they want is for racism to stop; not that they want their race to predominate which is in fact the case. He claims they want justice not domination when it's patently obvious that that's exactly what they want. At this late date it's hard to believe that anyone is still making that obviously more than threadbare argument, but there he is in the Jew run Atlantic portraying the people of color as truth and justice seeking equalitarians and not the preying jackals that they are.

This barrage of lies in the Atlantic is meant for one and only one purpose: to blind people from the facts. Perhaps they think if they can keep the Potemkin Village of just being opposed to racism alive for just a little longer soon enough it won't matter when it comes tumbling down; because by then they will have won the decisive victory.

"The segment aired on June 25—the height of the manic attack on, and redefinition of, critical race theory, which Carlson has repeatedly cast as anti-white. It was one of his most incendiary segments of the year. “

Incendiary Ha! This Carlson fellow is only fiddling with damp matches in his mother's kitchen. You can only hear about "dismantling Whiteness" or "decolonizing the curriculum" or the "invisible knapsack" so many times before you know Critical Race Theory is anti-White, that is not a real shocker. Is he trying to say that Critical Race Theory is really just the theory that we can all get along in a color blind content of your character world, that the world will then sing in perfect harmony? Ibram X. Kendi is neither the sharpest knife in the drawer not the deepest river on the steppe but even he can't really believe it. Of course Critical Race Theory, like equality itself, is just another tool to take down White people generally, not just "White Supremacists"; indeed, they often either obstinately or obtusely refuse to make any distinction between the two.

"Carlson asked: How do we save this country before we become Rwanda?”

Presumably Carlson meant the genocide part of Rwanda, not the backwater hell hole aspect of it. The way to stop the latter is to be rid of your race aliens; the way to stop the former is the same.

They want your children raped and you dead. They want to make Germany in the summer of 1945 look like a tea party.

"How many Americans know that the claim that anti-racism is harmful to white people is one of the basic mantras of white-supremacist ideology?"

First off not near enough American know that anti-racism is harmful to White people; too many of them take the likes of Kendi at his word, that they just want "race hate" to stop; though of late more and more of them can tell that Kendi and his ilk are great haters too. And as far as White Supremacist go that's just their big swear and scare word and is number one in the litany of their dishonesty; what we are is White Separatists; we just want nothing to do with them and the idea that America writ large can ever be a White Nation again never even occurs to us; that country is dead and gone; we are looking for a new one.

But "White Supremacist" has that eerie ring does it not? Which is why they love it; White Separatist on the other hand is something most people have never heard and they worry that if they did hear it--it might just get them thinking, that is thinking all the wrong thoughts.

"Tucker Carlson yet again presented the most dangerous mantra in American politics: Attacks on racism are really attacks on white Americans that lead to white people being harmed. Anti-racism is anti-white is the old and explosive mantra of avowed white supremacists."

"It is inciting the false claim that anti-racist books and education are harmful to white children."

Really? Busing was bad enough, more than bad enough; to take the lives of normal White children and uproot them and use them in an experiment that was meant to attack their race; can you think of anything more evil? Well, today they are more evil. What gives the lie to Kendi's being so blithe is that they say themselves that non White people cannot be racist. So if Whites are the only people that can be racist and all Whites are racists, at least implicitly, then anti-racism must be against them. It's certainly not directed at black or brown people of that you can be sure.

And consider this little nugget of information:

"After a brief pause, UT-Austin recently restarted the the GoKar program, which develops critical race theory training material for for 4- and 5-year-olds who are White. It is explicitly motivated by the ideas of Robin DiAngelo, who makes statements such as: Raising white children to be white is a form of child abuse.”

DiAngelo is a lady who married the man who was the husband in a couple for whom she (DiAngelo) was the midwife for. So you can see that her morals are not rock steady.

But to teach White four year olds or five year olds, or whatever, about racism is to ipso facto teach them that White people are evil. What are they supposed to think? They are, or will be soon, saturated long and loud with the idea that Whites are racist by definition and that racism is bad. Their little brains are more than capable of figuring out what they are being told---and the educators are trying to imprint this lie on their undeveloped and impressionable minds.

The better to kill them of course.

“Perhaps his most important, and most lasting, legacy is that his incessant promotion of the term anti-white is now slowly but surely going mainstream,”

This is what scares them the most. Of all the memes "anti-White" is the most powerful and the most salient. Though White Genocide is most definitely real we have to realize how askew it will seem to those who have not done the hard work and thought the matter through. Whereas anti-White is short, clipped, and stacatto, simple and to the point, and will immediately resonate.


Kendi then goes on a long passage where he outlines the long history of White people and what he deems their "paranoia" about the looming threat of negros getting the whip hand over them in law and society. What this shows is that in our race lineage there were many very perceptive people from the very beginning who saw that this black anti-racism was simply a ruse to gain power, that this was never a bid for equality but for domination plain and simple.

Those old guys were certainly a squared away bunch, and could deduce the end game loud and clear.

"Since the very first Civil Rights Act, white supremacists have cast anti-racist bills as racist toward white people. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 defined citizenship, granted it to African Americans, and affirmed that all citizens are equally protected by the law. But President Andrew Johnson vetoed it, arguing that the distinction of race and color is by the bill made to operate in favor of the colored against the white race. In an address to Congress in 1867, Johnson opposed voting rights for Black men, fearing the dread of Negro supremacy and the subjection of white people of the South.”

Well well---that is exactly on point and exactly correct. It is thus not surprising that the great Andrew Johnson is one of our most vilified Presidents. In the pantheon of Jew lore he is invariably cast as an ignorant bigot decidedly behind the times, and suffers in their propaganda from following directly behind the ever great Lincoln, whom John Wilkes Booth perspicaciously pointed out was all for nigger citizenship; which is a little like feeding your children poison for breakfast.

Indeed, though it took a century and more for it to unfold negro supremacy was always in the details, and Johnson's horrified premonition has been justified in spades (all too literally).

"In his best-selling 1874 book, the journalist James S. Pike described South Carolina’s interracial legislature as denying the exercise of the rights of white communities, because they are white.”

Pike was prescient for sure.

"When an anti-lynching bill came before the U.S. Senate in 1938, Senator and lifelong Klansman Theodore Bilbo of Mississippi said its passage will open the floodgates of hell in the South.”

Does anyone wish to deny this?

"Dixiecrats, running Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina for U.S. president, said that they affirm that the effective enforcement of such a civil-rights program would be utterly destructive of the social, economic and political life of the Southern people.”

Civil Rights has become a sledgehammer wielded against the White race. The very minute it was passed in the name of "equality" they turned on the dime and made it the tool of choice to make White people second class citizens and give very advantage under the sun to negros and, soon, all other race aliens. Civil Rights simply means no rights for White people.

Score another one for the old-time seat of your pants racists.

"Thomas Abernethy, the Jim Crow segregationist and U.S. representative from Mississippi, feared that the Civil Rights Act of 1957 would create nothing short of an assemblage of powerful Federal meddlers and spies created for the purpose of tormenting, abusing, and embarrassing southern white people.”


When it comes to the Feds and race is there any better description than meddler and spies? The Feds now big foot on jurisdictions that don't give every advantage to negros in voting, they usurp and run roughshod over the judgements of local juries, if a White man is set free in Cout they'll swoop in and cry Civil Rights and try him again in violation of the double jeopardy. Just ask those cops who put that sweet beat down on drug addict Rodney King. Or ask Kyle Rittenhouse as Jew Merrick Garland breathes down his neck.

"During his 24-hour-long filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Thurmond cited a newspaper article that warned of the persecution that white people could face under the law."

Time has given this its proof.

"These Jim Crow congressmen expressed the gravest concern for this dangerous condition. Sixty-five years ago, they did their best to redefine desegregation and racial equality as anti-white mania."

When it came to the White race and its surivival those old guys they knew a thing or two. They saw what was at the bottom of Pandora's box of equality and rights: the hatred of White people, and the desire to dispossess them.

We really should have listened to them when we had the chance.


Above all what Kendi and company want you to believe in is the myth of their innocence. As if they all they want is just to be good little American creedalists and they want you to be that too. It's all so prefect and normal they say, they only want us to live up to that hallowed motto that all men are created equal. That they have no malign intent, that they just want a fair and equal shake and to be allowed to participate fully in the pursuit of happiness and the American Dream. The reparations and the prohibition on "racism" are just a way to clear the deck of past wrongs so we can finally all get back to even and square in the blank slate of Americanism. If America is exceptional they say it's because race is equal to citizenship and citizenship is a paper and document blender that blends us all together and equalizes all.

This is of course the bill of goods. This is the colossal lie at the heart of their ideology.

For all his efforts he might as well be selling you your death on platter.

He puts on that fake virtuous mask and implores us to seek out the "better angels" in ourselves and come open handed to the final meeting of the races in the great big universal nation. But you see he says, the Whites, their hearts are hard and they can only see the worst in people:

"They probably can’t imagine that Indigenous anti-racists just want their land back and aren’t genocidal; that Black anti-racists just want reparations and don’t want to enslave; that Asian anti-racists just want to be visible and don’t want to render white people invisible; that Latino and Middle Eastern anti-racists just want to flee violence and don’t want to invade predominantly white nations."

If you believe that I'll sell you all the valuable real estate in black run countries. Anyone who believes that lullaby will believe anything, and won't be around much longer.

Whereas what he mocks as allegedly ridiculous is simply the stone cold truth:

“Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. It proclaims Diversity = White Genocide and Diversity Means Chasing Down the Last White Person, blaming multiculturalism for undermining the white race."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

That's as true as the day it was first spoken; in fact, even truer.

So his lies are a litany, they are manifold and legion. But what does one expect from a bus full of niggers?

The truth? The truth that the races are and always have been at each other's throats? And they always will be until one or the other is gone? That life is a struggle of the races and that equality is just the strategy to get us to disarm unilaterally? A strategy to distract us with "goodwill" and "love" so we won't defend our homes at the very moment they are stealing them.

Perish the thought. They want you to think anything but that.

But we hope that more and more of us are seeing through these transparent fabrications and ruses for the chimeras they most surely are; that they see them as simply a tissue of falsehoods, meant to give some soma or a sedative to White people so they keep their guard down until it is too late.

But to be truthful this man may not be the best water carrier they can find for this truthless tripe. He's always going to be a weak link in their chain. One quick read of him, or one short look at him makes you know that some are born idiots, some achieve idiocy, and some have their idiocy thrust upon them. The amazing thing is that in this regard Ibram X. Kendi has managed to pull off the hat trick.

It's no mean feat, really, but then what would you expect from a man with an illiterate X in the middle of his name?

He gives you precisely what you think he would give you.

The biggest lie of all, and that unadorned, and one not even all that well made.

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