Ohio Anti-Whiteness

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Ohio Anti-Whiteness

Post by Douglas Mercer » Thu Mar 30, 2023 10:47 pm

Douglas Mercer
December 15 2021

Mike DeWine looks like it was him rather than Nathan Bedford Forest who got yanked out of the grave but this grim living corpse has decided opinions on the sensitive matters of race:

"Gov. Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) called racism a public health crisis."

I thought the GOP was the White party? Oh, right.

What's a public health crisis is all those after-births of the Bantu diaspora turning our once gleaming White cities into infernal cesspits and shooting galleries. That is it's a public health crisis for White people whom they kill. It's true that that they mostly kill each other but that's not win-win either for we usually end up footing the bill for the funeral costs when the authorities find out the deceased doesn't even have a bank account and owes money to the pawn shop for the fake gold necklace he got. And all that blood on the sidewalk isn't exactly going to clean itself up.

Here's the thing: Mike DeWine is the Great White Mother in the guise of a skeletal White man who looks for for all the world like an undertaker. Currently he is at the door of the morgue trying to usher in White America.


Recently DeWine gave a big drooling sloppy wet kiss to Jews but that was not the first time he descended to the depths of race shame, not the first time he paid unworthy homage to a hostile minority.

Like most of the country in the summer of 2020 Mike DeWine went apeshit over the demise of that ape George Floyd, taking the opportunity to morally grandstand though honestly he's such a dweeb he might have actually believed it. But for sure he worked himself into a self-righteous lather of high dudgeon and made sure that everyone knew that this was the number one issue of evil for him, and not a cause for celebration or an insignificant after thought. DeWine made it plainly clear that because of the death of this hardened criminal everything in the Buckeye state had to be uprooted, all priorities reassessed, and every finger in the bureaucracy geared totally to making amends for what they insist was a vicious crime, and to atone for centuries of American racism, but which was really the price of doing business in the black inner city.

"We have an obligation to look at these racial disparities and say that's not right. We have to do everything within our power to deal with this, DeWine said, calling for changes in the state’s higher education, foster care, environmental protection policies and more."

Everything in our power! And more! Leaders such as DeWine morally cratered in the face of a moral panic and a moral hysteria; indeed, they were in it hip deep. Even if on the off chance you think that Derek Chauvin did not follow police procedure to the letter (which he did) an incident like that is an outlier and hardly worth getting worked up about, let alone dislodge (even further) the fundamentals of your civilization. And of course the entire Black Lives Matter movement is predicated on a lie, that those disparities are the result of White malfeasance and do not stem from what they are actually based on, black inferiority and black chronic ineptitude. But DeWine and his ilk got on their moral high horse right atop the soap box and began to (even further) disassemble pubic public policy and remake it in the image of a (fully imaginary) noble negro. The fact of the matter is when it comes down to it negroes in America right now never had it so good. Have it much better than they deserve; indeed, give them their deserts and they won't escape the whipping.

But this DeWine fellow won't leave not at all well enough alone, he had to go in whole hog on this kneeling thing. There is no level of abasement to which these men won't stoop, even as there is an untold amount of our money that they will send down the black (rat) hole, something which really is a bottomless pit. And like an actual black into this black rat hole things can go in but nothing, absolutely nothing, ever comes out of it.

"DeWine said he is creating the Governor's Equity Advisory Board to keep this conversation going and create a permanent group tasked with addressing Ohio’s racial disparities."

Permanent--for all time. Now it's ensconced and burrowed deep in the bowels of the bureaucracy, and will be ripe for corruption, rackets and boondoggles. Blacks will rise to the top of it to create an eternal trough of racial spoils which all of the pigs will stick their spook snouts in to and get their greedy and greasy fill. It won't be as dramatic as that film you see of Jamal knocking in a window with a mallet and then all the negroes file in to pick up their loot, but the result will the be the same. Indeed, they're turning the government in Columbus into one giant smash and grab, even if the people who carry out the theft tend to dress in suits.

"Gov. Mike DeWine dedicated most of his regularly scheduled coronavirus press conference to discussing racism in the state."

What is there to say about it, really? That there's not enough of it? That it is a wholesome defense mechanism which has been bred out of White people by decades of relentless propaganda, teaching them that racial thinking is good for all other races but not ours? That somewhere along the line Whites got their race card revoked, probably just about the time the Red Army began shelling Berlin?

"In the coming days, DeWine will work with the General Assembly to come up with plans to increase law enforcement training to prevent bias and create a stronger system to weed out officers who should not be police officers."

Listen, we all saw the police taking that sordid knee that summer so they, and particularly their upper echelons, are no picnic. But short of moving deep into the interior and setting up a White Autonomous Zone (which idea is getting ever more appealing) the police are really all a lot of White people have to at least stand a chance of keeping the criminal black race at bay. And, yes, you can be sure we sat up and took great notice when recently all of those CEOs for the CVSs and the Targets and the Walgreens of the world petitioned congress to help them with the recent skyrocketing of (always black) crime in their stores. When I think of those CEOs bellyaching about negros flash mobbing and flash robbing them with their smash and grabs my eyes are bone dry; and it's surreal how they can't for the life of them see the connection between how they and their cohort got prostrate before negros in 2020 and gave billions of dollars to black thugs, and morally preened about racism, they can't see any connection between that and the tidal wave of theft which now keeps them awake at night and engulfs them. So this unrelenting surge in crime is just deserts, it's them getting hoist on their own petard, it's the chickens roosting, and it most certainly couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people. And indeed if there weren't such large amounts of collateral damage to the White world when these negroes go on these unending sprees I'd exhort the negros to bring the pain and give it to them good and give it to them hard.

Ah yes, the Ferguson effect and now the Floyd effect. Why would a young White man in his right mind join a police force in a black run city? Knowing that he could do everything according to Hoyle and if some hopped up negro's heart gives out at just the wrong moment he could be sent to prison for life, turned into a leper, sold down the river by 95 percent of White people, excoriated long and loud by the Jew media, and end up as an exhibit in a Holocaust museum right next to the shoes.

There are two ways to police. The first is just wait for a radio call and respond. For that an officer is on the hook, there's a record and he has no choice. But that is reactive and gives the negros the jump on their destruction. Everyone knows that the proper and effective way to police is to be proactive, to deter, to dominate the space and be massively present so Jarquavious and his gang of bloody-minded hoods are forced to think twice about committing that carjacking or that smash and grab, that is if negros can be said to think at all which is doubtful. But in the age of Floyd no officer in his right mind would lift a finger beyond what he is required to do. See something going down? See something about to happen? When you do it's better to practice blind-eye policing, look the other way. After all who wouldn't infinitely prefer a coffee and a donut to a spot in an exhibition next to Anne Frank?

"According to the FBI, amid the extravaganza of violence following Floyd’s death in 2020, an additional 2,4000 black males and 405 black females were killed compared to 2019. The post-Floyd murder surge of 2020 is, by far, the largest year-to-year increase in homicide in U.S. history."

Black lives clearly don't matter to them. Nor do they to me, but I'm honest about it. What does matter to them, and matters very much to them, is what they are able to accomplish shedding crocodile tears and saying "Black Lives Matter." For the black elites who parrot that ill-advised phrase it means everything: fame, money, career.

"DeWine said he plans to work with local officials across the state to create solutions for issues disproportionately affecting minorities, including education disparities and infant mortality. There is racism in Ohio and across the country."

How can there be racism in Ohio when the man who is at the top of the political heap is giving away the store to blacks? I'm sure there are some genuine racists in the Buckeye state, some intellectual racists who have thought it all the way through, and some good old fashioned seat of your pants racists, some bar stool racists as well, thank the gods; but let anyone of them express their correct view openly and see how far they get in politics, they are infinitely more likely to get the FBI on their tail than high office. No, what Ohio has, and what it has in spades, and for the spades, is anti-Whiteness. And they have it in the form of a lugubrious looking skeletal man who has no spine.

What we saw when we saw George Floyd prostate for those nine glorious minutes that shook the world was justice; what DeWine saw was another reason to weaken the social fabric:

"DeWine says the Minneapolis police officer’s conduct of violates human decency as well as basic police training."

Human decency? First off that's the last thing we need. Civilizations can die from human decency; ours certainly is. We have a surfeit of it, some are genuinely benighted and try to practice it, others use it as cudgel. But either way human decency is the moral equivalent of a hastily scribbled suicide note.

"DeWine says the state of Ohio has an obligation to train police officers, which includes teaching the 35,000 officers to recognize implicit bias."

Implicit bias means that an experienced policeman knows that when it comes to crime you go after negros for the same reason you hunt where the ducks are. If you'll recall those officers who got in hot water because they referred to blacks as "the element"; and the other officers who got in trouble because they referred to blacks as "gorillas in the mist." Because no one is more race realist than a police officer who deals with negros day in and day out; they see the worst of the worst, and no amount of police training or education, or re-education, can alter that. It's not implicit bias, it's explicit knowledge.

"DeWine says with this issue and other issues like racial health disparity, there can be several barriers blocking people to access and opportunity."

And talking about uprooting everything DeWine left no stone unturned when it came to turning the other cheek and loving those that hate him. In the post Floyd Ohio the following are to occur, a list breathtaking in comprehensiveness, heartbreaking in its misguidedness:

Establishing a glossary of terms and definitions concerning racism and health equity

Assert that racism is a public health crisis affecting our entire community

Incorporating educational efforts to address and dismantle racism, and expand understanding of racism and how racism affects individual and population health

Promoting community engagement, actively engaging citizens on issues of racism, and providing tools to engage actively and authentically with communities of color

Committing to review all portions of codified ordinances with a racial equity lens

Promoting racially equitable economic and workforce development practices

Promoting and encouraging all policies that prioritize the health of people of color, and support local, state, regional, and federal initiatives that advance efforts to dismantle systematic racism and mitigating exposure to adverse childhood experience and trauma Training of all elected officials, staff, funders and grantees on workplace biases and how to mitigate them

Partnering and building alliances with local organizations that have a legacy and track record of confronting racism

Encouraging community partners and stakeholders in the education, employment, housing, and criminal justice and safety arenas to recognize racism as a public health crisis and to activate the above items

That's quite a list. It didn't explicitly mention pouring vast sums of White money to black causes but that's what it amounts to. That action plan constitutes a total give away to blacks and to black organizations; it represents a moral collapse on the part of our country; if anyone is keeping track there are parts of it that have to be illegal; it is the turning of the Ohio government into a black owned entity; it is the idolizing and valorizing of blacks; of making blacks the sole object of government largesse and beneficence.

This is certainly one republican who has no intention of turning the GOP in the White party. In fact when it comes to Whites and White interests he wouldn't touch those with a ten foot pole.

As DeWine says: "The divisions of race have plagued us since our country’s inception."

That much is true, we brought them in, we let them in, and we invited them in; and every last one of them has been our misfortune. And now Mike DeWine has the mortuary all kitted out to receive a once great nation.


Having kowtowed to the blacks DeWine is now currying favor with the Jews, while White people in Ohio still get the shaft and no attention whatsoever.

Apparently (so they say) some Jews feel that they are not getting welcome with open arms at Ohio colleges and they are whining about it as usual. By the way they bitch and caterwaul about it you'd think that the trains just got underway and strange men were asking for their valuables. It's possible that here or there there are some bona fide incidents have happened where some students have been less that reverent to the tiny hat brigade; it's possible, but we doubt it. Much more likely is that Jews are making something out of nothing, or are blowing something totally insignificant into a federal case (literally: these are Jews remember) so used are they to being the idols of society, that when something even a little less than that occurs it puts them out of sorts. And you can be sure that when a dirty Jew claims he is in distress, and in distress as a Jew mind you, the entire apparatus of government will be quickly mobilized on their behalf (they own it after all) and some White stooge will come White Knighting, will go into the breach with anti-Whiteness blazing and so in they eyes of his Jew masters earn his keep. For the time being at least, the amount of Jew love Jews expect from their servants is enormous and is always subject to review.

"On December 6 2021 Ohio’s Republican Gov. Mike DeWine issued a strong statement recently against anti-Semitism on college campuses in a letter to all 111 college and university presidents in the state calling for them to take a serious look at how Jews are treated at their campuses."

How Jews are treated on campuses? Like kings I bet. Time was in this country when the leaders of the colleges in this country collectively had a lick of sense; and they soon sensed that there were way too many Jews at school and they kept them out, or kept them out as much as they could, which proved to be not enough, nothing short of an outright and permanent ban would have done it. Now all but one of the Ivy League schools are run by a Jews, which means that White people are not exercising nearly enough of that famous White privilege everyone says we have

“No student should be afraid on a college or university campus, especially because of their race or religion. Sadly, for too many of our Jewish students today, that is not the case. Cases of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments have been reported on our campuses here in Ohio and nationally.”

Even anti-Israel sentiments mind you. When the Jews formed their nation back on 1948 through terror and war they let it be known far and wide that they were God's chosen pets, and that thus their nation, alone among nations, was immune from any criticism whatsoever, no matter what they did you couldn't even think to comment on it, they had carte blanche to murder and ethnic cleanse and if you said anything other than they were the keepers of the world's moral flame you were going to be in deep with the thought police, the thought police if you were lucky.

"DeWine cited a Hillel International report that Jewish students, faculty and staff at universities throughout the United States are at risk of facing hate and harassment for being Jewish."

I don't even know what Hillel International is but it's not worth looking it up; the Hillel is the tip off, they're Jews and this is either an outright lie to further Jewish interest or a gross exaggeration to garner sympathy, the "poor me" strategy, as if the Jews were not what they are, a powerful and and aggressive and hostile elite, but among the wretched of the earth and eternally downtrodden. It's hard to say which is more surreal, that they have the gall to try to sell that or that they have so many dupes who believe it.

Like for the blacks DeWine is sure to have his bullet point outline of exactly what he intends to do for the Jews; not for normal Ohioans mind you, but for the Jews. A plan egregious in its servility:

Reaching out to on- and off-campus Jewish communities at every college and university, and work with them to ensure a safe environment online and off

Direct campus chiefs of police and public safety directors to work with Jewish communities and local and state law enforcement to ensure that services and other celebrations are safe and uninterrupted

Commit personally to the issue and find ways to speak out against anti-Semitism; and urge their campus communities to protect and promote free, open and civil debate.

How one can be harmed online is matter of question; and trust me a free and open debate is the absolute last thing they want. Indeed, in the name of keeping them free from online harm they will make sure the debate is neither free nor open.

“Together, we must strive to create a culture on our campuses that does not tolerate anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments or any other type of discrimination,” concluded the governor. “Please join me in working to ensure that every institution of higher learning in Ohio is doing what it can to challenge and address these very serious issues.”

"Howie Beigelman, executive director of Ohio Jewish Communities, said that he and a group of Jewish communal leaders representing some of the state’s Jewish Federations and Jewish Community Relations Councils met with DeWine in August, discussing with him at length about the rise of anti-Semitism in the United States, pointedly on college campuses."

That is the big Ohio Jews came in for a pow wow and demanded that the governor demand that more be done; they demanded in that pow wow that he kowtow, not that it probably took all that much arm twisting, this guy is such a dweeb that he probably really believes in it. But either way they got the job done, and Jew love had vaulted highest in the priority of the state of Ohio, right up their with negro love, the love of the two among sorry white people always being neck and neck.

"DeWine internalized the information and spoke about it at the lighting of a menorah with Chabad Columbus on Dec. 2 2021, saying that Ohio residents need to be vigilant against anti-Semitism.

That's right the governor was there in what looks to be his rotting flesh as the big rabbis lighted those candles, thus putting his official stamp on the proceedings and making sure that everyone knows for whom the government of Ohio toils.

"Stephanie Hausner, chief program officer of the Conference of President of Major American Jewish Organizations, said that the letter written by DeWine may be the strongest public statement from an elected official in the United States regarding campus anti-Semitism.”

Well my oh my; that is quite the "accolade." That's the way it works. They come to a sit down and pressure him (if pressure is even needed) to make a massive deal about nothing, a kid got call a Hebe, so what. Then the prey in question notifies the public that he has "internalized" the message and is ready to move might and main, as well as heaven and earth, as well as everything under the sun, to see that what the Jews want is what the Jews get. And then the Jews come forth and praise their puppet for being a good marionette with the understanding that this is an ongoing relationship that they have formed, that much more will be asked, and much more will be expected in the future.

But the Jews don't need to worry, not in Ohio at least, or anywhere, really. This DeWine fellow has made a career out of catering to the interests of minorities, and making sure he works exclusively for them. He thinks that's what being moral means, what it means to do right. When it comes to his own people he doesn't give them a second thought unless, of course, he is getting out his embalming fluid.

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Re: Ohio Anti-Whiteness

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Douglas Mercer
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Re: Ohio Anti-Whiteness

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Howie Beigelman (Jew)

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