Expanding The Holy Borders

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Expanding The Holy Borders

Post by Douglas Mercer » Thu Mar 30, 2023 6:25 pm

Douglas Mercer
November 19 2021

Is this Jonestown? Are these Moonies? The Krishnas? Is that freak Marshall Applewhite nearby?

The insipid music plays and the hebenphrenic men are arranged within concentric circles. As if by some infernal cue they begin to move, one circle of men going one way the next one going the other, as if they are playing a particularly gay and weird game of ring around the rosy. They are holding hands and skipping or dancing or bouncing like crazed lunatics, as if they are themselves a metronome for some strange rite. They are wearing strange hats that look like vastly oversized hockey pucks, black jackets, black shoes, black hair falling off the side of their faces. And they laugh and smile and chant like demented zealots and on and on they go, round and round, like they could be doing this forever.

Is this Jonestown? Are these Moonies? The Krishnas? Is that freak Marshall Applewhite come back?

No, none of that. It is much much worse than that.

These are Jews and not just any Jews but the biggest and the worst Jews of all.

This is upstate New York, in a once White and rural idyll.

And this is Hasidim. And they are proliferating like rats and they want to expand their holy borders.

Hasidim. The very name is enough to send a chill down the spine.


You and your wife have been successful, the kids are out of the house and you begin to tire of city life. So you buy a big house in upstate New York on a big piece of land. It's that rural idyll. You may or may not think about it but you know in your bones this is White man's land. The city is Monroe named after the President, and the county is Orange named after the British King.

Can anything spoil such a paradise?


You follow local news closely and you learn that a parcel of land that is near your property has been deemed unsuitable for industrial purposes, and that's a good thing. But no sooner do you breathe a sigh of relief than you hear strange rumors. Someone is buying this land anyway. And soon ever stranger sights are seen. You hear through the grapevine that a police officer saw on the side of the road a big white van parked illegally. Inside were two odd looking men, dressed in black with black hats and black jackets and they have hair falling off the sides of their faces. The officer has never seen the like and they look they just dropped in from another planet.

Is this how a sci-fi film starts?

Or is it a horror film?

No, this is no celluloid shocker. It's much much worse.

This is Jews, and not just any Jews.

This is Hasidim.

And it's how the horror starts.


On a surface level the Hasidim have a lot in common with White Nationalists. Both are repulsed by the depravity of the modern world. Both hate the urban environment in which degeneracy thrives. Both are obsessed with birthrates and demographics.

None of this matters.

They are Jews and the worst Jews at that.

Everything else is beside the point.


All over New Jersey and New York the Hasidim crawl like vermin. The band together and move together and stick together and act like a massed army searching out beachheads where they can be poised for an attack. They encroach continually on White living space. Of all the Hasidim one among them has a well earned reputation for their oddity, being obnoxious, aggressive, and focused on the absolute domination of territory.

They are Kiryas Joel. And they'll be the first to tell you all they want is to expand their holy borders.

"Kiryas Joel is named for the late Rabbi Joel Teitelbaulm, the rebbe of Satmar and driving spirit behind the project."

After the Second World War when Hitler came within a whisker of solving the Jewish problem once and for all but couldn't make it stick America got a lot of the fallout. And the Jews of Kyrias Joel were among those who decided to try their luck in the land of the red, white and blue. They didn't come to America to become Americans, or because they had a particular affinity for the constitution, or because they really liked what they knew of John Locke. No, they came in their thousands because they heard America had a reputation as a haven, and they had a pretty good idea that the open hearted Americans were sort of suckers. Why, they had just defeated the "nazis" after all.

"The Satmar Hasidim were from Romania, known when under Hungarian rule as Satmar. Joel Teitelbaum, originally from Hungary and rebuilt the Satmar Hasidic dynasty after World War 2."

Surprise, surprise some Jews move to New York. It's not the first time that's happened. After all along with Moscow and Jerusalem New York was known wide and far as one of the three great diaspora Jewish cities.

"In 1947, Teitelbaum settled with his followers in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York. By the 1970s, he decided to move the growing community to Monroe, New York, a location more secluded from what he considered the harmful influences and immorality of the outside world, yet close to the metropolitan area's commercial center."

Sounds like a typical White suburbanite motive. But they didn't come to grill. They came to push out babies and push us out.

"The land for Kiryas Joel was purchased in the early 1970s, and 14 Satmar families settled there in the summer of 1974. When he died in 1979, Teitelbaum was the first person to be buried in the town's cemetery. His funeral reportedly brought over 100,000 mourners to Kiryas Joel."

You know that funeral was a big lunatic fest, with those drones in their hockey puck hats dancing and hopping and skipping around each other, one going clockwise and the other counterclockwise. It's the dance of the demented demons.

But by 1979 they had made it. They had their beachhead and were preparing for the assault. One Jew said that America was the best thing ever to happen to the Jews. This is true. And the Jews were the worst thing ever to happens to America.

Nothing else even comes close.


Kiryas Joel is a hothouse for Jews. It might as well be an industrial scale maternity ward. They have one and one goal only:

Crank Out More Jews.

Naturally they are clannish and the breed like lice. Everything done in Kiryas Joel is geared toward making little Jews. As they say every Jew who is born is another defeat for Adolf Hitler.

And so the battle is joined.


"Kiryas Joel began with a 1977 founding population of 500 people. As of the census of of 2000, there were 13,138 people, 2,229 households, and 2,137 families residing in the village."

They are up to 32, 954 now. And they aren't stopping there. They want to increase the size of their land, and they want to encroach in all directions. That is they are busting at the seams with Jews and they want to to expand those holy borders. A woman in this town is a machine for procreation. Their Jewesses pop them out like cousins by the dozens. It's the war of the womb they wage.

Wikipedia tells this lie:

"The racial make up of the village is 99.02% White, 0.21% African-American, Asian, 0.12% 0.63% from two or more races, Hispanic 0.93%."

On the face of it that sounds tremendous. But there of course there isn't a White person in sight. It's Jews all the way down.

And the worst kind of Jews at that.


The word itself emanates cold terror.

And of course forget about English only; these people think America has been great for them in the same way when you rob someone of millions of dollars it's great for you; but you certainly don't have any regard or respect for the man you rob. You have no plan to socialize with him.

"6.3% of village residents spoke only English at home, one of the lowest such percentages in the United States. 91.5% of residents spoke only Yiddish at home, while 2.3% spoke Hebrew. Of the Yiddish-speaking population in 46% spoke English not well or not at all. Overall, including those who primarily spoke Hebrew and European languages, as well as primary Yiddish speakers, 46% of Kiryas Joel residents speak English not well or not at all."

So in addition to the odd dancing and the weird hats they gibber in a snarling dog language that no one can understand. That's exactly how they want because they are waging a war.

One always associates Jews with money and no wonder for when it comes to hoovering up the greenbacks those kikes are no slouches. But for the Hasidim of Kiryas Joel money is not their goal. They don't need to make it. They can pick the pocket of Uncle Sucker (ie, you) for that. In fact these Hebes are dirt poor.

"The village has the highest poverty rate in the nation, and the largest percentage of residents who receive food stamps. More than five-eighths of Kiryas Joel residents live below the federal poverty line, and more than 40 percent receive food stamps."

"The median income for a household in the village was $15,138, and the median income for a family was $15,372. Males had a median income of $25,043, versus $16,364 for females. The per capita income for the village was $4,355. About 61.7% of families and 62.2% of the population were below the poverty line including 63.9% of those under age 18 and 50.5% of those age 65 or over."

This of course means they suck up welfare, welfare of all kinds. For all intents and purposes the American government should print money right on the spot and crank out those EBT cards there as well, so they could just hand them right to the strange hatted weirdos.

These Hebrews don't have time to work; they're busy reproducing like fruit flies. And of course since their family lines are all related from the old country and they have such a small gene pool it means they have a startlingly high incidence of retards among their children. You can be sure these are some Jews who don't have high IQs. And guess what retards have? Rights! That's right all men are created equal and some Jew passed a law that the government has to spend massive amounts of money on defective humans so they can "learn." In this way you and I pay for Jewish incest.

And what make Kiryas Joes such a potent demographic menace is that their population is young. Super young.

"Kiryas Joel has the youngest median age population of any municipality in the United States, and the youngest, at 13.2 years old, of any population center of over 5,000 residents in the United States."

If demographics is destiny, and it is, they are poised for a rout. They are poised to steamroll onward in all directions.

"Residents of Kiryas Joel, like those of other Orthodox Jewish communities have large families, and this has driven rapid population growth."

They are not kidding.

"The average household size is 5.74, and the average family size was 5.84."

The future belongs to the fertile.

And outside of knocking up their wives and collecting your money what to these dirty kikes do all day? They certainly aren't reading The Federalist Papers and boning up on how we conquered a continent.

"Many of the residents study Torah full time. English is seldom spoken and most children are raised conversing exclusively in Yiddish. There is little connection with the world outside of the village, due in large part to the population avoiding contact outside of the Satmar sect of Judaism, and the town has fallen into poverty."

And of course for those new White country families this is an unqualified nightmare. Not only do you have these aliens walking around and stealing your money they are a big drag on Mother Nature as well. Your unspoiled paradise is beginning to curdle.

"More than 50% of the population of 22-square-mile Monroe were living on one square mile of overcrowded multi-family buildings. The area meant to be an alternative to life in Brooklyn is crowded, and taxing on the town water supply, county social services and the environment."

What does a Jew care about the White man's land? Nothing at all. And of course the omnivorous desire for more and more land and more and more housing and more and more babies goes exponentially on.

"They have a dire need of more housing and other facilities. The Satmar organize their lives to follow Jewish law in the Talmud. Hasidic couples have as many children as possible. 83% of the population is under 18."

This is whey they have to expand those holy borders. This they think is their destiny made manifest by density.

"There are three religious tenets that drive our growth: Our women don't use birth control they get married young, and after they get married, they stay in Kiryas Joel and start a family. Our growth comes simply from the fact that our families have a lot of babies, and we need to build homes to respond to the needs of our community."

"A 60-bed post-natal maternal care center was built, with $10 million in state and federal grants. Mothers can recuperate there for two weeks away from their large families."

Our money keeps pouring in; and the Jews keeping getting born. And every one is brand new assault on Adolf Hitler.


One of the city fathers of Monroe who has been super solicitous of Kiryas Joel said that he can't imagine being a people who was nearly exterminated.

The Jews can--imagine nearly being exterminated that is.

What these Jews do is move in and build multi-family homes and then when the Jew babies begin to gush out like a Niagara torrent like vampires in search of more blood the seek out more land. Naturally this leads to conflicts with the White people who live around them. Imagine that around your house is open land with trees and trails. Next thing you know you are walled in on three sides by massive houses and Jews like sardines. Quality of life plummets, your investment turned to smoke, the environment deteriorates and, worst of all: Jews.

They made a documentary about this conflict. One of the White women who spearheaded the movement against Kiryas Joel said that in her mail box she found a bag of gummy candy shaped like penises with the note: Eat a bag of dicks

Obviously the work of foreskin gobblers.

And of course as the documentary progresses you see that the people who are against Kiryas Joel go out of they way to prove they are not anti-semites.

God forbid! Anything but that!

"A documentary follows a tense, existential conflict between townspeople in a commuter haven in Orange County, New York, 50 miles north of the George Washington Bridge"

Yes, it is an existential conflict. It's Adolf Hitler vs. Jew babies.

It doesn't get more existential than that.

"A developer now building 482 homes on land Kiryas Joel annexed from Monroe has petitioned for the village to annex another 13 acres he owns, this time from Woodbury."

Voracious and insatiable. Is this manifest destiny?

"Residents of these communities and local Orange County politicians view the village as encroaching on them. Due to the rapid population growth in Kiryas Joel, resulting almost entirely from the high birth rates of its Hasidic population, the village government has undertaken various annexation efforts to expand its area, to the dismay of the majority of the residents of the surrounding communities. "

This is a life and death struggle. It's the White way of life vs. the Jewish way of life. It is Us vs. Them. We never should have let these dirty Jews in but now that they are here you have to contain them. But we keep foolishly pumping money in to the town (they are Americans with rights after all!), injecting it with more and more life, like putting food out in the alley so those fat stray cats keep coming back, and then the rats move in, and we keep giving them money, and those dollar bills go in and are straightaway transformed into Jewish babies. And then they cry that they are crowded and they need more space and the Jew run politicians locally and the Jew run politicians in Albany cave and cater to them, and they get their land and the whole sordid scenario repeats itself ad infinitum. The Jewish world grows and the White world recedes.

"Many of these area residents see the expansion of the high-density residential-commercial village as a threat to the quality of life in the the surrounding suburban communities, due to suburban sprawl. Other concerns of the surrounding communities are the impact on local aquifers and the projected increased volume of sewage reaching the county's sewage treatment plants."

The Jews want you to be shunted and shoved aside. To make room for an avalanche of Jewish shit.

"The village of Kiryas Joel sued the county to stop it from selling off 1 million US gallons of excess capacity at its sewage plant in Harriman. Two years earlier, the county had sued the village to stop its plans to tap into New York City's Catskill Aqueduct arguing that the village's environmental review for the project had inadequately addressed concerns about the additional wastewater it would generate. "

A Jew sues? Never heard of such a thing. How did they find a lawyer? We know how they (I mean we) paid for it. And to think that they would treat us so poorly after all we have done for them. It really makes you think.

"In 2017, the village proposed to settle a lawsuit over some additional annexations it had proposed by petitioning the county legislature to allow it to become the county's 21st town. It would be named Palm Tree, after the English translation of Joel Teitelbaum's name. "

Ah, Palm Tree, it sound so Anglo; but nothing could be further from the truth.

"Further litigation has resulted over what entity should pay for the education of children with disabilities in Kiryas Joel."

Does it matter what "entity" pays for it. Unlike the life of a people money is fungible. And we will pay for it. These Jews are getting quite expensive.

And finally we see how the corruption goes all the way to the top. A New York governor in the pocket of Jews? With a bleeding heart for immigrants?

You best believe it.

"The explosive growth of the Hasidic Jewish Village of Kiryas Joel from its establishment in the 1970s, which led to a majority of the town's population being in the village by 2017, resulting in political conflicts, mostly over zoning. Negotiations led to an agreement that Kiryas Joel would split from Monroe and become its own town, subject to voter approval in a November 2017 referendum. With the initiative receiving overwhelming approval, Kiryas Joel became the new town of Palm Tree. The new town was originally set to be created in 2020, but a bill was passed by the New York state legislature and signed into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo that officially established Palm Tree on January 1, 2019."

And now they set their sights on the next one. Look at all those Jewess' with those bloated bellies. Those children will need somewhere to live.


And meanwhile the demented demons continue their dancing, it's circle within circles. This time it's a wedding. Up on the stage comes a horrible off key droning; what looks like an entire community packed in dressed all in black in an assembly; they are shoulder to shoulder as if the entire wailing mass is a single entity; soon the thing begins to sway back and forth continually to the time of some unseen measure; on and on they go back and forth back and back and forth over and over; and soon down below are men holding hands moving in those circles as if they are trying to propitiate some vengeful god. The cries and the droning seem like they will never stop. And the mass of people continue their cries and their movements.

Is this a lunatic asylum? Have we entered Jonestown? Is is Moonies or the Krishnas?

No, none of that.

It's much much worse.

This is Hasidim.

And this is America. For now.

For you see these Hasidim, they breed like vermin and they grow and grow. Barring a lack of money or space nothing can stop this explosion of Jews, and the White world around them shows no sign of being willing to curtail either. Their appetite for space is voracious and insatiable. These rabid and hard core Jews moved to America like they had found a new hunting ground, they isolated themselves from their new surroundings, wear their weird clothes, don their bizarre hats, speak their incomprehensible dog language, associate with no one but themselves, build their multi-family houses, get concession after concession from local and state politicians, annex more and more land, incorporate more and more towns, deplete our resources, keep their wives pregnant, claim their "rights", ruin our quality of life, don't work, send their kids to schools to be brainwashed to repeat this cycle forever, and they they read Torah all day long.

The amazing thing of course is we subsidize this. They are do noting Jews ruining our pristine lands and they get us to pay for it. As if we were a people with a strange suicidal bent.

No, this is not Marshall Applewhite come back. There's no sneakers and there's no swooshes.

It's black to the bone.

It's Hasidim.

And those Jew babies that are rolling off the assembly line, every last one of them is another shot at Adolf Hitler.

It's certainly true that America was the best thing ever to happen to the Jews.

But for us it's the end of the line.

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