Opening The Gates

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Opening The Gates

Post by Douglas Mercer » Thu Mar 30, 2023 6:24 pm

Douglas Mercer
November 15 2021

Are the Afghani rapists and child molesters not moving into your town fast enough? Have you been waiting for them but they have yet to show up? Or have some arrived but you want more? Are you on pins and needles?

Well good news!

The American (ha ha) government announced on November 8 2021 that they are going to do everything possible to get them here as fast as possible. After all those victims aren't going to rape themselves.

"The Biden administration will waive application fees for tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees who are filing requests for U.S. work permits and permanent residency, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Monday."

You know getting these primitive savages here is Priority Number One of our ruling class. No less an elite lackey than former Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo took a break from swearing that the Founders weren't racist and reading his dog eared copy of the Federalist Papers for the five hundredth time to tweet the following:

"The Biden Administration should be more concerned with getting the 14,000 legal permanent U.S. residents & green-card holders out of Afghanistan than it is about the $450,000 payments to illegal immigrants. Their priorities are all wrong."

Priorities indeed. He couldn't just trash their move to pay illegal aliens for the "trouble" we put them through and leave well enough alone. No! He doesn't want people to get the wrong idea and think he actually cares about America. So he has to twin his criticism of cash money going to invaders with a stern warning to bring in those Afghan "legal permanent U.S. residents and green card holders." Got to bring them in right off the bat. Priorities, don't you know. And if you are wondering how godforsaken savages half way around the world are legal residents to this once great nation don't fret. A government website will clear it all up for you.

This is the kind of bureaucratese by which great nations perish:

"We are publishing this announcement to supplement an August 2021 announcement regarding Afghan special immigrant (SI) lawful permanent residents (LPRs) and parolees. While some Afghans will continue to be admitted as SI LPRs or provided SI parole, DHS recently started admitting a third category: SI conditional permanent residents (CPRs). In addition, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is allowing certain Afghans to enter the United States in a fourth category: non-SI parolee. A CPR becomes an LPR after DHS removes the conditions on their LPR admission. When these SI CPRs complete a medical examination and USCIS determines they are not medically inadmissible, DHS removes their conditions and they become an SI LPR."

Got it? Another way to put this is: fuck you American people.

Now of course none of these immigrants should be here or be coming here in the first place. We should be spending our time and our energy sending illegal aliens back home and putting our best snipers on the border. That is what a sane country would be doing. But we are not a sane country, far from it. And even on the non-existent chance you want to bring in one refugee the application fee is kind of a winnowing factor, you want to to know that the person you are welcoming to your ancestral homeland is not dirt poor, that they have a little wherewithal to make it.

But so eager are our elites to bring in these "translators", to flood our neighborhoods with these future hoods, that even the nominal fee gets tossed overboard. The fee is waived. Self-preservation be damned. It's the home of the free after all so why shouldn't they come here for free? So runs the twisted and perverted logic of American Officials.

"Afghans brought to the U.S. after July 30 under a humanitarian immigration process known as parole will qualify for a fee exemption on their applications for work authorization. The U.S. will also waive permanent residency petition fees for Afghans who are requesting Special Immigrant Visas due to their work with U.S. military forces."

Grease those skids! So many avenues of ingress! Make it is easy as possible. Everything for the immigrants. Why, there's already so much blood on the hands of our leaders they might as well themselves hunt down the victims to save the Muslims the trouble.

"Advocates had urged the Biden administration to waive these charges for weeks, saying that most of the new arrivals from Afghanistan don't have the resources to pay the fees."

That means these people have nothing; immigrants are supposed to have some visible means of support but the "refugees" are in a different category; the right wing wants future wars to be possible so we must keep out "promises" and the left wing just wants the not White; these are the overriding priorities they have and be damned the concern that when these Afghan refugees come in they'll have nothing; that's what White taxpayers are for; and when they arrive they'll probably be given classes to teach them not to rape the White women but they'll be so stupid they'll interpret it as a "how to" class.

Either way we're on the hook for their upkeep. Your wretched refuse has never been so wretched and your tired and your poor have never been so poor.

"These actions demonstrate our ongoing commitment to Afghan nationals who provided valuable assistance to the United States over the past two decades as well as other Afghans at risk."

So said Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayoraks.

So said the Jew.

And his handmaiden in crime the brown apex predator who runs a Christian agency feels the same way.

"Krish O'Mara Vignarajah, president of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, one of nine national refugee resettlement agencies, welcomed Monday's announcement, saying many of the Afghan families her group serves face financial insecurity and are eager to find jobs."

"This policy decision is an economic win-win; we can get these families on the road to self-sufficiency, and we can unleash their potential for employers desperate for talented workers amid a labor shortage," Vignarajah said

Ah, the labor shortage, always the labor shortage. After the most recent census American Officialdom bemoaned that there were not nearly enough people in America, not anywhere close to the billion that the big money and the libertarians wants. For the likes of Vignarajah this is a race war but they'll fight it on the grounds of "economics" if they need to, as if that sadistic Sri Lankan cares about that at all. She doesn't. She just wants White America to suffer. Win-Win indeed---tell that to all those rape victims. Because rape and mayhem are the only things they are going to unleash.


Back in 2017 a stooge of America's foreign policy elite wrote an article about the rape jihad that Afghanis were unleashing on Europe. To preface it of course she said she did not want to write the article. It was 2017 and the last thing a stooge of America's foreign policy elite wanted to do was to give support to Right Wing Nationalism or European Fascism or Donald ("complete and total shutdown") Trump. But even so she said it is well known in Europe that among the nasty and rape crazed Muslims that the Afghanis are especially nasty and rape crazed.

"The tipping point (in Austria), after a series of disturbing incidents all emanating from Afghans, was the brutal gang rape of a fifteen-year-old girl, snatched from the street on her way home, dragged away and serially abused by Afghan refugees. And that was just one in a string of outrage-inducing occurrences, all of them going to the account of Afghans."

This is who we are bringing in. And the foreign policy elite know it. Mike Pompeo knows it. Krishanti Vignarajah knows it. The Lutherans know it. Aleajandro Mayorkas knows it. Yet they'll drop these predators in to Anytown USA without a second thought. And if you mention any any of the ensuing carnage they'll call you a nativist, a xenophobe and a bigot. So shut up and get raped.

"Since August, roughly 70,000 Afghans have been relocated to the U.S. following the swift Taliban conquest of their homeland, according to the latest government data."

70,000! And more on the way! America, you'll never get your fill of them!

In Sweden in the 1980s there were zero rapes. Now rape in Sweden is a common occurrence. Wonder why? Here's clue. Swedish men did not all of a sudden out of nowhere start going on rape sprees.

"Approximately 50,000 evacuees are currently living at eight domestic U.S. military sites while they complete their legal paperwork, the latest DHS figures show."

It's one of of those military sites where a child was nearly raped:

"At Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, Bahrullah Noori, 20, was charged with attempting to engage in a sexual act with a minor using force against that person, as well as three counts of engaging in a sexual act with a minor. The victims were allegedly under 16-years-old and at least four years younger than Noori."

"In an unrelated incident at Fort McCoy, Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32, is charged with assaulting his spouse through strangling and suffocation.

Oh that incident was related: they were all filthy Muslim rapists from Afghanistan.

Noori and Imaad. Whatever happened to Smith and Jones?

And now those two sex criminals are in a Dane County Jail. More cash from the barrel head.

You'd like to say they're not sending their best. But according to them they are. These were the "good guys" after all, the ones who helped us, the translators and such. And as one idiot said lately you know when they get here they are going to be Super Patriots.

And then there's there's this little gem:

"The FBI has opened an investigation into the assault of a female solider by several male Afghan refugees at the US Army’s Fort Bliss base, in New Mexico. The alleged assault took place on Sunday, at around midnight, when at least three men allegedly attacked the soldier near her car after she arrived for work at the Dona Ana Complex, which had been accepting refugees airlifted out of Afghanistan are housed."

More of this to come you can be sure. This is only the hors d'oeurve. The main course is being prepared back in the cock roach ridden kitchen by Muslim rapists who never wash their hands.

"As of last week, 14,000 Afghan evacuees had departed the military installations to resettle in communities across America."

Brace yourself Anytown USA. And lock up your daughters and sons.

If an epitaph of America is ever written this would be as good a farewell speech as any:

"USCIS is currently reviewing over 400,000 pending asylum applications, prompting concerns among advocates that Afghans may get stuck in this backlogged process unless a legalization program is established."

And the epitaph will be written and soon to, unless we emerge from this suicidal daze.

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