Plessy Gets A Pardon

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Plessy Gets A Pardon

Post by Douglas Mercer » Thu Mar 30, 2023 6:23 pm

Douglas Mercer
November 5 2021

The American Courts have nearly always been the plaything of the Jews. What they can't obtain by popular decision they get by way of Jewish Lawyers. Shylock puts on a suit and a tie and tells us all with a straight fact that the White men who crafted our national document were really all about giving away the country to feral run amok negros. Next thing you know national suicide is the law of the land. And they have case law to back that up.

Of all the tragedies and travesties that have been visited on us by the legal Jews none has done the harm and the outrage of the infamous Brown Vs. Board decision. Roughly speaking this ruling meant that black people have rights that we must respect, that little black boys and girls have the inalienable right to rub elbows in schools with little White boys and girls. If you, or anyone you know, has ever tried to learn in a classroom filled with negros you realize right away how wrongheaded such a thing is.

And of course irrespective of the horror of blacks and whites mingling in a learning setting the justices who wrung our neck with this obiter dicta all knew that it was intrinsically bad law on it face. There is more than enough obloquy that can be thrown at those men who crafted the Equal Protection clause but if you had told them after ratification that what they had just done gave negros the right to all kinds of education and social equality they would have looked at you like you had three eyes. We know this for sure because after they passed the amendment in question they went right on segregating schools and everywhere else and surely never dreamt in a million years that anything whatsoever was amiss. That's simply a fact on the ground.

But in addition to being born liars Jews also style themselves as kind of sorcerers or mind readers and said those White men meant more than they said. That is they meant what Jews said. Because, they say, the arc of justice always tends towards them, toward the Jew position. And they say that even if some benighted White men way back when weren't even aware of what they really meant then so much the worse for them. Apparently the Jews discovered everything that is true in the last five minutes. They'll set things straight even as they bend the nation so for out of its original shape it is beyond recognition. A shape to suit them.

So little black children and little White children it was. Soon the lunch counter; soon the ancient right of free association was jettisoned, thrown overboard in a clamor of guilt.

That was what those bayonets were for. That was what the 101 Airborne was doing there; that was the meaning of the new reconstruction, or the continual one--the evil fruits of the occupation.


Brown Vs. Board literally treated White Americans like a rag doll. A "researcher" found that little black boys and girls preferred White dolls to black ones, which is not surprising at all: even the most debased among us has at least some sense of beauty. And naturally and as befits Jews contraindicating evidence of this supposed "research" was suppressed. And so due to "the horror of the dolls" America had to completely re-order its society, overturn its long standing racial hierarchy, and wreck its centuries old civilization.

For rag dolls. For niggers.

And also as befits Jews insider skullduggery and malfeasance infected the entire case of Brown. Later one of the perpetrators of this illegal and unethical behavior said that in doing it he knew that he went beyond the pale but so transcendent was the issue involved he felt he was justified.

Neither he nor the Justices involved were ever disbarred, no way. They were lionized as fighters in the long struggle for "long overdue racial justice."

You see it was AOK to lie, cheat, and steal. In fact it was more than permitted: the times demanded it. White demise is to them a transcendent issue. To do right in this matter would have been the crime according to the Jewish perverted logic. For you can be sure that the Jews always have their reasons. Their stated reasons that is; their real reason (badly disguised) is to at all costs cut White society off at its knees; they'll say they are pious moralists only concerned with the arc of justice but anyone with two decent eyes will notice the curiosity that the arc of justice as they interpret it always and only seems to bend towards them.

How about that.

And so the Army Of The Occupation came to the South for the second time in our history. And ended America as we knew it, ended White America.

They say you can't sit on your bayonets. But when people capitulate you don't have to.

And you certainly can point them at little White boys and girls on their way to school.

You can look it up.


This pardon and apology and memorial business is really getting out of hand. Ralph "Coonman" Northam pardoned seven negros who raped a White woman; Tennessee put up a statue in honor of a negro who raped a White woman; Tulsa was a long mea culpa over some White men who administered justice to a negro who raped a White woman. It makes you think Jews like it when negros rape White woman. Pretty soon, or already even, we'll have to say we're sorry for living. And then if keeps on going we won't be--living that is.

Now that Mulatto activist (they'll be the death of us all) Homer Plessy is getting the big Jew Wand waved over his head and will get the big Jew Pardon for his crime. And trust me outside of raping a White women the number of crimes greater than the heinous one he committed are few and far between. In an ideal world there would be no color line because there would be only one indivisible color: White. But in a triage situation the color line is all you have. The color in a multiracial situation is the only thing which stands between you and racial chaos and racial insanity. The color line is the only thing which stands between you and negros macking on your White daughter, or worse; the color line is the only thing between you and getting your pockets picked by race grifters; the color line is the only thing that stands between you and seeing countless advertisements of negros groping blond haired White women.

The color line is the only thing standing between you and the end of your line.

And mulatto Homer Plessy violated it. He was "identified" as one eighth-black. And that's one-eighth too many. And he was convicted of that high crime, convicted of steeping over the only thing that ever could have upheld the values, norms, and race purity of White America.

So naturally the Jews and the treasonable Whites want to give him a posthumous pardon.


"Homer Plessy, whose 19th century case Plessy v. Fergusson became a landmark civil rights Supreme Court ruling, is only a step away from a posthumous full pardon from the state of Louisiana."

"A Louisiana board on Friday voted to pardon Homer Plessy, the namesake of the U.S. Supreme Court's 1896 separate but equal ruling affirming state segregation laws."

"The state Board of Pardon's unanimous decision on November 10 2021 to clear the Creole man's record of a conviction for refusing to leave a whites-only train car in New Orleans now goes to Gov. John Bel Edwards, who has final say over the pardon."

You can bet you last dollars that any man with the name "Bel" in his name will go with the pardon.

"Born into an economically and politically well-established family in the parish........"

That is he aint no rube, he's no yahoo. He certainly isn't a racist. He's one of the Southern Democrat Conservatives that's all cleaned up for the bright and shiny New South, a place that can't find the time anymore to hate. Certainly he wants no taint of even the slightest whiff of White pride or dignity, or that of the White people who came before us.

And what does it cost him to pardon Plessy? What is slandering your people after all? Nothing for a pol on the make.

Plessy will get his pardon. His name cleared. The White men who made those laws will have blood splattered all over theirs.

"Plessy was arrested in 1892 after boarding the train car as part of a civil rights' group's efforts to challenge a state law that mandated segregated seating."

And of course even the most superficial of searches shows that Plessy was not your average negro, not just the man on the street who got fed up. They want you to think that is who these people are. They want you to think that Rosa Parks was just a nobody nice old lady who had one too many insults to her dignity and finally had enough. That she was just Every Black Woman, no different than the normal folks, nothings special. That's of course what they want everyone to think and what most everybody among the mindless herd does think. The truth of course could not be more different. Rosa Parks was a political activist and an avowed communist. Her so-called "back of the bus moment" was a planned event, was a stunt.

"Parks attended the Highlander Folk School in Tennessee weeks before her arrest in Montgomery. Highlander, a kind of training facility for community organizers was started by two members of the Communist Party in 1954. There Parks learned about Gandhi and the effectiveness of nonviolent civil disobedience."

That is, she was a troublemaker. A communist troublemaker. A negro troublemaker.

And nothing is worse than that.

Same with Homer Plessy. Far from being your average Leroy he was a politically aware schemer with the Mulatto's grudge against White folks. And they try to make it look like he was the man in the street but his showcase arrest was the result of conniving and machinations.

"On 7 June 1892, an act of bravery undertaken by a free man of color in segregated Louisiana had historic consequences."

Not brave at all, that's the Party Line; rather, cold, cunning, and calculating.

"By 1887, Plessy had become vice-president of the Justice, Protective, Educational, and Social Club, a group dedicated to reforming public education in New Orleans."

"The planned act of civil disobedience was orchestrated by a local civil rights organization to challenge the Louisiana Separate Car Act, one of a number of segregationist laws passed in the post-Reconstruction South."

"Plessy, who was one-eighth Black, was not caught off guard: He'd been among a group working with the Eastern Louisiana Railroad Company to protest the state law requiring rail companies to provide separate but equal places for white and nonwhite customers, and for patrons to follow suit."

That's how they operate. They go in with institutional backing knowing full well what is going to happen. And when it does happen they have their casus belli, they have their bloody shirt. It was legal and racial trolling. It's a far cry from "the poor little black man or black women" standing up against the great White Machine.

And the saddest thing is how the direct descendants crap all over their direct forebears. Even family is not immune from these anti-racist demons.

"125 years since the Plessy v Ferguson decision, a coalition including Plessy’s descendants, ancestors of John Ferguson, the Louisiana judge who originally tried the case, and the New Orleans district attorney’s office who prosecuted him over a century ago, have commenced efforts to posthumously pardon Homer Plessy."

You see they want you to think that this is one big come to Jesus Kumbaya moment, the "victims" and the "oppressors" of the past all in tandem and promoting the one thing they all totally agree with: White Rule was the be-all and end-all of human horror.

When really it was the last thing that could have saved us.

Avery C. Alexander was a cut rate Civil Rights Activist, so cut rate that you've never heard of him. Not that they all don't deserve deep oblivion it's just that Avery C. Alexander was so deeply cut rate he has achieved it.

Apparently his claim to fame is that he once was involved in one of those now celebrated "sit-ins" and was subject to some cartoon like justice:

"For five hours Alexander and his peers sat refusing to leave. It wasn't until Police arrived that Alexander and his cohorts were removed. Alexander specifically was televised being dragged by his heels up the basement's steps with his head banging on the staircase."

That would be a laugh to see.

But now in the deep Southern State Of Louisiana Avery C Alexander is a knife with which to cut White Memory.

"We are proud to be a part of the processing of this application under the authority of the Avery C. Alexander Act," Francis M. Abbott, executive director of the Louisiana Board of Pardons and Committee on Parole, said.

"The Avery C. Alexander Act is a Louisiana law which allows the governor to pardon people convicted of violating a state law or local ordinance created to enforce racial separation or discrimination.
The governor will review the recommendation after he returns from traveling, according to Shauna Sanford, the governor's communications director."

So in Louisiana it's a slander and an onslaught on the White Past and White History and it's being done wholesale. The saddest part is that those brave and noble White patriots of the past passed these laws for us. The knew that in order to secure our future they needed to be vigilant and protective and uncompromising. They knew there needed to be no quarter given in dealing with the race menace that loomed and that would, barring outright removal, always loom. And they did not shrink form this duty in the name of so-called morality or a misguided soft-heartedness. No, they came through and did what needed to be done; they did what it took.

And now lo these many years later a law is passed that any law that they passed which was meant so save the White future can be used as justification to "historically vindicate" anyone prosecuted under that law. And cast unwarranted historical calumny on those who meant to save us.

This is social policy done exactly backwards. This is Jew Rule in spades, and on behalf of spades. And the Whites who oversee it smile their stupid smiles and nod their stupid heads and call it "justice."

Why yes, they say: it's about time.

"The New Orleans district attorney’s office believes this is the first time the law has been used since its enactment."

Bet your bottom dollar it won't be the last.

"The pardon application is supported by the New Orleans district attorney, Jason Williams, a progressive elected last year on a campaign of sweeping criminal justice reform in a city known as one of America’s incarceration capitals. It was managed by a newly created civil rights division in his office, tasked with re-examining cases prosecuted by previous administrations"

Jason Williams is a black man who thinks there are too many blacks in jail; in fact there aren't nearly enough. When you hear "sweeping criminal justice reform" twinned with "newly managed civil rights" division you can be that White conservatives will simply keep their heads down and not make a peep; as for the average White man in the state I can only implore: lock your doors and keep a hawk eye on your daughter.

Because it's open season on us.

And cherish your history; the state itself will hack it to bits.

Quoth Jason Williams about Homer Plessy:

“And this stigma can be removed from his memory by honoring him in the right way. By recognizing that the law itself was a crime.

Wrong on all counts. Saving your race is not a crime. The crime are being committed is in Williams' office, and soon by that well-heeled governor with "Bel" in his name, by the sullied stroke of his pen.


Your average shitlib thinks the Brown Vs. Board Supreme Court decision to be a paragon of justice, a high water mark of racial justice. Prior to that poor blackie couldn't catch a break. It's ironic that not long at all after its passage the afros grew a foot high, the black fists shot in the air en masse, black fathers abandoned their children on an industrial scale, black welfare payments sent budgets screaming into the red, and black crime went off the charts.

Such it always is with racial justice.

"The so-called separate but equal doctrine was ultimately overturned by the Supreme Court in 1954 Brown."

Separate but equal was the watchword of the Plessy Decision. But even that gave too much slack to the negros. By enshrining the word "equal" those men set a trap. A trap form which we still have not managed to extricate ourselves.

And the following makes you think those Fergusson descendants may have been correct to cast aspersions on their ancestor, if for the totally wrong reasons:

"Judge Ferguson had previously ruled the Louisiana Railway Car Act of 1890 (The Separate Car Act) a law declaring that Louisiana rail rail companies had to provide separate but equal accommodations for for white and non-white passengers, unconstitutional on trains that travelled through several states. In Plessy's case, however, he concluded that the state could choose to regulate railroad companies that operated solely within the state of Louisiana. Ferguson found Plessy guilty of not leaving a White car and declared the Separate Car Act was in this case constitutional."

Oh yes, state line! That's what you want to hang the future of your race on. An abstract mark on a map delineated by surveyors. Constitutional chop logic and state lines, that's going to get it done. Sure it is.

What is a state line when what you need is a color line? A stop gap measure though the color line is.

What is a state line?

Nothing, that's what. Nothing but an imaginary line. But Article 5, subsection B6 of our federal document says race survival cannot be a reason of state. And those trained lawyers trained in the Jews schools don't want to buck that wisdom.

So even in denying Homer Plessy his "rights" Justice Fergusson laid the seeds of his ruling's ultimate destruction. And way down the squalid line gave him his posthumous victory.

But event his mealy-mouthed drivel was not nearly as bad as what turned out to be the heinous harbinger of the future by the one lone nay vote in Plessy. Justice Harlan today is hailed as hero when in fact he was a forerunner of the race traitors of today.

"Justice John Marshall Harlan was the lone dissenter from the Court's decision, writing that the U.S. Constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens, and so the law's distinguishing of passengers' races should have been found unconstitutional."

If the constitution is color blind what good is it? In that case it's a positive evil. Which in case after case in our time it has proved to be.


"The Supreme Court ruled in Plessy v. Ferguson that state racial segregation laws didn't violate the Constitution as long as the facilities for the races were of equal quality."

But here is the rub.

By vaulting "equality" as a standard by which laws could be judged they gave the entire game away. They conceded the argument even though it took decades for the logic of their illogical decision to work itself out. But what is born in time comes to fruition in time. Someone somewhere said that.

By positing equality in this way as a legal standard they put us on the back foot. And when you put yourself on the back foot it won't be long before some Jews come in and big foots you. They'll pluck out that word "equality," wrench it mercilessly from its original context, and place it in a brand new one. And what are you going to say then? That you don't believe in equality?

If you give Jews an inch they'll take your country. That's just a law of nature.

Separate but equal only has three words in it but along with equal it has a second problem: separate. Separate in their sense means segregated. But segregated implies that though separate the two races are living in the same vicinity, in the same locale; and once you have that some fool will say that they need to bring negros in to do some day labor to cut costs; and once that happens soon people will want negro women to look after their kids on the cheap; and then soon the same locale will have the Whites and the blacks cheek by jowl and cheek by jowl will soon become the rubbing of shoulders. And when that happens the time of promiscuous race mixing is at hand.

It's the reason why the White town of Orania in South Africa, though they have labor shortages, refuses to import black workers. They know that to survive as a White living space the whole place needs to be built White from the ground up. The American South on the other hand, strict as it was, was not strict enough: it made the mistake of putting negros on the back of the bus when they should have been on a different bus, one running on different lines in places far from where the Whites lived.

That is, the color line will never cut it. With any kind of proximity that line will be crossed. What you need is an unbridgeable gulf.

If you have to draw a line you've already lost.

If you have to segregate you've already gone too far down the road to perdition. At that point the gangrene has already spread. And then the only thing to do is call in the surgeon--who will know what to do.

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