The Foul Badge Of Hell

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Douglas Mercer
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The Foul Badge Of Hell

Post by Douglas Mercer » Thu Mar 30, 2023 6:21 pm

Douglas Mercer
November 20 2021

Way back in 1965 Larry Olivier put on the blackface and gave an immortal film performance as the lead character in Othello. Now in 2021 that was too much for some weasel wokesters who gave him the bum rush or, more precisely, gave the bum rush to a professor who has the temerity to show the film to the college age cretins. It was, as always, the crime of the century. Why, the kiddos were traumatized. To see the immortal Larry Olivier in blackface, that's not the kind of thing one gets over quickly. And just as the Jews have never really gotten over how Shakespeare portrayed them in the character of Shylock (accurately that is, as nasty and greedy merchants who insist on their pounds of White flesh) the negros can't be all the crazy about how he depicts them in Othello. As everyone knows of course, this play is a cautionary tale of what happens to coal burners. The fair maiden whose skin is alabaster White supposes the Moor in question to be heroic and handsome and dashing and she succumbs to his alleged charms. But of course you can dress a Congoid up in a renaissance clothing and make him appear to be an upstanding gentleman but time will give it proof that he is no such thing. That is, the play shows him to be not all that bright, to be unable to reason, to have poor impulse control, and to be hyper-violent. In other words he's a negro. In the end he strangles Desdemona in her sleep. So as literary critics far and wide won't tell you the Eternal Bard was vigilantly policing the mudsharks way back when. Good for him. Toll paid, as the poet said.


The left has always had a problem with Shakespeare, they can feel it in their bones that he is not one of them, he strides the world like an imperious colossus and that they can't abide. He's one Dead White Male who in his genius created worlds like a god--and that they can't countenance. Just as you knew that when harpy feminist author Germaine Greer decided to write a biography of Anne Hathaway the Bard had better cover his balls, you know too that in our current climate of political and pathological lunacy all sorts of people of color are going to complain that the man is much too towering a figure for their own good. It all started when before that addlebrained weirdo novelist Virginia Woolf decided to give up the ghost and put some stones in her pockets and walked for the last time into the river she wrote an essay called Shakespeare's Sister. The premise is that the distaff side in humanity never got a really fair shake, and that if Shakespeare's sister had traveled to London like he did she would have been raped on the way. Well, sure, that's why she didn't go.

And the bellyaching now never ceases:

"A growing number of woke academics are refusing to teach Shakespeare in U.S. schools, arguing that the Bard promotes racism, white supremacy and intolerance, and instead are pushing for the teaching of modern alternatives."

By modern alternatives they mean a novel by a nigger.

"My project examines the various ways in which the teaching of Shakespeare in US American schools is often rooted in a logic of white supremacy and how understanding this can reveal that the most celebrated author in the humanities has been consistently used to dehumanize."

You see the instinctively know what literary critics from Adolf Hitler on down knew: that Shakespeare was the Aryan man par excellence. They say Hitler preferred Shakespeare to Goethe hands down, and owned a copy of a 1925 German translation of the Bard, and was said to enjoy quoting him throughout his life.

Was that German seer ever wrong?

This Aryan soul comes to the fore in Othello when he has a character express the visceral disgust of a black man and a White woman engaged in squalid and sordid sexual congress:

"Even now an old black ram is tupping your white ewe."

Ew. Gross.

Othello's black envy of Whiteness comes to fore in his description of the woman he is defiling:

"Whiter skin of hers than snow and smooth as monumental alabaster."

Shakespeare understood what blackness is on both a real and a metaphorical level:

"Black is the badge of hell, the hue of dungeons and the suit of night."

Was he ever wrong?

Lucky for us unlike the Jews they don't need to wear a badge, their ebony skin marks and brands them for all time as the animals and criminals they most surely are.


And now some negros affiliated with the sewer dwelling Harvard university are sullying the Bard's good White name by putting on a Black Macbeth. The "play" is called "Macbeth In Stride" but with the black badge we all know Black Macbeth it is.

Blach Macbeth.

Fair is foul and foul is fair!

They were holding this Bard desecration fest at the Loeb Theater, a place obviously named after a Jew. You can look at the website for this cultural atrocity and see the lead black woman shuffling, shucking and jiving as Lady Macbeth. They say what it's really about is an exploration of what it means to be an ambitious black woman but you should more than suspect that ambitious black woman is an oxymoron. There's no such animal amongst these animals.

The Jew Loeb Theater says it commits to “advancing public health in our practice and our programming, recognizing that racism in America is a national public health crisis.”

The public health crisis in America is all those murders, rapes, car jackings, home jackings, and bank muggings committed by those who sport the badge of hell.

The Jew theater goes on to say that it “centers anti-racism” and “habituates anti-racist practices in our policies, structure and culture.”

So don't show up there expecting some immortal work, some elevated diction, and some eternal drama by any of the White greats. Rather if you're White expect some vile slop aimed right at your head.

"The building also contains an experimental black box called The Ex that is used by the Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club and by the A.R.T.’s Institute for Advanced Theater Training."

Ah, blacks in the black box. They should be in a cage.

The theater termed this cut rate and poor man's Macbeth as a “Black Out Performance.”

And of course outside they play the knock out game on any Whites who happened to mistakenly show up.

“For our non-Black allies, we appreciate your support in making this a completely Black-identifying evening”

What self-respecting White person would show up at this civilizational travesty of the great Anglo-Saxon tragedy? But then "allies" aren't exactly known for their self-respect, that's for sure. Perhaps this will make more of those allies enemies but so cucked are they that is quite unlikely.

"Harvard University is hosting an exclusive” performance of an adaptation of the Shakespeare play Macbeth.”

The Friday performance of Macbeth in Stride is an exclusive space for Black-identifying audience members.”

A white woman puts her hair in corn rows (shame on her) and the blacks will go into a nuclear-powered rage. Cultural appropriation they will say. Elvis Presley danced like a nigger and they went in to a high octane tantrum. Cultural appropriation they said. And yet they think nothing of taking over the Whitest of the White man's plays, and twisting it to suit their base needs. Where is the Zulu Shakespeare one might ask, and the answer is simple. He's the one who has put down his quill and is knocking off those liquor stores, or mowing down those people at a Christmas Parade or donning a ski mask and ransacking a Nordstrom. Foul is fair after all. These are all blackout performances.

"Macbeth In Stride is a version of the classic play that examines what it means to be an ambitious Black woman through the lens of one of Shakespeare’s most iconic characters,”

"What if William Shakespeare’s tragic tale of Macbeth, who usurped the throne of Scotland at the urging of his wife, were performed with less gloom and doom? What if, instead, the play were infused with modern music, dance, and a fresh interpretation of Lady Macbeth as an ambitious Black woman with a performance designed to elevate Black female power, femininity, and desire?"

Well, in that case it would suck. The very idea of black female desire is enough to make you want to wretch in the corner. There's no way to elevate the concept of a baboon in estrus.

The "creator" of this culture trash told the Bay State Banner that the Black Out Night on October 29 2021 is “a beautiful thing to be able to make work for the community that I came from. The music is very ‘us’—it’s literally inspired by soul, gospel and rock.”

Its "them" all right. That's what the shuffling, and the shucking and the jiving is all about. That's why it sucks so hard. That's why Shakespeare is covering his balls.

"Macbeth in Stride’s other co-director, Taibi Magar, is Egyptian American, and the music director, Steven Cuevas, is Filipino American."

The banner headline is the Bay State Banner should have been but was not:

Race garbage put on culture garbage.

But they'd never say anything remotely like that, anything that was even a faint facsimile of the truth. No, the lying Jewish press in this country treats their consumers like mushrooms: they keep them in the dark and feed them shit.

"The website thanks non-Black allies for their support in making this a completely Black-identifying evening and invites them to attend one of the other performances of the show."

And the allies get on their knees and worship the Magic Negros, take it on the chin--the chin if they're lucky. Whatever their new masters want is what their new masters will get. They are allies after all and they have no idea they will be eaten last.


But let's make no mistake about it, this move towards segregation is a good thing. There is an unfailing and cardinal rule when it comes to dealing with this type of subhuman waste: when niggers want to get away from you don't stop them! But of course the individual rights color blind conservative crowd will have none of it. They swoon over integration and integration they will have! My god they shout didn't that godly saint Martin Luther King say that we have to treat everyone by the content of their character and not the color of their skin? Yes he did, he told that lie, and these conservative cucks thing that guy was never wrong. That is when the blacks want to separate they look this gift horse in the mouth. They don't know a good thing when they see it.

Why, there is law and civil rights they say. Is this even allowed?

"The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) called on the university to end its segregated event and open up attendance to all people."

End it? End separation? These people really ought to have their heads examined but in order for that to happen they'd have to first pull it out of their ass. Don't they know that anything at all that will revert these apes to their stupid ghettos in a great and good thing? Let the blackie have his blackouts. Make the blackies life one great big blackout. Anything but having them among us.

“As an integral part of Harvard, the American Repertory Theater is subject to the university’s legal obligations and policies,” the higher education civil liberties nonprofit wrote. “Under federal law, excluding university students, faculty, and staff from educational enrichment opportunities based on race is forbidden.”

There it is. FIRE is led by a lunatic named Greg Lukianoff and he's one of those so-called conservatives who will see a race war brewing and indeed already happening, but he won't fight it. Hell no! That would be wrong. Instead he'll get on his two bit soap box and talk your ear off about the law. He fails miserably to understand that we've had law in this country since when he was knee high to a grasshopper and long before and a fat lot of good it has done us. You can't fight fire with paper. Indeed the paper of the law has already burned in an anti-White inferno.

"Hosting a racially segregated performance where people with the wrong racial background are specifically told that they are not welcome flies directly in the face of that commitment."

Commitment! Will these conservative cretins never learn? No, they will not. When Civil Rights were in the offing many warned that it would (inevitably) lead to a myriad of legal advantages for blacks and a whole host of legal disabilities for Whites. But the black leaders of that time said: perish the thought! Furthest thing from our minds! They "committed" that this would never be so and the naive Whites of the time (the forerunners of the likes of Lukianoff) said what good negros, they really are just like us, good American Creedalists. And of course no sooner was the black ink dry on the white paper of that law than the afros sprouted a foot high, the black fists went in the air, and White American became legal beggars in their own land.

But FIRE still thinks that it is holding down the fort, not realizing that the fort was ransacked and looted and burned by niggers many years previously. For blacks it is always the fire all the time.

"The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education noted that A.R.T’s Black Out performance may run afoul of federal civil rights law because of Harvard’s reliance on federal funding."

Sure, that will get it done. The Federal government which caters to and cares for and kowtows to Blacks all day long is going to lift a single finger and intervene in this instance. These conservative boy scouts are really too stupid to live and if you watch carefully you'll see in the future that they won't be living. Utter stupidity always has a fatal expiration date and these idiot cons are about to crash into it head long.

And when they do it won't be a moment too soon.

And finally the holocaust becomes complete and they hit rock bottom with this verbal debacle:

"The logic of policies based on race and blood is implacable, and always filthy. In the Jim Crow South and apartheid South Africa, theaters of all kinds were segregated. One commentator notes that from 1950, apartheid laws prescribed that Shakespeare’s plays be performed before racially segregated audiences. In Germany, the Nazis banned Jews from theaters and other public places in the second, even more savage wave of anti-Jewish legislation in 1938. It is impossible to escape these comparisons."

This is the dems be the real racists on a colossal scale. This is stupidity taken to unheard of and unprecedented heights.

Impossible mind you: impossible. Blacks are predators who are ethnically cleansing our people with their murderous rages, they burn down our cities, they are obsessed over by our media, they suck up our money. And then some negro so called artists want to separate themselves from us, even for one night, and what do the "high-minded" conservatives riposte with? Why they attack the just White rule of the American South and in South Africa and, naturally, the National Socialists. Three regimes who would have made short work of these Niggers with Shakespearian pretensions.

They are still hung up on so-called "right and wrong." But it's never that, and never will be.

It's us and them.

"The Black Out Performance is not only morally and political repugnant, but presumably illegal."

No, sorry, wrong on all counts. If you are a White man and you want to be fair then your ideology is foul. And if the negros want to lead the way and retreat into their hell we should encourage it.

When it comes to that criminal badge let no man seek to remove it.

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