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Full Fathom Five

Post by Douglas Mercer » Thu Mar 30, 2023 6:19 pm

Douglas Mercer
November 30 2021

Finally some good news!

"At least 31 migrants died after a boat sank off the coast of Calais on Wednesday (November 24 2021). Fishermen initially reported discovering 15 bodies floating in the water. A French navy vessel recovered five dead bodies and five other people unconscious."

There's no joy in the mud countries but among those of us deeply worried about the loss of our ancestral homelands it's a banner day. The only regret is that it's only 31. Those are rookie numbers. Got to bump those up.

"The provisional death toll was later increased to 31."

Ok, sweet, it's only provisional. Perhaps some more bodies will be found bobbing on the surface, being buffeted by the waves. So it could be more. Fingers crossed.

"French regional newspaper La Voix du Nord reported that as many as 50 people might have been on the capsized boat, citing police sources."

The worse the better! The more horrible the more beautiful it is! The further they fall into the pit the more we ascend into the infinite skies. We are fully justified in hoping against hope.

Pint sized Davocrat and Rothschild stooge Emmanuel Macron put on his long mourning face and said on Wednesday evening that "France will not allow the Channel to become a cemetery,"

Not allow it to become a cemetery? What's your problem? Why not? It certainly saves on burial costs. Unless they pop up to the surface and we become "obliged" to fish them out; but you can always hope they will be dragged out to sea never to be seen again by mortal man. Then it truly is no fuss and no muss. Win-win, as is said.


Now those darkskinned illegal migrants have met their maker and from what I can glean their maker cannot have been all too pleased with that which he wrought. They are in Davy Jones Locker. And a black African was heard to say: who be dis' Davy Jones? Ah, sorry: it's a White thing so you wouldn't understand.

The leaders of France and England should be dancing in the streets. Think of how much in one fell swoop this will save the public purse. Think of how many muggings, murders, rapes, car jackings, bank jackings, home jackings, knife crime, not to mention petty thieving this will avoid. It's a literal bonanza, a windfall. Never look gift horses in the mouth. When the gods smile on you just smile back and give the gift of gratitude.

But of course when they hear the news about the dusky "victims" they put on their somber faces and say how horrible it is. This can't go on they say. Coal black migrants and middle eastern simpletons have died? How can the rich and prosperous Western World allow such a thing? We must be at fault. And we certainly have to do something and, mind you, right now.

"Earlier on Wednesday, Darmanin said on twitter that he was on his way to the scene, as well as to visit the survivors at the Calais hospital."

All the White officials bent all over themselves in an unseemly display to pay their official respects. The victims of these migrants never get that kind of attention. If a French leader visited the families of the rape and murder victims of these invidious invaders it would be seen as incendiary and racist and as adding fuel to the fire of the ruling class' baleful bogeyman: Europe's "far right wing." But these now dead migrants will get the full special treatment and will be seen as good and holy martyrs of The Great Replacement, the ones who damn near but didn't quite make it to the White Promised Land; but who by dying in such tragic fashion made it possible for others to live. And live among us, stealing our countries. The survivors of course will be ushered in right away no questions asked, there to begin their rape and murder careers in outright earnest.

The outpouring of grief and sympathy from these crazed cucks will of course mean that we now need to take more of them in, not just the survivors, but the next wave and the wave after that as far as the eye can see.

If there's a migrant that Priti Patel didn't fawn over I for one have never heard tell of it. Now with these deaths at sea she'll take that to the next level. There is after all nothing like setting an Indian out to guard your White Homeland. You might as well put a Jew in charge of your country.

"Strong emotion in front of the tragedy of the numerous deaths due to the capsizing of a boat of migrants in the English Channel," Darmanin wrote.

Yes sir strong emotion: joy. Unalloyed joy. It represents a small but important victory for our descendants and their future.

"The criminal nature of the smugglers who organize these crossings cannot be overstated," he added.

You see they go right to these smugglers and gloss over the criminal nature of the migrants. It's the same way that in America so called conservatives will never attack the illegal aliens, that would be bad form, but say they want to protect the border (ha!) in order to end human trafficking. You see the illegal aliens are always the victims whatever the case may be. I'm all for making this smuggling a capital crime on the first offense, dumping people on us well merits swift death; but those trespassing on our priceless heritage merit no less justice.

And now some migrants have met that fate in the English Channel. The ocean did what the Navy refused to do. We can always count on our wise mother nature to restore the racial balance and to redress all wrongs.

"Speaking to reporters gathered in front of 10 Downing Street, British prime minister Boris Johnson said he was shocked and appalled and deeply saddened by the tragedy."

This man has galloping cuckism in spades; if he ever saw a White man he didn't want to sell out I for one have never heard about it. We are shocked and appalled that you are shocked and appalled sir. We are shocked and appalled that you serve your Jew masters and lied to get elected. We are shocked and appalled that you preen as an advocate of the Western world by reciting Homer in ancient Greek and then ramble on in the worst pit of neo-liberalism that can be imagined.

Must be the Jew in him. Don't let the blond hair fool you. He is enemy number one. When it comes down to either cutting you or looking at you he'll cut you without hesitation.

“My thoughts and sympathies are first of all with the victims and their families. It’s an appalling thing that they have suffered.”

There is that word again: appalling . Appalling is that White England is being submerged in the brown and black tide and he is not lifting a finger to stop it. Appalling is that he was a man who made miraculous gains among the working class White British, driving Labour out of stronghold after stronghold and did it by promising a return to sanity in immigration; but in fact he was and is nothing but an open borders liberal masquerading as a tough guy. You see when it comes to cosmopolitanism and a new brown future for England he really rather likes it.

Johnson also stated that he wanted to "do more" with France to discourage illegal crossings.

How about threaten to sink the boats? And actually sink one or two just to get the ball rolling, as a long overdue down payment on a White future? That will get the world's attention. That will stop those evil smugglers in human flesh. You see sometimes nature is in a much too placid mood and needs a little help from us.

But they don't really want to stop these endless human inflows from the dark Third World to the White First World. They know however that their political fate for the time being depends on them pretending that they do.

"Johnson was holding a meeting of the government’s crisis committee in response to the channel tragedy his office said."

Crisis! Already long before this august event of the drownings there had been a record number of illegal crossings of the Channel. But that was no crisis. No committees were rounded up to address it. No deep funeral pall hung over them when they spoke of it. No emergency then. But a few invaders take some salt water in their lungs and all the stops have to pulled out. Not a moment too soon then.

"Macron is calling for immediate reinforcements to Frontex and an emergency European meeting."

Immediate! No time to waste! A several thousand years old White civilization is going down the tubes but to ring the fire bell in the night about that is not their way. It doesn't suit them. To rave and rant about that would be that old evil racism rearing its ugly head. But nothing like a few dead niggers to put a fire under their ass.

"Prime Minister Jean Castex has called for a meeting with eight of his ministers for Thursday morning."

"It's a day of great mourning for France, for Europe, for humanity to see these people die at sea," Darmanin said.

No it was a red letter day Monsiuer Darmanin.

May there be many more such.


"The accident marks the biggest loss of life during attempted illegal crossings of the Channel. It comes as record numbers of migrants have attempted to cross from France to the United Kingdom this year. An estimated 22,000 people have reached the UK in small boats this year, more than double the number in 2020."

Record numbers! We are scaling the heights. Soon there will be enough of them to paint the White Cliffs of Dover dark black. Soon there will be enough of them for the whip hand to run amok.

"Earlier this month, a record of 1,185 people reached the UK in a single day. More than 25,700 people have made the dangerous journey in small boats this year — three times the total for the whole of 2020 Ever-increasing numbers of people fleeing conflict or poverty are risking the perilous journey in small, unseaworthy craft from France, hoping to get asylum or better opportunities in Britain."

And of course the logic of all this is a clear as a bell. The logic is for all of these criminal leaders to flap their arms and gums and emit their woeful wailing to gin up care and sympathy for the plight of those who would take over the country. They want people to feel sorry for the dead, and for the survivors. Surely in all of recorded human history only the weak among the White people of today would fall for such a rancid ruse. Surely only they can have their much too tender consciences pricked to aid in the destruction of their own people.

Here it comes. You could see it coming from a million miles away. That's what the crisis meeting are about, that's what the deep concern is about, that's what the flying to meet the survivors is all about. They will sit by those bedsides and hold those hands, console the relatives, and have those photo ops with grim visages; but inside they are bursting with hopes and plans.

They won't let this golden opportunity go to waste.

The leaders pave the way with their solemn suits of black and then the interlocking directorate of refugee vultures and vampires takes up the slack. We need to do more they say: always more.

"How many more times must we see people lose their life trying to reach safety in the UK because of the woeful lack of safe means to do so?" said Tom Davies, Amnesty International U.K.'s refugee and migrant rights campaign manager.

"We desperately need a new approach to asylum, including genuine Anglo-French efforts to devise safe asylum routes to avoid such tragedies happening again," he added.

Meanwhile the tragedy of the White world continues apace, marches on it's long march through hell. You can bet your last dollar that scum like Tom Davies not only don't care about it but are hastening the day it comes and are relishing the thought.


We know what the solution is. Fifty years and more of malfeasance can only be met with final force. The slumber of the White world has been so drowsy for so long that its awakening can only shock. When the world knows not so much that there is a new Sheriff in town but that there is Sheriff at all it will shock and appall them. It's meant to. But the world has to know that we are not going to do this, cannot do this, in dribs and drabs, or by stately half measures. No, our solutions must be more drastic.

Sink the boats?

Does it seem ghoulish? Does it seem ghastly? Somewhat inhuman? It's meant to. The threat to your ancestral homeland will set you thinking about the draconian.

As they scroll down the names of their dead remember that we have a long list of casualties too, one that dwarfs their miniscule list. It's a lot more than a paltry 31. And, note well, we didn't do anything wrong.

"The narrow strait of water can be dangerous for attempted migrant crossings, due to strong sea currents."

Let it be a bulwark. Populate it with ships and make the lands impregnable.

They say we can't let the sea be a cemetery but I don't see why not. What after all is the penalty for taking a nice White Paradise and turning it into a stinking cauldron of rotting flesh?

And anyway it couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of people.

And it certainly beats turning Europe itself into a graveyard; the graveyard of the European peoples.

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