The Long March Through Hell

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The Long March Through Hell

Post by Douglas Mercer » Thu Mar 30, 2023 6:15 pm

Douglas Mercer
November 20 2021

"He was born in New York City to Jewish Parents."

That statement alone can encompass the remarkable fall of America over the past century. Why, it's enough to send a chill down one's spine. Are there inhuman horrors it cannot explain? Are there depravities it does not entail? Is there a charnel house it hasn't unleashed?

Chesa Boudin is the possessor of a putrid pedigree. The proud possessor in his mind. He's Jewish royalty and his loyalty to the criminal tribe will never be in question.

Can you think of any White leaders who consciously see themselves as embodying the long line of their family, their ancestors, and their people?

No, of course not. That's not how white people at the highest level play the game. At best they see themselves as following in the ever vaporous "American tradition" which means an equality informed rule based order. But for the most part they are loyal to a class---their own class. An upper class that's ridden by Jews.

Safe to say Jews laugh at this. It is bred in the bone in them that their people is the only sacred thing. It's been however many thousands of years of racial solidarity with them. It's been a long long march. And Chesa Boudin is a case study of how they consciously embody their family, their tribe, their people.

He's a Jewish soldier in a long of Jewish soldiers for the Jewish cause.

And for them this is a war of annihilation.

Chesa Boudin was born in New York City to Jewish parents.

There's that bloodcurdling sentence again.


Chesa Boudin was born in New York City to Jewish parents, and not just any parents. No, his parents were the top echelon of Jewish criminals, ones who went hell bent for leather on the Protocols call to undermine and de-stabilize White society. Not for them the long term open borders strategy, or debasing the currency, or the progressive demoralization of showing niggers with White women in advertisement. They were Jew royalty on par with Leo Frank or the Rosenbergs, not just any riff-raff Jews, your money grubbing Jews or your entertainment Jews, or your stereotypically corrupt Jews, or your political whore Jews. No, they were your murdering Jews, they went straight t to the heart of the matter. Kill the White man they said, send some cold chills down their White spines. Put some blood on the street to make them think twice.

For that martyrdom to the Jew cause they were locked away but no worries for young prince Boudin. He fell on his tiny little Jew feet. He went out of the frying pan and into the fire, out of the muck and into the mire.

"After his parents were incarcerated, Boudin was raised in Chicago by adoptive parents Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who like his parents, had been members of the Weather Underground."

Dohrn was Jewish; Ayer not. The two of course were those terrorists that the Gay Mulatto was palling around with in those early Chicago days and who opened up their home to him to launch his campaign to be the first nigger in the White House. So young Boudin grew up in a world saturated with Jewishness and anti-Whiteness. His later career, such as it is, bears that out.

Boudin's Jewish great grand-uncle was a Marxist "theoretician" and his Jewish grandfather was a lawyer who represented the communist revolutionary Fidel Castro and the uppity full of himself negro Paul Robeson.

Ah yes, the long march. The long march through hell.

After graduating from Yale Law School and Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, Boudin travelled extensively in South America to live “in solidarity with the working class.”

Not the White working class--fuck them he says. But the black and the brown working class. He's a Jew who was born in New York City. He was born and bred to hate White people. But mestizo cretins from the Global South? He's a big fan of using them for his purposes.

Boudin himself wasted no time joining this Jew parade, indulging in his almost sexual Che fantasies and working for the government of Hugo Chavez. He translated a book about it called "Understanding the Bolivarian Revolution: Hugo Chavez Speaks." And he co-edited a book called "Young Activists: Today's Young Rebels Speak Out." And then he capitalized on this experience by writing his own book "Gringo: A Coming of Age in Latin America."

Of course he isn't a "gringo" but he wastes no time using the slur for White people. He's a Jews from New York city after all.

And now he runs interference for those same wetbacks he idolized and worked among and keeps them free to rape and murder.

Boudin also serves on the board of the Civil Rights Corps, a national non-profit organization, and is on the board of Restore Justice, a non-profit based in California.

Of course he does. He's a Jew who was born in New York City.


Chesa Boudin is the District Attorney of San Francisco and is currently the subject of a special recall election scheduled for next year (2022). Apparently even the lunatics are beginning to pay attention. One too many muggings and you start to question the value of being open-hearted. It's not enough for most to begin to question the Jews' fiendish plot--yet.

"Many locals of the liberal City by the Bay have now turned on him, as outrage over spiraling crime statistics and shocking anecdotal evidence of serious and often avoidable crime committed on his watch."

What did they expect? You had this big fat Jew whose parents were murderers, whose foster parents were terrorists for crying out loud and he ran on a platform where he was all but fellating negros and spics---and it's only now they've woken up?

Bodies piling up will do that to you but they had been warned.

Indeed I wasn't paying attention at the time so for all I know during the campaign he did fellate a negro at some point. I certainly am unable to rule it out just on spec.

Fellating negros wasn't word for word Chesa Boudin's campaign slogan but on the other hand you didn't have to exactly read between the lines to see that was what he was saying. That he wanted the city to be turned into a Road Warrior facsimile.

The thing about Jew hell is it keeps getting hotter and hotter. The Negros are the Jews attack dogs and they are always off the leash as Jews unleash them on us. It's like loosing swarms of locust at a picnic. You can read about the plot in the Protocols in the sections on chaos.


Before he became an utter imbecile and slobbering Trump lunatic Rudy Guliani implemented the broken windows theory of policing. The idea was that when New York City was a congerie of sleazy porn shops, flesh theaters, and rampant crime the local communities stopped fixing broken windows, seeing that as small fry compared to the big fish they were dealing with. The new regime said that had it backwards, that the community needed to be repaired from the ground up, one broken window at a time. That when people see the detritus of glass all over the place they become demoralized and dispirited; but when such windows are fixed rapidly it shows that the authorities care; and that made all the difference.

Chesa Boudin has a theory of broken windows as well. His theory is he wants you to break them. Make the place look like Escape From Los Angeles without the good points. It's why San Francisco has become a smash and grab paradise, its streets trash and feces ridden. When they refer to the bowels of hell the city by the bay means it literally. Boudin wants it all to become more run down, more seedy, more sordid, with more squalor everywhere. He wants people to fear going out at night, he wants people to cross to the other side of the street. Quality of life? Hell, he wants to take your life. He makes his parents look like pikers, they took out a few, he empowers the many to take out untold numbers. Ayers and Dohrn? Bush league stuff; Boudin's got control of the levers of power to facilitate others to destroy property by block by block. You see he's a Jew and he hates you. And short of walking out of City Hall and cutting your throat himself he wants to demoralize and distress you until you give up.

When word that the people were slightly rebelling about his leading them to perdition and hell got back to him Boudin was defiant:

"These tactics have nothing to do with me or my policies and everything to do with a retrograde, reactionary, racist police-union leadership determined to exploit tragedies, undermine criminal-justice reform, and ensure impunity for even those police officers who shoot and kill unarmed Black men,”

Look at that little scrawny Jew hide behind those niggers.


San Francisco is a former working class town but now is the home to two kinds of people: billionaires and homeless. The former step over the latter each morning on their way to the limousines parked curbside. This is a Jew paradise and a paradigm of the American version of Brazil which is just Brazil without the America part. That is: lords and serfs.

And never the twain shall meet except when one is stepping over the other, stepping over them on their way to Silicon Valley to censor your speech and strip you of your ancient liberties.

Whatever dwindling middle class there is will dwindle ever further thanks to the likes of Chesa Boudin, a man who's never seen a White society that he didn't want to hollow out and decimate.

Boudin found the city an open wound and he proceeded to pour Jew salt into it:

"San Francisco has also seen an uptick in property theft since a local law downgraded the theft of property less than $950 in value from a felony charge to a misdemeanor in 2014. Store staff and security now tend not to pursue or stop thieves who have taken anything worth less than $1,000."

The city might as well have gone around putting signs on items in stores that read: free.

"Last month San Francisco got a new District Attorney, Chesa Boudin. The City-by-the-Bay’s new top prosecutor has made it his signature policy (if you can call it that) to not enforce laws against so-called quality of life crimes: public urination, prostitution, camping, drug use, etc."

"What Bay Area innovation have the progressive goons cooked up to deal with soaring crime, property crime and hard drug use on the street. on the street? Why, to legalize it, of course!"

If you can't beat them, or if you don't want to beat them, condone them. This is a slippery Jew trick. If everything is legal there are no criminals. They want to degrade the quality of life, they want to turn a charming city into a lunar wasteland or a post apocalyptic hellscape.

When Gorbachev came to San Francisco he was taken aback and said it was so beautiful that people should have to pay to live there. Now everyone but the rich do have to pay to live there: they pay in human waste. And one day pay with their very lives.

"Despite having never prosecuted a case himself, Boudin has already fired six career criminal prosecutors in the DA’s office, had a photo-op with Angela Davis, ended cash bail for all criminal cases, and dropped charges against a man accused of violently attacking police officers with a vodka bottle."

Angela Davis, in addition to being a murderess, wrote a book called Are Prisons Obsolete? Chesa Boudin and the Jews sure think so and, more than that, they are doing something about it. Davis was also a student and acolyte of Herbert Marcuse.

So the circle closes.

How's that for your long march?

How's that for your long march through hell?


They told us in the Protocols of their plans. Create chaos everywhere, subvert, undermine, and demoralize. Young Chesa Boudin, Jewish prince, born to Jewish parents in New York City, son of murderers, godson to Jew terrorists, took all this in with his mother's milk or the substitute for mother's milk in his case, as his mother was locked in cage for crimes against White Society.

But tell me, do you think he learned his lessons well? Does he follow the Protocols to the letter?

I don't know if you noticed but they do not want to put the blacks and the browns in jail. They stopped the so called school to prison pipeline, Trump did the First Step Act at the behest of fat assed nigger lover Kim Kardashian, they bellyache about so-called racially differential sentencing, they ballyhoo prison reform, every politician who voted for it runs as fast as they can away from the 1994 Crime Bill which worked perfectly, all across the country those Soros DAs can't seem to find anyone non-White they want to put away. And even negros from the past are starting to skate, skate all over our faces. Ralph Northam pardoned some negroes who raped a White woman back in the 1950s, Tennessee put up a statue of a negro who raped a White woman around 1905. If you're black and a criminal (and how many among them are not?) it's all systems go, you have the green light to rape, maim, maraud, and murder. When it comes to blacks and crime, and it always does, it's veritable land rush.

You see they want White people to be thrown off balance, to be running scared, to be afraid to go out. It's all right there in the Protocols. It's not as if they didn't tell us up front.

How successful have they been? How far along is the city to becoming a fear-ridden and felonious favela? Check out these numbers from the San Francisco charnel house of horrors. When your head stops spinning remembers it's the Jews, it's always been the Jews, and it will always be the Jews--until it's not.

In San Francisco homelessness is up 17 percent with its concomitant feces and filth strewn streets; the city is the nations "leader" in property crime and burglary and larceny, shoplifting and vandalism are included under this ugly umbrella; the rate of car break ins is particularly striking, over 30,000 reports were filed and the current average is 51 per day or one every half hour; other low-level offenses, including drug dealing, street harassment, encampments, indecent exposure, public intoxication, simple assault, and disorderly conduct are also rampant; burglaries across the city catapulted more than 62% from mid-March 2020 until the end of 2020; Twitter videos showed groups of people rushing into stores, stealing items, and walking or running out without arrest; shoplifting has dramatically increased; larceny is up 40 percent; violent crime is up; burglaries in 2021 through September 30 are already greater than the entire year of 2019; in the Central district, for example, larceny and theft incidents are up almost 88% from a year earlier, and overall crime is up almost 52%, according to police statistics; store staff and security do not pursue or stop thieves who have taken anything worth less than $1,000; The DA Chesa Boudin has been charging people with theft in less than 50% of all cases throughout his tenure, new data reveals, leading to claims he'd effectively legalized theft; crime in San Francisco has been climbing steadily, with larceny theft outweighing any other infraction; there was a 13.4% spike in larceny from the start of the year (2021) through November 14, as compared to the same time last year, according to the city police department's most recent data; homicide is also on the rise, by 9.3%, human trafficking has gone up by 27.3%, assault has spiked by 8.7%, and arson has risen by 7.8%; overall crime has spiked by 7.5%; in the first 11 months of 2020, 621 people died from drug overdose in San Francisco, mostly from heroin and fentanyl; the DA’s office has allowed these drugs to proliferate throughout the city; property crime exploded in 2020, with burglaries surging almost 50%, an increase driven heavily by repeat offenders, whom Chesa Boudin actually referred to as "prolific folks"; car thefts are up36.3% and arson is up 40%.; the DA has dismissed the cases against 113 out of 131 people busted for felony domestic violence in the last three months of 2020; shocking videos shared on social media have shown thieves ransacking shelves of expensive cosmetics, while security guards stand nearby, powerless to intervene; Boudin's office has only been charging people of theft in 46% of all cases since taking office; Boudin has an even lower rate in petty crime and has only made charges in 35% of all cases; viral videos taken throughout the summer have shown shoplifters brazenly sauntering out of stores with armfuls of stolen goods as witnesses watch in shock; one video that received over six million views was filmed in June at a Walgreens on 300 Gough Street, which is now closed, that showed a thief heaping armfuls of Walgreens products into a trash bag; between May 2020 and May 2021, there was a 753 percent increase in the car break-ins in the city's Central District, according to the Chronicle.

Property is theft, remember; and Boudin is letting them steal it back.

Prolific folks; when Boudin says this you can hear the snickering and the laughing up his sleeve---as well as the awe and outright admiration, like he wants to let out a low whistle. And why not? These are his shock troops, his stalwarts, and as far as he's concerned they are doing yeoman's work against the yeomanry.

When he hears about the victims of these outrages and this bloodshed he doesn't cry in his beer--he hoists it aloft.

He's a jew born in New York City; what else would he do?


"The impact of Boudin's alleged relaxed approach to prosecuting has spelled trouble for businesses through the city."

Well, it spells trouble for everyone, or at least the good and the decent which, admittedly, is a number growing smaller ever day in this newly minted 3rd World basket case of a city. This kind of malfeasance and treason in the man who is supposed to protect and safeguard the city hits home everywhere. People first and foremost need a home, a place where they can go and feel safe. Second they need a homeland, a place outside their home where they can feel safe and at home. But with the baleful Boudin in charge of "law" when normal San Franciscans walk outside they take their lives in their hands for fear some mutant Boudin has let free will take it. Outside on the streets it's not a nice stroll but like a walk on the deck of a ship being tossed by the sea.

"Residents in San Francisco say they don’t feel safe amid an alarming rise in the number of burglaries across the city."

"Gorb is just one resident among thousands who saw a sudden surge in burglaries, not only in her North Beach neighborhood, but also in many other districts."

Everywhere and all over; it's crime spree instigated by a filthy Hebe.

'We don't feel safe in our neighborhood. We have an alarm, we have cameras on our property, but we want the extra security of having someone have eyes on our place."

Got to have the panopticon; got to have hyper surveillance, you always have to be on your toes watching, because you never know what will emerge from the darkness, threats are all around you.

"Especially at night, I don't walk with a purse, I'll drive, or I'll take an Uber, and it's beginning to become a daytime problem too.'

That's step one. Make everyone hyper alert, always looking about them, make them highly anxious and nervous.

Next is to go after the beating heart of the community: local businesses which are the lifeblood of the place.

"When Safeway announced its reduced hours, its San Fransisco Supervisor said that a lot of retailers have been experiencing increasing property crime and theft from their stores. I think the last six months from what they say has been off the charts in terms of how bad it's been. It's sad, upsetting and frustrating."

Sad, upsetting, and frustrating? It's meant to be that. That's the whole point, to grind down normal people to the bone until they give up in despair.

"Local Walgreens have also been shuttered as thefts in the chain's 53 remaining stores are five times the average for their stores elsewhere in the country, according to company officials."

"A Walgreens official revealed in May that the pharmacy store spends 46 times as much on security at stores in the city than elsewhere in the country."

"Businesses throughout the city have reduced their hours or closed entirely because of the uptick in property theft."

That means less hours for people who work a regular job; that means less accessibility of goods for people who need them.

Ready to give up yet? Either way, Chesa Boudin wants to let you know you haven't seen a thing yet. He won't be happy until the entire city looks like an atomic blast site.

"17 Walgreens have closed, Target has cut its hours, Safeway on Church and Market have cut their hours."

"Walgreens has already closed 17 of its San Francisco stores and announced last month that it was closing another five because of constant shoplifting by thieves who waltz past security guards and sell the items outside the drugstore chain's doors."

What a business model. A Jew DA gives you a total pass, steal some shit, sell it outside to people on their way in. It's win-win for the criminal mutants but loss for the salt of the earth.

Things are moving like clockwork in this chamber of horrors and the haves and the have nots are being split apart even further. Someone who works at a Walgreens surely can't afford the private security now needed to secure their personal safety, not before the reduced hours and certainly not after. People a little higher up on the social scale can, but how long will that last?

"Meanwhile, more than 150 families have hired the Patrol Special Officers - who are overseen by the police commissioner - to monitor their neighborhoods."

Citizens feel unsafe, stay indoors, get some more locks, the streets belong to the criminal element, but soon they will be inside your doors. Nowhere is free from the horror. Civic life will be destroyed, everything will be unraveled.

"Officer Alan Byard, who was hired to patrol the Marina District from 8pm to 5am, shared that his clients have more than doubled, from 70 last year to 150 now, with each household paying him $65-a-month."

"People are afraid of what's been going on. They want a safe place to raise their kids. In the last year, I've had 10 of my clients move out of the city."

A safe place to raise your kids? That's fascist! You, sir, have an authoritarian personality disorder! You want to raise kids in this carnival zone of insanity? Why, you must be insane yourself. Stop having kids, normal White people aren't supposed to have kids, haven't you heard? And if you think about having them they'll send some niggers by to buzz your place and you'll think twice. Who knows, maybe you can commute from Vallejo? Can't afford the gas prices? Your car's making a funny noise? Tough shit!

"Byard was hired after a rash of repeated instances of car break-ins and home burglaries. While he most often deals with homeless people sleeping on residents' doorsteps, Byard has also addressed incidents of petty theft and burglary."

And it's not just the Walgreens and the Safeways of the world getting knocked off. The high end stores too are getting looted, pillaged, ad and ransacked.

"In San Francisco, the Louis Vuitton store on Union Square in the downtown area was targeted in a similar smash-and-grab style on Friday night. Video posted to Twitter shows the storefront with broken glass on the sidewalk. Eyewitness accounts revealed that approximately a dozen people were seen running out of the store with merchandise."

Want to guess which race those dozen people were? Do you have to guess?

At the top of the criminal food chain is a Jewish apex predator, he sends out the unmistakably clear signal far and wide, that's it's open season on anything and everything, and down the criminal pyramid it's nothing but niggers ready to boost the joint.

This gold chain? 'Dis be for Chesa.


Hitler revolutionized the law and the criminal courts in Germany. Prior to his advent the Weimar Courts were dedicated to individual rights, that is they were dedicated to criminals.

"We are waging a war of eradication, and we shall make sure that it is the criminal and not the people or the state that is left to hang. We must rid ourselves of these humanitarian and false ideas."

"The goal of the law, and particularly of the criminal law, is the protection of the people not the protection of criminals."

The squalid Jews among us are fond of saying that the birth of every Jewish child is a defeat of Hitler. According to criminally minded Jews of Chesa Boudin's stripe sitting in District Attorney's offices in black run cities all across this once great land of ours every car jacking, every smash and grab, every purse stolen, every murder of a White person, every nigger or spic set free by a judge, every bank hold up, every instance of looting and pillaging, every theft, every rape, every normal person cowering in fear, every person who moves out of the city, every injury inflicted, every store that closes, every hour that is curtailed for someone's job, every bit of menace inflicted on decent citizens, every dump taken on the sidewalk, every throat that's cut---all of these things, every single one of them is a defeat of Hitler.

I don't know if you've noticed but wherever Jews run things, wherever blacks are in "charge" Adolf Hitler has been taking it on the chin of late.

"The first four months of his tenure, I can only describe as a jailbreak. First, Chesa ended cash bail. It has meant that low-level criminals — mostly those involved in property and drug crimes — are frequently released to commit more crimes before trial, a period which can often last months."

Just like that nigger in Waukesha, he got out on like one dollar bail, and was set free to kill as many White people as possible. They want to end cash bail! That is, it should be up to the Jew run Courts to decide if a defendant poses a risk to society. But you know that these Jews run judges will think that the savage in the dock does pose a threat to society so that's while they'll set them free.

After all those White people aren't going to kill themselves.
ne Woods and John “Yahya” Johnson
"As it happens, Chesa also believes in releasing criminals even after they’re convicted. In March, using the pandemic as a pretext to advance his long-held agenda of decarceration, Chesa released almost half of the San Francisco prison population."

"I’m keeping San Francisco safer by emptying the jail," Boudin said.

George Orwell is somewhere smiling, that's for sure.


Chesa Boudin has a podcast called "Chasing Justice." Go to the site and you'll immediately see two black men, one named Earlonne Woods and the other named John "Yahya" Johnson.

Chasing Justice? Why, yes, he's chasing it right out of town on a rail.

"He has vowed from the beginning to not prosecute quality of life crimes. Chesa Boudin is protecting criminals and suspects over crime victims."

"Chesa has a radical approach that involves not charging crime in the first place and simply releasing individuals with no rehabilitation and putting them in positions where they are simply more likely to re-offend,'

That's the plan. Prisons are obsolete. Angela Davis is an intersectional superstar. Your life isn't worth the paper your death certificate will be printed on.

"Chesa Boudin is directly responsible for a state of violence, death, and lawlessness that should not exist in any American city, let alone one of the richest on the planet."

"Under the stewardship of Chesa Boudin, the merchants of death are profiting and prospering. Highly-organized drug dealers in the Tenderloin sell poison like fentanyl with near impunity, unleashing a wave of death all around the city. They rarely face the serious threat of incarceration."

He is a merchant of death, from the merchant's tribe. He's a Jew and he hates you. He wants you dead.

What should we do? Cut and run or stand and fight?

In Death Wish Charles Bronson asks a seminal question: what do you call it when people who live in a condition of fear do nothing about it but just run and hide?

His wimpish son-in-law tells him we are not pioneers anymore and says that those who cut and run are civilized.

No, Bronson says with a deep sigh.


"Boudin's policies embolden criminals, demoralize the police, inflict violence on citizens, and promote the theft and destruction of as much property as possible."

Boudin is now at the head of that long march, he is leading the parade, he has the baton in hand and he's high stepping it as the band plays dirty nigger music. There are no White dancing grannies in this procession, there are no young wholesome White girls with white pom poms in the long line as it moves. No, sir. It's Jews, spics, and niggers all the way. And you can be sure no criminal black man will plow into it. Not on your life, which may not last all that much longer.

Boudin is leading the throng on the long march, the long march through hell, and as they turn the corner he feels sure it's on the final leg of the journey. He figured out that his parents and godparents had it all wrong. No need to inflict pain and suffering in drive-bys or random violence. No sir. Better to take over. Better to take over the institutions. Better to sit in the corner office in the great big high rise of City Hall and call the nefarious shot. Whereas his progenitors could kill one or two, or ten or twenty, he can kill thousands. And he doesn't even have to lift a finger, it just takes a stroke of his pen to murder them all. And drive the rest fleeing for the very lives.

When you venture forth in to the city he wants you to take your life in your hands, and then watch it slip through your fingers.

He is a Jew who was born in New York City.

What else would you expect?

They told us all about it in the Protocols long ago.

Let no one say we weren't warned.

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