How to Win a Race War (by Douglas Mercer)

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How to Win a Race War (by Douglas Mercer)

Post by Kevin Alfred Strom » Thu Mar 30, 2023 6:06 pm

How To Win A Race War

by Douglas Mercer

October 15 2021

The way to win your race wars is with the spirit of a million righteous fires.

Our ancestors knew how.

It turns out the gooks have their very own Tulsa, it’s called the Los Angeles Chinese Massacre. And the Los Angeles Chinese Massacre is the poor man’s Tulsa, but then Tulsa is the poor man’s Holocaust and the Holocaust is fake. So you can see that it’s a pretty sorry lot we’re dealing with here. Let’s just say that no one ever accused this racial debris of being the pick of any litter. The Los Angeles Chinese Massacre is in the news of late because it just passed the 150 year milestone, it’s an event that no one ever heard of, and fewer care about, and when rational people do hear about it they ask: and why did we let the gooks in again?

They say your pig tailed chink coolie built this country, at least the parts that the negros didn't build. You notice they never say the Jews built this country because even given the colossal amount of Jew love in this country the preposterous idea that Jews ever built a thing is laughable given that everyone knows they recoil from manual labor the way everyone else recoils from them. And if the chink and the negro did build some things it's only because mules don't have hands. Hell, even the Jews got down to work in Germany when they had to.

Shot through the stories that mushroomed like poisonous mushrooms upon the sesquicentennial of what they ludicrously call the Los Angeles Chinese Massacre (it only killed about ten percent of the chinks living in the area at the time which is a rookie number) were references that “19 Angelenos were killed.” Not true. No Angelenos were killed, and no Americans were killed. It says right there in the story that all those killed were Chinese. And unless you subscribe to the Magic Dirt theory of national origin they were Chinese. It was gooks all the way down.

At the time of this bloodbath the Chinese were so hated that when the ethnic cleansing occurred even the spics got in on the action. Which is pretty low.


The story of your chink pig tailed coolie in the West of the 19th century is the same old story of today. Big fat capitalist slobs who didn't care squat about the plight of the average White man saw greenbacks dancing before their eyes like so many Christmas miracles. All thought of racial solidarity went right out the door; they cashed in to fill their fat faces. For they soon learned that your pig tailed chink coolie was most definitely not a White man, it was an open question if he was even human. He had no self respect, lived like an animal, and was unconcerned with any degradation thrown his way. So your pig tailed coolie was brought in by as gangs by the hordes by the big fat capitalists and they worked their yellow fingers to the bone around the clock for next to nothing, and they lived is sordid squalor dozens to flop house, ate rice all day long, and generally lived like pigs.

Capital loved it, of course; the subhumans would work for wages that no decent White man would and that no decent White man should ever have to. Soon the were packing them in like sardines and watching the profits roll in; soon an invasion was underway; but here's the thing, they wanted workers but they got a biological disease.

Something had to be done.

“The Chinese Massacre of 1871 didn’t come out of nowhere. At the time, Chinese people were forbidden from owning property, marrying white people and were denied equal legal protection. This culminated in 1882 with the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act, a federal law that prohibited the immigration of Chinese laborers to the United States.” That's how you win your race wars. When lowlife coolies began to proliferate everywhere you looked the White man's anger was kindled; but then as now the Federal Government was beholden to the interests of business; at first the people petitioned but got nowhere; but as an inexorable popular pressure grew eventually the National Government folded; they chose the people over money and forbade more Chinese from coming. This of course would never happen today, it's the heartwarming stuff of High School Civics textbooks.

It was a shining example of White Democracy in action.

That is it should be the heartwarming stuff of High School Civic textbooks, all about representative democracy and how in this man's country the people rule; but of course in High School textbooks the episode is not taught that way; it's taught as one in a long line of White Abuses, where the nativists and the xenophobes won out over the bleeding heart of humanity itself and over the gentle dictates of Jesus Christ—which is why you should homeschool.

But they didn't call it the Yellow Peril for nothing.

In 1887, arsonists in San Jose torched that city’s Chinatown. Of course recently the city brass in San Jose formally apologized for it.

The former is how to win you race wars; the latter is not.

“Dazzled by tales of immediate riches, many Chinese people from coastal provinces crossed the Pacific on boats bound for America’s West Coast. By the early 1850s, they were arriving by the thousands.” Everyone wants a piece of the White man's world. But it used be we wanted to preserve it.

“In 1854, a California Supreme Court ruling in a case involving a white man who killed a Chinese miner in Nevada County, California, established that people of Chinese descent could not testify in court.” “The state and local governments of California instituted laws designed to discourage Chinese immigration beginning in 1852 and continuing through the 1880s.” The went draconian:

“These included taxes on foreign miners, the exclusion of Chinese children from public schools and even bans on Chinese-style haircuts and the use of gongs at ceremonies.” You see back then White people knew a mortal threat when they saw one. And without apology they dealt with it swiftly and severely. There was nothing namby-pamby about the response. They went for the throat at the first sign of danger. Their was no hand-wringing or equivocation, it was us against them and they went straightaway with us.

There is no other way to win your race wars than with the passion of a million righteous fires.


Like so many episodes of White Americans taking care of business it all started on Nigger Street.

“On the evening of October 24 1871, a mob of 500 people rampaged through Los Angeles’ Old Chinatown, shooting, stabbing and hanging 19 Chinese men and boys. A crowd of Angelenos watched and cheered, 'Hang them! Hang them!'” Story is that 150 years ago in Los Angles, California there was already a gang Chinese Gang problem. You can import “workers” all you want but it's always the case that they are criminals or budding criminals totally unversed in the arts of civilization.

“In Los Angeles in the few days preceding the riot, two Chinese Tong factions known as the Hong Chow and Nin Yung companies, had started a confrontation from a feud over the alleged abduction of a Chinese woman named Yut Ho (also documented as Ya Hit), who was announced in the paper as having married.” So some chinks were feuding in White man's land over a Ho, or maybe a Hit.

Sure glad we let them in.

Time for a race war.

When the Chow and the Yung go at it it's time for some ethnic cleansing. You can't let those grubby immigrants muddy up our Paradise.

“But in this case, things got out of hand. Two Chinese men were arrested for shooting at each other, and were released on bail, but the police kept watch on the Old Chinatown neighborhood. It had developed along Calle de los Negros, which was named in the colonial period.” Chinks living on Nigger Street—-that's really scraping the bottom of the barrel.

My word what could ever go wrong.

Apparently this Nigger street was inhabited by the racial dregs and they brought their scum with them.

“The neighborhood had deteriorated into a slum by the time the first Chinatown of Los Angeles developed there in the 1860s.” That's a shocker!

Nigger Street has been described this way: “A dreadful thoroughfare, forty feet wide, running one whole block, filled entirely with saloons, gambling-houses, dance-halls, and cribs. It was crowded night and day with people of many races, male and female, all rushing and crowding along from one joint to another, from bar to bar, from table to table. There was a band in every joint, with harps, guitars, and other stringed instruments predominating.” Degeneracy on tap in the City Of Angels. Dirty and filthy yellow rabble in the White Eden.

“As a Los Angeles police officer was patrolling Calle de los Negros an altercation broke out in which he was wounded and so he blew his whistle for reinforcements. Some civilians came to his aid, including rancher Robert Thompson, an ex-saloon keeper who pursued a Chinese man up to the door of a house in the alley, despite warnings from others. He was fatally shot there, dying about an hour later at 6 pm at a nearby drugstore.” One “scholar” called this murder of a White man by chink coolies “an unfortunate incident.” No sorry it was nothing as anodyne as “unfortunate”—-it was cold blooded murder. White men were trying to impose White Law and White order and White civilization on untamable savages and were killed for their efforts.

In the law of nature one know how to respond.

Everything after that is justice. Bomb for bomb as a famous man said.

And then some.

The jig is up. Prepare to pay the price.

“Rioters climbed to the rooftops of buildings where Chinese immigrants resided, used pickaxes to puncture holes in the roofs, and shot at the people inside. Those who fled outside were shot at by gunmen on the roofs. Many were also beaten and tortured.” Message delivered. The race war had barely begun and it was already won. No grass grew under those men's feet; no dust settled on their shoes.

“The dead Chinese people in Los Angeles were hanging at three places near the heart of the downtown business section of the city; from the wooden awning over the sidewalk in front of a carriage shop; from the sides of two prairie schooners parked on the street around the corner from the carriage shop; and from the cross-beam of a wide gate leading into a lumberyard a few blocks away from the other two locations.

Beautiful yellow fruit.

“The mob ransacked practically every Chinese-occupied building on the block and attacked or robbed nearly every resident. A total of 19 Chinese immigrant men were killed by the mob,” “Some of the Chinese men sought refuge in the sprawling one-story adobe Coronel Building. But then rioters began to shoot inside. Some even got up on the roof with hatchets and tried to get in by cutting holes into the roof of the building, and then firing shots into the building hoping to hit somebody who was Chinese.” Berserker white rage is a sight to behold and nothing to mess with.

What did they expect? A welcoming committee? A red carpet? Citizenship for their descendants down the nth generation?

“Ten men of the mob were prosecuted and eight were convicted of manslaughter in these deaths. The convictions were overturned on appeal due to technicalities.

The law used to work in our favor because it was our law.

“The attacks in L.A portended other anti-Chinese incidents across the West, including the forced removal of Chinese residents from cities such as Eureka and Antioch and another massacre 14 years later in Wyoming in which 28 Chinese miners were killed.” The fervor of a million righteous fires was spreading.

But of course there was a snake in the garden. The “respectable” White people were aghast; by their responses you can see people losing their nerve in slow motion.

“The event was well-reported on the East Coast, and newspapers there described Los Angeles as a ”blood stained Eden“ after the riots.” Southern California used to be a White paradise. Take a look at the pictures. How blood-stained is that Eden now?


Of course as the 150th year milestone of this event symbolizing White Defense came along a slew of hit pieces in the Jewish Press proliferated like poisonous mushrooms. Of course they don't report on it as a great date in White History, when White people took the necessary measures to defend their community and their people, engaged in racial hygiene and administered a racial prophylactic. They don't report on it to honor it so it will continue to be remembered in the annals of the White race, that White people will never surrender or submit.

They should have put statutes up of those men. Of course by now they'd have all come down No, they report on it like it was a bad thing. That it was immoral.

Thomas Jefferson is supposed to have said the following about the negroes: “But as it is, we have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him, nor safely let him go. Justice is in one scale, and self-preservation in the other.” This is wrong. There is only one scale. Our scale. Self-preservation is justice. The severing of the two is what has caused us so much trouble.

So no, that is not how they report it. They report is as if some great evil had occurred. They don't want White people getting any ideas. They want White people to look back in shame at a time when their forebears had the grit and the guts and the strength and the courage to take care of business quickly, to make short work of the race enemy. You can be sure the thought of apology never entered their minds.

By the way they report it you see that they use it as an example to make an example out of. A cautionary tale when America didn't live up to it's ideals, and all the Jew rot.

To discourage the rest of us.

They want Whites docile and cringing and apologetic and horrified by their past; that want us to have no inkling of our past's greatness.

And of course the inevitable rancid day comes when the memorial to the dead Chinese goes up even as our come down.

“The current plaque marking the Chinese Massacre of 1871 is not easy to find.” Not for long. Soon you won't be able to miss it. We'll be lucky if they don't shove it down our throats, or knock us over the heads with it.

“Embedded into the sidewalk on North Los Angeles Street in front of the Chinese American Museum downtown, it is one of several bronze markers the museum installed in 2001 to commemorate key moments of Chinese American history in L.A. English and Chinese text is piled into a square smaller than a pizza box, which requires you to stoop over awkwardly to make out the words.” Not for long. You can be sure that the new Memorial will be a lot bigger than a bread box.

“Its humble proportions belie the plaque’s significance as a rare civic acknowledgment of one of L.A.'s most shameful episodes: the spasm of violence that took place on October 24 1871, when a mob brutally murdered 18 Chinese men.” Oh that shameful spasm. As if it were a spasmodic reflex rather than a well thought out, well coordinated, and premediated plan of action. Those men knew exactly what to do in an instant because there racial instincts were still sound.

“Soon, this important history will no longer get lost underfoot.” Of that you can be sure.

“On Friday, the 1871 Steering Committee, a team of civic and cultural leaders coordinating with the city’s Civic Memory Working Group impaneled by Mayor Eric Garcetti to study L.A.'s monuments, is set to release a report with recommendations for a proper memorial to the massacre. It features assessments of possible locations, which include the broad sidewalk in front of the Chinese American Museum — an area where much of the violence took place.” The have it massively funded and all tightly networked: a steering committee and a Civic Memory Working Group. Now a Civic Memory Working Group on its face doesn't sound like a bad thing; a group dedicated to the memory of the city, what made it great in the first place. In that case of course it would naturally be a paean to the White people who founded and built the great City on the edge of the Continent. But of course it is nothing of the sort. Take a look at what they do: Indigenous Land Acknowledgement And The Work Of Decolonization.

Chicano Moratorium

Black Architects in 20th Century Los Angles A Mural of Kobe Bryant

BLM Marches/George Floyd Memorials

Whiteness And Memory In Los Angles (Multiracial since its founding Los Angeles is......) Mexican Repatriation (they lament it)

Tennis with Schoenberg

And then they have a paragraph about how to deal with the evil statues of White men that must come down. They tell the anecdote about the bust of Wagner by Breker at Bayreuth. They say that in instead of removing the bust in the 1950s they put panels all around the bust profiling Jewish musicians who were forbidden to play in Germany in the 1930s. They recommend this as a possible alternative to outright removal, that is it could be possible to leave the statues there but desecrate their memory by putting garbage and graffiti all around it. Hell, they might as well splash it with red paint.

Safe to say this is not how you win a race war. Unless you're on the other side that is.

“The city has put $250,000 toward getting the project off the ground. And, early next year, the mayor’s office, the Department of Cultural Affairs and the office of Councilmember Kevin de León, in whose district the sites related to the massacre all lie, will come together to issue a Request for Ideas — a public process that will allow designers to propose general concepts for how such a monument might be sited and built.” They're gearing up.

“Artist Adit Dhanushkodi, in collaboration with cultural organizer Rosten Woo and historian Eugene Moy, have created an installation titled Broken News currently on view at Union Station, which investigates anti-Chinese sentiment in the Los Angeles press .” Out come the foreign artists, out come the public officials, and they will make the end of White America official.

“On Sunday (October 24 2021) to mark the 150th anniversary of the Chinese Massacre — the largest mass killing of any kind in Los Angeles history — the Chinese America Museum is organizing a commemoration in which the victims’ names will be read and a wreath laid. Mayor Garcetti and other officials will be in attendance.” All the various pooh-bahs and the grand wizards of anti-Whiteness are all hands in on this thing. They will spray it with the official stink of their Jewish stamp.

“This year marks the massacre’s 150th anniversary. Recently, the Chinese American Museum, Chinese Historical Society of Southern California, the University of California, Los Angeles and other institutions in the city hosted in-person exhibitions and online programs highlighting the little-known history and remembering the 19 murdered Angelenos.” They weren't Angelenos, they were pig tailed chink coolies. Get it right.

“But Woo and Chu see a chance to educate the public about the deadliest attack on Chinese people in California history. Both are among the dozens who’ve joined a new campaign to build a memorial to the 1871 victims.” Woo and Chu sounds like a law firm specializing in how to crap all over white men.

“Creating a memorial to the 1871 victims was one of the top recommendations of the mayor’s Civic Memory Working Group, a panel charged with assessing the city’s treatment of history.

”Christopher Hawthorne, the city's Chief Design Officer, said the memorial could end up being a combination of a permanent space and temporary, ephemeral, even mobile events in different parts of downtown.“ It will be stations of the gook cross.

“For this reason, Union Station could be one of the places incorporated into a memorial. The working group, of which Louie and Yuen are also co-chairs, are staying open-minded about where the memorial would be placed, and what it would look like.” It bodes no good when up go monuments to the losers. It betokens a general collapse of will on the part of Whites. At some point we were looking the other way, or were off doing something else, or just got tired, or gave up; but one thing you can be sure of the race enemies that we have are full of energy and intent; they know the stakes they are playing for as sure as those White vigilantes knew back in 1871.

It's time we got back on top; it's the only way to win your race wars.


Here's how the “logic” goes. In the past year Asians have been murdered and assaulted by feral negros. It so happens that 150 years ago White Americans killed some Chinese as a reprisal for crimes committed by members of their community. Up pops the traitors ballyhooing this event as another example of evil White Supremacy. And as they tout it and promote it they talk incessantly that a memorial is “needed now more than ever” given that Asians are being murdered and assaulted. By linking the two the unspoken but clear as a bell message it: it is right now White Supremacy (just like way back in 1871) that is causing all of this hate against Asians.

That it is niggers is the last thing they want you to know.

By contextualizing it this way they are lying.

Can anyone fall for this garbage?

Sadly, yes. Just when you think your estimation of humanity can not get any lower—bam! There it goes spiraling further and further downward.

“For one, this year marks the 150th anniversary of the Chinese Massacre and coincides with a rise in anti-Asian incidents across the U.S.” Please think about how much mendacity is packed into that seemingly straightforward statement. It's even a particularly sophisticated slight of hand but the millions will nod gravely and fall for it.

“The memorial plan is gathering momentum because of the massacre’s 150th anniversary and its grim resonance amid a surge in anti-Asian incidents during the pandemic.” “In April, weeks after six women of Asian descent were gunned down in Atlanta, Mayor Eric Garcetti expressed urgency to mark the massacre with a memorial.” Just to recap: niggers kill Asians, and the White Man is forced to hold the bag by the greatness of his past being shat all over.

The Mayor might as well have said: hey, some niggers killed some Asians so it's a perfect time to attack White people. Did I do good Jews?

Really the trials for these people will not last long. They will be grim and have a long resonance.

“Today, the Chinese community is seeing a new surge of hate. Many historians believe that education and special events, including exhibitions about the massacre , can encourage meaningful dialogue.” Hell, they can't even get their stories straight, let along engage in dialogue.

“It’s distressing to see in the current days the ongoing violence against Asian Americans and Chinese Americans,” said Eugene Moy, a board member and former president of the Chinese Historical Society of Southern California. “It is clear that we need this proactive effort to admit and reconcile these historic errors.” “One of the more bitter effects of this pandemic is the rise of hate crimes against Angelenos and Americans of Asian or Pacific Islander origin,” Garcetti said. “We have been here before, and we must not forget that.” Ah, we've been here before. No we haven't. Whites killed Chinese because of what the Chinamen did and threat the Chinamen posed. Niggers kill Asians because niggers are niggers.

That's about as different as two things can be. Different as White and Black.

“A century and a half later, as Asian Americans are facing a surge in racial violence prompted by the pandemic, I’m thinking about the lessons never learned from this forgotten history.” We all know the lesson they want to draw from this; that by lying about the past they think they can win a race war.


One of the ironies of ironies is that when Republicans go after Affirmative Action they always take the part of Asians, never Whites; they fell they are on “safe ground” when they say they are trying to help Asians, but they wouldn't be caught dead trying to advocate for Whites. But the sad truth is that if Affirmative Action has been repealed forty years ago it would have made a real difference for Whites; but were it to be repealed today it would help Whites somewhat but it would be of colossal benefit to Asians.

Asians currently comprise forty percent of all students in the University Of California System. If Affirmative Action goes that number will shoot to well over fifty percent.

When those noble Whites of the Nineteenth Century barred Asians from immigrating to American they knew what they were doing. If capital had been allowed to continue to bring them in Asians would have ruled California by the middle of the 20th Century. As it is they will rule California by the middle of the 21st Century.

The sad thing is that White people frittered away the hundred year reprieve that given to them by their ancestors.


“In 1830, the U.S. Census recorded only three Chinese people living in the entire United States.” That was three too many.

“The L.A. Massacre was only the first major incident of anti-Chinese violence in the United States, and it would be followed by riots, arson and murder in other cities in the West in the years that followed. Across the American West, people of small towns and cities banded together to forcibly and violently drive out Chinese residents.” By ancestral wisdom these people knew a danger when they saw one. They didn't have to debate it, or think about it, or mull it over. The enemy was over there, the enemy was yellow, and the enemy had to go.

It's the irreducible law of survival.

It's how to win your race wars.

“Congress responded to anti-Chinese movements in the West by banning most Chinese immigration to the United States through the Page Act of 1875 and then the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. While in 1880 there were over 100,000 people of Chinese ancestry in the United States, by 1920 the number fell to only about 60,000.” Not even half way there. Only total expulsion would have worked.

“Blanket restrictions on Chinese immigration stayed in place well into the 20th century. In fact, the Chinese Exclusion Act remained law until 1943, when, during World War II, the United States repealed it as a gesture to China, an important ally in the war against Japan.” After that, the deluge.

“The history of anti-Chinese violence and exclusion does not comport with popular ideas about the United States as a nation that has long-welcomed immigrants.” The idea that the United States has long welcomed immigrants is not true; there was a period before the First World War where capital reigned, and then there is the post 1965 era. This idea has only been “popular” since Jews came to rule this country. And truth to tell it's not all that popular now. Though you would think it was if all you did was read the papers and watch the news shows; which in a top down elite run world amount to the same thing.

But of one thing you can be sure: that exclusion of all racial aliens has been very popular among White people for the vast majority of this country's history. It's what those axes and those bullets were about back in 1871. It was what those Exclusion Acts were about. It's why the Chinatowns were burnt to a crisp. It's what happens when the people are allowed to speak; and the people allowed to rule.

“This was an ethnic cleansing,” said Gabriel Chin, a law professor at UC Davis who has studied anti-Chinese legislation. “And it was successful.” Yes yes yes—and yes again.

“The Los Angeles massacre was just one part of a decades-long campaign of anti-Chinese violence and racism, and it wasn’t even the most lethal: In Rock Springs, Md., in 1885, at least 28 Chinese miners were slaughtered by a group of white miners.” It doesn't get more popular than that.

“Between 1885 and 1887 there were 86 killings of Chinese people and more than 168 forced or attempted evictions of Chinese communities. It’s impossible to know the true scale of the violence, which went unchecked for nearly a half-century.” It's what happens when White Democracy is allowed to reign; when it doesn't die in darkness or get subverted by yellow journalists.

And of course it could be once more, were a popular government ever in place, one that will brook no opposition, one that will preserve the race, and preserve the living space for the race, and which will condemn our enemies to the pit of eternal blackness from whence they came — when the spirit of a million righteous fires begins again.

It's the only way to win our race war.

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Re: How to Win a Race War (by Douglas Mercer)

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Thanks, Kevin, for resolving the technical issue Douglas Mercer was experiencing in putting up his hard-hitting "basement essays" here on WB. Nearly 200 of them that are not featured on National Vanguard will eventually be archived in his section of WB's Provenance section. Everyone, please be patient.
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Re: How to Win a Race War (by Douglas Mercer)

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Thank you Kevin and Will for your help today

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