Equality Takes Its Toll

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Equality Takes Its Toll

Post by Douglas Mercer » Thu Mar 30, 2023 5:41 pm

Douglas Mercer
October 5 2021

In 1780 an illiterate negro slave named Elizabeth Freeman heard that some Utopian White men put in the Massachusetts's state constitution the words "all men are born free and equal," thus echoing the words from a few years before of the most Utopian White man of all, Thomas Jefferson.

The country was gripped by revolutionary fever.

What was a negro to think?

What she thought was that word "all men" applied to her. The amazing thing is that she got a White lawyer to take up her case. The even more amazing thing is that she got twelve White jurors to agree with her.

She was free as a bird.

Toll paid.

Something was rotten in the state of Massachusetts. Or rather something was rotten with the revolutionary ideology and their penchant for universal and high flown rhetoric.

You don't want to give the blacks any ideas.

“I heard that paper yesterday, that says all men are born equal and that every man has a right to freedom. I am not a dumb critter; won’t the law give me my freedom?”

So said Elizabeth Freeman they say.

The law did give her her freedom.

The cat was out of the bag, the wolf was no longer held by the ears.

The law is an ass.

Equality will always take its toll. It only has a rightful place among free White men. You hear a lot that universal equality among the races is not what the founders "meant." That's true, but that and five bucks will get you cup of coffee at Starbucks.

The road to a third world black worshiping hell-hole is paved with good intentions.

"Freeman's trial the following year became what was the trial of the century, rocking not only Massachusetts but the entire institution of slavery. She was kind of the Rosa Parks of her time says David Levinson, author of One Minute A Free Woman."

It's not a compliment.

And it occurs to me that 200 years later another "trial of the century" featured a black sportsballer who got so jealous of the coal burning White woman he had married that he damn near chopped her head off and walked away scot free to the wild applause of feral blacks everywhere--equality had taken its toll.

"What made Massachusetts different, however, was that state law recognized enslaved people as both property and as persons— which meant they could prosecute the men who owned them, requiring they prove lawful ownership."

Big mistake. Not everything that seems to be a human face is really human.

Equality is that genie in a bottle, better to bottle it up and get rid of the bottle, because once that devil is loose it wreaks havoc everywhere it goes.


We are zeroing in on the 250th anniversary of the unnatural and monstrous birth of the American nation and we can see all around us the steep toll which equality exacts. No people can survive it. Originally the statue that went up in Virginia recently was meant to go up back in 2013 for the sesquicentennial of the so-called Emancipation Proclamation. Indeed it is called the Emancipation and Freedom Monument and the lady at the center of the "art work" is holding up her fist not in a black power salute but is holding Lincoln's promulgation, though the one led to the other. And in the long roll of history they amount to the same thing. But it was Lincoln's address later that year which has really taken it toll:

"Our fathers brought forth upon this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

So clear and so lucid and so seemingly anodyne; but it was rhetorical high explosive. First off it is not true, it is verbal legerdemain and sleight of hand. In no way at all was America at its conception dedicated to something as tenuous as a proposition, let alone the ludicrous proposition that all men were equal; rather it was dedicated "to ourselves and our posterity." But in the grand course of an emerging American Ideology, an official set of ideas put forth and ascribed to by a ruling establishment, Lincoln is the 800 pound gorilla, and all the good little scribes came along and repeated the lie until people became to believe it as a matter of course.

It is now our central dogma, the article of faith to which all must assent.

We are dedicated to a proposition.

That all men are created equal.

Really he might as well have pissed all over that cemetery.


In 1916 Madison Grants said that we no longer believe is the childish nonsense of all men being equal, but soon enough he was not part of an emerging consensus but he was a voice in the wilderness. By now according to official lights he's the voice in a rubber room.

Later Lincoln questioned whether any nation dedicated to equality can long endure.

The returns are in---it can't. And, frankly, it wasn't even close.

When John Wilkes Booth heard Lincoln speak vague words after the war's end he interpreted him aright.

He said what Lincoln said meant negro citizenship.

That was more than enough for him. No nation can long endure it.

Equality always takes its toll.


The Coonman Ralph Northam himself showed up at the ceremony in which the the statue in question was unveiled. For him he was in his element, continuing his servile dedication to the black race which has either been occasioned from a Damascus moment where the scales fell from his eyes showing him the evil of being a blue Dog Democrat, or from a perfect cynicism which has allowed him to survive being found out as a someone who once wore a hood and put on blackface. Without groveling to negro causes he'd have been more likely to survive going full Andrew Gilliam and being found stone naked unconscious on the hotel floor after a rough night of crystal meth and anal sex.

To our current leaders so-called racism is infinitely worse than being a drug-addled degenerate. The latter the say should occasion our sympathy or our praise; the latter must be rooted out root and branch and right away too.

But whatever his motives the Coonman is delivering in spades for the spades of that you can be sure. And on the day of the "unveiling" on the appropriately named Brown Island he came through for them again. He really is on a roll and this was the two in the one-two punch to White people, this was the insult added to injury. You see it's only been a matter of weeks since he presided over the removal of that majestic statute to Robert E. Lee and now the funeral meats for that occasion were served cold for this one; how they crowed over that tragedy and how they exulted in the installation of this monstrosity, the statue of Emancipation and Freedom.

For those of you keeping score at home:

One statue of a White hero down.

One tribute to the blacks goes up.

Sounds a lot like replacement to me.

"Two weeks after Richmond, Virginia, removed a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that had prompted protests over racial injustice, the city unveiled a new monument on Wednesday commemorating the end of slavery."

"The unveiling on Wednesday (September 22 2021) took place in heavy rain on Brown’s Island on the James River in downtown Richmond, starting with a ceremony performed by the Elegba Folklore Society. The monument is about 2 miles from where the Lee statue once stood."

The site for the "Elegba Folklore Society" has on it pictures of some rotund black lades gyrating embarrassingly in weird Africa themed costumes. They claim that Elegba is from the Yoruba cosmology of West Africa and is something called an "intercessor for open roads." Located in Richmond the group celebrates both African and African American culture. They also claim that if you "sway" with their performance company you will experience the warmth and feel of an African Village, which is as good a reason as any never to sway with it. They will also take you on the inevitable walking tour so you can get the feel of the heritage of a enslaved negros.

There are any number of groups that explore and celebrate any culture other than that of Whites; there are any number of publicly paid sculptors, painters, and poets who explore and celebrate any culture other than that of Whites.

The number of publicly paid groups, sculptors, painters, and poets who celebrate the White race are quickly counted because there are none.

We are the people who dare not speak its name.

“Just a couple of weeks ago, one of my proudest days, we took down a statue of a man who led an army to stop the emancipation and freedom these figures symbolize,” Northam said at Wednesday’s ceremony.

That's the exact opposite of White Pride.

“The enslaved built this city with their hands,” Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney said at the ceremony marking the occasion. “We will rebuild this city with our hearts.”

It's amazing that in Africa they did not build anything more sophisticated or complex than mud huts and pretty flimsy ones at that; but no sooner than they were transposed to the Magic Dirt of the North American continent than they became construction wizards and master builders and had conjured up a technically advanced civilization faster than you can say Jim Crow.

"I think it’s so appropriate that it’s here. Virginia was the birthplace of Western democracy, but it was also the birthplace of slavery and all of the horrors that came with it. Richmond has been at the heart of that.”

It's nothing to brag about. And in any event usually that palm is given to Greece but even in North America Massachusetts has the dubious distinction of being that birthplace (from which monsters spring) of democracy given the prevalence there of the meeting house culture--dubious, because look at the case of Elizabeth Freeman that got the whole sordid ball of equality rolling.

"The new memorial was originally meant to be revealed in 2019 to honor the victims of slavery on the 400th anniversary of when African people were first taken to Virginia and forced into slavery in 1619."

You didn't hear boo about the fact that 2020 was the 400th anniversary of the Plymouth Rock footfall but our enemies know the value of art projects and culture works and calendars and ceremonies, rites, celebrations, and public showings. It's what that Juneteenth garbage was about, take an obscure and worthless and ridiculous "holiday" and vault it all the way to the Federal register. This is what ascendant people do, capture the levers of power and leverage their power to institutionalize their power.

"Virginia state senator Jennifer McClellan, said she sees the new unveiling date of the statue as poetic justice and that the monument is historic in its own right as it is the first state-funded statue that celebrates the emancipation of slavery in the United States."

Poetic justice is of course the most sweet justice; it's not justice by the letter but when all rights are wronged by an unexpected series of fortuitous events; in this case the long train of abuses heaped on White people by our leaders so that just after the wretched of the earth burned America to a crisp they got a statue of their ancestors and got the imprimatur of the all the rulers of the state of Virginia.

McClellan is a black lady who heads something the sinister sounding Martin Luther King Memorial Committee and you can be sure more of these "Public Art Projects" are in the pipeline, it's a way of marking their territory and making sure that the territory remains theirs. Her father was a professor in Virginia who had an "involved in civil rights activism," so a enormous hatred of the White race flows like raw sewage in her family's history, she imbibed it with her mother's milk, she learned it when she was knee high to a pile of cotton.

”Having that happen after the George Floyd murder and the reckoning with racial inequity and after the monuments started coming down, it’s much more healing than it would have been in 2019,” said Sen McClellan.

It was a bonanza, George Floyd passes a bad Andrew Jackson, has his worthless life snuffed out, and next thing you know a mediocre statue celebrating emancipation goes up. Could life for them get any better?


The Emancipation And Freedom Monument is a two figure art work; the first is of black woman with her fist in the air holding Lincoln's paperwork; in her other arm is a baby symbolizing the future and a long line of descendants; the other figure is a black man with his hands outstretched imploring, he gazes at the sky apparently appealing to the Lord for liberation.

"The Emancipation and Freedom Monument, designed by Oregon sculptor Thomas Jay Warren, comprises two 12-foot bronze statues depicting a man and a woman carrying an infant, newly freed from slavery."

"This beautiful monument consists of two 12-foot bronze statues of a man and a woman holding an infant who have been newly freed from slavery. The woman is also holding a piece of paper with the date of January 1, 1863. That is the date President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. The man, who has scars visible on his back from being whipped can be seen breaking free from a set of shackles. The statue’s pedestals include the names, images, and stories of 10 Virginians who contributed to the struggle for freedom before and after emancipation."

Take a look at Thomas Jay Warren and you'll see he's a non descript boomer White guy who has hit the jackpot and lottery all rolled in to one by defaming his own people; he'll do some generic statues of War Memorials (WW2, Vietnam), the ones we shouldn't have fought; but for the most part his bread and his butter is that he specializes in black art and civil rights art which putd him in tune for the gravy train raining down from the rulers of this world. He looks like he could easily be a pony-tailed professor at a small liberal arts college tucked away in the Vermont Hills, one that exclusively teaches the history of the oppressed and is home to an inordinate number of women experimenting with lesbianism; and he's the guy driving the beat up old Volvo with the COEXIST bumper sticker trying to hit on the few remaining females who are holding on (for now) to being straight.

Would a White man like him dedicate his work and life to White heroes and White heritage and White history? Of course not, perish the thought, he wouldn't dream of such a thing. statues don't grow on trees after all, they are expensive, it's not like ripping the bark off your race enemies in electronic print which is free. No, the kind of massive public art he creates requires a ready market, requires a public infrastructure, and someone needs to keep the lights on at his atelier; it also requires a web of politicians and appointed commissions to bring to life this massive and imposing public art. Thomas Jay Warren can see who butters the bread of artists like him, and he is more than willing to comply and bring it in under budget (a big budget to be sure).

So no sculptures from him of Andrew Jackson looking stalwart or redoubtable flying ace Charles Lindbergh looking confidently into the sky; or of Nikola Tesla rapt in contemplation at his desk; no, not any of that in a million years, that's yesterday's news by now, and bad news to boot. Rather, his oeuvre, if that's not too exalted a term for what boils down to black race propaganda, follows the prevailing winds and never once dares tack into it.

Among his output are statues of: Muddy Waters, John Coltrane, Etta Baker, Holt Collier, The Battle Of Pine Bridge (the Rhode Island Regiment had a handful of negros), Martin Luther King, Sojourner Truth, Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks, Althea Gibson.

A real rogues gallery of equality.

There is also one of King Kamehameha III which shows that no figure is too obscure or marginal for Warren so long as he can be sold as the victim of White racism or colonialism or both. Of course no statue of of Captain Cook emanates from his atelier, that would not be allowed.

Now of course he's uncorked a big one. It doesn't get any bigger. Why there was the governor of the state, their the grand wizards of the black race, all come to pay homage to the end of White people.

“It really captured what we were trying to do in that the figures capture the emotion of emancipation, but the people on the base capture who else was involved of the process of fighting against slavery, leading to emancipation, and fighting for freedom and equality going forward,”

Going forward---the people on the base.

Who might those people be?


"To determine which individuals would be featured on the base of the monument, the Commission called for nominations from the public in 2016 for African American Virginians to appear on the monument. The Commission also solicited nominations in a series of five public hearings held across the Commonwealth in 2016."

There are ten people in total so honored; eight of the final ignominious ten are nonentities you've never heard of and I won't bore you with them. When it comes to even a cursory knowledge of the life history of the Reverend Wyatt Tee Walker's of the world ignorance really is bliss.

However, two stand out, one in particular.

The first being Dred Scott, the slave whose case changed the face of a nation forever. Story runs that this slave was brought to free territory and thus under the "once free, always free" concept he sued for his his freedom. Infinitely famously Judge Taney a solid White man of the Supreme Court stated that the negro had no rights that a White man was bound to respect. But "once free, always free" proved to be all too true in a larger sense; eventually we let go of the wolves ear, and negros were henceforth always free to wreck a nation. It was what those ruins last summer were all about.

The second notable negro named on the statues base is the one that is really eye popping:

Nat Turner.

You heard that right. The deeply religious (he was called The Prophet) Haitian inspired maniac who went on a blood spree killing as many White people as possible. He heard voices and saw serpents and took his cues from the alignment of the planets and by all accounts he was a foaming at the mouth psychopath and the voices he heard all told him one thing and one thing only:


Turner came to believe he was ordained for some great purpose by the suppose Almighty and that purpose was to pursue a genocidal fury against White people.

And now the "good" people of Virginia are giving him a high honor, putting him on the honor roll of exalted black people to be remembered forever by little White children who are going to be inevitably take on school tours of the site and told: here was a great and noble black man---he wanted to kill you.

It really makes you think.

The plaque for this vile murderer reads: "Nat Turner, leader of the only successful slave revolt in Virginia's history, shattering the myth of the contented slave."

He also shattered the skulls of White infants. That's his real purpose on the base, to send a chilling message, that in this odious day and age a man who engaged in an orgy of blood violence aimed at the White race can sit side by side with staid Civil Rights activists, because really thought their temporary methods differed their goals were identical:


Equality always takes its toll, no people can survive it.

Turner called on his group to "kill all the white people."

"Turner declared that indiscriminate slaughter was not their intention after they attained a foothold, and was resorted to in the first instance to strike terror and alarm.'"

You know how those negros lies. Indiscriminate slaughter was (and is) the goal.

"The black rebels killed approximately 60 people before they were defeated by the state militia. Of the total killed, many were women and children."

"By stealthily entering the house, Turner and his men surprised the family in their beds, killing them by slashing them to death with knives and axes. After leaving the family's house, Turner's accomplices realized they had left a baby sleeping in a crib. They returned to the house and killed the infant."

Got to c-i-l-l the White man in the cradle, snuff out the line of heritage.

"The brutality and efficiency of the killings would be repeated throughout the day. And as more enslaved workers joined Turner and the original band, the violence quickly escalated. In various small groups, they would arm themselves with knives and axes and ride up to a house, surprising the residents, and quickly murder them. Within about 48 hours, more than 50 white residents of Southampton County were murdered."

You know the Coonman is so very proud but the ancestors cry.


Eventually of course they will get around to re-naming Washington DC.

Nat Turner City?

When later John Brown decided he want take Nat Turner's idea of a slave rebellion and raise it to an industrial level he was stopped in his tracks. When he was holed up in his final redoubt the Federal Authorities who at that point still respected themselves sent in a good old fashioned posse to put the crazed lunatic down.

At the head of the Posse was Robert E. Lee.

His statue is gone now. In its place is an homage to crazed lunatic Nat Turner, among others.

Legend has it that when they were in the White House discussing an appropriate site to bury the Union War dead Lincoln suggested burying them on Bobby Lee's front lawn; that way no matter the outcome of the war no one would ever live there again.

It's negros marking territory, for all intents and purposes they might as well have pissed all over it, that being just about the only thing that a debased culture can do.

Toll paid, as has been said.

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