Exalting The Negros

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Exalting The Negros

Post by Douglas Mercer » Thu Mar 30, 2023 5:40 pm

Douglas Mercer
October 1 2021

John Lewis' claim to fame was that some steely White men once beat the shit out of him on the Edmund Pettus Bridge and he parlayed this ignominy into a great career in negro activism taking him all the way to the corridors of power. For all of human history until the last five minutes getting the crap beat out of you in such a beat down would make you a social outcast but in our Victim Cult era it puts you in the front of a bullet train bound for elite status. It's unclear if Lewis' shockingly low level of intellect was the result of these concussive blows, or if as a child a mule once kicked him in the head, or the unmistakable fact based on his facial physiognomy with its permanently confused look and furrowed gaze and his obscenely protruding brow ridge that something was simply clogged at the bottom of his gene pool. Likely a combination of the three. But in any event no atavistic throwback ever bore a clearer stamp.

Breonna Taylor's claim to fame is that she got mixed up with something called "Jamarcus" who dealt fentanyl and crack, spent a lot of time at a trap house, and somehow a car she rented ended up with a dead body in it, which is not an easy mistake. Wherever she went illicit firearms were involved and as a result of this sleazy criminality on her part she got gunned down by some cops who were protecting what was left of decency in this country. All of this was enough to make her the poster whore for Black Rights and Social Justice and vaulted her into the pantheon of martyred dead niggers with Emmett Till. Everybody has to say her name.

George Floyd's claim to fame is that he passed a bad Andy Jackson and while foaming on the mouth as a result of sticking drugs up his ass and while he resisted arrest he had the worthless life snuffed out of him. This of course led to this psychopathic lunatic becoming the Jesus Christ of our time, the man who divided the calendar between what came before and what came after.

It's really quite startling that the blacks they put forward as their heroes are people of such despicably low quality. An ape like missing link of a man who caused "good trouble", a woman embroiled in the criminal underground, and a notoriously ignorant drug addict.

But now a pathetic excuse for a White man has exalted these three spooks by making "artworks" of them and they're up in New York City.

The way the lies get laundered are thus:

"John Lewis was an Author, Freedom Fighter and a major influence during the Civil Rights Movement in the1960’s, Congressman John Lewis dedicated his life to protecting human rights, securing civil liberties, and building what he called The Beloved Community in America."

"An essential worker, Breonna Taylor was killed when plain clothes officers entered her home during a botched raid. She has become one of the most prominent victims of police violence and misconduct, sparking demonstrations across the United States."

"9 Minutes and 29 Seconds was the amount of time that police held George Floyd down on the ground, as his life was extinguished. I can't breathe became a global outcry for justice and sparked protests and intense emotions in the long fight to end racial injustice in our era."

Just as you can put lipstick on a pig you can dress up racial drek in fine and flowery rhetoric but it doesn't change a thing.

You can't breathe?

Job well done---pin a medal on that man responsible.


The trio of "busts" are each six feet high and are billed as the largest social justice projects in New York City, which is surely as dubious distinction. Each of the vile totems clocks in at 1000 pounds and is made up of pieces that were carved from African mahogany.

So they've upped the ante on us here: these are the 1000 pound gorillas.

The one of Lewis doesn't hide that his brick wall mug which looks like it was composed of a pound or so of particularly dense cement, or the massive lips which are the inheritance of the densest jungle, though it does have him gazing spiritually into the sky, perhaps recalling longingly the time he got some whoop ass thrown down on him by his social and biological betters.

The statue of Taylor captures her in all her pudgy rotundity like two pounds of shit stuffed into a one pound bag; the massive and golem like lips are given special attention and for some reason the alleged artist gave her layered and flowing tresses that no negress ever had naturally.

The one of Floyd is truly remarkable for its Lovecraftian hideousness, when they unveiled it the horses started, and small children went scurrying to their mother's skirts, and a Luciferian buzzing sound was heard nearby according to reports. It is a figure from a nightmarish dark hell or a fetid back woods swamp come to wreak havoc on the world of light; it is a figure of terror from some otherworldly charnel house where the bones of the damned are thrown; once again the gargantuan lips overwhelm the piece and from the side the odd coloring makes him look like one of those albinos used in rituals of desecration; this is "art" from the darkest heart of Africa which augurs in a benighted and zombie world where everything sacred is profaned, where everything beautiful is debased.

These are the gods they ask us to worship.


"The public art installation is called SEEINJUSTICE, and each 10-foot-tall piece was created by artist Chris Carnabuci from precision-cut wood, and coated with bronze paint."

Carnabuci said, "As a result of the death of George Floyd, there came a global awareness and understanding of the plague of injustice across the world. The exhibit represents this global understanding, and from understanding comes action, and from action comes change."

"This is the first time there's been a sculpture like this in NYC, usually it's a mural on a wall, so change is here, change is here."

In case you missed that "change" is the watchword, and not change as in "if I pass a bad Andrew Jackson will I get change for it or will the police come and kill me?" No, not on your life, not that kind of change, but change as in changing an Andrew Jackson for a Tubman. The kind of change when you take down a statue of Columbus and put up an insectoid creature representing a meaningless indigenous peasant woman; the kind of change when you take Robert E Lee off his pedestal and put up a statue garden of freed slaves; or the kind of change when the "people's church" of American takes down art of Confederate figures in stained glass and puts up images dedicated to what they call racial justice; the kind of change when your musical shows the heroes of America's founding as black but leaves the evil King as White; or when in historical dramas English kings are alchemically transformed into dark as sin Kangz.

That is, the kind of change when you wake up one not so fine morning and realize your country no longer belongs to you.

But they didn't conquer it, they stole it. For themselves and their posterity--such as it is.

It's the kind of change only a dead nigger can buy.

"Family members, hip hop musicians, and other social figures have added inscriptions to the base of each."

That is all the social fleas have descended on this shit; they've flocked to it like lice to a Jew. It must be very fashionable in fashionable New York these days to have your name associated with this rank and gross abomination, to etch your name into this abortion which will unleash panic and fright on the countryside: the belle monde had embraced the ugly.

"On Thursday, a trio of statues was unveiled in Union Square, depicting civil rights leader John Lewis, and George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, who were killed by police. They will remain on view—placed in front of the park's permanent George Washington monument—through October 30th."

Don't bet on that being permanent. Given the way the winds are blowing I give it a decade, maybe a little longer---tops. He is the Whitest White man in the pantheon after all. If you're going to kill the King you better kill him.

"Busts of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor—who became icons of the Black Lives Matter protests after they were killed by the police in 2020—as well as one of late congressman and civil rights activist John Lewis have been erected in New York’s Union Square."

"Artist Chris Carnabuci began to sculpt the works during last summer’s civil unrest."

Calling the looting and rioting and the burning and the murder and the mayhem and the overrunning or police precincts and the various autonomous zones "civil unrest" is lot like calling the Black Plague a minor inconvenience. What happened in the 2020 is more correctly viewed at the Black Plague.

“I wanted to capture a moment in time that was historic and significant,” Carnabuci told Artnet News. “I want the art to provide an environment for civil discourse where we can discuss our differences and maybe even come to an understanding of each other’s perspectives.”

That's a laugh, he's either the stupidest person on the planet or has been hiding under a rock these past few years; I assume he knows what is going on but whether he does not not his work is a weapon, is cultural high explosive; it foments revolution, it begs for bloody battle; it's not civil discourse it's a bomb tossed into the heart of White America, to put up these botched humans as heroes and idols and immortals is nothing less than an act of cultural genocide and a prelude to the real thing.

Plato said that when the music changes the gates of the city crash. So what happens when the heroes change?

"Originally, the artist started with Floyd, creating a statue just 40 inches tall. He shared it with his friends Andrew Cohen and Lindsay Eshelman, who were in the process of founding Confront ART, an organization to promote diversity and education by working with underserved communities."

A Cohen promotes diversity and serving the race aliens who go by the named underserved communities?

Have you ever seen the like?

"He’s installed the trio of FLOYD, BREONNA, and JOHN LEWIS in front of Union Square’s equestrian monument to President George Washington, a bronze statue by Henry Kirke Brown that dates to 1856, making it the oldest sculpture in the New York City Parks collection. The statue was inaugurated by Floyd’s brother on the occasion of Juneteenth."

A new Federal Holiday for the negros, new statues, and new art everywhere going up. The winds of change as once was said, but it is an evil wind which blows us no good.

"The larger-than-life art piece by sculptor Chris Carnabuci was installed at Brooklyn’s Flatbush Junction on Saturday. The unveiling ceremony was headlined by Terrence Floyd, who called the police killing of his brother a sacrifice to the cause of racial justice."

For God so loved the world He gave it a degenerate drug addict to set it free from racial prejudice. Yes indeed a "sacrifice"---the new Jesus Christ, meant to finish off the revolution of destruction the original began.

And there the three heads sit in New York City, a once White city, long since overrun by Jews. There they sit like three death heads, ominous totems of some African Tribal past, some atavistic reversion lurking in what was supposed be the vanguard of civilization. If you listen carefully you can hear the simplistic beat of monotonic percussion very slowly getting louder and louder.


There seem to be some dissenters, those who will not worship black idols. Those who have not buckled and bent, who are holding down the fort and keeping our home fires burning. Those who wills will never submit or kowtow, who will never bow and scrape, who will live on their own two feet rather than dying on their knees.

Or of course it could all be hoaxes. It's always wise to never put anything past these lying sacks of shit.

"This summer, the Floyd statue was installed at Flatbush Junction, and had to be refurbished after it was vandalized."

"In Brooklyn, a six-foot monument to Floyd that was erected on Flatbush Avenue last Saturday, as part of a Juneteenth celebration, was found covered in black paint on Thursday morning."

"The vandalism was discovered on Thursday morning, one day before the sentencing of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering Floyd."

Of course this outrages them, that's the way the story goes; if it's a true act of vandalism they feign the outrage, if it's a feigned defacement they feign it even more; that nothing could get further under their skin than lack of respect and the besmirching of what after all are the symbols and fetish objects of the New Regime. They consider it the moral equivalent of spitting in their mother's face; not just bad manners or even a crime but much much worse; it's a sin against the New Order, a ritual pollution that can only be purged by a raging fire.

Of course when those Columbus statues or the other statues of great and good White men got beheaded, or painted red, or tossed in a lake, or just toppled, and all of it illegally, they just yawned. Perhaps here and there they stood up straight for couple of seconds and lied that they would mete out some small justice, but then that fizzled out and the matter was forgotten. Many of the instances of this real desecration were on video so they had leads; the leads went nowhere, for they never were pursued, they were not interested in punishing anyone in any way who they deemed was upholding their values. But so much as look wrong at one of these three cursed statues of unremitting horror and the full force and the might and main of the city and the police will hunt you down like a mad dog; and if you're found they'll throw the book at you for all they can. These are sacred object son--and you have sinned against our light.

Of course the official storyline is always suspect; apparently one of the acts of vandalism occurred during the two hours in the wee hours of the morning when no police were present; it could be good timing, or it could be a set up.

Either way then Governor Andrew Cuomo didn't hold back: “I’m going to be absolutely clear with the neo-Nazi group that did this: get out of our state," he wrote.

Are there Nazis under the bed or Nazis on the loose?

Either way for sure though one of the alleged acts vandalism of a different work of tribute art to Floyd (how many are there?) had the stamp of the real; either there's an agent somewhere who's really boned up on his material or we have the thing itself.

"Earlier this month, a George Floyd mural in Philadelphia was also vandalized with stencils bearing the group's name, along with slogans such as: To Ourselves And Our Posterity and Not Stolen, Conquered."

To Ourselves And Our Posterity.

Not Stolen, Conquered.

To Secure The Future For The White Race.

These are messages from the heart.

In these signs we shall conquer.

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