Excavating Racism

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Excavating Racism

Post by Will Williams » Mon Mar 06, 2023 11:03 am

Excavating Racism
Douglas Mercer
February 21, 2023

Everybody's who anybody knows the White race from the earliest times traveled across the world and seeded all of the civilizations worth recording. This of course is a fact that modern academics are furiously trying to cover up. On a visit to Rome Himmler once found a swastika carved in stone and he set his scientists at the Ahnenerbe out to find the true origins of these lost worlds, that is his men were digging for Hitler. Now they dig up the bodies of Nathan Bedford Forrest and AP Hill, and they dig up the bodies at Tulsa to prove White evil: now they are in the business of excavating racism. But for every inch of earth they toss up they are only piling dirt on the truth.

Graham Hancock posited that the dates estimated in pre-history are ludicrously short, he posited that it was a white skinned people who were first on the earth everywhere, and all of the monuments around the world are the result of these people. Given the media and academic reaction to his thesis you'd have thought he openly urinated on the grave of Emmett Till while singing Dixie, or spit on a statue of Rosa Parks while wearing a Klan hood and robe adorned by a swastika armband. If Hancock's ideas are right (and they are) then the whole Indian game of "this was our land first" goes by the board, and the cultural accomplishments of early man get chalked up in the White column. Suffice it to say that professors and their fellow travelers in the media got their hooked noses out of joint over this and will go any length to make sure that the general public is deprived of the truth and their gravy train of grievance and White vitriol hate can continue without unseemly interruptions.

What seems recondite academic theorizing is really a game of high stakes. Nature and race are older than time, and the search for origins is the trail of the future. Why, Andrew Jackson even used the idea of a lost White Civilization as justification for the so called "Trail Of Tears." Not that clearing the land of red trash needed any justification, but if anyone wants one it's there for all to see.


In times of evil ideology the truth burrows underground where it grows and gestates for the moment of its rebirth. The truth goes from hand to hand and from mouth to mouth in a kind of samizdat. As long as there are bold adventurers who value and cherish it the truth can never die out; and for it being long forbidden it will continually grow in glamour and prestige. And it will continue to do so until the last man taps it out on the wall of the last prison cell or until it returns in triumph to carry all before it.

"In a quiet group chat in an obscure part of the internet, a small number of anonymous accounts are swapping references from academic publications and feverishly poring over complex graphs of DNA analysis. These are not your average trolls, but scholars, researchers and students who have come together online to discuss the latest findings in archaeology."

In the past there were only a few ways to know that a people once existed--they wrote something down or someone wrote of them, or they left physical objects behind. Now among those things that can be left behind are not only objects but genetic material. Entire so called ghost populations have been resurrected in the lab and the past, as it always does, goes deeper back in time and grows in complexity. Among the people that Marxist academics would like to be a ghost people are the Aryans. they are the problem people of the past, having been astounding and by order of magnitudes more successful than any other people of the earth. These milk drinking noble bronze age riders flung themselves to the far ends of the earth; they are the forerunners of the mariners and the explorers of the Renaissance. They were unparalleled in all of history and left their mark and their race for all to see. Safe to say this is a story of magnificent proportions and one the Jews don't like to tell or be told. It runs against the grain of their unmitigated evil.

"The equation of anonymity on the internet with deviance, mischief and hate has become a central plank in the global war on misinformation. But for many of us, anonymity has allowed us to pursue our passion for scholarly research in a way that is simply impossible within the censorious confines of modern academia. And so, in these hidden places, professional geneticists, bioarchaeologists and physical anthropologists have created a network of counter-research. Using home-made software, spreadsheets and private servers, detailed and rigorous work is conducted away from prying eyes and hectoring voice."

How many universities proudly display the standard "the truth shall set you free" memorial set in stone? Of course they don't believe it at all, on the contrary they know that it's the truth that will take them down, when they see the truth coming towards them they do everything in their power to kill it and kill it quickly. Which is why the good guys have had to engage in some do it yourself scholarship, have headed to the hills to fight a guerilla was against a corrupt and corrupting academic establishment. The funny thing is that despite current appearances they hold all the cards; accuracy being a silver bullet.

"Archaeology has always been a battleground, since it helps define and legitimize crucial subjects about the past, human nature and the history of particular nations and peoples. Most humanities disciplines veer to the Left today, explicitly and implicitly, but archaeology is the outlier. Instead, it is in the middle of an upheaval — one which will have deeply troubling consequences for many researchers who suddenly see decades of carefully managed theories crumble before their eyes.

Well, with all due respect, they don't veer to the left, they have run at breakneck speed and hell bent for leather in that direction, and if they've stopped their moving at top velocity even for one second since they started I for one surely have not heard of it and I'm paying attention. At some point, however, they will have to stop as their precious theories grounded in nothing but their Jewish ideology will fall faster than a house of cards and melt like snow in the bright spring sun. Indeed, the intimation of this wholesale collapse is what is causing the Jewish hammer to come down so hard on the heretics.

"In the absence of genetic data, it was once possible to argue that changes in the material record (objects and artefacts such as pottery, stone and metal tools, craft objects, clothing and so on) reflected some kind of passive or diffuse spread of technologies and fashions, but this is no longer the case."

Nature is red in tooth and claw, not a kumbaya love fest with each people teaching the other to sing in perfect harmony. But what they take most exception to in the actual picture is a host of White people, or even proto White people, marauding and conquering. Any portent of White strength in the record they want to play down or outright expunge, it's why they don't like those pure white statues of the classical world, why they try to tell you that the Feudal Lords of England were really negros, and even the aristocrats of the English countryside in the 18th Century were black too. It's why the Confederate monuments come down, and when they hear the phrase Germanic invasions they really lose their minds. All of this is of a piece. They prefer the idea of pots over the notion of peoples at least when those people are White people doing heroic and victorious things.

"But in 2018 a bombshell proved this was fundamentally incorrect. In fact, nearly 90% of the population of Britain was replaced in a short period, corresponding to the movement of the Bell Beaker people into Britain and the subsequent disappearance of the previous Neolithic inhabitants. We know this because careful genetic work, building from paper to paper, shows clearly that the new arrivals were different people, with different maternal and paternal DNA. Papers like this appear almost weekly now. Most recently the confirmation that the Anglo-Saxons did indeed arrive from northern Europe has caused many academics a great headache, since for years the very idea of an invasion of Germanic peoples has been downplayed and even dismissed."

The Anglo-Saxons came squarely in historical time so it's hard to see how they could squirm out of that one, but never underestimate a Jew when he's bent on lying. Indeed, old England was at the very heart of the White race, Vikings and Angles and Saxons and Jutes and Normans, which is why it's such a shame that it's currently being turned into the very showcase of a mixed race hell hole. And which is why all those slick BBC productions show Vikings as spooks and King as Kangz. And these anthropologists and archaeologist are doing their part in this travesty of representational racial mutation.

"What seems obvious to the general public — that prehistory was a bloody mess of invasions, migrations, battles and conflict — is not always a commonplace view among researchers. Worse, the idea that ancient peoples organized themselves among clear ethnic and tribal lines is also taboo. Obvious statements of common sense, such as the existence of patriarchy in the past, are constantly challenged and the general tone of academia is one of refutation: both of established theories and thinkers and of disagreeable parts of the past itself."

Refutation, denials, criticism. The Jews always go into opposition wherever they go and act as hostiles toward the host culture, it's why the word critical appears in so many of the evil flowers of their ideology. And "race" of course is their biggest bête noire, the one they want to deny until they die so to speak. They want you to think that people did not think racially in the past (or act racially) so they won't think racially in the present. They don't want you to know that the White people of the past were full of racial pride, that they loved their race. It's because the Jews think racially and they love themselves, and they know that in the end in the future the people who will prevail are the ones who love themselves the best. Which is why they pull out every stop in the efforts to make sure that people is not us.

"Added to this is the ever-present fear that studies and results are being used by the wrong kind of people. In a 2019 Journal article entitled 'Genetics, Archaeology And The Far-Right: An Unholy Trinity' Susanne Hakenbeck expresses grave concern that recent genetics work on the early Bronze Age invasions of the Indo-European steppe are needlessly giving oxygen to dangerous ideas — namely that young men from one ethnic group might have migrated from the Pontic-Caspian grasslands and violently subdued their Neighbours, passing on their paternal DNA at the expense of the native males. This narrative, fairly well-supported in the genetics literature, is for Hakenbeck deeply unpleasant and wrong."

It was like when a few years ago a lady wrote an article in which she (no, really she said it) that everyone in Europe knew the Afghan immigrants were rapists, that by far they committed more rapes than any other migrant group, not that the others were slouches when it came to raping, but the Afghans were epic rapists, it was just a fact and everybody knew it. But before she said this she gave a big long tortuous preamble where she fell all over herself to say that she wished she didn't have to say it, that she didn't want to say it, that she hated saying it, because "the wrong kind of people" would use this fact for (in her eyes) nefarious proposes. Like stopping the Afghanis from raping White women presumably. But it's true when it comes to the ruling elite they equate the notion of "unpleasant" with "factually wrong." And it's not that they have tender hearts; they just hate White people.

“We see a return to notions of bounded ethnic groups equivalent to archaeological cultures and of a shared Indo-European social organization based on common linguistic fragments. Both angles are essentialist and carry a deeply problematic ideological baggage. We are being offered an appealingly simple narrative of a past shaped by virile young men going out to conquer a continent, given apparent legitimacy by the scientific method.”

Heaven forbid! Essentialist is the Jewish term of art. By essentialist they mean people that believe that the races do exist. The Jewish fairy tale is that the races are themselves fairy tales, the Jews promote this criminal nonsense because they want to be the only ones who think racially. Ideological baggage is the Jewish term of art for truth, they want to hide and cover that up at all costs, because the truth is a light like when you turn the lights on and the rats and the cockroaches start scurrying. The Jews are rats and cockroaches and scurry they will in the light of day.

For a long time after the Second World War the study of the Aryans went deeply out of academic fashion. Over time the studies returned but under a new name: Yamnaya, so fearsome was the word Aryan it might as well have been surrounded by by metal fence labeled: High Voltage, Don't Touch. Few do, and the ones who do do it gingerly, very gingerly. No one wants to make the Jews angry or the grant money dry up.

"That war-like young men might have invaded a nearby settlement is apparently a troublesome statement, something that, again, most lay people simply wouldn’t find difficult to contemplate. Yet others have gone further still. Historian Wolf Liebeschuetz and archaeologist Sebastian Brather, to pick on just two, have both firmly insisted that archaeology must not, and cannot, be used to trace migrations or identify different ethnic groups in prehistory. To quote from Liebeschuetz’s 2015 book, East and West in Late Antiquity: Archaeology can trace cultural diffusion, but it cannot be used to distinguish between peoples, and should not be used to trace migration. Arguments from language and etymology are irrelevant.”

This guy is hardly a proponent of the "dare to know" postulate which made the Aryans so great. In fact he wants the White man not to dare, and not to know. He thinks ignorance is bliss and bliss it is for him, a shabby shabbos goy who has the grant money rolling in, and the publishing houses and his beck and call, and the invites to the symposiums arrive, as he sets up his Potemkin theories and escorts people through them to look at his fake ideas. We'll pick him up in the first wave of arrests.

"At a stroke, this line of reasoning would essentially abolish several centuries of work unravelling the thread of movements and evolution of the Indo-European peoples and languages, not to mention the post-Roman Germanic Migration Period, Anglo-Saxon invasions, But this is precisely the point: by depriving archaeology of the ability to point to when and where different groups emerged and moved, there can be no grist to the nationalist mill. Origin stories such as the foundation of Hungary, England, France, can be collapsed into an amorphous and frankly boring set of stories about pottery styles, trade and domestic craft. Any hint of danger or exclusion must be downplayed as much as possible."

More than anything Jews want to bury the past; bury our past; take control of the media and the education system in a country for fifty years and you can make people believe anything. Leaders in Germany say Germany is an "immigration country" as if it had been so for time out of mind, and was so constitutionally; they want people to think that the country has nothing to do with its founding, and even its founding is not what you think; that the country was not born of nature and race in the mists of time, but by a "culture" (probably a borrowed one) and an idea; in this way they sever the root and cut a people off at the knees, with no feet firmly planted in the soil, and no selfsame blood flowing through their and the ancestors veins; and these anthropologists and archeologists are the good little foot soldiers propagating the myth.

"Since the Second World War, the trend in Western archaeology has increasingly been to debunk or critically assess national origin stories: to illegitimate alleged vulgar emotional attachments to roots or claims to exclusive heritage. And yet the public are not stupid; it is obvious that these sentiments are political and inconsistent."

No, on the contrary, the public is stupid. Jews and their fellow travelers think America's founding was tainted by evil, and conservatives think America was founded when some armchair theorists signed a paper in Philadelphia, or etched some rules on parchment. This latter is of course only the thin and easily washable veneer of a paper founding which is like words graven on water, no more permanent than that spring snow; no, the real founding happened out on the prairies and the plains and the passes, and in the Indian wars, by trappers and hunters, and by pioneers, and wagon trains. This was where the land was earned with out blood; but they want us to think we have no homeland, no birthright, that we never belong to the land and the land never belonged to us.

To wit:

“As sensible anthropologists and sensible historians have reminded us: cultures are always in the process of changing and reconstituting themselves, sometimes in almost unrecognizable, qualitatively different ways. There is no culture that has existed since time immemorial and no people that is aboriginal in terms of their contemporary culture with a specific piece of real estate.”

Oh really?

“Indigenous Australians belong to the oldest continuous culture on earth. Ancient artefacts from Lake Mungo help show us what people ate and how they lived thousands of years ago. Today, the Paakantji, Mutthi Mutthi and Ngyimpaa people of the Lake Mungo region continue their close connections to the land.”

With Jews it always depends on whose ox they want to gore; ours always. We are rootless but they and the land have been entwined since time out mind. See how this game gets played?

"Queer Vikings, transgender skeletons, female warriors: not a week seems to go by without some new claim that today’s morality has always been the norm. For the British public, perhaps no single phenomenon better demonstrates this than the discoveries of black people in British history and prehistory. The infamous Cheddar Man fiasco is a good example, where a Mesolithic hunter-gatherer was identified by geneticists as having black skin, a claim quietly retracted afterwards."

It's all just a sleight of hand; everyone who's anyone knows that from the dawn of history, and before, it was the White race who came to, conquered, and peopled Europe. Europe is the home of the White man and all of this sophistry and quibbling is nothing short of an embarrassment. It was not the black man who ruled the waves, it was not a brown man who created science, it was not a yellow man who flung himself to the far end of the earth. Of course not. It was the White man.

"These theories are weaponized for supporters of mass immigration to make the rhetorical claim that Britain has always been a nation of immigrants. It is simply the almost total homogeneity of political opinions held by scholars and researchers, staff and students, which ensures that interpretations of archaeological findings often go the right way."

The Jews have hijacked our universities to teach a perversion of our history. It's sort of an ex post facto justification for the perversities of the past fifty years. Your once all White town is now the home of Paki grooming gangs who rape Whtie girls? Your once solidly Anglo-Saxon village is now a rancid open air international bazaar which is infiltrated by a cacophony of indecipherable dog languages? The household gods of your town have an infinity of limbs? Not to worry! Why, merry old England and ancient France and Germany were the same, it wasn't Saxons and Gauls and Teutons way back then, it was the black man shuffling with a big toothy grin that laid the groundwork of old Europe.

"This became clearer than ever following the emergence of the Black Lives Matter movement, which saw archaeology departments and professional bodies across the world fall over themselves to pledge curriculum decolonization and an explicit commitment to politicizing the discipline. For example a typical title now is The Future of Archaeology Is Antiracist: Archaeology in the Time of Black Lives Matter which was published in American Antiquity."

Here's the thing though: the reason they protest too much if that everyone who's anyone knows that the deeper you go in to the past, the more you chase the origins, the more the oldest and the most primordial is excavated the more racist you become: because back there you leave the delicacies behind and go down in to the mines to find nothing but the blood and the soil of your progenitors. those unmixed indigenous people who are like unto nothing but themselves.


Our universities (they belong to us after all) should be august places where robust scholarship dedicated to the history, accomplishments, and well-being of the White race is studied, learned, and propagated. These places of scholarship should be temples dedicated to the eternal Supremacy of our race, places where the young go to learn that they are in the long White line and that is is there sold task on earth to make it longer so it stretches to where it belongs: eternity.

Instead we get this intellectual slop:

"Genetic research often uncritically makes use of essentialist models of past populations, reifying genetic populations as ethnic groups. This paper explores how such views of the past may play into notions of racial purity and fears of non-European migrants, stoked by adherents of far-right ideologies."

But not to worry, these ideological luddites are mired in latter day Lysenkoism, are the inheritors of the anti-race theories of Franz Boas which came to the fore before, during, and after the Second World War. But now those theories have shown themselves to be empty and impoverished and at the end of their line. The future of archaeology, and anthropology and all the disciplines of man belong to us. From those bronze age riders to the ones who trek to the stars, from the most primordial to the future before us no hectoring voices will ever be able to stop us, and the world we created will always be our own.
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