Teaching Anti-Racism

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Teaching Anti-Racism

Post by Will Williams » Fri Mar 03, 2023 8:38 am

Elizabeth Denvei and Jenna Chandler-Ward
Teaching Anti-Racism
Douglas Mercer
February 24, 2023

THE CURRENT Resident praises the prospect of Europeans in America becoming an absolute minority--it's a good thing, he says. Of course, back in the day he sang a different tune, having asked why it is that in order to be "equal," little Black boys and girls need to rub elbows in public schools with little White boys and girls. It's a good question. First off, who said anything about being equal? And, in any event, the worst thing possible for White children (in every respect) is to have to share a classroom with Blacks and all the other race aliens we have stupidly imported into our once-pristine land. Learning in the presence of these savages is impossible. Why, just the other day in an American elementary school (an elementary school by the gods!), some Black kids kidnapped some White children in order to make them say the most abominable and untrue thing of all: Black lives matter. Naturally, the White kids who resisted got beat up. And then in Florida, a teacher who was trying to mock the anti-CRT policies of the government made some White children (for a lesson!) be the slaves of Black kids.

These are not schoolhouses. These are war zones.

Schools have always been ground zero for the integrationist lie. They want to start the White kids out young and drum an instinct for racial pride out of them, to teach them that the only acceptable form of worship is the worship of the racial other, and that being White is the worst thing of all and even something to be ashamed of. They have them as wide-eyed pupils and they have them captive, which is why they don't care about teaching any kid math, reading, writing, or any history other than the history of America being evil and the history of Blacks being the pinnacle of human experience. For what they teach them is anti-racism. It started with the Brown decision and went on to bussing, and now it's an all-out assault on the White sensibilities of White children.

And a couple of evil ladies are parlaying this menace into a nice living for themselves. They have a program and a plan; bullet points, a bibliography, and a book. You know we shall pick them up in the first wave of arrests.


If Elizabeth Denvei and Jenna Chandler-Ward aren't Jews (and I am not ruling it out), they might as well be. Elizabeth Denevi and Jenna Chandler-Ward are the dystopian duo who travel around the country making (presumably) bank by catering to the moral contagion of our day: anti-racism. Never has there been a time when the doctrine of the evil of the White race was more lucrative and popular; it's kind of like a perverted Great Awakening with thousands of burnt-over districts in which the moral lepers confess their sins, seek absolution, take a knee for the Blacks, wash the shoes of the Blacks (that's actually a thing), and pray for forgiveness for the unforgiveable crime of being White. Presumably, these two are true believers (though one never knows), but either way they are playing this spiritual disease like a pachinko machine and dollars signs in their eyes vie with the tears for the Black, red, and brown man for pride of place.

"Jenna was also a founder and co-director of the Multicultural Teaching Institute, which produces workshops and a conference for educators on issues of equity and inclusion. Jenna currently lives in Cambridge, MA, on the Ancestral and Traditional land of the Massa-chu-es-et and the Wampanoag. She is a diversity consultant, specializing in professional development for educators on issues of whiteness and its impacts on teaching, curriculum, and leadership. She holds an M.Ed. from Pepperdine University and a bachelor’s degree from Marlboro College."

It was not that long ago at all that that kind of CV, if not unheard of, would have received snickers all around as if she was studying freakishness in order to teach freaks how to be freaks. Now, of course, it's in the mainline of the academy and is the left side equivalent of an engineering or computer science degree in that it primes the holder for a career arc which will always be on the rise. Diversity is the black gold of academia now and if you are and "expert in Whiteness" you can punch your ticket just about anywhere and everywhere.

"Elizabeth has published and presented extensively on diversity and social justice, and equity issues."

These, of course, are non-subjects studied by non-scholars and written about by non-writers.

"All three are led by the co-founder of the Teaching While White website Elizbeth Denevi, an assistant professor at Lewis & Clark College. Some of Denevi’s published works include White Fragility in Students, Helping Whites Develop Antiracist Identities: Overcoming Their Resistance to Fighting Racism and What If Being Called Racist is the Beginning, Not the End, of the Conversation?"

The amazing thing, of course, is that the college is still called Lewis and Clark, as those two blazed the way via Indian land in order that the White man might reach his destiny and you'd think that one of them, or probably both, said something wrong at one time or another.

"Learning and Teaching While White is an accessible guide to help white educators, leaders, students, and parents develop an explicit, skills-based antiracist practice. Through their own experiences working with school communities, and the strategies and tools they have developed, Jenna Chandler-Ward and Elizabeth Denevi share how white educators can gain greater consciousness of their own white racial identity; analyze the role of whiteness in their school systems; rethink pedagogical approaches and curricular topics; address the role of white parents in the pursuit of racial literacy and equity; and much more. Their book will empower white educators to be part of creating a more equitable educational system for all students."

The most insidious thing about it (and there are many) is how they explicitly enlist White teachers to become defectors. Everyone they turn is one less for us and one more for them, and then the virus spreads to the children by ideological osmosis through point of contact. These two are at the apex of an evil system; they travel around the country with their zoom and PowerPoint slides, and they have conclaves in which they teach the next generation of race traitors. They get them on board with the goal of ending their race and use a mixture of wheedling, exhortation, and shame to get them to spread the gospel of anti-Whiteness. When they are done, their newly minted acolytes are ready to rally the tow-headed, pint-sized troops into abjuring the interests of their people when they grow up. It's sort of a cash cow-slash-boondoggle meets emotional revivalist pow wow, while things our ancestors would have deemed impossible are normal and go without saying.


You can buy that book as part of the program, and they can swoop in and whip your teaching staff into shape (if by "shape" you mean ready to pervert the minds of yet another generation of White children). The teachers themselves will obediently mouth the zombie mantras like good little anti-racist robots. The only prerequisite is that they stand up in front of the group and take that first step. "Hi, my name is ________. I'm White and I'm the problem."

Say it after me: "Thank you sir. May I have another?"

Say it after me:

"When I begin to feel complacent, thinking that I have done multiculturalism, or if I feel the need to list my multicultural credentials, then I know I still have a lot of work to do."

"I do not expect People of Color to thank me or to acknowledge my antiracist work. I consider it my moral responsibility and will not look for validation from People of Color."

"My white identity includes white privilege as an aspect of my whiteness. It is not all, but it is a part of what it means to be white, and I have to be willing to accept this reality. It's the least I can do to be a good ally."

When they are deemed ready, they can graduate to the next phase, which is being subject to the two-minute hate interrogations:

"How do teachers who do not understand their own racial impact cause stress for students? How do racially literate teachers ease the burden for students? How do we measure success — what does it look like, sound like, feel like to be racially literate?"

"Are you racially literate? Are you?"

"What are the best practices for making whiteness explicit in classrooms? What skills are needed to become racially literate both for teachers and students, and how does investigating whiteness in the classroom relieve or create stress for students of color?"

"Why does white racial literacy matter?"

"What are the benefits of naming white supremacy culture?"

"How do you incorporate the negative effects of white racial identity development into your curriculum."

"What are some strategies for shifting teaching practices for greater equity?"

"What is the best way to develop systems for accountability and growth in our antiracist practice?"

They have all the answers to these and many more questions, so if you want to get pummeled by an avalanche of anti-Whiteness, this program is for you. And you can get if for a (presumably hefty) fee. You can get the zoom, the book, the in-person teachings and the doctrine of hating White people can be on your desk every morning waiting for those White children to arrive. And until and unless someone tells them, they'll never know what hit them. That's their point, after all: to use the assembly line of government schools to create the next generation of zombies. Those mantras aren't going to mouth themselves, after all.


A book was published recently called Teaching White Supremacy, (2022) which details how American school textbooks of all stripes from the earliest 19th Century on inculcated in students the notion of the rightful power of the White race. That is, students in America for a hundred-plus years were taught White supremacy, the idea that America was founded on the White basis, should continue on the White basis, was created by White men and for White men. It really was a matter of course. Maybe one or two books expressed some qualms about the "morality" of slavery, but by the 1850s those references had been expunged. The author is naturally horrified by this. At one point, he says a renowned Harvard scholar who expressed less than reverence for the American Negro emitted "foul gurglings." By now, of course, no textbook or any person in any mainstream public forum teaches White Supremacy, which is the birth right of every White American. Now they teach anti-racism.

"More than 80% of teachers in the U.S. are white. But most don’t know that their whiteness matters. The Parenting While White workshop discusses the importance of talking to white children about race, with Denevi offering helpful tips as well as mistakes and lessons learned. For further study, the Teaching While White site recommends readings such as A Race is a Nice Thing to Have, Waking Up White: And Finding Myself in the Story of Race and The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys."

In addition to being cloying and full of treacle, this betokens a profound spiritual sickness. Their strategy is to enlist White parents in this malady as well. After all, what good does it do if John and Mary get their head filled full of vile criminal maunderings all day about how bad it is to be White, about how they need to kneel to and serve the Black man, how their race's time is up, if the parents at home tell them something off key from this anti-White hymn book? What if a parent expresses some skepticism about the entire race treason project and says that maybe some of those immigrants need to go back to where they came from, or it's the Blacks who commit all the crime. In that case, the little child's mind will not be undivided in its subservience and, suffice it to say, that will not do.

"Teaching While White (TWW) seeks to move the conversation forward on how to be consciously, intentionally, anti-racist in the classroom. Because white does not mean a blank slate. It is a set of assumptions that is the baseline from which everything is judged; it is what passes for normal. TWW wants to have conversations about those assumptions: what they are, how they impact our students, and how we can confront our bias to promote racial literacy."

Teaching while White! Next, it will be Living while White, which (if they get their way) will be No Longer Living While White. They are right about one thing: being White is not a passive state of no significance. It is full of history and talent and potential. For nearly forever in this country, it was what passed for normal, because it was normal. The tragedy is that this very everydayness of being White lulled us into sleep. We took it for granted. It became the generic thing and was not remarked on or cherished. That is why in this evil day and age, it is high time we all become consciously and intentionally racist. Nothing short of that shall do.

"The racial injustice being highlighted in this time in history is not new. What IS new is the way racial justice is now being covered by the mainstream media and discussed in every forum. Students are looking to their teachers to help navigate and make sense of what they are seeing. This workshop series is conducted as a white, antiracist affinity space so that we can develop a greater understanding of white racial identity and develop the skills and racial literacy that will guide the next generation towards greater racial justice."

It is seriously to be doubted whether White children are looking for guidance to "navigate" these extraordinary times of rainbow effervescence. They are looking for someone to teach them what they need to know. Any phenomenon with as creepy-sounding verbiage as "antiracist affinity space" is a top-down deal. It is the adults filling their little White charges with lies and sinister folderol, which is why it's not so much that the media is now "covering" this, it's that the media is creating it and ginning it up. The Jews have been hammering away at this wall for ages, and finally in 2020 they got their watershed moment when the dam broke and, as a result, people literally lost their minds. They create the crisis and then don't let it go to waste.

"This space is designed specifically for white people to practice responding to the fear at the base of the anti-CRT propaganda. We will provide materials to help us diagnose what is actually going on and how we can best address resistance in productive ways that move us closer to racial justice."

Racial justice means no justice for the White man. This is nothing but a movement with genocidal intent dressed up in moral feathers, and it's barely disguised White Genocide at that. It's meant to tear down the resistance White people might have to going quietly along nature's exit ramp, which is why they start out in the little grades with the little kids and work their way down from there.

"A two-session, virtual workshop that meets via Zoom for white teachers and administrators who want to expand their strategies for increasing racial equity in schools. We will explore Dovidio’s research on aversive racism to enhance our understanding of racism as a system. We will practice how to interrupt racially stressful situations and how to manage white guilt, shame, and paralysis in the face of racist comments or behavior. We will identify how white fragility operates in schools and ways to challenge it via both pedagogy and content. Participants will leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of allyship as an action and with strategies to support healthy, antiracist teaching/learning environments."

They are teaching the teachers, this generation's cadre to lobotomize the White public. Notice how there exist bundles of so-called "research" on the subject. A quick look at this Dovido fellow (who presumably is bilking the public for a nice living off the back of this tripe) shows that there is not just "racism," but "symbolic racism," "modern racism," "ambivalent racism," and many other varieties of racism. "Aversive racism" is when the liberal has residual feelings of racism and can't cope with the cognitive dissonance between reality and the fantasy they have been fed. It's safe to say that Chandler-Ward and Denvei name check this fool as an expert, if one can imagine being an expert on a such a non-subject.

"It’s not a question of if racism is operating, but when, and are you prepared to address it head-on, both individually and institutionally? In this workshop we will build on the concepts from the first two workshops: white racial identity development, challenging color-evasiveness and white silence, and identifying effective interpersonal interventions. We will refine our skills for disrupting racism and white dominant culture in schools. We will utilize tools to help anticipate moments where bias and racism may emerge so we can plan ahead and practice accordingly. This is a two-session, virtual workshop that meets via Zoom for white teachers and administrator created to promote and support the development of antiracist education."

Here we have some new catch phrases to add to "systemic racism," "institutional racism," "white privilege," "white fragility," "implicit bias," "white silence," and "color evasiveness." The two seem to be allied in the notion that we must not let color blindness become the new form of racism, or in the immortal words of a Supreme Court Justice--we must not allow the equal protection clause to become a stalking horse for White Supremacy. That is, Whites want to be silent on the issue of color and evade its implications. They just want everyone to be "equal" (which is bad enough)--but as everyone now knows, "equality" is the most racist thing of all.

"Since racism was created by and for White people, it is our responsibility to dismantle it. We are committed to working in solidarity with People of Color, understanding that we need to be accountable to and take leadership from those who are most directly impacted by systemic racism. We have an advisory board of People of Color to create a reflective and critical space for collaboration to ensure that we are not replicating White supremacy culture in our work at TWW."

That is, they are giving Shaniqua and Jarquavious the microphone. Anything else would compound the "racism," these sniveling cowards think. They want to cow White people, humiliate them, and pound into their heads the message of their subservience. Anything else would be condescending to the Blacks, would be patronizing, would be the White man's burden redux. No, teaching anti-racism is now the Black man's burden, but you can be sure it's not noblesse oblige in their case--it's final victory for their side at all costs.


Academics have classified Whiteness as a disease, abuse of children, something responsible for all psychic suffering, and even a sin. They lay it on pretty thick, these criminals, and now they have a powerful superstructure to ensure that the lie of White perfidy is institutionalized. Safe to say, this is a growth industry, an academic niche that will only expand. They will codify it into a set of rules, and they will have their university programs, their retreats, their conferences, their zoom meetings, and their symposiums. They will have their anti-White journals, will write their articles, and will produce their books. And they will train the trainers, who will be the missionaries of this perverted new gospel. And they will, in turn, train the teachers--all with the goal of inculcating the lie in White children: that being White is an unmitigated evil, and that White supremacy is the horror of horrors, not what it really is, the last best hope on earth.
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