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Mr. Mercer's Basement Essays

Post by Will Williams » Tue Feb 28, 2023 10:10 pm

Currently there are 178 essays by Mr. Mercer archived on our online magazine here:

They have all been polished by the fine editing of the National Alliance's Media Director, Kevin Alfred Strom, who set up this forum (WB) for me in July of 2013, well before I became National Alliance Chairman at the end of October, 2014. Kevin and I had decided then that we would launch a new National Alliance and WB has been helpful for us in, first, establishing that new NA, and then launching the renewed original NA that was founded by William Pierce, Kevin's and my mentor who we were on staff with in the early 1990s.

That is background for our putting Mr. Mercer's essays up here in WB because I like them, even if unedited.  Kevin, with all of his other duties, simply hasn't had adequate time to So, we will begin putting those up here unedited -- call them "basement essays," if you wish -- in reverse order, starting with this one from yesterday, 27 February, and working backwards with others that aren't on National Vanguard. -Will Williams, NA Chairman 

Race Swamping
February 27, 2023

Other than moving the blacks and the browns in to White neighborhoods and ruining them forever their fondest dream is to take the refugees from all over the world, the blacker the better, but the brown is good too, the ones from Ghana and Gambia, the ones from Haiti and from Guatemala City and Guadalajara, and drop them down via plane in the dead of night in a so called rural backwater or small towns, or what we'd call a White redoubt, there to change the lay of the demographic landscape forever. The ladies in headscarfs and the men with tattoos on their faces will put the final nail in the coffin of the pastoral and the bucolic White idyll and the White retreats. Not too long ago in Alma Michigan (Pop 12,000 or so, nearly all of them White) a Christian Organization wanted to use an abandoned nursing home to house a score or so of Mexican "unaccompanied minors." When the community got wind of this plan they were about to hatch they came out with their pitchforks to the City Council meeting; turns out to accommodate the unaccompanied the city would have had to rezone; and when they saw how livid the people were at the prospect of bringing in young Mexican criminals to live next door to their White daughters they voted it thumbs down. And so (it seemed anyway) it wasn't true what they said about City Hall: it turns out you could fight it, the problem is it ended up fighting back.

In Europe they have the same problem, the Jews and their lackeys they put in charge feel like they've already decimated the cities, they have gang warfare, they set cars on fire, they have quasi civil war, whenever a foreign soccer team wins (or loses, they are not picky) they set part of the town ablaze, they commit all of the crime, they rape and kill young White girls and put them in multiple suitcases, they do the mugging and the murdering, they gum up the hospitals, they make learning in the schools impossible; so now they set their sight on the outlying districts, the small rural hamlets that have lain undisturbed for centuries. These the peaceful and sleepy White enclaves are the prize they have their eye on, as nothing upsets the Jews more than a nice countryside full of White people living in peace by themselves. It's their very definition of a Hitlerite fever dream.

"Reinhard Sager, the president of the German District Association, claims the influx of migration is leading to rising social tension."

You think? And just in case you were scratching your head wondering "rising social tension" is a euphemism for those muggings, murders, and rapes. Everyone who's anyone knows by now that diversity brings along with it societal chaos, the people of different races can't live in peace and harmony, the blacks of Africa don't know about peace and harmony, they know about mugging, murder, and rape. To try to bring them in to France, or Germany, or England, and to try to have them "fit in" is a suicide mission, they are like a sore thumb or a running sore on the body politic, and soon it's war conditions where the White people are forced to hunker down. And where are the White people of the small towns going to flee to when the savages come calling? The cities?

"German Chancellor Olaf Scholz participated with Commissioner for Migration, Refugees and Integration Reem Alabali-Radovan and German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser during an immigration meeting Germany, Immigration Country, Dialogue for Participation and Respect."
Germany is an immigration country! That's the word from on high (or low really, as they hide under bridges and waylay the unwary White passersby): Germany is a nation of immigrants, It's probably only an idea as well, a conjuring trick of the mind, or a mere geographic expression or an economic zone. They used to say that Germans were indigenous to the land, that they were racially unmixed and like no one but themselves. According to these second-rate cretins now they are not like themselves at all and are like everyone else.  In face they don't even really exist.  

"Local authorities have criticized Germany’s federal government for the insufficient support being made available to social services saturated by the recent influx of asylum applications. An invitation by Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser to a summit due to take place in early March to discuss the ongoing issue of mass migration is not enough, according to Reinhard Sager, the president of the German District Association. Sager has called on Chancellor Olaf Scholz to take responsibility, limit migration levels, and tackle the issues local authorities are having to deal with in providing for refugees."

Local authorities? What? Who's kidding who here? This is not a organic bottom-up thing going on, this is top down and when they say top they mean the very top. Who the hell are the local yokels to say say the Jews, they'll get their head back in the noose and they will like it too. The word on what constitutes a country now emanates from the refined conclaves at Davos where they want to put a chip in your head, from the EU where they haughtily wave in the blacks to a once White continent, from the UN where in between raping White women while walking away scot free they come up with migration protocols and replacement schemes and genocidal plans. You have no say White man, your land belongs to them now. They want to create chaos everywhere, to destabilize all countries. to end sovereignty altogether, and dilute the White race to the vanishing and the breaking point.

"Toward the end of last year, 12 out of 16 German states activated a block on the federal distribution system to take in more newcomers arguing their social services are too saturated to accommodate more arrivals. Local authorities calling for a halt on the increasing migratory flow would appear to be on the side of the electorate after a recent poll from the Tagesschau news outlet revealed 53 percent of Germans believe there are too many migrants arriving in the country."

That's right the good White people out in the hinterland, out in "flyover country" are not nearly as sanguine about the suicidal mission of the White race as the hyper refined and overly educated metro idiots in the urban areas. They are still living close to the land, they still rely on the little platoons to get by, they have tradition and the household gods to remember. And when they see Otowumba and his whole family coming in to their small rural hamlets to leech off them and eye their White daughters they naturally balk.  And they are fighting back, small local ties are fighting back all over the West. Some times they lose and sometimes they win--but for how long? Remember the thing about racial swamping is that you lose even one time and you lose forever.   And there is no intermediate position between life and death.
How would you like an entire population of black migrants plopped en masse down in your rural retreat? Hundreds of them just brought in and their entire dilapidated favela as well? The people and the makeshift digs just airlifted down and there they are. Your ancestors lived there since time out of mind and it's always been a charming and quaint place redolent with the past of your people. Everything was clean and pristine and well kept up. No negros, no problems as the saying goes. And then next thing you know you have a container village with Africans and Muslims and it came at the behest of replacement bureaucrats in a faraway distant city.  Could anything be more jarring or frightening?  They wanted you to be enriched good and hard, no more aging population for you, no more falling off of numbers, the economy demanded it.  They say they are bringing the future to your little hamlet but what they are doing is destroying your past.

"Plans to rehouse arrivals in rural areas have been met with vociferous opposition from local residents, including recently in the German village of Uphal where the federal government wanted to offload 400 asylum seekers in a purpose-built container village. The town’s current population is just 1,662."

Imagine that: you have a small population of White people who have been minding their own business for time immemorial. It is a rustic and beautiful place and has been for centuries. And now a container village is going to be built inside your village and for all the good it will do you they might as well put live Pythons in there. Vociferous opposition must have been the least of it. Perhaps the population was aging, and few things are sadder than a way of life coming to an end. But if it does so of natural causes the ending can be beautiful in itself.  But if it's a deus ex machina comprised of violent negroes being herded in en masse to make a bloody mess of it, well, it will be an ending alright, but a desecration of what you had not a fitting denouement.

"There were tumultuous scenes in front of the district council of Nordwestmecklenburg in Grevesmühlen on Thursday as, according to police estimates, 700 people gathered in front of the administration building to protest against the construction of a container village for 400 asylum seekers in Upahl. The town itself currently has just 1,662 inhabitants."

Vociferous opposition and now tumultuous scenes, the real natives are getting restless it seems. And why not? These are crminal actions. If the peasants were ever going to get the pitchforks this would be the time. If people were ever going to get up in arms to be armed this is when it need to occur.  The demographic shifts in White homelands and White areas and White redoubts are the tectonic plates they move and shift and it's the baseline of everything else.  When the people shift the nation falls. When the number of Whites falls everything else falls with it.  It's a social law without exception.

"Despite the loud, angry protests, which could also be heard in the meeting hall, the district council voted in an emergency meeting to erect the accommodation. The situation came to a head when some protesters tried to enter the administration building. Police officers dressed in heavy protective gear managed to prevent the building from being stormed."

This is the German January 6! When people wake up to what is going on, when they see flat out that, yes, as the song says, the Jews are trying to replace us, they tend to get a little boisterous; and what it will take at the time is for the alleged insurrection to be put down, with guns, or with bayonets, or whatever means are necessary; it will be an emergency meeting as this is one of the places where the future will be won or it will be lost.

"Demonstrators beat with their hands against the windows. According to NDR, right-wing extremists were also among the protesters. However, the police pointed out to the Nordkurier newspaper that it was mainly middle-class people, and only a small part of them were from the right-wing scene."

Just your average folk; and, really, this is their worst nightmare. They know there will be the highly dedicated cadres of the hard core, those people who are actually paying attention and have seen through the tissue of lies the Jews have been spinning for lo these many years. But for the most part when it come to this stuff your average man on the street has a vague awareness, and maybe even a vague aversion, but when 500 black savages are dropped out of the sky in your White small town, well, that tends to wake one up. Hopefully it won't be too late when the vast majority are pounding on the windows in disgust.

"A motion by AfD, which has eight district council members, to forego the construction of the shelter was rejected by the majority. The request to at least limit the capacity to 250 was also rejected."

Their desire for our demise is insatiable.

"The container village is now ready to open on March 1 2023 in an industrial park, announced District Administrator Tino Schomann (CDU) after the meeting. This step was necessary because they wanted to prevent the sports halls from being occupied by migrants. The administration would do everything to keep the burden on residents as low as possible, pledged Schomann."

Famous last words--were that true they would not in a million years deem it acceptable to place a "container city" in a small German town; they would not for all the money in the world think about mixing the demographics like this; that is the exact opposite is true: they want the burden to be high, and they want it to get higher and higher until it becomes prohibitive. This is why the police have already initiated several preliminary proceedings against demonstrators. The charge? Well it's something along the line of disorderly conduct, if not outright insurrection.  But the real charge is defending your homeland, defending your people, defending your race. In Europe today it's a crime to not want the Jews to replace you.  In Europe today loving the White race is going to be a capital case. 
There have been numerous uprisings across Europe by local residents enraged by decisions to import large numbers of asylum seekers into their communities, with some locals faring better than others in opposing the plans. Late last year, residents of an English Village were victorious in their protests against a local university that had been planning on selling former student accommodations to the Home Office to house migrants. Residents of a small French village also won their battle against the local government’s attempt to import asylum seekers into their community. And a local council in the Netherlands rejected a decision by the government to house asylum seekers in an assisted-living facility for the elderly and disabled.

The Jews will not replace us? Well, at this point it's a close-run thing.

If in the future there will be a parable of our time it might be this: a colossally rich Jew invests millions into something which she calls the modern Noah's Ark, which runs under the auspices of the far-seeing name of "Horizon."   And what is this grand plan the Hebrew has come up with?  Why, she wants to replace White people.  What else is a far-seeing Jew to do?  Specifically, this dowager Jew has targeted a score of rural French villages and hamlets, the kinds of places that are all White, and have been so for centuries.  They are bucolic and peaceful places where the White man thrives which is why the Jew hates them so much.  And her plan is to take that Big Ark and drop down thousands upon thousands (there won't be just two of every kind!) of black Africans square into these paradisical White retreats.  That is she wants to enrich these decent country folk good and hard, to enrich them until they are dead.  Here's the thing though: in this case the Jew lost.  How about that?   

"A plan to settle up to 70 refugee families in the rural French town of Callac has been withdrawn after mass protests from residents. The local government’s decision to cancel the project, which was backed by the wealthy Cohen family and the Macron government, is being hailed as a victory for native French people opposed to their own dispossession. Many of the politicians who backed the project are acknowledging that public pressure drove their decision to cancel the Horizon refugee reception and care project, which faced mass opposition from local residents."

Horizon is one of those names where they lure you in and then give you the euthanasia shot.  It's the slow rolling death knell of the people; it's one of those names which make you realize that whenever the Jews have a real charnel house on their hands they'll slap a name like Rustic Haven on it.  Of course, that the native French are opposed to their own dispossession (get your head back on the chopping block!) riles the vile Jews to no end.  They had to turn tail on this one by the gods, but you can be sure they are somewhere reconnoitering and devising and hatching new and ever more devious plans to kill us. 

"Two large demonstrations took place in September and November, stickers and banners were plastered on the buildings of the commune, and letter-writing campaigns put immense pressure on local pro-migrant politicians."

You can fight city hall. And of even more salience: you can fight the Jews.  Never forget that, they are not ten feet tall and they can be beat. 

"The Cohen family is the major financial backer and ideological driver of the project. The family, led by Marie-France Cohen, made most of its fortune in the high-end children’s clothing retailer Bonpoint, which the family sold for millions. The family’s lavish lifestyle is replete with mansions. Since then, through the family’s Merci Endowment Fund, the Cohens have embarked on a range of progressive projects, with perhaps their most ambitious one being the Horizon project, which would see refugees settled across the French countryside, starting with 20 different towns."

Cohen did you say?  Let's review: Jews in the fashion industry Shylock their way into millions and go in to the replacement racket.  When they are spurned they cry anti-Semitsm but then what else is a Jew to cry, it's the only card they have to play, it's certainly not their innate human decency or their status as loyal and patriotic citizens.  No, this is a story right on the Jewish nose, these anti-Jewish stereotypes really do write themselves.  But then surely you've noticed there is a war on noticing at the moment and for us to ignore what we see with our eyes and hear with our eyes is their most essential command. 

"The protests against the project were attended by various conservative activists and the Reconquest party. However, spearheading the effort is a citizens’ initiative made up of residents of Callac who rejected the transfer of migrants to their town. These citizens pointed to the already-high unemployment rate in Callac, at 17.6 percent and asked why jobs were planned to be found for the new arrivals before the people already living in the area. In addition, they pointed to potential overcrowding in schools and daycare, and the millions of taxpayer euros that will be needed to integrate the newcomers."

Just their presence is much more than bad enough; all the anti-migrant arguments from they could be terrorists, to they bring in drugs, to they commit crime, to they decimate the schools, to they take the jobs, raise the rents, lower the wages, are all perfectly legitimates and true.  But never forget that if each of the dark skinned invaders did none of that, if they kept their noses clean, paid their way, and waved Old Glory or praised Marianne, they still would remain a mortal threat.   

"As protests grew, the village became a symbol of the Great Replacement which describes the demographic replacement of Europeans by non-Europeans in the West. Demonstrators pointed out that the migrant relocation scheme would drastically transform the peaceful town of 2,200 in Côtes-d’Armor in Breton, and introduce the same multicultural issues plaguing cities like Paris, where half of all crimes are committed by foreigners and parents are fleeing the public schools."

That is the plan alright.  One by one they will pick off the White communities in the hinterlands, and will say that anyone who objects is an extremist.  They will say that the fight against the race swamping and the invasion means that "boundaries" are being crossed and position are emerging that are no longer compatible with democracy as they know it.  They will say the ones who want to live are nativists, xenophobes, or cranks.   They want to make the White survival instinct illegal and the sine qua non of anti-Semitism.  

"A statement by the Merci Endowment Fund, run by the Cohens, said it regrets the decision taken by the mayor and elected officials of Callac. The fund also claimed that opposition to the large number of refugees being moved into the town was tied to anti-Semitism, likely in a reference to the Cohen’s Jewish background."

The Jews have been bloodied but they remain unbowed.  Naturally White people who want their own homeland is anti-Semitic, indeed at its core it is their definition of anti-Semitism, it is Jew hate pure and simple.  It's bad enough that you have a day of hate (which despite the bogus crisis resulted in no pogroms) and you have celebrities being less than reverential about the Jews, but also you have White people who have got the apparently dangerous apparently idea that it's ok to opt out of the multicultural death noose and try to forge a simpler life away from the predation of Jews and their black foot soldiers.  They know they can't let this kind of thinking thrive or the alarms and sirens will be going off around the clock in that Jewish command center built into the earth.  
“The Merci Endowment Fund denounces the campaign of disinformation, groups, and media of the extreme right aimed at dividing the population and destabilizing the City Council. This nauseating campaign with racist and anti-Semitic undertones is based on methods of harassment and intimidation, including death threats, targeting the mayor and several city councilors — even in their private lives.”

Never heard that one before, had you?  They think that the accusation of anti-Semitism is a forensic kill shot but (sadly for them) it has grown old and stale by use.  

"The Merci Endowment Fund indicated in the past that it plans to move refugees into 20 different towns in the French countryside, meaning Callac was only one location. Although the residents there won a victory through grassroots resistance, it is unclear how the fund will move forward from here. However, it is unlikely to give up entirely, as many of the other Great Replacement-style projects were in the planning stages at other location."

The Jews give up?  Not on your life.   They've been at this for millennia and one loss won't stop them.  They have their irons in every fire and there are towns all over the Western World that remain solidly White and they have them in their sights and will try to pick them off one by one. 

“You are going to create in the middle of Brittany, in Argoat, a foreign community with all the issues related to these groups. You are going to move the problems of the big cities to the Breton countryside, the citizens of Callac warn. Multicultural societies are doomed to more or less deep rifts.  In such a situation, it happens that minorities are violent winners, and majorities placid losers.

Of course everyone who's thought about if for the requisite five minutes knows that the arrival of 70 non-European families would totally upset the life of the municipality and the canton.  Why wouldn't it?  We all know by now (unless we won't admit it or are brain dead) that black and White don't mix.  Neve have, never will.  You can cry about it if you want but you fail to recognize it at your eternal peril.   And we all can see that more and more people are recognizing it and the Jews greatest fear that when push comes to shove the majority will turn from being the placid losers to the violent winners.   

As the saying goes when it comes to the blacks (and the rest of the race aliens): "just get the fuck away."  But what if there is nowhere to run?  You think they are just going to sit idly by as we slip our heads out of the noose and off the chopping block?  You think they will be passive as we move further and further way, or protect our distant and racially distinct districts and enclaves?  No way!  They will come after us with all the ideological firepower of the state, and they will label us criminals, and insurrectionists, and traitors.  All because we are loyal, loyal to ourselves and the country we've known.  All because we love ourselves best.

"Dirk-Martin Christian, the president of the Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV)—the East German state’s domestic intelligence agency—smeared those fleeing the multicultural life of large urban areas in search of an intact national community in more remote areas as radical extremists, the Berlin-based newspaper Die Welt reports."

Intact national communities in remote areas--sounds like a descriptor and a prescription for White Nationalists who, really, are better seen as White Separatists.  Which is a sentiment that runs through and rings true to a growing number of White people, especially as the once untouchable pure White places become besieged by Jewish power in the form of that planeload of Mexicans, or the hastily put up homes of black Africans. 

As for little Alma they lost their battle with the powers that be.  When the black head of the Civil Rights Division in Lansing caught wind of the fact that some White people in the outlying areas were joining hands and were on the march he moved in to nip it in the bud.  He announced that if Alma denied the right of the Mexican invaders to have a home in Michigan he would rat them out to the Federal Goons who would, in turn, unleash a locust like swarm of Jewish lawyers on the town.   He said that he would do this if there was even a hint that the decision was based on racism.  And just so you know denying Mexicans a home in White countries is racism per se to the likes of him.  The City Council, in fear of their town being paralyzed for years, truckled and voted for rezoning.  

And so not two by two but ten by ten and thousand by thousand and always upward the modern-day Noah's Arks arrive in places where the migrants are not wanted and where they don't belong.  It is these Arks of migrants that are not Arks at all, are not the seed of any possible future, but are the flood themselves.  And in the face of this overwhelming tide it's extremism in a good cause, the best cause of all, the cause of our people, to withstand it.  And the tragic irony is that it is these safe White spaces, it is these distant White spaces, these villages and towns and hamlets and cantons, it is these which are the real Ark of the future.  While the world descends in to depravity and desperation, into a dismal tide and dystopian nightmare, it is these places which are the resting place of a potential arc of the future.  So when the rubble and the detritus is being sifted through there will be the will and the ability to rebuild.  
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Re: Mr. Mercer's Basement Essays

Post by Astrid » Mon May 22, 2023 11:10 am

A couple of weeks ago, I made my near-daily visit to the White America blog and was absolutely dismayed to get an error message informing me that the blog had been "removed". My sincere gratitude to the good Will Williams for posting a link in a comment section (Counter-Currents, perhaps it was?) linking to this message board.

The work of Douglas Mercer is crucial reading for everyone who cares about the continued existence of the White race. His essays are inspiring, enraging, haunting, devastating and uplifting. My heart-felt "thank you" to all who make this work available and, most especially, to Mr. Mercer himself.

Douglas Mercer
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Re: Mr. Mercer's Basement Essays

Post by Douglas Mercer » Mon May 22, 2023 4:54 pm

Astrid, Luckily Will offered to have my essays go up on White Biocentrism. I finished putting them up only a few weeks before Google pulled the plug on White America. So all the essays are here and saved. And thanks for the compliment, it means a lot.

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